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The big house always looked smaller than it really is comparing it to the size of the woods behind it. It is Cliff’s Aunt’s house. A nice little house in the country, well, in what he refers to as the country. It looks like the country but actually it’s a community, just with huge lots of privately owned land. He enjoys staying here and the memories he remembers most is playing Cowboys and Indians using the woods in the back. They even dressed the parts. Skin hides for the Indian groups and cowboy hats, fake little cap guns and cap rifles for the cowboys. Thinking back on it now they took the playing pretty seriously, he chuckled.

Also her two kids were around being about the same age. He and his cousins would join in and often Aunt Samantha would even partake in the games. Which would be considered unfair since she was pretty good at always finding the other group. These are fond memories and always brought a smile to his face. Playing with two was sometimes harder than playing with a group, reminiscing fondly making his way to the front door.

Before he got in arm’s reach of the door it opened up and out came Aunt Samantha with a smile on her face opening her tan arms for a hug. His eyes went from her eyes to her smile, to her arms and then, for quick moment, stopping on her breasts. Pushing out against her snug white shirt and the soft shadowy line that of her cleavage peeking out at the top. No signs of a bra at all either. No under lines or solid under shades of any kind. He felt her warm body embrace him in a hug during his viewing, quickly wrapping his arms around her to hug back. Cliff slightly squeezing tighter than usual to try and feel her breasts push against his body.

“It’s so good to see you!” Pulling her body away a little bit from his with her arms still around him, her breasts inches away from his body.. “How are you? Where’s that sister of mine?” Looking past his head to the driveway, leaning in, her breasts touching his upper body. Scanning it, and then the road. No sign of her.

“She couldn’t stay. She has a meeting she needs to get to pronto. So she just dropped me off and then took off. She says sorry and hi and that she will call when she can.”

“Aww, that’s too bad.” She gave a fake pouty look, pulling her arms away for good now and picking his suitcase up. “So how does it feel to be eighteen now? Jeez! You are getting big — and old too!” She thought back when he was a kid and would come over a lot with his mother.

“Meh, feel the same really. Just enjoying a summer off from school,” he smiled at that. “Well, before I go back to another school. Well. . . college.” He took his bag from her hand giving her a warning look. “You don’t need to carry my bag. I’m not a guest; I am family.” He grinned, following her into the house.

Taking a look around the house noticing it was painted again since the last visit and the floors have been redone with a coat of varnish. Gone are the old worn wooden floors. He looked up, trailing the backside of his Aunt. Bare feet, tight fitting jeans hugging her hips as if they were painted on her. Something seems to have had changed with her as well since last seeing her. Normally he tries to visit her during the summer to stay for a week, sometimes two or three. This side of the family is really close so there is a lot of visiting each other for being all within a hour or so driving distance.

“You hungry?” Turning around, catching his eyes low. Low around her butt to be exact. But didn’t say anything to not bring attention to something that may be nothing at all and taken out of context.

“If you are I’ll eat. But I can wait ’til dinner if not.” His eyes darted up from her hips and butt to her eyes when he saw she had turned her head around to ask him the question.

“Well, we can wait until dinner.” She followed him to his room to make sure everything is ok before leaving him to unpack or do what he needs to do. “I will be on the back porch whenever you get settled in.”

“Ok.” He smiled and sat the suitcase near the door. “Well, I’m done.” Looking at her, following a soft laugh.

“You’re not going to unpack or anything?” She figure he would have.

“Nah. Can do that tonight before showering or something.” He told her.

“Well then,” she smiled, “want to come out and sit with me?”

The soft wind is nice keeping at a steady breeze they both feel sitting outside with the late afternoon sun blanketing them in a warm sensation. Very quiet to the point neither had to raise their voice loud at all, well, considering they are sitting right next to each other, too.

“Remember when we would all play Cowboys and Indians out here?” He asked her, wondering if she thought the same.

“Oh, yes,” looking out with a blank stare at the woods past the rich green grassy field that disappears into the brown and green wall that is the forest. “You kids played it so much. I never knew what the big deal was but I guess it was just the woods that made it exciting. görükle escort If it weren’t for nightfall you all would’ve slept in the woods probably.”

