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Continued from Chapter Three…

The door clicked shut as Alex walked through the apartment. Great, thought Jill, sarcastically, what am I supposed to do now?

Jill found herself in quite a predicament. Her handcuffs were still firmly locked around her slender wrists, and the roughness of Jill and Alex’s just-finished coupling had chafed the delicate skin of her forearm. She was flat on her stomach, unable to hoist herself more than a few inches from the bed. Alex had left her naked, covered with a fine sheen of sweat, and his cum had dried onto her back in small, sticky, dime-sized pools. Her hair clung to the back of her neck, but her cuffs did not allow her to disentangle her locks.

“I’m a hot mess,” she announced to nobody.

Alex had left the room, but Jill heard the faint sounds of rustling in the apartment. Was he waltzing around her pad, tidying and eating breakfast, or was her roommate home from a night on the town? Jill cringed at the prospect of the latter, wondering what possible explanation she could have for her current state.

Jill tried to hoist herself into a kneeling position. She braced her bound hands on the rungs of the headboard, shimmying her knees up to her chest. The friction between her bare breasts and the rumpled sheets of her unmade bed made her freeze. The buds of her nipples, recuperating from Alex’s rough pulls and tweaks, were slowly rising to meet the fabric, and each brush of the sheet felt like feathers down Jill’s back. Her nipples had become ultra-sensitive in her post-orgasmic bliss, and her body was quickly revving up for sexual activity.

Jill was Sex personified. Kneeling, cuffed to her bedpost, she smelled of last night’s beer, musk, semen, and her own sweet scent of girlcum. Her inner thighs were sticky from her second-ever female ejaculation, and her knees had come to rest on a damp patch of comforter, undoubtedly from a mixture of two people’s orgasms. She had come hard only moments before, but her body felt a fresh wave of heat surge through her body.

Jill’s hips seemed to move involuntarily against her sheets. The blankets she and Alex had just made love in balled under her taut body, and she gyrated against them. They formed a ridge under her. She humped her bed slowly, feeling her nakedness against the sheets. Her nipples grew pert at the attention as they lightly grazed her pillowcase. A soft sigh escaped her lips.

Jill hoisted herself up on her headboard by wiggling her wrists to get a better grasp on the metal bars. Slowly, she was able to manipulate her young body up and down her sheets. Her clit rose to attention, grazing the bed with each manipulation.

Her pulse quickened as she moved faster against the bed. The metal cuffs clanged against the headboard as she jostled around, caring only about the heat radiating from her slit.

Her slow gyrations grew quicker in pace, becoming animalistic. Jill moaned aloud, howling to the ceiling as she humped her bed furiously.

Jill’s taksim escort torso had found the perfect angle against her sheets. Her feet had moved the comforter between her legs, and Jill was humping the mass of blankets wildly. Her head was thrown back in concentration.

Jill thought of how Alex had manhandled her minutes before. She relived their coupling, her mind racing from the perversity of his newfound desire to control her. She liked it. It drove her wild with desire to know that Alex was in complete control of her pleasure. She felt naughty knowing she was about to get off without his permission. It made her gyrate against her sheets harder, as if desperate to find out what punishment Alex would have in store for her.

Jill was reaching a plateau in her self-loving, but she soon realized her bed sheets could not deliver her second orgasm of the morning. She slowed her humping, thoroughly frustrated with herself, and slumped back onto the bed. She was hot, she was bothered, and she was alone.

“Having fun?”

Jill froze, trying to make her small frame seem unassuming at the mass of sheets on her bed. She turned her head as far as she could to make out Alex’s half-naked figure leaning against her bureau.

He strode over to the bedside, kneeling down beside her.

“Looks like somebody missed me while I was gone…,” he whispered in her ear. He fingered a loose strand of hair that had been clinging to her cheek, tucking it around her ear. Alex slowly caressed Jill down her naked frame, smiling at the involuntary shudder her body gave at his slightest touch.

“Uncuff me?” Jill asked willfully, half-wishing he would say no.

Alex dangled the keys in front of Jill’s nose.

“What do you say?” He asked, teasingly, not knowing what she actually wanted.

“Please…” she whimpered.

Alex undid her handcuffs and crawled over her sprawled, naked form to join her on her bed. Jill massaged her wrists once again, remembering the pain and pleasure she had received from being rendered immobile. She rolled around to face her boyfriend.

“Hi,” she said, simply.

“Hey yourself,” he responded.

Jill curled into his body, matching his curves with hers, and took a deep whiff of his scent. He had showered, she surmised, based on the strong smell of his aftershave and soap. His body was damp, not with sweat, but with the afterglow of humidity.

Jill traced the outline of his barely perceptible muscles with her now-freed hands. She started slowly, relishing his presence. Then she grew bolder, massaging and touching every inch of his chest and abdomen, as if she had never felt him before. Alex grinned as he watched her manipulate his skin — she looked like a child on Christmas, unwrapping a long, sought-after toy.

Jill’s hands went south of Alex’s belly button, tickling the short, black hairs that led to his boxers. She began to inch his topkapı escort shorts down his legs slowly.

“Stop,” said Alex, and he sat up.

