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Craig noticed the hot daddy approach the pool and sit down on one of the deck chairs. They were the only two out there today, so it was hard not to notice when somebody else approached; but this guy was so hot that Craig really noticed. The man was about 45 years old and hairy. He was not a gym bunny, but keep himself in shape; and most noticeable was the cock bulge in front of his suit. While the suit was not a small bikini style, it was not the bulky surfer trunks so many guys wore. The man had a cock and balls and you could tell it from his suit, there was no doubting the prominent bulge.

The man rubbed his arms and chest with suntan lotion and then lay back in the chair, eyes hidden behind sunglasses. Craig tried to return to his magazine, but the stud in front of him keep diverting his focus away; after about ten minutes, he quickly got up and left. He had put his towel in his lap early on, so it hid the raging erection he had; pressing against his own suit.

Once in his apartment, Craig raced to his bed and stripped down until he was naked. He lay back on his bed and thought about the hot stud he had seen below and blew a massive load of cum on his chest. It was his first cum load of the day and it was a load to be proud of. He slowly ran his fingers through the cum and dipped his fingers into his mouth.

“I will suck your daddy cum,” said Craig aloud to an empty room as he licked his fingers clean. He lay in the bed and wishing he could bring his fantasy to reality; but thinking that the hot stud below was probably not gay, and so out of his league. Since he was only 23 years old and did not have much experience; he felt frustrated with having his only relief brought about by his hand. Two loads a day and he still broke out boners when he saw hot guys.

Lee had also noticed the handsome young man when he entered the pool area and was glad that he had put on the small suit instead of opting for the bigger one. A chance to advertise his equipment was never an opportunity to miss and if he figured correctly; this lad would appreciate it. After he lay down on the chair and applied some lotion, he watched the young man through his sunglasses. Lee noticed that that few pages got turned in that magazine and while that was not conclusive on its own, he did notice that the lad rearranged his towel a bit. Lee pegged the lad for a hot little cocksucker and he was rarely wrong on these things. Lee knew patience was required on this youngster and he knew that the boy would probably not be taking his cock today. But if Lee worked on the lad a few times, it wouldn’t take much. He could see the look of hunger in the lad’s eyes when he abruptly got up and left. Might as well enjoy the sun today anyway, he thought and closed his eyes.

Lee did not see the young man again for almost a week and then saw him at the pool again. Lee worked from home and had rented an apartment that overlooked the pool, so he was able to keep watch out for any eye candy, when it appeared poolside. He quickly changed into his suit again and made his entrance, wearing another pair of revealing trunks.

“Hello again,” said Lee as he put his towel down just opposite the young man. He wanted to be seated so he could watch him, but not too far away.

“My name is Lee,” he said as he extended his hand out for the young man to shake.

“Nice to meet you. My name is Craig,” came the reply from Craig as he grasped the man’s extended hand.

“I saw you out here the other day. Did you enjoy the weather?” asked Lee.

“Yeah it is always better than being inside,” replied Craig.

“Yes, sun on the body is always good,” said Lee. And then he asked, “And speaking of that, would you help me rub some lotion on my back?”

“Sure,” came Craig’s reply, although he was not to sure of himself, but took the offered tube of lotion.

“On my back and legs if you could,” said Lee as he lay face down on the chair.

Craig applied a small amount of the lotion to Lee’s back and very slowly rubbed it in. He longed to rub the back like this for hours; touching the man and feeling his warmth and body. He picked his speed up a little and hoped he had not embarrassed himself with his touches. He managed to control himself while he rubbed on the strong thighs and legs and then offered, “Do you want me to rub your neck and shoulders while I am here?”

“That would be nice. Then I can do you,” offered Lee.

Lee continued to lay on the chair and relished the strong rub down that Craig was offering. The young man had good hands and was welcome to rub any other part of his body he wanted to. Lee could feel his dick thicken up a little as the young man rubbed his lower torso and when Craig appeared to be done, Lee rolled around and sat beside the young man. Lee figured his thick cock could be seen in the suit, but since it was still just the two of them there; he didn’t care if Craig saw it. Actually he was hoping the young man would see it, as Lee had nothing to hide and certainly nothing to be ashamed of.

