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I had just finished going through a really nasty divorce, now single again I intended to remain so for a considerable amount of time. It didn’t alleviate the frustration and desire of course, which had grown even more intense of late, no longer (knowing) you had access, even when most of the time you really didn’t.

I had always enjoyed masturbating of course, going back as far as I could remember, finding pleasure in doing so, often even during the years when women were suddenly plentiful, or when the aspect of marriage supposedly guaranteed some form of release. Even then, especially then, pleasuring myself became paramount to maintaining my sanity.

But still I was alone now. Even having the freedom of browsing through hundreds of erotic photos if I felt like it, didn’t bring about the excitement and level of desire I so needed, wanted, and lacked.

So out of touch with the “dating” scene as it were, the awkwardness of first meets, the knowledge of wanting, yet playing the gentlemen, waiting games wondering if and when something would or wouldn’t happen.

I was miserable.


Quite by accident I stumbled across a blog where the subject was about masturbation. I read with renewed interest and excitement as many there posted comments about similar feelings and expressions so similar to my own.

I certainly wasn’t alone in my thinking, but I was still lonely. And I now knew as well that I wasn’t ready for another relationship, dating for the moment not an option, but neither was celibacy either.

I read on, vicariously envisioning the comments, fantasies shared, thoughts, feelings and emotions being expressed by so many. And then I read, “Cum Party Hostess invites you…”

“Damn!” I thought, “I wonder what something like that would be like?”

It was for real, or at least so it seemed. An honest to god invitation to come to a specific place at a specific date and time, and simply share in the eroticism of masturbation amongst many others, all doing, all sharing in the same simple aspect of shared, or self pleasuring. I was nervous, though tremendously excited as I soon after added my name to the prospective list, receiving soon after a replied to email, telling me where to go and when along with the time, a simple quick list of rules also given to be strongly adhered to. Masturbation only, period, nothing else, though mutual touching was ok, provided it was consensual, toys as well were certainly welcome, but the main theme remained, this was purely and simply all about masturbation, and nothing else.

It was also safe. In a world where things had so rapidly changed, where you no longer could trust someone’s word, history or background, it was a safe way to play, please and experience pleasure without the additional worry and fear to take away the joy and excitement so temporarily felt.

Three days to the weekend, seemed like an eternity, each one dragging by irritatingly so, yet excitedly so as well, like canlı bahis waiting on Christmas to come when I was young, that same thrill and anticipation, until finally and at last the day arrived.

There was additional excitement in the realization, I would know no one, nor in most cases would anyone else. I knew before hand of course, there was one or two couples who would come together, but even they must have felt as I did, that we’d all be there amongst strangers, willing to be vulnerable in front of one another in an intimate setting, where we performed, shared, and showed one another the secrets of our hidden away pleasuring whenever alone.

I had nervously arrived early, well ahead of the appointed time, figuring in doing so to get a feel, making sure this was still legit and not some twisted bust where cops would sit secretly laughing in their cars waiting for unsuspecting, very horny normal, average every day people to walk into a nightmare.

These were my thoughts as I sat outside in my car, looking at my watch, keeping an eye on the door of the address I’d been given. It was a nice hotel, not anything seedy or suspicious, had it of been, I’d have driven off chalking it up as a foolish hope. But it wasn’t. I had stayed in similar, so knew the décor and amenities.

I watched as the first one arrived, not knowing he was really second, then moments later a couple showing up together. Satisfied, I climbed from my car, soon joining the two of them at the door as it opened.

“Welcome!” She said, “Come in!”

Almost immediately I did feel welcome, welcome amongst strangers, peoples whose faces I’d never seen before, names I would almost as quickly forget.

She was neither porn star nor beauty queen, homely nor a whore. Attractive yes, with a friendly smile that reminded me of friends and coworkers, people I knew, liked and enjoyed being around. But never in this way, never with the thought that I would soon be participating in an erotic shared experience, that so many of my friends and family would look upon with shock and disgust.

We’d been met with her wearing nothing more than a simple robe, though it had told me in an instant that she was no doubt naked beneath it. Her partner too, whom the three of us were soon introduced to wore the same, fixing us all drinks as we chatted someone nervously at first, then quickly relaxing as strangers no longer seemed so.

I had also known going in as we all knew that couples were most welcome and wanted, but so were so many single males also very welcome as I counted myself amongst them. Even here, I knew that we would indeed outnumber the women present by three, almost four to one, but whatever inhibitions or fears I might have had about being naked in front of so many other men, all doing what I soon would be, seemed suddenly minor with the few women who would in fact be there. Within a short period of time, many more arrived, including the last of the three women expected, others bahis siteleri uncertain as it was observed.

