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There is this attractive lady who lives next door at number four. Her name is Louise. All the neighbors call her Lu or Lulu. She lives there with her husband Henry and their eighteen-year-old daughter Margie. The mother is well endowed in the boob department, and from what I can see, like mother like daughter. I like tits so I like mother and I like daughter.

Don’t get all excited, this is not a story about one of all men’s fantasies – doing a mother and daughter team. I’ve only heard that is bar stories and cheap porno books. We used to talk about that sort of thing in the High School locker room.

Anyway, Louise is really well endowed. She is about five foot four, has auburn hair and a great set of tits. They’re probably at least 38 or 40 D-D’s. The rest of her body is very pleasing, nice legs, an appropriate figure and a regular butt. She has a great laugh and a really nice set of personalities. Did I mention that she has great tits?

Well, one day while I was out with Mary at the local Wal-mart, we ran into Louise and her family. The daughter looked great in a nice white sweater and blue jeans. She was wearing a short jacket but had it open inside the store. Louise was also wearing a sweater but had a windbreaker over it and this sort of broke up the outline of her tits. So, I contented myself with ogling the daughter while the two families chatted. I think that Henry was probably wearing clothes too, but I didn’t notice.

Harry distracted me from his daughters’ tits by asking me how I managed to get the curtains and blinds hung so straight up at Dianne’s house.

“You got to measure and lay it out, Harry” I told him.

“Even pictures?” he asked.

“Everything needs to be centered and balanced.” I continued. They have to be even from ceiling on down and spread evenly between the major items in a room.”

“It usually looks like shit when I do it,” he droned on.

I knew where this was going. Next it would be “Hey, John – maybe someday you could show me how to do it?” So I headed him off at the pass and said:

“I could fit in a small job next week if you want some pictures hung.”

Harry almost swallowed his obviously false teeth. The idea of getting some quality work done appealed to him. The idea of paying for it obviously did not. But I caught him unguarded in front of his women. So with a little bravado he said:

“Sure, we already bought some pictures and a couple of mirrors, set it up with Lu for sometime next week.”

Well, how do you like that? An invitation to spend a little time with those tits and Lulu too. Next week was going to start off well. Mary didn’t seem to notice the exchange between Harry and me. Mary, Lulu and Margie had their heads together and were all talking at the same time. I wondered who was listening.

We eventually broke away from the number Fours and went on home. The weekend passed uneventfully and Monday had me finishing up a job at the doctors’ office. Tuesday was free so I made plans to go look at Lulu’s tits and maybe hang a few pictures.

On Monday evening, I saw Harry come home from work. I walked across the street and knocked. “Just come on in, John.” Came from inside the house.

I went in and saw Harry still in the living room. He was hanging his jacket in the closet. Lulu was in the dining room setting the table. She looked good in a skirt and blouse. The apron that she wore was around her waist only, so it kind of set off her boobs a little. I really appreciated it when she leaned over the table and let me peek at a little cleavage. Harry said:

“What can I do for you, John?”

“Well, I have some free time tomorrow if you want those pictures done.” I said.

“Tomorrow would be great,” Lulu replied. Harry turned and looked at her a little surprised.

“Did you forget about it Harry?” I asked.

“No,” he stammered. “I was just surprised that you had some free time so soon, that’s all.”

“Well, being semi-retired kinda allows me to set my own schedule,” I reminded him.

“OK, tomorrow would be great,” Harry continued. “What time?”

“In the morning, if that’s alright with you.” I said looking at Louise.

“Anytime is OK for me, John” she responded.

I knew that Harry left for work at about six thirty and Margie left for High School at about seven. So I did a quick calculation and decided that I would sleep in a little and still make it here by: “nine o’clock OK?”

“Nine will be fine,” Lu smiled. “I’ll see you then.”

I went on back home. Out in the garage I put my cordless bakırköy escort drill, cordless screwdriver, a roll of masking tape, a folding ruler, and a big handful of wallboard anchors into my toolbox. I put my four-foot level and the three step – stepladder all by the garage door. After I had assembled my tools and stuff for tomorrow, I closed up and went in to diner.

The next morning I slept in until eight o’clock. Got up and Mary made me a nice breakfast. I read the paper and set off for work at two minutes to nine. Today, my commute would be on foot. The front door of number four is about seventy yards from mine. Not a big trip. I got to work on time.

Louise let me in on the first knock. I left the ladder outside the door and took my toolbox and level on into the house. Lu was wearing a very low cut pale blue sweater (Angora I think). She was also wearing a nice pair of dark gray stretch pants (Ski pants) and white sneakers. She must have been wearing a push-up bra because the cleavage was outstanding. The crack between her tits looked so inviting I think that my mouth must have watered a little.

“Coffee?” she asked.

“Thanks,” I replied.

I followed her into the dining room and sat at the chair that she pulled out from the table. Lu went on into the kitchen and was back in a flash with a pot of coffee and two cups. The fixings were already on the table and had probably been there from breakfast. I could see the breakfast dishes stacked in the sink. I wonder what she was doing since Margie left for school? Obviously, it wasn’t any work in the kitchen. Well, if she spent the time making her tits look good – it was time well spent.