“I liked it when you joined in, though.” He didn’t know why he said that actually. But he does still remember what she looked like in her Indian costume. The brown rough leather short shorts and a matching vest that showed more skin than her regular clothes would, well, to him anyways. No sleeves. Tied together in the front leaving a little hint of her breasts exposed between the string spaces and the shorts were just like them short shorts, but these were leather and had the same leather string going up the front. Most of all, though, at the end she would sometimes be sweating a little and out of breath from running. So she’d be bending over and the view down her vest would show her shiny glistening breasts off. Mixed with the heavy breathing this would make him breathless from holding his breath at the awestruck sight.

“Really? Well, that wouldn’t have anything to do with the vest and shorts I would wear would it?” She grinned, tongue sticking out between her teeth with a ‘busted you’ look in her eyes.

“Umm, uh. . . no.” He said flatly. Lying. Feeling his face heat up from embarrassment of thinking he was being sly all those times she was in her Indian costume.

“Oh, come on! You weren’t exactly a subtle looker, you know.” She pointed out with a laugh. “I mean your eyes were glued on me.”

“I guess, I don’t know. I don’t remember.” Still trying to deny it despite the facts already laid out on the table to be accepted.

“It’s ok. Boys will be boys.” Patting his knee, taking her glass off the table taking a drink.

Cliff didn’t know how to reply or answer or anything regarding this. He never knew. His eyes went from her eyes down to the top of her shirt to take a peek down again because it was now bothering him and he wanted to all of a sudden look. It felt even better now knowing all these years she knew he would take quick peeks and views at her and wonder if she knew now. His dick twitched suddenly and he, as quick as ever, crossed his legs and looked out towards the woods.

“I always thought it was cute in its own innocent way.” Samantha kept her eyes straight ahead looking out in the distance again. Letting the words hang in the air for a moment.

“The way we played those games?” He asked naïvely. Having a stronger feeling it is still on about him looking at her.

“That too. But I am talking about how you would take quick little looks, or linger on even, thinking I wasn’t noticing.” She let out a little soft laugh. “I mean, come on, you were like a statue staring at me. Anyone would have noticed you looking.” She slightly covered her mouth with her fingers to hide her grinning.

“Well, guess I thought it was sly back then.” He couldn’t believe the conversation led to this. “Why didn’t you say anything about it, though? Or tell me to stop?”

“I’m not a prude. Besides, you were just a kid anyways. Not like you knew anything about what you were looking at anyways. I’m not going to scold you over something so silly. It’s natural.”

He never looked at it that way before. And in retrospect, as he thought back, he didn’t know what it was really he was looking at. He just knew he liked the way her legs looked so soft and shiny and how her breasts looked somehow inviting. Like now, but with the knowledge of what to do with them now. He felt a little bit of embarrassment rush to his face heating up due to his silly childish antics. He couldn’t believe how dumb he was back then. Looking at a beautiful body, admiring it, and having no idea about anything except how to look at it. And knowing she knew. It kept going on his mind. He started to laugh now and Samantha looked over and knew what it was about and joined in.

“You know, this reminds me actually,” Samantha thought about a recent purchase she made not too long ago. “I — nah, probably be dumb to say. I don’t know.” She tripped and fumbled over her words of wondering what her eighteen year old, soon to be college nephew, would think about this.

“What?” He was intrigued now with her hesitation of not wanting to share. “What is it?”

“I. . .” she figured, whatever, just say it. After all, she did embarrass him just now by outing him over taking glances at her as a boy. “I was at a flea market and came across this female Indian outfit and bought it. Because it reminded me of how we would play that.” She was covering her face with her hand now to hide her reddening face. “I don’t know why I bought it. It was just there and I thought I would pick it up as a keepsake.” With a little chuckle, Cliff looked over and patted her knee in a mocking way as she did with him.

“Well, you know what you going to have to do then, don’t you?” He decided to see if he could get her into the outfit without asking straightforward for her to do so.

“Try it on?” She answered what she eskort bayan thought him to be thinking since, after all, the subject didn’t really changed.

