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The first thing I noticed, when I awoke was a gorgeous, red and orange sunset streaming in from the terrace doors. The second thing was the sound of the shower. Cynthia had gotten up before me and obviously was rinsing off. A blurred look at my watch told me it was past seven and my stomach was growling with hunger.

I lay there, letting myself wake up slowly, enjoying the sunset and listening to her musical humming coming from the bath. After a couple of minutes, I got up feeling refreshed and excited, although ravenously hungry. The memories of the happenings of the day…and the night before flooded into my brain and I grinned. I felt lucky and blessed to have a woman like Cynthia sharing my weekend, and as I walked to the bathroom, I began to wonder what the night might have in store for us. I opened the door, and was greeted with the steamy silhouette of Cynthia’s naked form on the other side of the glass.

“Hey, sugar…” I said cheerfully. I grinned as I saw her clear the steam from the clear glass and peer through it. A huge smile split her face. “Hey, sleepyhead…” she replied. “Wanna join me?”

“I was hoping you’d ask….” I smiled, sliding the door open and stepping into the thick steam.

Cynthia had been naked, or near naked for the whole previous night and most of the day, but the sight of her body still took my breath away. She was smiling sexily, standing under the spray. The sight of the water cascading over her shoulders and pouring off her breasts in little waterfalls, made the blood surge towards my prick. I stepped closer, pulling her into my arms and kissing her passionately. A small sigh passed her lips as her mouth opened to accept my tongue. Her hips pushed forward against me, and she ground her body against my hardening cock.

“You know I’m falling in love with you, don’t you?” I said with a grin, looking deep into her eyes. She moved her soapy belly against my hard-on and grinned back at me.

“I’d be willing to bet more on lust than love at the moment…” she laughed, running her hands over my ass. “Love comes after those deep conversations we’re going to have…” I was prepared to argue the point, but the feeling of her hands on me dissuaded me.

“And why haven’t we had any of those ‘deep conversations’ yet?” I chuckled, “‘Cause I think I’m ready to profess my love…” Cynthia grinned, pulling harder on my ass and grinding her pussy against me.

“Wellll…”, she replied thoughtfully, “I think it has something to do with you repeatedly sliding your big cock into my mouth…” She smiled up at me and winked. “It’s kind of hard for a girl to talk about love when your cock is in her mouth… Not that I’m complaining, mind you…” She continued to stare into my eyes as she slowly moved her belly against my hard-on. I leaned lower and kissed her, feeling her lips sucking my tongue as I slid it deep inside her mouth.

“Hmmmm…” she intoned as I bent low and slipped between her legs. She squeezed her thighs tighter, trapping me there and continued to duel my tongue with her own. We stayed under the hot spray as our kiss ended. Cynthia smiled up at me as she reached for the soap. She began to wash my back, massaging my shoulders and traveling down to my ass. As she soaped me, she cupped my asscheeks, pulling me tighter against her. She smiled as I groaned.

“Oh, you like that, huh…?” she teased. “You mean you didn’t get enough…?” I hugged her tight, pushing my hard-on through her legs. “I don’t think I’ll ever get enough of you, sweetheart.” I said sincerely.

Cynthia grinned. She pulled back, sliding my cock from between her legs, but immediately covering it with her soapy hands. I groaned again and began to push in and out of her fists. She chuckled and began to soap my cock and balls gently.

“Does this mean you’re not sore anymore…?” she asked hopefully.

“I think it’s a complete recovery.” I laughed, taking the soap from her. I began to soap her up, first running my hands over her firm tits and belly, then turning her around to wash her back. I began at her shoulders, massaging them as she’d done to mine, then moving lower and lower until I reached her wonderful ass. I felt her begin to tremble as I worked my soapy hand between her cheeks. She moaned as I ran my hand the full length of her crack, sliding against her pussy lips and pushing my finger inside.

Cynthia pushed back against me as I continued to tease her. I set the soap in the tray and used one hand to “wash” her breasts, keeping the other between her legs. We had moved out of the direct spray so the slipperiness of the soap didn’t wash away. She continued to moan softly as I slipped two, then three fingers into her slick pussy.

“Got to be thorough…” I whispered, sliding my fingers in and out of her. She looked over her shoulder and smiled at me. “I’m hoping you’re going to be VERY thorough…” she panted. She winked and bent forwards, leaning her hands on the tiled bench that was built into the shower wall. She raised her ass high ucuz escort in the air, and pushed against my fingers.

