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For the last 5 years Greg has been a cuckold husband. It all started one evening when he and his wife Mia decided to relive the spark they once had by going to a darkened parking lot and to have sex in their car.

Mia is a very attractive woman and Greg is a handsome man. Greg looks a lot younger than his 42 years but if there is any downside to Greg it is his cock. Greg suffers from the lack of size. He is no more than 4 or maybe 5 inches long when erect, but as the saying goes, especially to those men who are lacing in size, “it’s not the size that counts, its how you use it.” On the other hand, Mia, 40 years old, has great pair of tits, and even after three children, they are still perky. Her legs are perfect leading to a heart shaped ass and a tight shaved twat. What she always was proud of about her body is the way her cunt appears like when she is lying down. Her pussy appears as a mound at the end of her torso giving the impression that it’s hot and ready for entry.

Let me explain the situation. They had been arguing continually for sometime over Greg’s use of the chat rooms on AOL. His wife became upset because it seemed to her that he was acting like his AOL chat-room conversations were a big secrete. Nothing was further from the truth; nevertheless, she was not buying his explanations. I guess because chat rooms are not exactly “chat” so to speak, they are silent conversations between the participants. There is also the so called mystique of receiving e-mail from an anonymous source or person. Most of their arguments were based on Mia’s belief that Greg was “fooling around” on her. Because of their constant arguing and bickering, they decided to go for a drive to talk it out and to mainly relieve the tension that had built up in their relationship over their 10 years of marriage. While driving for the sake of driving, Mia asked Greg straight out about his “supposed” sexual romps with his online buddies. Greg denied her accusations but she was not buying any of his answers. Mia told Greg that she had accidently seen his e-mail when he left his AOL account open and read a few of them sent to him by his online friends. Some of the mail was quite incriminating revealing Greg’s meetings with men at motels. Unable, unwilling and no longer in a position to defend himself, he decided to tell his wife that he was interested in sex with men. To his surprise Mia seemed relieved to find out that he was meeting men and not women.

After Greg came out to his wife, there was a long pause, and the first thing she said to him was, “let’s go park somewhere.” For some reason the suggestion to go park gave a rise in Greg’s pants. He immediately drove to a local park where he had gone with some of his men friends before, and parked their car in a dark and secluded place. Somewhat worked up, they started with the old standby kissing and feeling but this time they both knew that it was not like before; they were married and the mystery that comes with being with someone you love in a dark place was gone. They both realized that something was missing in their relationship. They both acknowledged that their sex life batman escort became stale and both needed to jump start the fire that they use to have. Instead of continuing their parking game, they left and went home to discuss their true feelings and how they might rekindle their love.

Arriving home they immediately went to their bedroom, not for sex, but for some heart-wrenching conversation; no arguments, just plain talk. Greg asked her to start because he had already confided in her his attraction for men, his “gay” relationships. Greg became surprised when she told him that she always fantasized that he would be “gay” and that one of her wishes was to see him with a man. She went on to say that now that he has come out to her, she wanted to be there when he was having sex with a man. They both decided to give it some thought and talk about it at another time.

A week passed when they once again found themselves lying in bed watching television. They happened to be watching a movie that was a somewhat sexual in content, making both of them a little horny. They, like usual, began to touch each other and as fast as a blink of the eye, Mia engulfed Greg’s cock deep inside her mouth. After a few minutes, Mia came up for air, kissing Greg, telling him once more that she ached to see him have man to man sex. Greg told her that if she wanted to see him with a man, she would have to find him a willing partner. She agreed to find an acceptable guy for him, and went back and finished sucking Greg’s cock. Several weeks had passed when finally Greg’s wife came to him and said that she had found, what she felt, was a suitable guy for him to play with. Greg’s heart skipped a beat and his mouth dried as she described to him what she wanted them to do. It seems that she met this guy on AOL and then after some persuasion, met him at a motel, alone. She said that she went to the motel with the intention to fuck him. She told Greg that after she had fucked this guy, she spoke him about Greg and told him about her fantasy to see her husband with a man; he said that he would be happy to meet them both if she could arrange it.

The evening of their meeting with Mia’s new lover arrived. His name was Paul but more on him later. Unknown to Greg, Mia had planned this evening down to the second. Mia and Greg got into the shower together to prepare themselves before leaving for their date with Paul. While in the shower, Mia had planned that she would shave Greg’s pubes smooth. Greg was a little reluctant at first, but after some pleading on the part of his wife, he finally agreed. Mia began by soaping up Greg’s cock and balls as the hot water rained down on them. With a sweeping stroke of the razor, she removed a large section of hair from the top of his pubic area; there was no going back now. Within minutes his cock and ball area was free of hair, and because of his small stature, made him look as if he was a five years old boy. Mia was not finished with Greg; she forced him to let her to shave his entire body, this included his legs and chest. Greg became so hot that he almost shot his load right there.

After bayburt escort getting out of the shower, Greg began to get dressed when his wife stopped him. She told him that she wanted him to wear panties, a bra and garter to go along with a pair of stockings she had bought for him to wear that evening. A latent desire to be dressed as a woman made him jump at the idea of being in lingerie. With his wife’s help, he dressed as she told him and put on his male street clothes over his new undergarments. This all was in her plan and deep desire to cuckold Greg.