Craig gaziantep escort quickly lay down on the chair, face down and Lee slowly started to rub the lotion on his back and legs. Unlike Craig, Lee wanted to take his time and make sure the young man enjoyed the rubbing motion, not ashamed of the reaction.

“Does that feel good?” asked Lee after a slow sensual rub across his back.

“Yeah it feels real good,” replied Craig sincerely.

Lee continued to work his way down the young man’s body and began on his upper legs. He worked on the thigh area and then worked his hand gently under the bottom edge of the suit, just rubbing an ass cheek. The young man had a nice ass, thought Lee. While he continued to rub the legs, he allowed his fingers to return every so often to the butt cheek and even made sure he passed over his scrotum. Craig seemed to be responding to his attention quite nicely, like a good bottom boy should, thought Lee.

“I can do your front if you want?” asked Lee.

“Thanks, but I am good,” came the reply from Craig.

“Okay,” said Lee as he returned to his bench. He sat back in the chair and pretended to have his attention drawn to a magazine and notice when Craig turned over. The young man had a raging hard on and quickly covered himself with a towel. Lee was pleased ever so slightly with himself, happy that he been the cause of the young man’s distress.

Over the next hour, Lee jumped in and out of the pool several times; drawing the young man into the water occasionally and making sure they were always engaged in conversation.

“So do you have a girl friend,” came the dreaded question from Lee? Of course, Lee knew what the response would be.

“No girlfriend yet. Just haven’t found anybody I liked,” came the reply from Craig, sounding almost convincing.

“Hot stud like you should not have any problem finding a playmate,” came Lee’s response.

Craig was silent for a moment and Lee took the opportunity to make his next move.

“I have a couple of steaks upstairs that need to be cooked and since it is such a nice day and already lunchtime; would you like to share them with me?” asked Lee.

Craig needed only a second to make up his mind as he was hoping to spend more time with the hot man and so he quickly responded, “That would fun,” and then asked, “Is there anything I can bring?”

“No, I have it all covered,” said Lee as he began to gather up his towel and magazine.

“Let’s jump into the shower down here and wash off all this lotion and chlorine though,” said Lee as he headed towards the changing room for the pool. The changing room was just big enough for two people and it would be a good chance to push a nude scene along.

“Okay,” said Craig as he followed Lee to the men’s change room.

At the door, Lee allowed Craig to enter first and then locked the door behind them after he entered.

“Don’t want anybody stealing out stuff while we shower,” said Lee as if to explain the door locking away.

Lee quickly laid his stuff down on the side bench and stripped off his suit. His big uncut 8″ cock and massive balls fell into view and he nonchalantly cupped his balls; knowing full well it helped to accentuate their size. They also had not been emptied for a day and tended to swell up when loaded. Not that they shrank much even when emptied, Lee always noted.

Craig saw the older man’s package hanging there and politely looked away, focusing instead on removing his suit before he headed to the shower. Lee was already in the shower with the water running and turned to take the young man in. Lee thought that the body before him was very nice indeed and admired the healthy uncut cock and balls. Nice amount of body hair perfectly complimented the young man’s body and Lee could feel his balls churn with excitement.

“Looking good there stud,” came the unexpected comment from Lee, catching Craig by surprise.

“Hot stuff there yourself,” came his quick reply before he even thought about it. Damn, he might get the wrong idea of me, thought Craig. He quickly turned and messed with the soap.

“Here, let me help wash your back,” offered Lee as he picked up the soap and began to scrub the young man’s back. This time he made sure he cupped the beautiful ass cheeks as he made his way down, kneeling behind him to get a look. The kid had a gorgeous bubble butt and Lee could see the trail of hair running from the ass crack up his back.

Lee stood up and both men turned in the small shower towards the showerhead; facing each other and their cocks momentarily touching. While Lee’s cock protruded out slightly, mostly hanging down about a quarter mast while Craig’s cock was raised to half-mast; pointed out in front of him. Both men kind of watched each other as they soaped up and rinsed their hairy chests, Craig too afraid to speak; knowing his emotions might overflow. Lee watched the young man as he undoubtedly was wresting with the uncertainty of the situation.