I slid them in and out of her, loving the soft, mewling noises she was making, then curled my little finger up. It joined the other three as I pushed in again, making her groan. I was sliding most of my hand in and out of her, and Cynthia continued to moan and push back against me. I smiled at the wantonness of her actions. My cock had returned to it’s rock hard status, and it bobbed up and down as we played in the shower. A grin stole over my face as I moved my thumb up to caress her asshole. I kept my fingers inside her, feeling her cunt contract against my hand, urging me on. I pressed lightly against her tight rosebud of an asshole and she sighed.

“Yesssss… it…” she whispered. Never one to argue with a lady, I arched my thumb and pushed against her soapy asshole. She cried out as I pushed inside, and I continued on until my thumb was buried in her ass. Cynthia dropped her head and began to tremble as I worked all my fingers into her two holes. Her slick pussy juice, mixing with the soap was causing my hand to make a wet smacking sound each time I pushed deep, and Cynthia widened her stance as she pushed back to meet me.

Once again, she looked at me over her shoulder. Her face was contorted with lust. “I’d like you to be VERY thorough…” she smiled. “Deeply thorough….” she smiled and reached back to run her fingers over my hard-on. I groaned at her touch and slowly withdrew my fingers from her. As I moved my hips closer, she wrapped her hand around me….guiding me…

The heat of her pussy was intense, and the slickness was very exciting. As soon as I felt her warmth, I pushed forward, burying my entire cock inside her with a single movement.

“Uuunnnnggggghhhh….” she groaned, pushing back to meet me. Her ass was raised high as I began to fuck her hard. For all the sex we’d shared, this was actually only the second time I’d been inside her pussy and the sensation was absolutely wonderful. I could feel her pussy muscles rippling against me as I thrust in and out. This was one very talented lady! I felt my cock expanding already as I continued to fuck her fast and hard.

“Don’t come….” Cynthia’s voice cut through my selfish reverie. I looked down to see her looking back at me. “I want something….else…” she whispered. For a moment, I thought she wanted to suck me again. Cynthia had shown that she really loved to suck cock, and, as I said before, I’m never one to argue with a lady. But a new sound had entered her voice.

As I pulled back slowly, Cynthia reached back and wrapped her hand around my throbbing cock. For a minute, she just held me, and I continued to fuck through her fist and into her pussy. Then she moved…

I groaned when I realized what she wanted. She pulled my cock out of her pussy and moved it up till the head was pressing lightly against her asshole. I moaned as she turned her smiling face back to me.

“Go slow….” she whispered, then dropped her head again and raised her ass high.

I replaced her hand with my own and began to wiggle my cockhead against her tight hole. She was trying to relax, and I was amazed as I saw my head disappear into her.

“Oh, god…yesss….” she sighed. “Deeper…push it deeper…”

I smiled and leaned forward, sliding another inch or two inside her. I began to fuck her slowly with just that much and she grunted low in her throat.

“Do it…” she said, determination in her voice, “Fuck my ass, Jack….Push it in….I want to feel it all….” She pushed back against me as I slid forward, and I watched as three more inches of cock disappeared inside her. The slipperiness of the soap made the passage easier, and I groaned at the tightness of her ass as I began to fuck her. I slid in and out four or five times, letting her get used to my size, then pushed…

We both groaned loudly as I pushed my cock in to the hilt. I reached around with one hand to fondle her heaving breasts, as my other hand slipped down to her mound, teasing and toying with her clit as I kissed her neck and ears.

“You’re in my ass….god!….it feels so good…your fingers feel so good…oohhh…god, I’m gonna come….Oh, god, Jack…fuck me now…I’m gonna come!!”

I felt her whole body begin to convulse as I withdrew my cock then slid it home again, fucking the entire length of my cock in and out of her tight asshole. She was moaning continuously, her head hanging low between her shoulders and her long black hair dripping from the shower spray. Her animal-like groans sounded almost unearthly in the enclosed space, echoing off the tile and reverberating in my ears as her tight ass muscles gripped and milked my cock with the spasms of her orgasm. Each time she came, it pushed me nearer and nearer to the edge…

I began to thrust harder, slamming in and out of her as I felt my own orgasm approaching. Cynthia’s screams of ecstasy ümraniye escort echoed off the shower walls as her orgasm overwhelmed her, causing the cum in my balls to boil over. I pushed deep as I felt the cum racing up my shaft to explode and slash wetly inside her tunnel. I knew that Cynthia could feel my cock pulsing and she began to moan again.

