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The business dinner,

It’s been about three weeks and change since I moved in with Laurie, the well to do lady I moved in with after a couple of months dating. Much to my surprise, along with her demanding set of rules, she announced as part of our living agreement she expected me to stay nude at home, only wear what she approved of and adhere to her whims whenever she asked. It had proven to be an exciting couple of weeks so far. My clothes were always locked up, except for my shoes. I’d gotten used to my daily routine as I tried to finish the novel I was working on. I’d go out to get the mail between eleven and twelve. I would work out from two to four and then finish writing until five or five thirty before stopping to make dinner. On Saturdays I would do yard work. It wasn’t so bad since she had a riding mower. I did all the outside chores, tended to the bushes and the garden, cleaned the pool and took the two large wheeled trash containers to the road on Wednesday nights.

I’d even gotten used to the new maid. Tara had somehow gotten drawn into Laurie’s perverse little game of control, agreeing to do her daily routine chores wearing nothing but a pair of high heels. She was a beauty and a distraction, seeing her move through the house, dusting, vacuuming, cleaning the kitchen and stuff all the while showing off her sexy five foot eight inch frame.

The last Friday in June Laurie had gone to work like normal and about five o’clock called to ask what I had in mind for dinner. I’d told her I was thinking steaks on the grill if I could use an apron. She said it sounded good but to put on three as we were having a guest for dinner.

“So what about what I’m wearing?”

I heard her chuckle into the phone. She told me not to worry about what I was wearing for dinner but that I could wear an apron as long as I was cooking. “Those sweet buns of yours though, better stay where I can see em.”

It was about six when Laurie’s car pulled in and I was getting the steaks ready to take out back and throw on the grill. I heard the door open and my heart kind of skipped a beat. She still hadn’t told me who was joining us. As she strolled into the kitchen, a smile on her face and a couple of nice bottles of wine in her hand, she commented on how cute I looked in the apron. It was the only one in the kitchen and was a mock French maids apron.

“I’m glad you like it.”

“Don’t worry baby,” she told me, coming up behind me and squeezing my right butt cheek. “You don’t have to wear it once the steaks are done.”

Speaking of. “So who’s joining us for dinner?”

She poured me a glass of wine without as much as saying a word. I could tell by the way she was practically beaming that she had evil intentions on her mind. Handing me a glass she stood there, her white cotton shirt unbuttoned half way to her ist esc belly button, smiling at me.

“I have a friend that is away from home right now, from New York. Its’ sort of a birthday dinner,” she told me.

“Sort of?” I asked, sensing she was holding something back.

“Well, you know how it is, some people like to go get a cheap thrill on their birthdays, maybe a lap dance or at least see some strippers. I told my friend all about you. It sort of came up that you might make a good substitute for a stripper, especially if I was alright with things getting a little touchy after a few bottles of wine.”

“Touchy?” I asked her.

“Well you know, if say you got your ass groped or if you got rubbed up on. Like a stripper,” she explained.

“Sounds more like a private dance stripper than a floor show,” I quipped, already nervous about the idea.

“You’ll play along won’t you. I kind of need this dinner to go well. It’s kind of a business thing.”

“Sure,” I told her, not really knowing what else to say. “If you’re sure it’s cool.”

“Oh yes, I’m going to have a good time.”

I went out to start the grill still swirling from the description of how dinner was going to go. I’d stayed in this deal for her, even though it had perks for me. I was kind of surprised she was going to treat me like a piece of meat. I’d had the steaks on about ten minutes when Laurie came out on the deck. She looked incredible. She was a pair of very short jean shorts that were cut high in the rear and showed off her superb ass. She’d put on a teddy beneath the shorts and had on a pair of heels.

“Dam girl, you look hot.”

“Well, I was thinking, considering what I’m asking of you the least I can do is give you something to think about,” she smiled, rubbing her hand up the front of my apron.

“Yeah,” I said.

“Listen, my friends seen pictures of you so I want you to be very nice. O.K.”

“Um, sure,” I told her.

As we were standing there on the deck we heard a car coming up the drive. Laurie got excited and was smiling from ear to ear. I felt a slight tightening in the pit of my stomach and downed the rest of my glass of wine.

“Rick’s here,” said Laurie.

Before I could catch her she’d gone inside. I couldn’t think straight. Had she actually said Rick? I swore, I had to have heard her wrong. She certainly wouldn’t have invited a guy. Pouring another glass of wine and setting it on the table I took the steaks off the grill and put them on plates. I took the plates over to the table when I heard them coming. She was talking to a guy. As I was turning off the grill they came through the doors to the deck, laughing and carrying on.

“Rick, this is my boy friend. Everbody calls him Jons.”

“Nice to meet you,” said Rick as he surprised me, leaning in to give fatih esc me a hug.