Craig was so sure that Lee would be disgusted with him for his thoughts, a strong straight man like he thought Lee was. The young man’s own body had him so churned up that he felt like he might burst at any minute. Craig hoped he might be able to return home and jerk off, before their lunch began. Craig had to get his lust under control or he felt he would embarrass himself.

“Can I get you to wash my back as well?” asked Lee as he offered the soap and then turned around. He let the young man wash his back and then turned around, his now erect cock touching the young man.

“Oh, sorry. Hate it when that happens,” said Lee nonchalantly. He quickly stepped out of the water spray and started to towel off. He had decided to wrap this up and get the young man calmed down and upstairs. Craig stepped out of the shower as well and quietly toweled off, avoiding any glances at Lee.

“Ready?” asked Lee towards Craig and the young man nodded in agreement.

“I am in apartment 205, over there,” said Craig as he pointed and added, “just change your clothes and come on over.”

“I am getting those steaks on right away,” he added so that Craig would not delay and decide to not come.

“Okay, I will be right there,” offered Craig, as he seemed to realize what had transpired just before, was not an issue. He went to his own apartment and quickly changed into a shirt and shorts. There was not enough time to jerk off, so he packed his stiff cock into his shorts and hoped for the best.

Craig had been raised in a strict religious family and nudity and sexuality were very taboo. Going to a religious high school had not helped the situation any as the facilities were all designed with modesty in mind. As a result, he had not seen many naked men before and while he knew he liked to see them, he still struggled with the gay issue. College had helped a little, but since he had been so shy, he had only sucked one cock in all of his life and only touched a few more. Positive gay role models in his world were impossible to find; having been equated with sin and devil worship. If his family even knew that he masturbated, he would have certainly been disowned. A gay son was beyond their comprehension and hopefully would be years down the road before they discovered it. Since they lived a couple of states away, hopefully the inevitable confrontation would be a long time in coming.

Craig knocked on the door to Lee’s apartment and opened it after hearing him yell to enter. Walking in to the kitchen and seeing Lee, Craig instantly regretted his decision of not masturbating beforehand. Lee had changed into a tight muscle shirt and tight shorts, leaving very little to imagination. Even though he had just seen the man nude ten minutes before, he was still sexually excited at the sight. Craig would definitely have masturbation material in Lee for days to come.

Lee had indeed changed into a very sexy outfit for the young man. From the shirt and shorts that highlighted his body, to the jockstrap that made sure it jutted out in front. He was hunting the young man and his prey had no chance now. That bubble butt ass that Lee had seen was going to have his tongue in it and soon. This young man needed a daddy and Lee planned on being the one for him.

“It will be a few minutes yet on the steak, so relax and enjoy yourself,” said Lee as he expertly worked in the kitchen.

“Would you like some wine or a beer?” asked Lee and then added, “I assume you are old enough to drink.”

“Yes, some wine would be good,” came Craig’s reply.

“Here you go,” said Lee as he poured a glass of red wine. He then added “So tell me about yourself.”

Craig told Lee about growing up where he did, about his family and their conservative life; a little about college and brought him up to date with the move here. He did not add the part about being gay, knowing that Lee would not understand.

Over the next half hour they sat down to lunch and finished the meal and made small talk. Craig learned that Lee did not have a wife, never married, lived alone and worked from home.

Lee had been thinking of how he wanted to direct this action and decided to give it a go.

“So do you wear jock straps under those shorts?” asked Lee, knowing full well that the young man did not.

“No, I have never worn a jock before,” came his reply and then added, “Compression shorts were usually worn as they were not very revealing and I guess functional.”

“Wow, jocks are so comfortable. I am surprised you have never had one on. Would you like to try one on and see how it fit’s. Try one of mine on, that way if you want to buy one, you will know the right size; since you can’t take them back if you get it wrong,” said Lee, giving the young man no way out of a negative response.

“Sure, I guess that would be okay,” replied Craig and then followed Lee into the bedroom.

“Strip down while I find one for you,” said Lee and then added “Make sure you take the shirt off as well so you can see yourself in the mirror.” Lee wanted the boy nude and that was the easiest way to convince him.

