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This is my first attempt at writing erotica so please feel free to comment. Also I want to take this opportunity to affirm that my stories are purely fictional and fantasy. Some characters may be real but names and actions are fantasy and changed to fit the story. Please enjoy and I love comments so please tell me what you think about my stories or about me.


Let me start by explaining that I am a divorced father. I have been divorced for sixteen years now at fifty years old. I came home from work to find my ex wife gone and my whole world turned upside down. Here I was a thirty-four year old father working full time and finding myself alone with four wonderful kids to raise on my own. It was often times a hard time but we made it and now all my children are grown with lives of their own and I am starting a new chapter of my life being free of child responsibilities.

I think it was at around forty-two years old that I discovered I liked watching bisexual porn on my computer. I would spend hours locked in my room after the kids were in bed watching porn and stroking my seven inch hard cock and making myself cum all over myself. It all started watching three-way porn with two men and a woman. I absolutely love watching a woman get fucked by two hard cocks. Seeing her with a cock in her mouth and pussy at the same time just blows me away. When they fill her mouth and cunt with hot juicy cum I always lose it and cover my hand and stomach with my own hot juice.

As I found myself increasingly only watching bisexual porn and getting more and more aroused by it to the point that I could almost only cum if I was thinking about it. I happened to find a video one day of a woman forcing her husband to be bi and to suck her lover’s cock. She made him get it hard and wet. She then made him guide his big fat cock into her completely shaved and ready pussy. As her lover pounded her tight pussy she moaned and groaned like a whore in heat. Her lover filled her gaping cunt with a huge load of hot cum. He pulled away and immediately she made her husband bury his face in her pussy and lick and suck out all of her lover’s stinky cum. I was hooked. I started searching for more and more videos of forced bi and even got so far as to find women dressing their boyfriends and husbands up like sissy bitch bois and making them perform. I became obsessed.

I started buying panties and bras and stockings and all sorts of lingerie. I also started buying lots of toys. I bought vibrators, dildos, butt plugs, all sorts of bondage stuff, and mouth gags that both prevented me from speaking and also the o-ring type that holds your mouth open wide. I even bought a strapon harness in hoped that one day I would meet a woman that wanted to pound my starving asshole. The toys kept getting bigger and bigger until I had added to my collection some quite large dildos.

Now at fifty years old and living alone I had ample time to enjoy my obsession of dressing up like a sissy and playing with my toys. On my days off work I would take my time with a long hot bath soaking in my huge garden tub. I would shave my legs, shave my under arms and shave my face twice to ensure it was very smooth.

After the bath I love to take my time dressing up. I first put on stockings (I don’t care for panty hose). I add a garter to hold up the stockings. Then I add a lacy but firm tummy flattener followed by a bra and matching panties. I often wear thongs but I have all sorts of panties. Bikini, boy shorts, thongs, g-strings, crotchless, french cut and the like. Then I would start doing my face. I had bought all the makeup I had seen my ex wife and daughters use. I wasn’t very good at it but it still made me feel quite slutty to put makeup on. I always use blue and purple on my eyes as I think it is truly sissy colors and bright red lipstick because I think that makes lips look like they crave cock. I take my time adding glue on nails and paint them bright red to match my lipstick. I then add really high heels like the kind strippers wear and top it all off with a wig. I have blonde wigs and bright red wigs. These two colors seem sluttier to me. I look in the mirror and I know I am not very passable but it is the feeling I crave not the ability to pass as a woman. Something about being dressed up like a sissy whore but still knowing that if some one were to see me they would know I am a man trying to be a sissy cock lover really turns me on.

Living alone now I can finish dressing and doing my face and walk all around the house as much as I like feeling like a complete whore. I often dream about the cable guy, the mailman, the meter man or any other service man knocking on the door and I open it dressed as I am. In my fantasy they always come in and all but rape me leaving me in a sweaty cum covered heap when they are done. We will leave those fantasies for another story.