“Oh, yeah…YEAH!” she cried out. “Come in my ass….shoot your hot cum in my ass….I can feel it! Oh, GOD!Yessss….FUCK ME! FUCK MY ASS!”

I grinned as she screamed out, continuing to fuck her hard as my balls emptied themselves into her ass. She ground it against me, urging me deeper as I continued to shoot. As my orgasm passed, she could feel the difference and began to laugh. It began as a soft chuckle, but evolved into a body shaking snorting laughter. I couldn’t help but join her. Finally I had to withdraw my cock from her ass, dropping slowly to my knees, leaning back to keep the cascading water off my face as I panted to catch my breath. Cynthia slid from her perch on the bench and joined me, still laughing as she leaned against me.

“Wow!” she whispered. “that was pretty intense, fella…” She leaned forward and kissed me, sliding her tongue wetly between my lips. We were both panting heavily.

“Yeah…pretty intense comes close….God, Cynthia…that was incredible! You are something else, girl!”

She smiled and hugged me, then looked at me with mild alarm. Neither of us had noticed that the water was quite a bit cooler than it had been. The shower was running all during our play time and we were almost out of hot water!

We both screamed comically and stood up. We began to wash ourselves as fast as we could, laughing and giggling, and yelling as the spray continued to get colder. It was as cold as ice by the time we’d finished, and we turned it off quickly, laughing and running out to grab towels.

I was freezing as I toweled myself off, and I could see Cynthia was faring no better. Goosebumps covered her tanned skin and her nipples stood out like little gravity-defying lighthouses on the side of twin mountains. After she’d wrapped a towel around herself, I drew her to me, running my hands over her back, hoping the friction would help to warm her. After a few minutes of this, we’d calmed down a bit, and began to chuckle together. She looked up at me with a sexy smile.

“That was wonderful, Jack…Damn! Your cock felt so fucking big!!” I looked at her with mock shock.

“Hey! I AM big!” I said with a hurt look in my voice. Cynthia smiled and looked down as she backed up.

“Well, not right now, studly…” she teased. I looked down and laughed. I couldn’t argue with her. The freezing water had caused my cock to shrink to a little nub, and my balls to withdraw into the warm safety of my body. “Yeah…well….” I pouted.

“Oh…it’s okay, little guy….” Cynthia continued to tease, “I’ll make it better in a minute…” She reached down to place her hand over my cock and balls and I jumped. Her hand was freezing!! I pulled away and Cynthia laughed that throaty laugh of hers, turning towards the bedroom. I followed after I’d put my robe on.

The sun had turned the bedroom quite warm. A welcome relief from our Arctic adventure. The sunset was still glowing on the horizon, and Cynthia looked like a goddess as she walked towards the terrace doors. She looked positively radiant as she was bathed in the orange glow. She walked onto the deck and leaned against the railing, then I saw her smile and wave.

I followed her out and looked down to see Jim and Anne sitting on their patio watching the sunset. They both turned and waved back and I returned the greeting.

“Quite a sunset, eh?” Jim yelled.

“Just gorgeous…” I replied, my eyes on Anne. It was still almost eighty degrees and they were both in their bathing suits. Anne was wearing a short, pool robe but it was open at her sides.

“And not a bad afternoon, either…” Cynthia said sexily.

“It was a wonderful afternoon….” Anne replied with a smile. Jim laughed and raised his glass.

“So, join us for a cocktail, neighbor…” he said with a grin. “Looks like your dressed for it…”

I laughed and agreed to meet them in a few minutes. “Just give us few to get dressed…” I shouted over the railing..

“If you feel you have to….” Anne said with a smile.

The warm sun, combined with the innuendo’s that were flying, was making the blood rush back to my cock. I could feel it growing under my robe, and waved and turned inside before it poked it’s head out to see what was going on. Cynthia waved at Jim and Anne and followed me inside. She looked down as I pulled my robe off. My cock was back to it’s usual size…and then some.

“Now that’s more like it…” she whispered, walking up to me and running her fingers over my shaft.

“All it takes is a little heat…” I laughed. I turned to my closet, thinking a cocktail was exactly what I needed üsküdar escort right now. The thought of food popped into my head every once in a while, but my time with Cynthia was making this weekend feel like a non-stop party. I could see why drunks always looked so damn skinny! And if I didn’t get some food soon, I was probably going to die from alcohol poisoning! I shook most of the thoughts from my head and stepped into the closet… Cynthia followed me inside, and began to poke through the things she’d hung up earlier.