Arriving at the motel, they met up with Paul who had already rented a room. Now Paul was a middle aged man of about 50 years old. He was a little taller than Greg, out weighing him and out sizing him in the penis department. Paul was larger than Greg by at least 3 inches, making him at least 7 to 8 inches long. No wonder why Mia wanted to play with Paul. The three of them went to Paul’s room where they exchanged small chit chat to break the ice so to speak. After a little wine, some candle light and a porn flick on the tube, nerves started to ease and the room began to heat up.

It was Mia who began the evening when she removed her top to reveal her breasts and swollen nipples. Paul, already half naked, moved over to her and gave Mia a long and deep tongue kiss while they both sat on the room’s bed. Greg began to realize that this meeting with Paul was not only for him, it was for Mia too. Greg was also sitting on the bed watching his wife exchange passionate kisses with Paul. After several minutes, Mia told Greg to remove his street clothes as she began to remove the rest of hers. Greg began by removing his pants realizing that he was wearing female lingerie, making him a little embarrassed. Greg finally was sitting on the bed in the panties, stockings, bra and garter belt that his wife made him wear. Mia went over to Greg and placed a collar around his neck and told him that she wanted him to kneel in the corner of the room and watch her and Paul have sex. Greg, with cum stains on his satin panties, left the bed only to cowl in the corner like a little girl.

Both entirely naked, Paul and Mia started to once again kiss very in a very passionate way. Paul’s hands were all over Mia, touching her breasts and finally her pussy. With a gleam in his eye, Greg was able to see the moisture on his wife’s cunt as the candle light reflected off her juices. Greg had one of his monster four inch erections. (No BIG deal) Paul started to lick and suck on Mia’s tits and began to work his tongue down to heaven. Finally, after about 20 minutes of non-stop foreplay, Paul had his mouth on Mia’s pussy licking and sucking away. Mia was moaning and wrenching in pleasure while Greg was stroking his cock and using its pre-cum as a lubricant. While being eaten out, Mia noticed that her husband was stroking his cock. She reluctantly stopped Paul from licking her twat so that she could move over to Greg and give him some needed attention. Before going over to Greg, Mia first went into her purse and revealed that she had a chastity cage that she wanted to bebek escort put on Greg cock. During her search for a “friend,” she had purchased this chastity device just for an occasion like this.

The device was bought through a Dungeon website. It was made of metal and it not only had sharp spikes, it had a device that would enter the urethra going inside the penis about an inch or two. The cage was designed not to give any pleasure; it was to give pain preventing an erection. Oh yes, it also had a lock to prohibit its unauthorized removal. Mia pulled the front of Greg’s panties down and placed the chastity cage on and around Greg’s cock. Slowly she inserted the urethra plug inside Greg’s dick as he moaned in pleasurable pain. Any erection left in Greg’s penis was gone immediately once the spiked cage was locked in place. As Mia was putting the cage on Greg, Paul was tying Greg to a chair that Mia had him sit on while she worked the cock cage on his pecker, He was able to gag him and bounded his arms behind his back. Greg now was sitting in a chair, facing the bed, and was forced to watch his wife and Paul have sex through the night.

Paul and Mia returned to the bed and placed themselves in a position so that Greg could watch as they both made love. With no other choice, Greg had to sit in the chair and endure the entire night as a cuckold watching his wife and a stranger. All that time he had to watch Paul and Mia, Greg would be bound, gagged and cock caged, and unable to move from his chair. When the sun began to rise, his wife and Paul awoke only to see Greg staring at them as they lay there naked in each other’s arms. Mia got out of bed leaving Paul and untied Greg keeping his cock cage in place. She took Greg over to the bed and ordered him to suck Paul’s cock. Greg was very weary and tired from being tied up and awake the entire night, however, sucking a man’s cock was the reason that he and his wife were there in the first place. Paul sat up on the end of the bed and Greg knelt between his legs. Greg then put his mouth on Paul’s cock and began to lick and then finally suck on it. After several minutes, after all Paul was fucking Greg’s wife all night long, Paul began to stiffen up, grabbing and pulling on Greg’s head to keep him in place. Suddenly, Paul shot a thick creamy load of semen into Greg’s mouth. Greg knew just what to do with it as Paul’s cum hit his tongue; he swallowed every drop. Through this all, Mia was kneeling next to Greg watching and encouraging him as Greg drank Paul’s juices. (What a wife)

The ride home was a quiet and tiresome one, however, both Greg and Mia had the look of contentment on their glowing faces. After some rest in their own bed, they talked over what took place the evening before. Mia asked Greg of what he thought of her fantasy and Greg answered with a resounding great! He expressed his hidden desire and dream to be a cuckold, adding that the thought of his wife’s making him a sissy cuckold was a turn on for him. Greg and Mia now share a new life as slave and mistress and are living happy ever after in their new roles for the past couple of years. Sex between them has never been stronger or better. Greg is allowed to meet with men, only as a sissy cuckold and dressed in lingerie, and Mia meets men on a regular basis. At the end of the day, they always find themselves in each other’s arms and in their own bed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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