“Yup.” Taking a swallow, hoping she doesn’t think him dumb for suggesting it. Still saying it without a further thought. “You are going to have to get into the outfit and me in a Cowboy outfit and play the game to break that one in to give it a genuine keepsake value.”

“What? Are you serious?” Her eyes went wide in unbelief of this suggestion. “You want to play that?”

“Why not? Besides, I am older now, so it won’t be unfair like it was when we were little and the ‘big and all-knowing’ adult came in to play.” He teased, coercing her into playing him now. “Now I will be able to win against you.” Boasting, hoping it works now.

“Listen at you! Big bad college boy thinking he can win at something just because he’s older!” She laughed in his face.

“All I am hearing is defending but no challenge accepting.” He continued the game of boasting with her.

“Well not much of a challenge if I recall correctly,” she looked up at the sky pretending to be thinking about it.

“Yeah, yeah, big deal, so you won against kids. Afraid to face an adult now?” He held a laugh back at that last one of hers.

“All I am seeing is just about the same from over ten years ago.”

“Oh, I know what it is!” He let those words hang in the air for little bit. “With you getting too old you can’t run around and do what you used to do, huh?” He knew he won right there now and she will accept the challenge.

“Old? Old!?” She acted with a fake look of shock. “I’m only thirty-six, little boy.” She gave him a playful hit in the arm. “I’ll show you what this ‘old’ woman can do! Wake your butt up in the morning and we will go all day since you will be begging for rematches!” She not only challenged but threw the dirt back at him to get to him now. “Now get inside,” she pretended to be forceful. “Dinner needs to be getting started.”


Morning finally came and it couldn’t have come any slower! Cliff took a long time getting to sleep last night due to the excitement of seeing Aunt Samantha in a Indian outfit again. He didn’t know what it is about it, but just how the shorts and the shirt was tied. No buttons or having to be pulled over. Just how it showed off her body in a sexy way, proving that little can be more. His excitement is great and he can’t wait.

When he finally did get to sleep, with a few wakeups throughout the night, it seemed it went by faster than he expected and felt tired when Samantha came in to wake him up. She wasn’t in her uniform yet, but told him get up and ready. Tossing a cowboy hat and vest on him while still in bed.

“Hurry up! You have a whoopin’ needing to be getting over with.” She’s in a competitive mood today all right, taking notice of her facial expressions and the excitement in her voice. Surprised this is actually going to take place. He thought she would think it childish or something even though she bought that outfit. Still, one never knows without asking at least. His mind drifted back to her in what she might look like in the Indian outfit. Remembering what she always looked like as a child. He quickly got out of bed before he became hard and had to waste more time before he could see her in her new clothing.

Finishing his outfit of boots, jeans, flannel shirt, and his hat he went out to the living room and found it empty. His heart beginning to race knowing he is this far into it and in a matter of moments he will be seeing her in the outfit. His mind racing as fast as his heart now and a grin slowly spreading over his face. Next thing he knew he was pacing in anticipation.

“Ok,” his ears perked up at her voice along with the hair on the back of his neck. “Well, it was a little not what I, umm, well. Just don’t laugh, please.” She used that as her cue to come out and show instead of trying to explain.

As if time froze between the walk from her bedroom through the hall and then in to the living room Cliff had his eyes glued on the entryway waiting for her to come out. His mind busy thinking of what she will look like to register what it was she was saying, or said, or trying to say. Whatever, is all he thought. Just get out here! feeling his heart stop as she came into view. His mouth dry and his hands cold.

“So, umm,” she stood there in front of him in his sights finally. Knowing clearly what was going on in his mind. “Well, how does it look? Do I look like a Indian in this?”

His eyes went from her leather headband with real black and silver stripe feathers she has had as far back as he can remember in the back of the headband sticking out. Her black hair done in two braids, with the feather stems going through the back of her hair and into the hair band. She even used green and red stripes on her face. Two under each eye. This making her look cute, he thought. The top is the usual rough altıparmak escort and rugged brown leather, but a bikini top of which her breasts are revealed in much more quantity than that of the vest he has currently forgotten all about up to this point in time now. Eyes trailing down her lean tan stomach to the same rough and rugged brown leather loincloth used for bottoms being held up by that of a thin leather string that is tightened in the back by pulling up or down on the knot. Her legs in all their glory, those beautiful light brown slender legs leading down to her feet which are in moccasins. All within this few seconds of time seeing her in this outfit he noticed he isn’t breathing and let out a loud sigh.