“Well,” she spoke again, though I knew her as many of us did simply as “Cum Hostess”, though I also remembered her giving me a name, already impolitely forgotten perhaps. “Let’s have some fun shall we?” she began. “You’re all aware of the basic simple rules here, if you’re a couple then those rules don’t apply to yourself of course, and you’re welcome to do whatever you’d like to while everyone else watches. But if you’re consensually in agreement to include someone else outside of that, then it must remain plain and simply, touching only, no oral, no intercourse whatsoever with anyone else while you are here. And finally last but not least, no means no. If someone wants to touch you, or be touched by you, each of us must ask and be granted permission. Nothing is to be taken for granted, and again, no means no.”

She quickly got things started by removing her robe as did her husband/partner, though I never knew for sure which he might have been. But they now stood vulnerably nude as two additional women and ten men began taking off their clothing.

I had certainly been around a number of naked men/boys before in school or at the gym when showering, but never anything like this, not when you knew going in, and especially now as cocks came into view, some flaccid, some in between, and one or two already firmly erect. I was again in the middle of somewhere between all that myself.

With everyone now naked, and not much to hide or be fearful of, everyone relaxed almost immediately, now joking, even more friendly than before, amazing how being nude can do that, stripping away the falsehoods of what so many of us hide behind when we are clothed. Though even then, initial contact was tentative as consents were asked for here and there, all given. Not unexpectedly of course, all three women the center of attraction, each centered upon the bed, surrounded in a sea of male flesh many of which now stood, cocks in hand slow-stroking themselves, some to erection, some already there, now pleasuring.

And it helped me too of course, to see hands welcomed, touches begin, explorations, laughter and giggles further diminish whatever anxiety or fear might have remained. Carol, though I still thought of her first as “Hostess” welcomed the touch of hands upon her breasts, nipples tickled in delight, soft petting caresses, even a hand or finger gently probing as she sat herself, a differently sized cock held within each hand, happily exploring, stroking and enjoying the feel of each until new one’s appeared waiting their turns.

To my surprise there were still indeed a few who seemed perfectly content to stand there playing with themselves, watching yes, but neither asking to touch, nor in wanting to be. Even in this I found fascination and excitement, men who so openly enjoyed jerking themselves off, finding excitement in doing so, watching or in being bahis şirketleri watched, most likely both. Intimate personal touches or motions of hand that they and they alone were all too familiar with, though sharing such as others noted, took note, smiling and enjoying the variety of pleasures being shared in whatever form that they came.

And interesting to me, though I hadn’t really thought about it, only two men had actually reached out giving their consent of course, standing there fondling one another for several moments, finding perhaps some curious desires fulfilled, or fantasies expressed. No one freaked or came unglued, everything accepted whether approved of or not.

Standing close enough to see and enjoy everyone else, having already long ago given my own approval to being touched, and touching if allowed, I enjoyed the sensation of another’s hand upon my prick, the newness of it as unfamiliar hands toyed and played, coaxed and teased, my own doing the same, enjoying the feel of a soft breast once again, a hard tipped nipple being playfully tweaked, the silken fluid soon after explored by the probe of a finger, the hardness of a tiny clit so openly exposed, one of the women now brazenly inviting it, legs widely spread pointing towards her head, her pussy so accessible to touch, which many now did, self included, delighting themselves in a momentary lingering, a minute or two of curious finger-fucking, while she in turn held cocks and teased them, rubbed them against her breast, or slapped them playfully against the hardness of her clit that more than welcomed the gentle sting of pleasure.


It was for me at least, and I would well imagine everyone else there as well, an erotic experience that transcended so simple an act. So private a one. Intimate in its own way, and thus intimately shared as well. The ultimate test of this coming, no pun intended, when orgasms began, when souls became bare as pleasures were expressed, given and openly displayed. The pure simple delights of cocks spurting, enjoyments being given by this hand or that one, or as mentioned before, by its owner. There was eroticism even in that, which transcended anything I had known before. Watching a cock squirting, the pleasure of seeing it, feeling it as it did, the playfulness of acceptance and excitement as prick’s spurted one after the other, many on the women of course who welcomed them encouraged, or very often helped them along in doing.

I too found even more satisfaction in that that I had thought possible long before, and even perhaps during, looking down at my own prick so joyously being worked until the sensation of pleasure, ecstasy and excitement near overwhelmed me, seeing my own juices soon after added to those who had gone before me.

And afterwards, when all was said and done, when everyone had stayed their fill, some more than others, when the evening finally came to an end, we all left with smiles of joy and pleasure remaining on our faces, strangers perhaps still as we dressed acknowledging only then shared moments, but happy for having done so.

If ever invited to attend one, go…find out for yourself what I mean. I promise you it will be worth the experience.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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