It was one such day that this story takes place. I had taken about two long hours preparing myself. I had also given myself a very thorough enema Rize Escort as I planned on using almost every toy in my arsenal today. I wanted to spend the entire day home alone prancing around like a cock craving cum loving whore dressed like a sissy slut sucking and fucking my toys until I couldn’t move anymore. I had been working a lot and finally had a couple of days off and wanted to enjoy them to the fullest. After my enema I had dressed and admired myself in the mirror thinking this is going to be a fun day. Little did I know that the fun part was right but in no way was this day going to go as I had planned.

I walked out of my bathroom and headed down the long hallway in my home towards the kitchen to get myself a drink. I find a couple of cocktails always help me relax and push myself to the limit. I walked out of the hallway into the living room heading to the kitchen and came face to face with my twenty-eight year old daughter Alicia. She had let herself in because I had not heard her knocking. At first she didn’t recognize me and started to turn away thinking I was one of her dad’s lady friends and she didn’t want to see me dressed this way. But as she said excuse me and started to turn away I saw her eyes change and I knew that she recognized me, my heart sank. I was paralyzed in fear of what she would think of me or worse would she say anything to her siblings. I have two other daughters and a son.

I started to babble some incoherent form of an explanation but only succeeded in sounding like a blithering idiot. Alicia for some reason recovered from her shock faster than I would have ever imagined she would. As I was trying and failing to explain Alicia put her hand up palm facing me as if to say stop talking. For some reason the way she did that like there was no chance of not doing as she said made me stop talking and just stand there dressed like a sissy, embarrassed beyond comprehension and not knowing what to do next.

I tried in vain to cover myself with my hands. Putting both hands in front of my withering cock. The shame and embarrassment had made it shrink to almost nonexistent. As I stood there dying of shame and wondering how I had not locked the second lock on the front door to assure that my kids who all had keys could not get in I saw Alicia eyeing me all over. I noticed in her eyes that she was looking at me not in an angry disgusted way but more in an “I have got you way”.

My daughter Alicia, my oldest is actually a very beautiful young woman. She stands about 5’1″ tall. Guessing her weight I would say 100 pounds give or take a pound or two.

Although she has already had one child of her own, her tummy is excruciatingly flat. She has well toned legs and perfect feet and toes. I love feet and have often thought as she was growing up how beautiful her feet and toes are. Her breasts are a perfect 32B. Not big but so perfectly proportioned that her swimsuits always look amazing on her. Her face is smooth and her complexion is a perfect light tan with cheekbones rising just right. Add to all of that her dark blonde hair that falls just to her shoulders. Even though she is my daughter I have often thought how lucky her boyfriends are.

Alicia snapped me out of my thoughts by pointing to the couch and telling me to sit. I moved over to the couch and slowly sat down trying to keep myself covered as much as possible. I picked up a pillow and buried my face in it wishing that when I pulled it away Alicia would not be there and it was all a dream. This was not to be as Alicia took the pillow and told me to look at her. As I lifted my head she asked if I was expecting company? I said no I am not why do you ask that? It was then that I saw her looking at the coffee table at all the toys I had lain out to play with. I was even more mortified than I already was. Alicia’s tone became slightly firmer at this point. “Dad are you a FAGGOT?”

I almost died and said no I am not why do you ask me that and so harshly? Here is my normally soft-spoken demure little daughter coming across as a woman who would not be denied and demanding the truth. I knew at that point that Alicia would not be leaving today until she got every dark little secret I had out of me. So again she asked, “Are you a cock loving FAGGOT?” Again I said no. She reached over and picked up an eight inch long very fat perfectly cock shaped dildo with balls and said ok then, “Why do you have ALL these cocks?” You are not expecting company, you are dressed like a faggot sissy whore and you have all these cocks out on the table. If you aren’t expecting anyone they must be for you Dad.

I knew I was busted and any shreds of hope that I held on to that I would get out of this with some lame explanation were now gone. Alicia reached over and grabbed my chin hard and forced me to look right into her eyes. “Dad tell me everything right now or I will call all of your children”. In mortal fear that she would and the look in eyes told me she was not bluffing I began the long story of how Rize Escort Bayan I had discovered porn on the internet and how you could find ANYTHING on there. I told her of how I had stumbled across bisexual porn and how that had progressed to forced bi and forced feminization porn. Before I realized it I had told her of all my fantasies of being forced to be bi by a woman and forced to lick cum out of her pussy after her lover had cum in her and on and on until there was nothing left to tell her.

