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“How to lose my virginity?”

“Can I lose my virginity without having sex?”

Sam was shocked to see these statements in the recently searched options in his browser.

Was this some error? Was his laptop hacked? What was happening?

Sam had a hard day at work today. His boss had been acting up crazy the whole day. He wanted to get home and release some pressure.

But his wife, Jennie, wasn’t home when he got back. She never was. She always had to attend a party every night. And when she came back home, either she was too tired or too drunk to have sex with him.

He had to relieve himself to sleep most of the nights. Tonight was going to be a similar night.

When Sam got home, he reheated the pasta from the fridge. He knew his daughter, Anne, may not have eaten too. So he called her down from her room, and they ate together.

He tried asking Anne about her day and studies, but it seemed she had enough on her plate too. So he decided not to go deep into it. They said good night to each other and went to their rooms.

Reaching his room, Sam fired up his laptop to watch porn and get himself off.

And that’s when he saw these typed-in searches.

Sam’s mind was working too fast for him to comprehend the situation. He knew who hadn’t searched these statements in his browser.

It had been a good few years since he was concerned about his virginity. So it wasn’t him for sure. Having delivered Anne 18 years ago, Mon wouldn’t be curious about it too.

Was it Anne? Was she the one trying to find some answers?

But Anne’s 18. She couldn’t possibly be a virgin till now. Sam had seen that body of hers grow in front of his eyes. No one with a body like that could remain a virgin at 18.

Sam had never tried to get a deliberate eye on Anne’s body. But he’d be blind not to notice.

He had noticed how tight her boobs looked in her shirts. He had wondered how hard the buttons of her shirt had to work to keep her huge boobs in. Especially when Anne walks down her stairs to the living room, she doesn’t walk per se, but she jumps down the stairs, and her hiltonbet yeni giriş boobs bounce with her too.

And that ass. It was pure torture not to look at it. Sam didn’t have to try too much to sneak a look too. Anne often wore jeans tight enough for him to make out her curves. Or she donned a skirt too short to contain her massive ass.

There was no way in hell guys in her school hadn’t tried to hit that.

So why was Anne curious about losing her virginity?

Most importantly, why was she searching for this on his laptop when she had hers?

Should he call Anne and ask her?

But what would he ask! It would be so embarrassing for her. And for him too. Sam tried thinking, what could the reason be!

Whatever it was, it could wait. Sam had to get off and get to sleep. But he had to get rid of these searches first. Sam went on to delete his search history, and that’s when it struck him. Anne hadn’t searched these questions on his laptop. She had in hers. It showed up in his history because Anne’s google account was also signed in from his laptop.

A few days back, Anne’s laptop had stopped working, and she had used Sam’s till she bought a new one. She had to do her assignments. She must have signed into her google account from his laptop and forgotten about it.

So one mystery was solved.

The other question was still poking his brain. Why was Anne searching for these? Was she really a virgin? Or was it for some science project or something? God knows what they teach in school nowadays.

He didn’t want to think about it anymore, so Sam deleted the search history.

All this had distracted him from his plan of jerking himself off, so he decided to check a few emails. He was answering an email when he heard a noise from the living room. Anne had gone to her room when he came to his. Maybe Mon was back from her party. He shut his laptop and went down to inquire about the noise.

When Sam came down, he saw the light coming from the living room.

Someone was watching TV.

He walked towards the sound and saw Anne lying on the sofa, hiltonbet giriş looking at her phone in her hand. The TV was on, but she wasn’t even watching it. She was very intently looking at something on her phone. Anne was lying on her back, and her legs were on the arms of the sofa.

Sam was standing at the back of her head. From his position, he could see the mound of Anne’s milky white breasts from the hem of the top she was wearing. Sam couldn’t see much of her tits. He glanced further down. Anne had her leg in such a position that her skirt had ridden up to her hips. But he could only see her thighs.

Anne was being such a tease without even knowing it.

He didn’t realize how long he had been standing there gawking at his daughter’s body. He had to do something. So he went towards the sofa and stood closer to Anne’s head. He put his hand over her shoulder and called her name.

As soon as Anne heard her name, she flinched and sprung up. She looked a bit flustered seeing her father. Sam couldn’t understand her reaction. Why was she so surprised?

Sam saw Anne holding her phone tightly near her chest. Was she hiding something? Maybe she was talking to a guy when he walked in.

Sam didn’t stay much longer with her. He understood she wanted him gone, and he required some privacy too. He took a bottle of water from the fridge and returned to his room.

He was still confused by Anne’s behavior but put it up to teenage behavior. He opened his laptop to finish his reply to the email. After doing that, he opened his browser again. Finally, he could do what he had intended since returning - to jerk off mindlessly to some porn.

But his bitch luck again!

New searches were done in the browser.

“Can I orgasm myself?”

“How can I get myself off?”

“Should I insert my fingers into my vagina?”

“What can I do to lose my virginity?”


Sam couldn’t believe what he was seeing and thinking. First, this proves his daughter was a virgin. And secondly, that’s what she was searching for just now, lying on that couch. She was thinking hiltonbet güvenilirmi of inserting her fingers in her pussy while he was standing there.

Sam didn’t know his 18-year-old daughter was so naive in sexual matters. He always knew Mon was an absent wife but was she such a worthless mother too? Didn’t she have the birds and bees talk with their daughter?

Anne knew nothing of her body and the pleasures of sex at the age of 18.

She was trying to know how to get herself off. So that means she’s never had an orgasm before. Oh my God! Sam’s cock was getting hard thinking about this. He could come simply by thinking about his innocent virgin daughter.

His princess was as pure as the day she was born.

And that’s when Sam decided he was the one who would pluck her cherry. He would teach his daughter whatever there was to know about sex. Sam wouldn’t only tell her; he would teach her all of it himself. Sam would give Anne her first orgasm. He would show her how she could pleasure men, especially her father.

As he was thinking about everything he would do to Anne, Sam didn’t notice he had been rubbing his cock over his pants.

Sam couldn’t control it any longer. He pulled his pants down and held his cock in his hands. He was rock hard. He went over his idea of how he would defile Anne, and he’d enjoy every second of it.

He thrust his cock in his hands and imagined Anne’s mouth over it. Her tiny mouth enveloped his giant cock. She wouldn’t be able to take even half of it. Sam would pop its head in Anne’s mouth and graze the tip inside her cheeks. He’d hold her head, shove his cock against her throat, and let her choke on it.

Sam continued pumping his cock as he would fuck Anne’s mouth. In very little time, he came all over his hands.

Sam had never come so hard and so fast before. Well, he never had fucked his daughter before, too, so that’s okay. He cleaned himself up and got into his bed.

He refreshed his browser one last time to see if Anne had searched any more of her queries. She had.

“Where can I learn how to orgasm?”

“Can I learn online how to get myself off?”

With that, Sam knew what he needed to do. He had formulated the perfect plan to fuck his daughter. Sam made a new mail account, sent an email, and went off to sleep.

He would have to work for it, but he would have her soon.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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