Lee dug around in the dresser looking for the jock, watching the young man strip down in the mirror and finally emerging with what he wanted. Craig stood in front of Lee nude, with Lee holding a jock strap in his hand. The jock he had selected was intentionally small and would do the young mans body proud.

Craig put the jock strap on and did not say a word about the snug fit, too bashful in front Lee.

“That looks really good on you,” said Lee as he began to kneel next to the young man as if to check out the fit. He brushed the younger mans nipple as his hand came down and then firmly, yet not wanting hurt the man, grasped the jock pouch, containing the younger man’s cock and balls. Lee kept his hand on the pouch and moved his fingers back and forth causing heightened sexual arousal in Craig: at the same time bringing his other hand down to brush his scrotum and making sure he ran his fingers over the soft hairs from his ass crack down. Lee knew that Craig would probably burst with arousal and was not surprised when the young man’s body shook and a stream of cum shot thru the jock pouch. The young man’s ball had erupted and the white spunk was there evident in the pouch, a copious load at that.

Before Craig could react in embarrassment, Lee pulled the jock pouch off the boy’s cock and clamped his mouth around the still wet, sticky head. Running a hand up and down the boy’s shaft, he managed to get a couple more cum spurts and then quickly swallowed them down. Still on his knees and looking up at the surprised face, he then asked, “Have anymore where that came from?”

Craig could not believe his eyes, as the man he had lusted after so badly wanted him and was asking for more.

Before Craig could respond, Lee stood and passionately kissed him on the lips. Then taking Craig in his arms and pulling him close, he said “Mind if we get more comfortable?”

Lee gently pulled Craig down to the bed as he embraced and lowered themselves on to the top, his strong arms cradling the younger man. Suddenly, a sob came from Craig and Lee was unsure if he was on the wrong track with the man.

“Did I do something wrong?” asked Lee as he gently tried to separate the two bodies?

“No, I am sorry,” came Craig’s reply as he wiped away a tear from his eye and wrapped his arms around Lee again.

Lee returned to the strong hug one the young man and a minute later, he felt Craig gently push apart and look at him.

“I am sorry for that,” he said and then added, “I was overcome by the sudden emotion, but I am all better now.”

“I want to make sure you are okay with this?” came Lee’s question.

“Better than okay,” replied Craig and then added, “This is more than I can ever imagine,”

“Let me explain,” Craig said again and then continued, “My family is not very physical and when you hugged and kissed me; a man I thought was handsome but not gay, I was overcome with a surge of emotions and it all just boiled out.”

“Okay, I can see that now,” said Lee and then said, “How about if I hug you again and we can give it some time to sink in.”

Lee pulled the young man back in to a hug and felt the body go slack and draw close to his one. The comfort of holding him felt luxurious and filled a craving both men had.

After a few minutes, Lee asked the young man in a tender voice, “So you think I am handsome?”

“Handsome is an understatement,” came Craig’s reply as he turned his head to look up at Lee.

“Well I think you are a gem yourself,” said Lee.

“Would you be my daddy?” asked Craig and then added, “At least for the next few hours. Beyond that we can see”?

“And what would you like your daddy to do?” asked Lee.

“Well, I am still a virgin,” came the quick response from Craig.

“I think we can work on that today,” said Lee. Lee had no intention of just fucking the young man. He wanted this to last and knew that the boy would cum several times during the day. He pulled Lee up and started off by kissing the younger man. Lee quickly worked out of his clothes as well.

Lee soon worked his way down the young mans hairy chest and brought his nipples to life with his tongue. Lee found the young man moaned like hell when he gently nibbled on them as well, so they were hot points on the lad. Making his way down further, he bypassed the hairy cock and balls and turned the young man over. Now he could look at the young fur covered bubble butt in earnest. With the young man on his stomach, he started to massage the strong shoulders, like he had down poolside; but now both naked. When he got to the magnificent ass, he slowly started to work his fingers around the tender hole, reaching down and massaging the lad’s scrotum as well. As he licked a finger and started to work it in the boy’s tender ass, it was raised instinctively to meet the finger. The boy is a natural bottom, thought Lee.

Lee reached into his dresser and removed a bottle of lubricant. He now liberally spread some lube on the boy’s ass and his finger and began to work at it more enthusiastically.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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