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It was just after midnight, Clair and her husband were spooning in bed. Clair felt Dave’s hard cock in the crack of her ass. She liked the feeling of her man being close. Dave moved his arms around her body and kissed the back of her neck. His hands moved down to her breasts and manipulated her nipples hoping that she would turn around. Clair finally gave in and rotated and they were face to face. Dave moved his hands down to her ass and massaged her flanks.

“You are clairvoyant, darling,” said Clair.

Dave moved Clair and began to suck on her breasts. His hand moved to her pussy and a finger invaded her cunt. Clair released a large breath indicating that she would not object. Dave kissed his wife but did not go any farther than foreplay.

“I just want to play, darling,” said Dave.

Clair slid down to take Dave’s rod in her mouth. It was long and hard, her tongue explored the cracks and crevices of his member as she massaged his balls. Just as she was about to move to allow him in her cunt; the cellphone, on her night table, began to chirp and vibrate. She reached and quickly read the number. “Crime Lab” was on the display. She touched the answer button and lifted the device to her ear.

“Clair homicide has a house with multiple dead bodies, sorry but I need you to make the scene and supervise,” said her boss.

” Bill you couldn’t find someone else?” responded Clair.

Dave continued to play with her breasts as she talked to the Crime lab boss. She began to giggle as he continued to play with her tits and her pussy.

“Tell your husband that I need you at this crime scene and to quit what ever he is doing to you,” said her boss.

“But fucking my husband sounds so much better than looking at dead bodies and blood. Text me the address, where is it?” she responded.

As she listened she frowned “That will take me thirty minutes to arrive,” she said.

“Yes and the sooner you get there the sooner you and your husband can get you maternity leave,” said her boss.

Clair disconnected after telling Bob that his last statement was bordering on harassment.

“Sorry Dave but play time is over, I have to go across town to a multiple homicide,” Clair said as she slipped out of bed. She pulled off her pajamas and searched in her drawer for underwear and a set of socks. Dave admired her close-cropped pussy but still did not understand the finger print tattoo near her bellybutton.

“It’s your thumb print by the way,” said Clair as she caught Dave staring.

She walked into the closet and found a pair of slacks and the Crime Lab Polo shirt. Clair sat on the bed Dave helped her with her bra. “I would much rather this was being reversed,” said Dave.

She pulled the shirt over her head and continued to tie her shoes; she stood and went over to her gun safe and pulled the Dept. issued pistol. She clipped the pistol’s holster on her belt. Because she was a supervisor and a certified peace officer she was required to be armed. Dave was standing and embraced his wife.

“I will see you in a day,” said Dave.

“Are you at 99’s or do they have you some where else?” asked Clair.

“I am riding the ambulance at 99,” Dave Responded.

Dave was a firefighter/Paramedic and his schedule was one day on and one day off. Clair usually worked the day shift at the Police crime lab but was subject to call outs to supervise large crime scenes.

It rained since she left the office and the streets were slick, which made her trip longer. After a drive through the city Clair pulled up to the scene. Several patrol cars were parked with their strobe lights flashing in the intermittent rain showers. She got out of the car and moved to van that had her equipment. Three other crime lab techs were standing next to the van waiting for the OK to go in.

There were three bodies two men and a woman with multiple bullet wounds. Someone was pissed off at these people, Clair thought as she surveyed the scene. Blood was everywhere. She split the assignments and each tech started to photograph their body, collect blood and other evidence. After the initial assessment, one of the techs started to dust for prints and the other tech took fingerprints from the bodies.

Clair explored the other parts of the house trying to find the reason for three homicides. In one room there was a chemistry lab. It looked like it was in full production. She backed out of the room and closed the door.

She found the supervising detective, “Josh we need HAZMAT I think I found a meth-lab. I am surprised that we didn’t have a fire will all the carnage.”

Josh got on the radio and called for the fire department’s HAZMAT crew to make the scene. Clair worked the scene for three hours. The HAZMAT crew was able to move in and out of the house through the back door and did not disturb her crime scene. When her crew and HAZMAT finished; she sealed the house. She followed the van back to the lab and got the day crew to work on the evidence. She spent bakırköy türbanlı escort the rest of the morning and early afternoon supervising the processing of the evidence. Satisfied that everything was set she left and went home. As Clair walked out to her car she looked at her watch and noticed that it was 3:00 PM.