Finally I took a long sigh and stopped talking. We sat there in silence for what seemed like forever before either of us spoke again. I could see Alicia was thinking hard. Finally she looked dead into my eyes and ordered me to stand up. I hesitated and she reached for her phone. I saw her select my second oldest daughter form her speed dial. I panicked and begged her to please stop and stood so quickly that on the six-inch heels I was wearing I almost toppled over.

I regained my balance and stood motionless less than a foot away from my beautiful daughter thinking of how stupid I was for letting myself be caught and winding up in this position. Alicia instructed me to slowly turn around in a circle two times. I knew I no longer had any option of denying her anything she asked me to do so I rotated in front of her. I was in shame so I held my eyes closed tight. I could still feel her gaze on me as I turned so she could inspect her sissified father.

She then told me to kneel in front of her, which I did quickly and obediently. I held my head down and my eyes on the floor in front of me. I was still too ashamed to look at her.

“Look at me Dad” Alicia said firmly. I looked up to see her running her hand over the seven dildos and two anal plugs I had lying on the table. Which one do you like best Dad? I could not bring myself to say the twelve incher with the fat head. For some reason it was like she already knew. Her hand came to rest on the largest of all my toy cocks. She picked it up and tested its weight in her hand. It looked gigantic in her small hand.

Alicia brought the big twelve-inch cock right in front of my face. “So you like big COCKS do you Dad?” You are a size queen aren’t you bitch? I could not believe the words coming out of my innocent daughter’s mouth. I felt my face burning with shame and knew I must be beyond red. Alicia said DO NOT lie to me Dad if you want me to keep this a little secret between us. So I slowly nodded my head yes I do love big cocks. Nodding my head was not good enough. Alicia said “I want to hear you say it Dad”. I said yes baby “I love big giant cocks”. It was then that I noticed she was recording our conversation on her phone. She must have turned on the recorder when she threatened to call my other daughter.

She picked up her phone and sent the recording to herself in an email. She looked at me and said insurance Dad. You will now do anything I say, anytime I want or all your family will hear you saying how much you love big giant COCKS. I knew I was done. I had no choice but to do as Alicia wished from now on.

She again picked up the twelve-inch cock and held it right in front of my face. Lick it Dad. She touched the fat head of the cock to my lips. I slowly opened my mouth and lightly licked the tip. “Come on Dad” is that any way to lick a cock. She pushed it against my lips harder and this time I ran my tongue all around the head and even licked the fake piss hole. Alicia pushed harder and forced the huge cock into my mouth. “Wow my dad does love COCK”. In and out she pushed it forcing me to suck it deeper with each push. After a short time she was forcing about seven inches of the twelve into my mouth, gagging me with it as it worked its way into my throat. My eyes were watering causing mascara to run down my face, Alicia didn’t stop she forced on and when she got almost nine inches down my throat and I was gagging profusely. “My dad the cock sucking SISSY FAGGOT”.

Alicia told me to take the huge cock in my hand and to keep sucking it. Saying I had better get it really wet for what was coming next. For a moment I wasn’t sure what she had in mind until I saw her reach for the strapon harness. Oh my god my tiny daughter is about to fuck my sissy ass cunt with this monster cock. She stands and dons the harness right over her jeans. I was slightly disappointed at not seeing her take her jeans off. For some reason I was hoping to see her panties, as I knew from doing laundry in the past that my darling Alicia loved very sexy panties.

After she had the harness on and cinched up tight she took the monster dildo cock from my mouth and ordered me to help attach it to the harness. I cannot even begin to explain the erotic sight of my 5’1″ daughter standing there with a twelve-inch fat cock protruding from between her legs. It looked even more freakishly huge on her small frame than it did lying on the table. “Suck my cock SISSY COCK WHORE dad”! Alicia grabbed the hair of my wig and pulled my face Escort Rize to her massive cock and forced it into my mouth. “Get it really wet BITCH or this next part will make you scream”. I did my best to spit on it as much as possible. “Ok now bend over the ottoman Sissy”. I lay on my stomach across the ottoman and felt my tiny daughter with the giant cock move up behind me.

