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Okay, so I told you in one of my true stories that I’d finished with Danny. He’d let me down badly and, having texted me to say he was on the way I was so ready for his fuck. But without rhyme or reason he failed to turn up. I tried texting and phoning him on the mobile but absolutely no response, I was so cross I even lost the urge and imagined he had decided to go with this guy locally who he had mentioned when we last met.

Danny had mentioned that he had already been with the guy just once – he had a real big cock and lots of hair including a big black beard which, he said, rather put him off and he said there was no fucking, just mutual wanking, that he wanted to French kiss but he couldn’t be doing with that because of that bloody beard

To be truthful I have missed him terribly, have had a coupe of casual sessions with a couple of local lads but no way could they compare, I didn’t even have the urge to do oral – Derrick the last guy I went with prompted me to suck him wearing a rubber, but it was absolutely nothing like the real thing, all I remember is the taste of latex in my mouth afterwards, so different from the taste of Danny. He tried to make it more appealing in trying the different flavours Durex do now, but whatever the flavour it could not match the taste of real cock and furthermore, despite his efforts t please me with a ribbed condom the quality was absent and it showed.

I realised I had simply been spoilt by Danny and there was no one to match up to him, his fuck, the taste of his cock, his whole charisma – in fact everything – he was a hard act to follow and I was so missing his very hard act in my ass to be blunt and honest.

I was driven to swallowing my pride and constantly texting him to invite him around again with the footnote that all is forgiven. He finally agreed to let me talk on the mobile which we did, ironing over our qualms and me making new openings, in fact we ended up dirty talking like we used to and sharing a mutual wank so that was positive – he finally agreed that he would pop over on Sunday and he definitely would be there, so I had better have my sexy asshole ready. I loved the way he said that, it made me feel complete again.

I knew I would be tight as it had been a long time since I’d been fucked, it had been a long time since I had had anything come to that and the occasional stiff wank was absolutely no substitute for the real live flesh sharing all with you. I’d be ready and no mistake, lots of nice easing lubricant to prepare, and doing it with the thought that soon Danny would be enjoying it too. That made me feel so good.

I was so exited waiting for Sunday to come, and there was still the thought, even though Danny had promised to come, that he may not turn up again , that before I felt he was having a laugh. Although the last time we had met I had persuaded him to let me film me sucking him to cum, so long as I didn’t show his face, it was a great picture, even Danny agreed but he was not into imagery, did not like seeing himself so I destroyed the film. Something afterwards I was so sorry about, after he’d left me that is, I would have so loved to share that memory whilst having a nice firm wank. Watching that very first time I’d sucked and swallowed him together, hearing him kağıthane escort saying he was cuming into my mouth was something so special.

But now I shouldn’t worry because Danny was coming on Sunday and the sheer thought of him standing at my front door when I opened it, with a very obvious swelling down under was something very special and exciting, because it told me that I was still very much wanted and he was obviously attracted to me, that very soon after I would be tasting that lovely appending once more and feeling its fuck thrust into my aching ass. Now that was what Danny was all about, I just could not wait to have him again.

The time had come, 10am on the dot, I checked out of the bedroom window where I could see him driving in, and sure enough there he was, in the flesh. Wow!

“Hello, Pete.” he greeted when I open the door – and yes, sure enough looking down I was delighted to see the swelling was there. I guess I was all a dither as I was lost for words, instead I followed my instinct, it had been so very long, and brushed my hand over his swelling as he entered “You really want your cock again eh, Pete,” he said – hang on a bit and I will get ready” “Sorry, Danny mate – it has been so long that’s all.” “It’s okay, Pete, I shall have it all ready for you in seconds!”

So I continued to touch and feel, he was so lean but very appealing, soon we would be sharing our usual postures – I do love to smother him over the edge of the bed, his head hanging over the mattress backwards and me leaning across him, legs outstretched, lowering my cock, balls and ass into his face, and feeling the result of that, OMG I just couldn’t wait.

He went into the bathroom as he always did and undressed, I could not help taking a peek by pushing the door slightly open, I just adored to see him pulling down his briefs and seeing that beauty pop out like it was on a strong spring, like a jack in the box jumping out . It looked as delicious as ever and when afterwards, he entered the lounge, placed himself in the settee, opened those gorgeous thighs revealing all and saying “well there it is” I knew we were in business again and just could not wait to take a mouthful of that hard throbbing cock into my hungry mouth.

“Mmm. Pete” he moaned as I started to frantically play with his cock, stretching it back to sniff his scent, “You really have missed it haven’t you? And I’d forgotten almost how it is with you, I love what you do with my cock and everything, love the way you just help yourself with no messing, that’s right suck it deep, baby, give me one of your specials.”