Dave will be gone for a day, so she decided that she would spa at home. She stripped off her clothing in the laundry room. In the kitchen she pulled out a bottle of wine and poured a glass. Glass in hand the walked to the master bedroom naked. Clair locked her gun in the safe. She filled the tub started the whirlpool and lit the scented candles on the counter. She slipped into the water allowing the massaging jets to take her to another place. Sipping wine and watching the candles flicker allowed her to feel like a woman.

She had a hard time standing when she got out of the tub, because of the wine and the massage jets in the tub. She grabbed two towels and began to dry her body. The sun was setting and their back yard was secluded so she walked out to the deck with another glass of wine. She carefully spread the towels on the lounge and lay back. The day turned into night and Clair watched the moon rise.

Clair got up off the lounge and walked back in to the house. She had no idea when Dave would be back, so she decided to stretch out on the couch. She drifted off to sleep and dreamt of the first time she and Dave had made love. A noise woke her up and though she was naked she got up to investigate.

It was the familiar sound of Dave’s motorcycle coming into the garage indicating that Dave was home. Without a watch Clair was unaware of the time. He walked in while she was standing in the kitchen nude.

“Don’t move, you look like my wife but some how different,” said Dave as he embraced her naked body.

“The scene I was called out to, was grizzly and after I got the team working I came home and treated myself to some luxury,” said Clair.

Dave grabbed her wrist and directed her to their bedroom. He sat and removed his boots and dropped his pants. His cock was full and standing at right angles. Dave was not interested in foreplay; he climbed between her legs and brought the head of his cock to the entrance of her twat. Her lips were full and bright red. He pressed and slipped in easily, their lips met in a long kiss.

“God your big, ” said Clair. It was something she said every time they made love.

“Are you all right?” asked Dave.

Clair said nothing but moved her pussy fucking him.

“I think that you are fine,” said Dave.

He continued to move his cock slowly in and out of Clair’s pussy. He pulled her legs up to her breasts while he fucked her cunt. Dave felt Clair’s pussy clamp around his cock indicating that she was climaxing. He moved faster pulling almost out and plunging back in.

“Cum for me, darling; fill me with a load of your seed,” said Clair.

Dave launched another thrust and felt his cock shoot several loads of cum. He pulled out and brought his cock to Clair’s mouth and felt her tongue bathe his shaft. She licked him clean and directed him to her pussy. “I need some more attention darling,” she said.

Dave kissed her engorged lips and his tongue penetrated her pussy. His finger found her clit and massaged the sensitive area. Clair moved her legs holding his head on her pussy. Clair flooded her pussy with her cum and Dave lapped it up. Dave slipped out of her legs and moved her on the bed.

Dave finished undressing and got beside her. Clair’s breasts looked like they needed some attention and took one of her nipples in his mouth. Clair found his cock and massaged it back to full erection. “Dave fuck me again with that nice tool.”

“You won’t get called out, like last night darling?”

Clair clamped her hand on his cock indicating that she was in charge. Dave moved on top and brought his sword to her sheath and he soon was lodged in her tight pussy. His lips found hers and they kissed while he began to make love to his wife. He moved slowly keeping his eyes on her as they made love.

“What are you looking at, darling?” said Clair between breaths.

“Looking at the most beautiful Forensic Scientist in the world,” said Dave.

Mid stroke a piercing sound came from Dave’s pants. “Fuck,” was the single word he uttered. He kissed his wife and continued to move his cock in and out of her pussy. The tone erupted again, just as he was releasing a stream of cum. The tone sounded again.

“That is a real buzz kill, Dave,” said Clair.

“It’s happened before,” said Dave.

Dave withdrew his cock from her pussy and reached down to the pile of clothes and pulled his phone and looked at the display. The message was simple he was needed at the station. He stood and started to dress. He bent down and kissed his wife’s pussy followed by her breasts, and finally her lips.

“Something has come up and they bakırköy ucuz escort need me back, ” said Dave.

“I will be waiting. I may not get dressed until you come back,” said Clair.

