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Cum Suckers… My Family

By : DickThePimp

Incest Parody… Filthy And Twisted

“Mmmmmmmmm. Suck my big titties, James. God, yes! Mmmmmmmmm.”

My sister Gina’s tits are beet red from my hardcore sucking attack on em. Gina has the most delicious tits. 36Ds. So soft and jiggly. Full, and cone shaped. Those light brown nips so rubbery hard and tasty, throbbing relentlessly in my ravenous mouth. God! I love fucking my sister!

I slam my fat dick up her soaked cunt and drill that honey hole for all its worth. HARDER DEEPER FASTER!!! MORE MORE MORE!!! I keep sucking her magnificent, milky… more on that in a minute… jugs as hard as I can as I slam down into her pulsating twat as it grips me so tight, massaging my huge shaft with such loving domination. So wet. So tight. So fucking good!!!

My bed breaks from the intense pussy pounding, but I don’t give a fuck!

My dick keeps slamming in and out as her tightly squeezing pussy cums and cums… and I keep sucking and drinking her breast milk with pure brotherly filth driven glee. I’m obsessed with taboo sex. The filthier and more twisted the better.

Every guy should fuck his sister. It’s just normal to me. Every guy should have a few kids with his sister. Again… normal to me. We have seven. I’ve got twelve with our mom. None of em live with us though. Too much nasty shit going on here for em. Plus… I don’t need any buzz kills messing up my filthy family fun.

“FUCK MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!! GIVE ME THAT HUGE FUCKING COCK!!!!!!!! GOD, YESSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!” Gina hugs me tight to her very ample chest as I motorboat those lactating tits, gladly drinking Beylikdüzü escort down every honey sweet drop of milk that shoots outta those fat fucking nips! God! They’re so fucking delicious. Best nipples ever! Small, light brown areolaes. Damn! My sister is fucking sexy! And she’s all mine! I slam bang her always nasty twat senseless on the broken bed, my dick pistoning in and out smoothly, and with very powerful carnal fury.

We kiss, and swap spit, tongue sucking our twisted brains out as I pump my thick, creamy, brother wad of jizz so far up her insanely drenched twat. I groan happily into Gina’s laughing mouth. She loves making me groan. Her dick devouring pussy sucks out every single drop of gooey ball fluid in me, dirty dancing all over my pounding shaft as it drains me dry.

“Mmmmmm… thanks, bitch.” Gina laughs. She beat me to it. Nasty bitch. Fucking love her. We swap more spit, grope tits and balls, and chill on my broken bed. I pop open a couple of beers and we down em. Gina grabs another one and shakes her naughty eyebrows at me, popping the top, then pouring the ice cold beer all over my madly twitching cock. Fuck! That’s awesome!

She leans over and sucks it all off of me, bobbing her long brown haired head wildly on my massive shaft, her nasty tongue lapping all the way around it. I do love long tongues. I smirk my happy, horny ass off, loving my busty sister’s post fuck, beer enfused blowjob so very much. The ice cold beer and Gina’s naughty tongue dancing all over my still rock hard cock is too much. I cum right down her fucking throat. Gina deepthroats the entire fourteen inches with no problem. What’s a fucking talented Beylikdüzü escort whore. My thick seed races down her beer slicked throat as she sucks it all down with cum crazed euphoria.

I roughly molest her pregnant jugs while she sucks me dry, feeding her my salty piss once I finish cum dumping down her throat. Gina tickles my huge balls as my piss races down her quick swallowing throat.

I down two more beers, making sure to keep the piss flowing. Gina eagerly drinks every drop… and there’s a ton of em. I keep pissing and she keeps drinking. Two more beers down and the piss keeps flowing. My slutty sis handles it all with no problem, not spilling a single, yellow, tangy drop.

“God… you taste great!” Gina winks up at me as she softly sucks me dry, her tongue lasciviously lapping at my super sensitive crown in her very slutty mouth.

“That’s right… bitch.” I laugh. Gina does too… and she moves to my aching balls, sucking them both so perfectly with such tender loving care.

I fuck a lot. A whole lot. I’ve gotten every slutty bitch in my family pregnant at least twice. I got my baby sister Kaia pregnant on her eighteenth… and nineteenth… birthday. She’s so pretty.

I live with my granny, mama and sisters. My aunt Norma comes by a lot too. She definitely cums a lot as well. That horny bitch cums more than any slut I’ve every shoved my dick into. She fucking LOVES for me to eat her ass too. And I love doing it. Best tasting ass ever. God… I’ll spend three hours straight just tossing her salad. I always end up butt fucking her afterwards. Another three hours. It’s an all day thing with Norma. A quickie is like Escort Beylikdüzü two hours. She drinks three loads at a time… never one. I think it’s an OCD thing. That 75 year old whore bag drains me so damn dry. Fucking awesome aunt!

My mama Rose has big old soft titties. Big old soft pussy also. An ass that’ll suck the life outta your dick too. I filmed her sucking me off in the bathroom at the quickie mart last night. I pissed all over the floor and she licked it all up. Every damn drop! Fucking nasty as shit… and fucking hot as shit. I got so turned on, I butt fucked her with the door open. Mama was screaming and creaming for an hour. The hot chick clerk… who I fuck… just let us fuck and wnet about her business. Fucking awesome!

My granny Helen is my baby. Such a sweet lady. Gorgeous cans. Fucking gorgeous! We fuck every day in the shower. She always wants to wash my back… and front. I always return the favor. Nothing better than butt slamming fourteen, fat inches of duck meat up your beautiful, gray haired granny’s, smooth, luscious butt. Her ass clamps down on my giant, rampaging cock so damn tight, I never last. Her ass is magical. No joke. It makes me cum faster that ever. Every single time.

She always drinks my cum, and piss too. Every shower. Every single time. I just stand there and take some pics, grinning my depraved ass off while I dump my fluids right down her greedy, granny gullet.

For my birthday, Gina sucked my balls while granny sucked my cock while Norma tossed my salad while mama pissed on my cock while I ate out Kaia’s ass. It was fucking amazing. I came in all their smiling mouths while I filmed it. I pissed all over all of em too. Absolutely awesome.

My crazy life. All sex. All twisted family sex. Always a great fucking time. I love having so many horny whores in my family. It makes life so much more fun… and freaky.

By : DickThePimp

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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