Laurie looked around the table and noticed that I had dinner ready and the drinks were poured. She told Rick to have a seat. As Rick took a seat, she looked over my way and said, “I think you’re done with the cooking, aren’t you honey?” I really didn’t need more of a hint. She was telling me to take off the apron I was wearing.

Slipping he apron up and over my neck I rested it on the side of the grill. I was now completely nude for the two of them to look at. Rick just stared even though Laurie commented on how I looked like I was enjoying myself.

Dinner was weird and much to my surprise Laurie and Rick were quite chummy, leaving me to feel like a third wheel. The drinks were flowing freely and I was starting to cop quite the buzz when Laurie turned on some music. The two of them were laughing and carrying on and I went to pour another round of drinks, grabbing their glasses as they both simultaneously grabbed my ass. Putting new ice in each I poured two shots of rum and filled them with cola. Bringing the drinks back, I saw the two dancing together, Laurie giggling from the liquor.

“Looks like you too are having fun,” I said as I strolled by, setting the drinks on the table.

“We were just waiting for you to get back, you took your sweet time,” Laurie commented.

“Well, the drinks are here.”

“Good,” she said. “Why don’t you come take over for me?”

I realized looking at her she was serious. She actually expected me to dance with her business friend. What was I, her prostitute, her personal slut.

Looking at them, Laurie walked away, getting a comfortable seat at the table and Rick stood there, his arms opened. The evil little way she nodded her head at me, I could tell she expected me to fill in for her. The way he stared and had grabbed my ass earlier, he wanted the dance as much as Laurie wanted to see it.

I slammed my rum and cola, set down the glass and started walking over to the center of the deck. I heard Laurie mumble “good boy” as I walked past her.

A slightly slower song came on and I looked back at Laurie who was obviously just finished fiddling with the music. Rick put my hands on his shoulders and his around my waist. The entire experience, being watched this way, having a guy touching me as we danced and I was nude, was without a doubt the strangest thing I had experienced in my life. As we danced, Rick’s hands roamed. His hands landed on my ass.

“Wow!” exclaimed Laurie. “This is so hot.”

Rick went a little further, pulling me closer to him. I felt his lips on my neck, his hot breath on my ear as he tongued my ear lobe down my neck, not stopping until he was licking my right nipple. Laurie was clapping and telling him to go for it. His ataköy esc hands came off my ass. He was fiddling with his pants. I felt Laurie putting her hand on my shoulder. She bent down between the two of us, her mouth wide open as she took his cock between her lips. She turned, cock still in her mouth as she winked at me. My cock was beginning to harden at the sight. When she took his entire length in her mouth I couldn’t believe it. She was talented and loved sucking cock but Rick as a huge man.

When she turned to me, taking me in her mouth, the twitching in my cock caused the head to bounce off the top of her mouth. She was spurred on by the twitching. Laurie took one of my hands and pulled me to my knees. She kissed me on the mouth.

“Rick’s more into you than me,” she whispered in my ear, her hands on each cock.

“No, that’s too far,” I told her. “No way.”

“I desire it,” she looked me right in the eye as she said it. “Besides, you know you’ll be rewarded.”

“God dammit,” I sighed.

I looked over at the other cock, realizing that I’d never done it but as I she was going back down on me I could imitate her movements, what she was doing. I leaned in, flicking at it with my tongue. He was already hard and wet from being in my ladies mouth. Laurie was starting to build a head of steam performing orally for me. I opened my mouth and wrapped my lips around Ricks’ throbbing cock. Sucking it into my mouth I began bobbing my head up and down on him. I wrapped a hand around the base of his cock and started to stroke with the movement of my mouth as I bobbed on his cock, up and down.

Laurie had done her thing to him and the show proved too much. I could feel that his hardness had reached the maximum and he was starting to moan louder. Rick let loose his first shot into my mouth. I instinctively backed away in time for the next three to hit me in the face, covering my cheeks and chin. At about the moment I was dripping cum off my face the very first time, Laurie had done her magic and I was exploding on her. It was all a surreal experience even amidst the sense of relief from the incredible orgasm she gave me and the sense of relief that it was over, the experience of blowing a guy.

Rick went in to wipe off and said he wanted to use our shower. Laurie smiled, gave him directions and then told him she’d be in to join him in a few.

“Rick is selling me a building out on County Road Twenty.” Laurie was trying to explain herself I thought, it was really just who she was. “You just helped me land it for a steal. I’m going to go seal the deal,” she explained as she gave me a kiss and went to join our guest.

As Laurie left me there, sitting on the deck, confused and bewildered, I started to wonder if this new life was all it was cracked up to be. It was starting to get dark out so I began cleaning up the dinner dishes and taking things in. When I went inside I could hear the two of them going at it in the shower. I loved her. She was, everyday, including that day, enough to make me wonder if I could handle her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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