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John waited for a few minutes before going in. He was the one who brought the slave here, he couldn´t remember her name, not that it mattered. Once he entered the room he was greeted by the sight of his new slave chained to a wall with excellent view of the dungeon. He could almost smell the fear coming of her and noticed a little anger in her eyes too. That was how he liked it the most, fear with resentment, all the better once she broke. Not if, when.
`what are you going to do to me?’ he heard. “make you mine”. He started inspecting the toys and tools on the wall, browsing for some interesting things, purposely taking his time to further terrify the girl on the wall. Once he was done, he hadn’t picked up anything. “I’m going to enjoy this” he said to himself. The girl looked so innocent, just like in the bar. He walked up to her and started zipping down the jumpsuit she wore.
‘what are you doing, stop that right now’ the girl yelled in his ear. John had no noticeable reaction to this and just went on with his fun. “no bra, a little adventurous I see”. ‘Stop it, now’. John started to softly massage the breasts. ‘Don’t touch me, stop that’. The girl had the decency to look embarrassed when her nipples became erect. He could see the disbelief in her eyes and the denial, but most of all, anger.
Quickly losing interest with the tits he looked down to her panties, it was nothing special, no thong or something just normal, boring, white panties. John reached down and rubbed her clit through the soft fabric. ‘no, no, no, no, darıca escort no, please stop it’ the girl was pleading with tears running down her face now. Reaching in his pocket, John took out a pair of scissors. Moments later the ruined pieces of panty fabric fell to the floor. John took a step back to take a good look, apparently she didn’t shave her bush. As John stepped back he slipped a finger in her damp cunt. “From now on, you will be hairless everywhere on your body, but your head. If you do not do it, I will do it for you.” John commanded while he continued to fingerfuck her. Then the girl did something unexpected, she spit in his face. To say John was angry was an understatement, but he kept his cool and slowly licked up her spit. Seeing a total different reaction than she hoped the girl looked horrified. “good” John thought, this was going great. Putting on his best wicked grin, he inserted another finger in her cunt. The girl couldn’t hold her moans anymore. Clearly amused by this John started rubbing his thumb on her asshole. The girl instantly looked like a deer in the headlights. Slightly lubricating his thumb with her pussy juice he pushed his thumb in. The girl was apparently an anal virgin. John picked up his pace and before long the girl had an orgasm on his fingers. As he pulled his fingers out, the girl began sobbing. “you felt great didn’t you, you liked my unwanted fingers in your cunt, you liked my thumb in your ass. You secretly want even more of that treatment, don’t izmit otele gelen escort you.” ‘no, just let me go, please, I can pay you.’ The girl sobbed out. “I don’t think so, you are going to be treated to much more pleasure than this in the future with me.” The girl was humiliated thoroughly and it was just the start. With this a smiling John left her alone in the room.
The third step in the creation of a slave is pain
About an hour after John left the girl he returned to the dungeon. She was still sobbing and was staring at the floor. Quietly John picked up a tazer and crept towards her. When he was close he zapped her, shocking her into a beautiful pain filled scream. “now the fun starts” he replied to her unasked question. He reached behind her and took out a blindfold. With her unable to see, he was going to have even more fun. He walked back to the wall and took a cane, bullwhip and some clamps. He was going to start her slowly, not very intensive, that could wait. Standing close to the girl he said “this one you may see and even know where it is going to hit, this one is going on your left nipple. He took aim and nailed the whip right on the money. Oh, the beautiful screams was all he could hear. He then blindfolded the girl with some difficulty, she of course wasn’t very cooperative. The whip cracked again and the screams began anew. John loved this, some people may call this sick and twisted but he loved it. The entire process of creating broken, loyal and izmit merkez escort eventually willing slaves was fascinating. The ones with the least willpower would become the worst slaves and the ones with the highest, he broke down so far, they obeyed his every command. Turning his attention back to the girl, he took out one of the clamps and fastened it on her still painful left nipple, enticing a painful whimper from the girl. ‘please stop, whatever I did I am punished enough, please let me go’. John was getting quite annoyed by her constant whimpering and pleas to stop. Deciding to do something about it he took a roll of duct tape and sealed her mouth shut.
He didn’t like to do that, the slaves couldn’t give him his beautiful screams then, but he would have to do without. Deciding he would have to work double as hard as before to get a good scream he took both the cane and the tazer. Whacking her across the belly, followed closely by a shock to the inner thigh. The screams were muffled unfortunately but they were certainly there.
John continued to torture the girl until she passed out to flee the pain. Seeing her passed out he snapped his fingers. The door opened and a young girl, about 18 years of age, walked in. she had long burnt blond hair, large tits for her age and height of 5’4”. She was wearing a red and black corset witch barely covered her nipples, a crotch less thong, fishnet stockings and was walking barefoot. “your orders master”. She said while she bowed to John. “Untie her and bring her back to her holding cell. Wash her and stay with her until she wakes up. Be friendly and try to win her trust. Do not take any hope for a rescue away from her, that is my pleasure.” John commanded. “Is that all?”. “for now”.

Chapter 2: hope you boys and girls like it, please rate and review my work.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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