“What’s the job?” I started.

“We’ve got three pictures and a mirror to go up in the living room, and a big mirror for over the fireplace in the family room.” She said.

“How big of a mirror,” I asked cautiously.

“Twenty-eight tall by fifty eight long” she responded. “It’s on a wooden frame.”

“OK, I should be able to do it. As log as I don’t have to mount it into the chimney.”

“I think it will go on the wall.” She said hopefully.

“Well, let’s get started.” I suggested.

“OK by me,” she said as she stood.

I liked the way she stood up. Sort of bent over a little. This let me get a really good look at the cleavage. Nice considerate lady here.

I went into the living room and found the pictures and the mirror. No big things. “Where do they go?” I asked.

“I’d like the pictures all on that long wall there and the mirror on the wall next to the front door.” Lu said as she looked around the room.

“Put the pictures in the order that you want them.” I requested.

Louise went over and put the pictures against the wall. She moved the one from the center to the end then put it back again. I guess that she had it right the first time.

“You want them all lined up or at an angle?” I asked.

“Oh, I don’t know,” Lu said as she picked up the first picture.

She held the picture at arms length up against the wall. Man, what tits! She held it there for a few moments and then asked:

“What do you think?”

I was thinking about her tits so I just said: “I like them.”

“Them?” she said cautiously.

“The pictures, I like the pictures” I said hurriedly.

“Oh, for a minute there I thought that you were talking about my boobs.” She said laughing.

Good Grief! Was it that obvious? She must have been watching me watching her. “Well, they’re really nice, too.” I managed to say.

“Thanks, I had the feeling that you were a ‘tit-man’,” she said knowingly.

“I am, I am.” I said a little too fast.

“Well, let’s get these pictures hung and you can look all you want, deal?” she said as she put the first picture down. “Make them all even in a row.”

Was she talking about her tits or the pictures. I figured that she meant the pictures so I got to work. I measured and laid it out. I put masking tape on the wall where the pictures would go and go Louise to OK the layout before I drilled for the anchors. The pictures went up with no problem and looked pretty good when I was done.

Next for the mirror next to the door. “Who should I set this mirror for?” I asked.

“What do you mean? She replied.

“This mirror is only fourteen by twenty. It can go up long ways or sideways. Which do you prefer and how high?” I continued.

“Put it up for me, my height. I like it sideways.” She said.

What did she mean by that? Was that a bakırköy eve gelen escort double meaning or just a decision on the mirror?

I put the mirror up sideways and centered about sixty inches above the floor. It looked OK when I was done.

Lu came up to the mirror and inspected the job. I hung it so that the top was out about a half inch so that you could see yourself from the neck down when you looked into it. She looked into the mirror and took a moment to straighten her sweater while I was watching. Man, those are great tits.

Next we went into the family room to look at the fireplace. The mirror was against the far wall. I hefted it and it weighed about sixty pounds. The back had four hooks so I decided to use all four with wallboard anchors. I measured the hooks and made some noted on my pocket pad. I would need the ladder to work over the fireplace.

I got the ladder from outside and set it up in front of the fireplace. Using the tape and my level I began to lay out the anchor locations. Lu stood there on the floor and watched. I kept looking down the front of her sweater every chance I got. She caught me a couple of times but only smiled and looked back at the wall. I finally got it all planned out and was set to drill the holes.

I got my drill and started to put the anchors into the wall.

“My first husband was a tit-man too.” She volunteered without warning.

“Is that so, I didn’t know you were married before.” I replied.

“Yeah, Margie is from my first one.” She continued. Harry never had the spunk to knock me up.”

She talks like a truck driver! Oh well, better listen. The talking makes her breath a little heavier and that makes the cleavage look better. You know!

“Do you know what he really liked?” she asked.


“My first husband,” she answered.

“No.” I had to see where this was going.

“He liked to do it to my tits.” She giggled.

“Do it?” I pretended to not understand.

“Do it between my tits,” she said emphasizing the ‘do it’ part.

“It?” I tried to be convincing.

“He liked to tit fuck me,” she snapped.

“Oh, I like that too,” I led on, “But you’ve seen my Mary, and you know . . . “

“Yeah, she belongs to the Itty Bitty Titty Club, doesn’t she?” she said a little boastfully.

“I’ve never heard it put that way before,” I tried to act sincere.

“Ever had a tit fuck?” She said coyly.

“Not recently,” I said as I came down from the ladder and stood in front of her.

“Would you like one? she asked as she pulled the front of her sweater out and away from her tits.

“Abso – fucking – lutely” I said loudly.

She just smiled and winked at me. She turned and motioned for me to follow her. We went into the bedroom. Still messy! She hadn’t been cleaning up in here this morning either. But I was not going to point out any problems, not yet.

Lu went over and pulled the curtains over the windows making it nice and dark in there. She came back to me and pushed me down onto the bed and I just sat there. Lu peeled off her sweater and stood there in her bra. Have I told you that she had really great tits? well, she did and they were only one layer of cloth away from me now.