Just as Dave was finished dressing; Clair’s phone started to buzz. She picked up the device and heard an automated announcement. “Make Crime Scene at 5342 Rice, near Pine. A text followed with a link to a Goggle map.

“Looks like I am going to work also, wouldn’t be interesting if we are going to the same place,” said Clair.

Dave came over and kissed her and his hand moved down to her breasts. “They’re waiting for you Dave,” said Clair with some exasperation.

Clair dressed in her work uniform, clipped her holster on her belt and got in her car. She knew that part of town so she did not need directions and was soon at the scene of a large apartment fire. She heard a distinct sound of an ambulance and noticed the number and knew that Dave was driving. They looked at each other as they reported to their respective supervisors.

“We have to wait until the Fire Dept. declares all clear,” said Bill.

“Why are we here this is a Fire?” asked Clair.

“Because there is a dead body in the fire.” Bill replied.

A female firefighter in full turn out gear walked over. Removed her helmet; blond hair fell out and around the woman’s head.

“Is this your forensic scientist?” asked the woman.

Clair, this is Arson Investigator Barbara Bain, Ms. Bain Clair Roberson,” said Bill.

“Oh my God your Dave’s wife, I office at his station!” said Barbara.

“Now I am worried, having someone as nice looking as you around his work,” said Clair only half seriously.

“Let get some bunker gear for you and we can start looking over the scene.

Clair and Barbara walked over to a Fire Dept. support truck. Barbara found a coat and boots and helmet and assisted Clair with donning the gear. Suddenly there was a small flash and Clair looked up at Dave behind a cell phone camera taking a photo of his wife in turnout gear.

“This is going on Facebook,” shouted Dave.

“Guess who is not getting any if that happens,” Clair shouted back.

Clair and Barbara walked toward the apartment that was involved in the fire. Groups of firefighters were coiling hoses and walking in and out of the apartment unit. The smell assaulted Clair as she followed Barbara into the unit. It wasn’t unfamiliar Dave often had the lingering smell of a fire when he got home.

There were a number of spent shell casings on the floor. Clair started to photograph the scene and started to collect the shells and found some spent bullets. Clair went from the living room to the bedrooms to see if there was any other evidence. The fire took care of blood and other things that she usually looked for. Clair found a laptop computer that survived the fire. There were intermittent flashes from the cameras that the women were using. Barbara concentrated on trying to find the origin of the fire. Clair headed back to the living room, which was littered with spent shell casings.

“Pardon the pun but this was a real fire fight,” said Clair.

“The victim was a self styled militant and invaded the apartment and took the family hostage. The family escaped and the gunman barricaded himself in here and set the fire after firing at people passing by,” said Barbara.

The women collected their evidence bags and made their way out of the building. Clair noted that the Crime Scene Van was parked near a group of Police cars. She dropped the evidence bags in the van and followed Barbara back to the support truck and started to pull off of the equipment.

“I will need a two hour bath to get rid of this smell,” said Clair.

“Put two cups of vinegar in your bath water and it should cut the odor,” said Barbara.

The pair exchanged business cards and agreed to meet in a few days to go over the evidence. Clair walked back to the van and looked over the items from the apartment.

There was a loud boom that had everyone on the ground. Firefighters again spread the hoses and started putting water on the perceived location of the explosion. She saw Dave moving with a medical kit toward a person lying on the front lawn. One of the firefighters brought an emergency stretcher to the group and several firefighters wrestled with the rescue stretcher; but finally put the injured firefighter in the ambulance. Dave climbed in the back and the truck took off.

Clair waited to see if she would need to collect more evidence. The all clear was given and the explosion was traced to the gas line going into the building. Clare looked over the evidence bags and made notes. She followed the van back to the crime lab. It was about ten o’clock the next morning when she walked out of the building.

“The fire department said I could take a day off would you like to get something to eat?” said Dave who was leaning against his motorcycle outside Clair’s başakşehir escort building.

“I normally don’t eat with strange men,” said Clair with a laugh.

She threw her leg over the bike and waited for Dave to mount. He pressed the starter switch and the machine roared to life. Dave took off and guided the bike to their favorite café. When they were seated in a booth next to each other; Dave leaned in to tell Clair something.