“I think I could get used to this…” I said, turning to look at her. She grinned and dropped her towel, but remained silent. She continued leafing through her things, then picked out a long cream colored dress.

“How about this?” she asked. I smiled and shrugged my shoulders.

“Girl, you could wear a trash bag and still look ravishing.” I replied honestly. “But with that, I’ll have a hard time keeping my hands off you!”

She giggled and threw the dress onto her shoulder. “Then, I guess this is the right one…” she laughed.

I was pulling my underwear on when she stopped me. “Forget those…” she whispered sexily. “I told you before, I prefer easy access. She pulled them down to my knees, tilting her head and teasing me with her damp hair before settling back, her eyes focusing on my cock. “Just in case I need to get to this quickly…” she said softly. I flexed my muscles, making my cock dance in front of her and she laughed, raising her hand to caress me. My cock began to expand in her hand and she smiled. “I think Anne might want a closer look, too….” I was fully hard now as Cynthia began to stroke me. She leaned closer, rubbing my cockhead against her cheek, then covering my shaft with her hair. I sighed and watched a grin break out on her face as she teased me with her hair. She loved the reaction she was getting.

“Maybe we’ll both blow you…” she teased. ” From the look on her face, I think she might be agreeable…” I sighed and let her play with my hard-on. I knew her game now, and was beginning to enjoy it.

“She looks like she knows how to have fun…” I played along as Cynthia’s hand traveled up and down my shaft. “Maybe she’ll let you and I suck HER off….would you like that…?” I smiled as Cynthia began to breath harder. “Maybe I’ll watch you lick her pussy as Jim slides his big cock into her…”, I teased, “Sliding his cock between your lips as he fucks his wife…” Cynthia moaned low in her throat, standing up in front of me and keeping her fingers on my cock as her fiery eyes stared into mine.

“I really got off on watching them… She looked so hot with Jim’s cum all over her face…” she whispered to me. “Do I look like that…do you like me with cum all over my face…?” The question was pure rhetorical, but I answered anyway. It was part of the game.

“Yeah…” I said. “I think you look wonderful with your face covered with cum….” Cynthia grinned at me, her stroking becoming more forceful. “And what about you, Cynthia…” I panted, “Do you like it when I come on your face? Do you like my cum all over your lips…” She smiled and nodded her head, her eyes blazing once again. I slid a hand down her front and between her legs. She parted her thighs and groaned as I pushed a finger between her lips I began to tease her clitoris as I continued.

“Maybe you want Jim and I to both come on your face tonight….would you like that…?” Cynthia’s hips began to buck and move as a mini-orgasm overtook her. I grinned and continued to masturbate her. Her eyes closed tight, then opened again, glazed over with lust.

“Yeah…I’d like that, Jack…I want to suck you both off tonight…” she panted. “Feel both of your hard cocks in my mouth…feel you come in my mouth…on my face….cover me…Aaahhhhh…..” She leaned back and I thrust my finger in and out of her as her orgasm washed over her. I fucked her hard with my fingers as she came on my hand. When her orgasm waned, she looked at me with unadulterated love.

“Oh, my…you are good…” she panted. “You know just how to talk to a girl…” She withdrew my hand from her pussy and brought my fingers up to her mouth. She smiled as she licked her juices from them, then stepped back, gazing down at my throbbing hard-on. “But hold that thought for now…” she giggled, turning back to the bedroom. I groaned and smiled after her. I shook my head and continued to dress…leaving the underwear on the floor. The loose cotton slacks I wore were tented obscenely in the front, but I figured I’d have to will that away later.

“Of course, you realize that we’ll probably just have cocktails and leave…” I called out to her.

She peeked her smiling face around the corner. “Uh-huh…you’re probably right, but it’s fun fantasizing, isn’t it?”

“It was fun for you, maybe…what about this?” I reached down and wrapped my hand around my cock through my pants and pointing the tent at her. Cynthia laughed and licked her lips.

“Trust me, darling…I’ll take care of that as soon as I can….” She turned away and I laughed. I finished dressing in the closet dressing room. I wore a pair of loose black pants, and a thin, charcoal denim shirt. I started to put my boots on, but opted for sandals instead…just in case. I walked out to the bedroom and stopped dead in my tracks.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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