Alicia spits into her hand and rubs it onto my asshole before moving closer and lining up her enormous cock with my boi pussy. “Take a breath and let it out Sissy”. As I exhale I feel her drive the fat cock right into my waiting hole. Alicia pushed about half of the cock into me before she stops. I am writhing in agony, as before now I have never started with the big daddy of all my toy cocks. She pushed it in so fast and so deep that it took my breath away or I am sure the neighbors would have heard me scream. As she held it deep inside me she leaned over my back and said, “How does your daddy pussy like my big cock?”

Daddy pussy? I shivered at her words still unable to speak. Where did this woman come from and where was my sweet little girl? I heard her laugh as she straightened back up.

“I have wanted to fuck a man pussy for a long time” she said. Who would have ever thought I would be fucking my Sissy dad right in his boi cunt. Where were these words coming from? My daughter had never spoken this way. So nasty, so demeaning, I LOVED it.

She began to pull back until only the fat head of her giant cock was left inside my daddy pussy as she called it. Then she pushed again, hard. I felt my breath again leave my body, and she didn’t stop this time until I felt her pelvis against my ass cheeks. I knew without a doubt she had driven all twelve inches of her cock into my ass. I could not breathe or speak. I was dying it hurt so much but at the same time I was turned on more than I have ever been before. Never before had I been able to push all twelve inches into myself. Yet here was my small 5’1″ daughter driving it into me and not caring about my agony. She simply wanted to fuck me and she was not going to be deterred. Alicia began to rhythmically piston in and out of her daddy pussy with her giant cock. Slowly the pain stopped and I could again focus on what was happening.

I was bent over the ottoman in the middle of my living room dressed like a cock loving sissy whore and my own precious daughter was pile driving my daddy pussy with the largest of all my toy cocks. How did this happen? Would it happen again? Did I even want it to happen again? Oh god this feels so good. I didn’t even realize I was moaning and begging my daughter to fuck me like the bitch I longed to be until Alicia spoke.

As she laughed and pushed harder she said, “My own dad I can’t believe my own dad loves fat cock in his daddy pussy”. It was true, I was loving it. I was loving every hard inch of it. Alicia grabbed my panty-clad hips and started pulling me back to meet her thrusts fucking me harder.

Suddenly she pulled all the way out and ordered me over on my back. My daddy pussy felt empty and I could feel it gaped wide open. I landed on my back and Alicia right away took my stocking covered legs and put them over her shoulders. Moving in she shoved her massive cock back into my waiting hole and started fucking me hard and fast.

Here I was, on my back being fucked in my man pussy by my own sweet daughter. I was being forced to see her face as she drove into me. Alicia leaned forward pushing me up onto my shoulders and she fucked down into me. My own cock was dangling right over my face. I wondered if this was her plan. “Stroke your Sissy FAGGOT clit daddy!” Reaching up I started stroking my cock. The huge cock slamming in and out of my ass prevented me from becoming more than slightly erect. But I stroked my semi soft sissy clit anyway.

In less than two minutes I began spewing cum down onto my face and some into my mouth which was open and moaning. Seeing this Alicia drove deep and held her big cock all the way into my daddy pussy. When I finished cumming she slowly pulled out and let my legs fall and my feet touch the floor. Alicia walked around and bent to rub the cock head on my face collecting cum on it. After a moment she shoved it right into my mouth and ordered me to lick my cum off her cock and suck it clean. “Taste your daddy pussy on my cock”.

After she was satisfied that I had cleaned her cock thoroughly. She backed away and stood up. Alicia ordered me to help her take the cock off. I helped her and she sat on the couch to rest. I noticed a big wet spot in the crotch of her jeans and wondered if she had cum from fucking her sissy daddy. I knelt on the floor at her feet.

As I knelt she opened her jeans and slid her hand into them. My daughter started rubbing her pussy right in front of me. Her head leaned back and moans were coming from her mouth. I wanted to slide her jeans down so badly and be obliged with the sight of her sweet pussy but I knew better than to touch her without her permission. She had not said this but I just knew somehow, it would be the rule. I did not kid myself as to who was in charge here. She had the recording and I knew it. I knew I would be doing anything my suddenly dominant daughter said from now on.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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