I knew instantly what he wanted. I felt I wanted too, I took a deep breath, I had learnt how to hold it for nigh on six minutes when swimming , it paid real dividends to both if us because I could enjoy as much as he, the wonderful deep experience of the whole of his wonderful seven inches extending into my throat, holding it there to slowly relish its palpitations and to really understand what cock sucking is truly all about, to feel the vibrations of it and the taste of it right into the opening of the throat was something I could only ever do with Danny, because he was that special guy, his charisma, his personality was always so warm and willing

There escort beşiktaş was just a drop of pre-cum there which helped easier penetration, I held my breath and felt the gentle movement of his bulk spreading my lips as I sucked, then held him there when he was deep into my throat to the very brim, his firm balls laying against my chin, me teasing them there with my finger tips, he simply adored that, providing I was not to rough, like when once, in full passion I squeezed them just a little bit too much and he yelled, but since I had discovered just how he liked to be balled and, eyes closed, enjoying the flavour of Danny’s prime cock again after so long, I looked forward to having that hardness fuck my hole, my so aching hole so very deep and thorough, when he would make me yell and plead for more, knowing those ripe balls so full and firm would soon fill me with his cream which I loved to feel him spurt inside. It could never be a condom with Danny, we both knew the risks but the pleasure we both derived in enjoying a flesh to flesh fuck was overwhelming – and then afterwards, he’d save some for just another taste, the wonderful sensation of having his cock fill my mouth up with his cream, that we would both share, to share the taste of each other, having finally emerged out selves in a real finale in having sucked each other until we both reached that wonderful fulfilling climax we both wanted so much.

Feeling his cock grow more, I felt is slide away from my throat, gave its p-hole a quick kiss as it departed, I saw it glisten so beautifully, the rigid stiffness of his still full erection bobbing up and down awaiting my massage. I would take him slow at first, to really sense the quality of that wonderful erection I had missed so much. Wanting to give it my all, to make up for all that lost time, to tease, tantalise, feel and lick that so beautiful length with the full large blue vein running down the middle. “Only you know how to treat me,” Danny said, not a man of words but more of expression, the way he looked down at me when I was enjoying his cock, the sparkle in his eyes when I let him see my awaiting ass so ready and aching for his rich fuck.

Then. soon in the bedroom, he rolled onto the bed and sure enough we both knew what we wanted to do next. “Give it to me Pete, how we used to I want to taste and smell of you!” So I did, I was there, pressing my ass into his face, he gripping my thighs so tight like he was so hungry for me, I leant down to suck him again, all the more fruitful now as his cock seemed to explode into my mouth. It was lovely and divine because almost simultaneously I came too, after that we both needed a shower, joined each other That of course led to another fuck after I did what readers my remember I first did with reluctance, but something one does for a partner loved so much, he turned and wanted me to pee over his cock and balls, which I did closing my eyes, hearing his moans, It was something he really enjoyed.

Laying there alongside him on the bed now, he quite naked but me with my tight boxers on ( he wanted me like that, he loved to pull then up tight around my waist to give him what he called the best view of my ass, separating the cheeks which he said made him very ready.. He’d got to escort maslak quite a pitch once, me bending over for him, the way he wanted me, over his lap to give him full ass, he slapped me so firmly, it stung like hell but I took in the pain, knowing it was giving him the pleasure, in fact I grew to enjoy his regular spanking, when he would massage me with a rich coconut oil afterwards to alleviate the bruising – and that followed by lots and lots of pampering made the pain worth it, he told me I had quality ass and in future it had to be exclusive to him, I agreed on the principle and understanding that he would save his body just for me.

So virtually it looked as though our relationship was cemented again, especially when after my doings with his cock that I enjoyed so much, the taste of him in my mouth, now wanting the feel of him fucking my ass. He would always want my fuck bent over the bottom end of the bed – my left knee bent up leaning on the mattress to give him full access. But first I was in for the treat of his very experienced hands and fingers manipulating my ass cheeks, I leaned down as much as I could, pushing my ass up to him as he gave me the most wonderful feelings with tongue mouth and fingers you could ever imagine, hearing him sniff and suck me there, his hands cupping my cock and balls so beautifully as he sucked them too, I was so absolutely ripe for him, if he had just left me then like that, I think I would have just dies, the passion was so immense and wanting, “Fuck the ass off of me” I heard myself yelling , “give me that lovely hard prick deep”

“I will, I will” he yelled back and immediately I felt the head of his cock starting to penetrate, he stretching my cheeks so wide apart with his strong hands as he thrust it deep right up me in one big push. It was lovely, it was back there where it belonged – deep fucking my ass, he took me from the back, then turned and twisted me to fuck me like he was an animal, he’d take it right out and then in again, plunging it right up me with each throbbing thrust.

“If only you knew how I have missed your fuck,” he breathed between pants, there is no other to compete.” Then he fucked me more, twisting it into me sideways, he always loved to try new ways and new positions, made it all the more exiting feeling his cock work me like that, I bent and twisted with him swaying my ass as he firmly held my thighs, squeezing it into me – it was the longest fuck I had ever endured, what do they say about absence makes it last longer ( my words anyway) The perched on top of him, thighs outstretched, my turn to take him, but another taste of it first, Mmm! The combined taste of cock and ass was magic and simply enhanced another deep fucking as I found a perfect rhythm sinking myself down over his stiffness and letting it slide into my now ell lubricated red and so hot ass, it was simply out of this world, the fucking, the tasting, everything, just to be together again was magic! So Guys and Dolls I am back with my beloved Danny okay? I do hope you enjoyed this my latest account, I was just so utterly thrilled and excited about it I just had to share.

When you find the right guy always make allowances, like it with Danny and I, I forgave him for leaving me, it has made me realise just how much he means to me in every way.

And just finishing this true life episode Danny is at my door again, and it is only mid week, in the past his visits have only been on Sunday’s.

Mmm. Here we go again. See you guys, I will be back, watch this space Huh?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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