“I should have checked the outfit out before talking about it. But telling from that sigh of yours, I guess should be thankful you aren’t that little boy that used to drool over the little bit of breasts of mine that were on display from the vest I wore.” She teased. Feeling more comfortable now knowing he isn’t reacting badly to seeing his Aunt in such a outfit.

Still speechless, Samantha let out a laugh and came towards him and he finally came alive from her moving now. He can’t think now. This isn’t fair either, he thought. She messed his mind up from sexy thoughts of her in this outfit to where he can’t concentrate on the game now.

“How you going to catch me without a rifle or pistol?” She snapped her fingers in his face to call him out of his trance.

“Rif-?” forcing himself back into the competitive state of mind now. “Yeah, those, where are they?”

“Cowboy doesn’t know where his rifle is,” clicking her tongue in a tsk tsk way. She turned around to go to her room where she keeps the cap guns in her closet, next to the real ones which are in a case. His mind drew a blank again from seeing her lower butt cheeks and complete side of her hips from the loincloth in the back. Her whole body with a lovely tan like this, he kept thinking of her, enjoying the visuals in his mind while waiting for her to return with the guns. She returned holding a rifle in one hand two revolvers in the other, “Which one?”

“Rifle.” He reached out and took it. She put the others on top the coffee table.

“You ready to get beaten by a lone Indian woman?” She asked, reaching behind her pulling the very bow she would use when he was a child.

“You still have that?” He was surprised at what all she kept. Guess it really is fond memories for everyone, he thought.

“Oh yeah!” She stepped in the hallway to bring the rubber foam arrows she would use along with this leather satchel she made herself to keep them in. He remembers those arrows all to well. “Remember these?” She asked him, standing there naturally, leaning on one leg, in her skimpy hide leather bikini top and loincloth talking to her nephew as if nothing is out of place now.

“Yes.” His brow twisting a little bit from the memories. “Those things hurt.” He grinned, thinking how he would be coming out of the woods holding his arm or stomach from one of them hitting him there. Wasn’t so much stinging as much as it was the unknowingly getting hit by them and not being able to ready himself for it.

“Well you a big college boy now, remember?” Blinking femininely at him in a teasing manner. “I’m sure you can handle them now and not whine like you did as a little baby boy!”

“Come on!” He changed the subject, having enough of the trashing and wanting the winnings. “Time to beat your half-covered behind.” He pointed out her skimpy outfit after she just gotten over the nervousness of it.

“Speaking of which,” reaching her arm behind her out of his sight, moving her arm up and down. “This loincloth is going straight up my butt crack.” She teased him to put him back in the state of mind he was in when she first revealed the outfit to him. “Much better now!” walking past him with a wiggle in her hips to the porch.

Immediately she felt the cool morning air on her bare skin and it felt nice. Cliff being behind her, his eyes on her legs and her back, what is shown of it due to the arrow satchel, admiring the soft shine of her beautiful body.

“You remember how to play?” She teased him.

“Of course!” He said, pulling a handkerchief out of his jeans and covering his eyes with it. “Face the house, count to a hundred, and then find you. Oh, and win the game and have you admit I’m better.” He joked with her.

“Well you got it right except for the end.” Leaning in rubbing her breasts up against the back of his shoulder, “Begin.” That should keep his mind busy, she thought, taking off towards the woods.


After a couple of hours into it he lost a lot and some embarrassingly so. Being followed all throughout the forest as he’s trying to find her and she was just playing with him until she grew bored of watching him walk in circles and shot him in the back with an arrow. Another time she was in a, sad to say, small tree above him and watched him walk the same path twice and on the third time she shot him in the butt when he was in good aiming sight. He now knows she held back when he was younger, because back then he’d of never had a chance with how it is going now that she doesn’t have to hold back on winning.

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