“After we eat we will go home and I will watch you take off your clothes and then I will turn you over my knee and play with your pussy until you cum five times,” he whispered.

“Tough talk from someone with no leverage,” Clair responded as she patted the bulge on her hip.

“Yes it is but I can back it up,” Dave whispered back.

Clair’s hand started to rub one of Dave’s legs finally reaching his crotch and feeling his erection; “Is that for me or for the women at the cash register with the large boobs,” Clair said in his ear.

“Darling, I really did not notice the woman until you pointed her out,” responded Dave.

Clair pulled his fly down and invaded his crotch; “I think that I will settle this one’s problem right now.” Clair started to massage Dave’s cock. She handed one of the napkins on the table to Dave. “When you go off you can use this to clean up.”

Dave’s hand gripped her wrist and pulled it away. He brought her hand to his lips and kissed it. “I think that we can wait until we get home,” said Dave.

They finished eating, paid and got back on the bike. Dave took a more scenic route home. Dave finally pulled into the driveway and touched the button to open the garage door. Clair slipped off the bike and walked into the house. She was about to go to their bedroom when Dave grabbed her from behind. He pulled her phone out of her pocket and put it in the pantry. He followed it with his phone.

“There, we won’t get bothered by our electronic leashes,” he said.

Clair turned to protest but the expression on Dave’s face made it clear that it would do no good. She kissed him and started to unbutton his shirt. He pulled her shirt out of her pants and inserted his hands on her flanks.

“Dave I stink of the fire and of the lab you have to let me wash off,” said Clair.

“It is a fine perfume to me,” he said as he pulled her shirt off. Dave’s hands quickly unfastened her bra and let it drop to the floor. They both dropped to the couch in the living room. Clair kissed him and pulled his belt off and unbuttoned his pants. She slipped them down to his knees and attacked his cock by pulling his underwear down to mid thigh. She manipulated his cock until if stood straight up with a full mushroom. Clair took the head in her lips; one hand traced the shaft and the other pulled on his balls.

Dave tried to work on her butt a small bite on his member calmed him down. After several mouth fucks she was rewarded by Dave filling her mouth with his cum. Clair moved to his mouth and deposited a wad of his seed on his tongue. Dave rose and lost his pants and underwear to the floor. He pulled Clair to her feet and started to take her pants down. When they were off he directed her to the balcony overlooking their deck. He bent her over the rail and started to finger her pussy and her rose hole.

His cock was stiff enough that he was able to take her from behind. Several thrusts later he came again.

“Not very romantic, darling but I loved it,” said Clair.

Dave stood her up and they kissed. Clair’s hand continued to massage his cock willing it to another erection.

Dave whispered,” Go and take a bath. We can continue later.”

Clair moved to their bathroom and started to draw a bath from the kitchen she pulled a bottle of white vinegar and poured the contents into the bath water. She slipped in and hit the massage jets. About thirty minutes later Dave walked in naked and slipped in beside her. Clair’s hands found his cock and worked it to a full erection.

“Make love to me again, Clair?”

Dave rose and found a towel and began to dry off. He offered his hand to Clair and wrapped a towel around her when she was out of the tub, and looked like a giant burrito “You smell like a salad,” said Dave as he embraced her.

“Better than smelling like a burned down house,” responded Clair.

They both walked into the bedroom and Clair got on the bed unwrapped the towel and opened her legs. Her pussy was bright pink. Dave got on his knees and began to kiss her inner thighs. He alternated between her right and left leg eventually finding her pleasure spot just above her pussy. He alternated between sucking on her clit and on her vulva. Clair showed signs of an impending orgasm

He rose and brought his hard cock to the entrance of her pussy and pressed. He watched the head disappear and slowly the rest followed. Clair drew a breath as his cock filled her pussy.

Dave waited a few moments, resting on her. Then he slowly and deliberately moved his cock in and out of her pussy. Pausing to kiss her at every stroke. Clair grabbed her nipples and rubbed them against his chest. One hand moved to her clit and massaged her bump. Dave increased his rhythm; his cock moving faster as Clair’s cunt squeezed his shaft. An orgasm hit Clair and she moaned and cried out. Dave kissed he again but continued to fuck her.

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