Jill sat upright as well, and kissed him on the lips. “Why?” she asked, her eyes revealing her desire for round two.

“Because it’s your turn.”

Alex slumped down on the bed, shrugging his shoulders to indicate his powerlessness. Jill had given him so much; she deserved to be pleasured however she liked this morning.

Jill looked incredulous. “Any way I want it?” She gasped.

“Any way you want it.”

“As long as I want it?”

“You got it.”

Jill climbed on top of her lover. She had never been one to take charge of their sex lives, even before Alex had asserted his total dominance the previous day. And while she enjoyed their lovemaking, she had been itching to try something new, something her friends had told her about…

Jill kissed him deeply, tickling the tip of her tongue against his. Alex grabbed her messy locks, pulling his lover closer to him. They kissed passionately, savoring their mutual satisfaction and pleasure.

Jill broke the kiss first. Her lips lingered above Alex’s, and she smiled sheepishly. “Scootch down a bit,” she commanded with little authority, and her subsequent giggle indicated she was less than comfortable with “giving the orders.” Alex, though, happily obliged.

Jill crawled up Alex’s upper body and latched on to her headboard once again. She was straddling his face and was inches from his nose and mouth. Alex could see her glistening snatch in its full glory. He grew excited, thrilled at Jill’s unending desire for his sex.

Jill cautiously lowered her bottom towards her boyfriend’s lips. She paused, mere millimeters from his mouth. Alex could smell her scent strongly, and he noted her desire.

“Are you sure you want to do whatever I…” Jill’s voice trailed off into a long sigh. Alex did not wait for her hesitations to manifest themselves into action. He grabbed her hips with both of his strong hands, plunging Jill’s pussy directly to his face. He vigorously lapped at her juices, savoring her arousal.

Jill’s body shook as Alex sucked her pussy. She clamped down on her headboard, holding on for the ride he was providing. She was exhilarated that Alex was giving her pleasure the way she wanted. As she ground her pelvic bone deeper into his mouth, Jill felt her orgasm building inside of her.

Jill clenched her knees against Alex’s body as she held on for her powerful orgasm. She screamed aloud as Alex relentlessly sucked on her engorged clit, using force to push her over the edge. Jill felt the first faint waves of an impending orgasmic crash twinge from her clit. It seemed to radiate against her whole body. The pleasure consumed her, pushing against each nerve ending in a crescendo of pleasure. Alex gave one final, deep suck, and Jill moaned as the orgasm travelled across tesettürlü escort her body and dissipated through her fingertips and toes.

Jill slumped against the headboard, panting. She remained perched atop Alex’s face. He had stopped licking and caressed her post-orgasmic body lightly, which sent jolts of electric bliss down her spine. She felt completely satisfied, spent from Alex’s exquisite administrations.

Just as Jill came down from her climax high, Alex slowly tickled the bud of her clit with his tongue once more. Too much! Too much! Too…thought Jill as her body kicked into gear once more. She lost control of her words, uttering only animalistic grunting sounds as Alex teased her into a quick frenzy. Her orgasm built almost instantly, and Jill moaned and groaned her way through the pleasure sensations. Only this time, the pleasure did not seem to have an end in sight. Alex continued his expert manipulations of Jill’s clit and snatch, and Jill was helpless, again a slave to the pleasure that Alex provided. She was in control — but she could not untangle herself from the web of excitement Alex had woven for her. Jill absentmindedly rocked back and forth against Alex’s open mouth as he sucked down her juices. Her eyes were squeezed tight in concentration on the heat enveloping her body. Her dark tresses clung to her neck as she began to sweat from the heat of their lovemaking.

Jill lost count of her orgasms as they crashed into one another, a wave of unending pleasure consuming her body. She clung to the headboard, crying out in a steady stream of wordless proclamations.

Alex sensed Jill was seeking the climax to end all climaxes, and knew she could only get off so spectacularly from anal stimulation. He eased one hand from her hip to her ass, sliding his finger down the sweat-dampened crack. Jill was oblivious to his actions until she felt one, then two, fingers slip inside her ass hole. She clamped down, but Alex wiggled his fingers deeper into the crevice, all without skipping a beat of his tongue lashing.

The new stimulation drove Jill over the edge. She bore down hard on Alex’s face, a guttural cry heard only in the throes of deepest passion escaping her chapped lips. Her mouth and throat grew dry from continued moaning. Her body shook, almost violently, with the pangs of total body orgasm. Jill’s pleasure consumed her for what felt like hours.

Jill collapsed over Alex onto the bed, and he eased his way out from under her limp frame with gentle kisses and caresses. She was still moaning as he sat up and held her. Jill curled into a ball in his arms, feeling completely like putty. Her clit was still twinging from stimulation and arousal, and her toes were quivering.

Alex lay his spent and satisfied girlfriend onto her side of the bed and cuddled behind her, wrapping his arms around her shaking frame.

“How was that?” he asked.

Jill could hear the smile in his voice. She half-opened one of her eyes as she lazily turned her head to face him.

She responded with a languid kiss.

“That…” she cooed, melting into his body.

“You need to dominate me more often…”

“Oh, baby,” he laughed, nuzzling her hair with his nose as he breathed deeply the scent of her sexed body, “this was only the beginning…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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