She reached back and unsnapped her bra while holding it in place with her other hand. She walked up close to me and put her tits right in front of my face. She lowered the bra and threw it onto the bed. Wow, what tits. She seemed to be offering them to me so I leaned forward and kissed her on her nipples. First one then the other, sorts like a windshield wiper. She seemed to like this so I took one nipple between my lips and started to tease it with my tongue. I used my hand and started to massage the other one with my fingers. As I started to roll her nipple between my finger and thumb, Lu leaned against me and put her arms around my shoulders.

“M-m-m-m that feels good,” She said.

“It sure does,” I mumbled with a mouthful of tit.

I put my free hand down on her ass and it felt good too. I started to put my hand down the back of her pants but she stopped me and pulled away. She went over to the dresser and came back with a bottle of baby oil.

“Move over,” she said.

I slid over and she lay down on the bed.

“Pull em down,” she purred as she started to pour the oil out onto her tits.

She rubbed the oil all over and between her tits as I removed my pants. My boner was obvious and sticking straight out at this time.

“Boxers? bakırköy grup yapan escort she asked.

“Why not?” I countered.

“Still on?” She smiled.

I pulled them down and stepped out of them.

“Lay down here with me,” she offered.

I lay down on the bed and she reached out and took hold of my cock. She put a little oil on it and rubbed it around. I hoped that this wasn’t going to be a hand job. She finished spreading the oil. I rolled over onto my side facing her and she slid down until her tits lined up with my cock. She took my cock and rubbed the head between her tits. Man that really felt good.

We slowly stroked like that until my erection was full and raging. She put her hands on the sides of her tits and laced her fingers behind my cock. She had my cock trapped between her tits and her hand keeping it from sliding out. This felt a lot like a pussy so I started to stroke a little harder.

“That’s it baby,” she purred.

I continued to stroke until I was in a full fuck. I could feel the come building up and as I got closer and closer she began to squeeze her tits together a little more and arched her neck back. I guess that she was getting her face out of the line of fire. When I came, I shot a load of jizz all over her neck and upper chest. It was a great orgasm. I came about a pint. She let me finish and we lay still for a few moments.

She unlaced her fingers and my cock sort of plopped out from between her melons. She rolled over and off the other side of the bed and disappeared into the bathroom. She came back in toweling my come off her chest. When she was finished, she tossed me the towel. I wiped myself off as best as I could as Lu retrieved her bra and reharnessed those puppies. She didn’t put her sweater back on.

“And what can I do for you?” I asked politely.

“I don’t want to fuck, if that’s what you’re asking.” She replied.

“There are other ways to get you off besides fucking,” I offered.

“Indeed there are,” she smiled.

With that, she guided me up to the head of the bed and got me into a sort of sitting position. My back was against the headboard. She then sat down on the bed right next to me and turned to face me. She brought her legs up onto the bed and put her arms up around my neck. When she got comfortable, she lifted her top leg, bent it at the knee and put her foot down on the bed. This gave me a great access to her pussy with my free hand.

I slid my hand down her pants that stretched to accommodate met. I found my way inside her panties and soon had my hand on her already moist cunt. I parted her pussy lips with my fingers and started looking for her clit with the tips of my fingers. When she stiffened I knew that I had found it.

I started out slowly massaging her clit. She responded by moving her hips in time with my rubs. Soon she was going at it with a lot of motion. Her breathing became short and fast. I kept up with the clit rub and all of a sudden she took a deep breath and her whole bode went stiff and then she began to shake. It wasn’t like a tremble it was a really strong shaking. She pumped her pussy against my hand a few times and apparently had a good orgasm.

We lay there again for a few minutes. She kissed me on my neck and helped me pull my hand back out of her pants. She slid off the bed and found her sweater.

“Thanks, that was great.” She said.

“So was the tit fuck,” I admitted.

“All this and it’s not even lunch time yet.” She said as she walked out of the room.

I quickly dressed and went back out to he family room. Without any more delay, I picked up the mirror and put it onto the anchors. I checked it with my level, it was really close, really close. No need for adjustment, it was really close.

Louise came in and inspected the job.

“Looks pretty good,” she complimented.

“Yeah, everything came out well today,” I said fully emphasizing the double meaning.

“Thank John, I’ll have to find a few more jobs for you to do soon,” she suggested.

“Anytime, anytime at all,” I said reassuringly.

“I’ll tell Henry that it all worked out OK.” She promised.

“Thanks again, for everything,” I said as I collected my tools.

She followed me to the door and stood there as I crossed the street and went back into my garage. I went on into the house. Mary was making soup for lunch, it smelled good.

“Hungry?” she asked.

“Yep,” I replied.

I walked up behind her at the stove and gave her a little goose.

“Don’t start,” she warned.

“OK, than I guess I’ll just have lunch,” I said as I sat down at the kitchen table.

“How’d it go across the street,” Mary inquired politely.

“Oh, no problems,” I assured her. I really wanted to say: “You know, she has really great tits,” but I thought I had better not.

We had lunch. I took the afternoon off.

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