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Brad woke up in the middle of the night. His arm draped over Brooke’s heavenly body. She was off in a dreamy world of bliss curled up with her perfect ass pushing up against Brad’s cage as the two spooned. He didn’t want to move his hand resting on her delicious breast, but felt the urgency to get up and relieve himself.

Reluctantly he removed his hand from her, and gently slid out of bed careful not to disturb her. He stepped over the pile of covers on the floor that had been strewn from the bed earlier and made his way to the bathroom. After relieving his bladder Brad carefully removed the shiny steel plug Brooke had loaned him. Using some soap and water he made sure it was suitable for return, and left it on the edge of the sink to air dry.

Brad was returning to the bedroom with Brooke when he was startled by Logan who was closing the French doors leading in from the courtyard.

“Hey pal, you still here?” Logan asked keeping his voice down.

“Uh yeah,” Brad responded, a little confused at the question.

“Well you better get your but back to the dorm before you get in trouble for being out too late.” Logan snickered as he untied his shoes and placed them by the nightstand.

Brad was confused. First of all this was the first time he had ever heard being out too late was an issue. On the other hand, most nights he had either returned to the dorm with the others, or sometimes before. Secondly why was Logan taking off his shoes? Did he think he was going to stay with Brooke tonight and just kick Brad out? Brad stood there slightly stunned and naked, watching as Logan stripped off his clothes sliding into bed next to Brooke.

“You better get a move on Ten “Logan snarled, seeming to lose his patience.

Brad picked up his shorts and slid them on grabbing his shirt in his hand as he walked to the door disheartened at the situation.

“I’ll see you tomorrow lover.” Brooke uttered softly from her half woke state.

Brad turned to see Brooke one last time and caught her smiling face just before her cheek was pulled by Logan’s large hand forcing her gaze to him. Brooke’s skin was still glowing and the results of her penetration were still plainly obvious, as Logan pulled her into him. He planted a kiss firmly on her lips, while Brooke responded by turning her body towards him and flinging one leg over him coming to rest between his legs. Brooke was riding his leg like a stripper pole and using his chest as her pillow.

“Night Ten.” Logan said, as he ran his right hand threw Brooke’s hair, and she placed hers on his hairy chest.

Brad was shocked at the sight now on display. Logan had his left hand on Brooke’s ass and was gently rubbing it back to sleep, but that wasn’t what had Brad’s mouth hanging open in surprise. It was the fact that her tattoo “Private Property of” didn’t have a second line under it like Kim’s did. Brad had assumed it said Nick just like Kim’s did, but no. Brooke’s was blank.

Brad turned back and opened the door, as the vision of Brooke using Logan’s firm chest as a pillow seared its way into his mind. The revelation that her tattoo was incomplete overtook his thoughts. Why was it blank like that? Nick had made it clear Brooke was his slut, but now she was cuddled up with Logan. Kim obviously was also Nick’s slut, apparent not only by her actions but the clear demarcation on her lower back. Was Brooke going to finish it with Nick’s name under it, or was Logan her real “owner”?

Brad quietly closed the door behind him and slid his shirt on as he made his way into the courtyard on his walk back to the dorm. As he tossed his clothes into the hamper, put his collar back in his foot locker and rolled his sore ass and exhausted body into his bunk the image of Brooke’s beautiful smile flashed back into his head, and he was once again filled with a sense of joy. She had called him lover, not Ten. It was subtle and didn’t have its full impact at the time, but now haunted his thoughts. Regardless of the ongoing images of her smile her tattoo and the sound of her words flashing in his memory, as soon as his head hit the pillow Brad fell fast asleep.

The next morning the dorm buzzer rang out and Brad found himself once again running through his regular morning routine. Brad took his shower, shaved, brushed his teeth and finished getting himself ready for the day. When he opened his locker to retrieve his morning workout clothes he found a note.

“After gym class go to cabin four for your first day of fourth grade.” The note read.

Brad finished getting dressed and took off on his run around the lake. Brad was feeling more energetic than ever and had no trouble staying at the front of the pack today. He felt stronger and faster than ever and really felt the effects of the two a day workouts. He easily got through the workout on the far side of the lake and was the second one to make it back to the doc. Filled with excitement at the idea of going back to Brooke’s room he quickly walked back to the main courtyard.

As bahçelievler escort Brad was walking through the courtyard on his way to Brooke’s cabin he noticed the door open and Logan walk out. He closed the door behind himself and walked off the opposite direction.

“Come on in.” Brooke called out when Brad knocked on the door.

“I’m so glad your here Ten.” Brooke confessed.

“Please have a seat while I finish getting ready.” She continued, as Brad entered.

Brad took a seat on the couch just inside the door and watched across the room as Brooke disappeared into the bathroom.

“I’ll be just a minute.” She called out from behind the door.

Brad sat there waiting for her return, wondering what this was all about. How did this relate to class time? Where was the teacher? Was class going to be in here or where they both going to class together? Brad was full of questions but no answers as Brooke re appeared from her powder room preparations.

“All right, you ready?” She cheerfully asked.

“Uh yeah, yes ma’am.” Brad quickly responded.

“Well ok, let’s go do some shopping.” She said.

Shopping? Brad thought as he got up and followed her out the door.

“What are we doing Brooke?” Brad asked.

“Oh honey, you still can’t call me Brooke baby. Its ma’am ok?” Brooke sorrowfully explained.

“Oh I’m sorry ma’am I just thought,” Brooke cut him off.

“Oh its ok baby I understand things can get a little confusing sometimes. But we still need to follow the rules ok?” Brooke reassured.

“So, here is the deal. This is the fourth step or I guess fourth grade. The point of fourth grade is to increase communication.” She explained as they walked out of the courtyard and started down the path towards the shops.

“Nick has taught me a lot about communication the last two weeks. I understand you have had a few lessons yourself?” Brooke asked as they continued along.

“Yes ma’am I think I have.”

“Well tell me, what do you think you have learned since you have been here?” Brooke inquired.

“Well the first thing I think I learned was you and I where no longer going to be boyfriend and girlfriend.” Brad confessed still a bit sad at hearing it our loud.

“Uh ha,” was all Brooke responded.

“The next thing I think I learned was I guess to except the fact I wasn’t going to be with you physically like I used to be. ”

“Well no I don’t see that ever happening again.” Brooke laughed.

The admission that he was correct and wouldn’t be with Brooke like that again tore at his soul. Sure he thought he had learned to accept that, but to hear her confirm it was torture.

“What else have you learned?” Brooke prodded.

“Well third grade was about emotional awareness, and I know I realized how I felt about you.”

“Oh really, and how do you feel about me?” Brooke asked.

“Well I love and desire you more than anything I have ever known ma’am.” Brad answered as if it was as obvious as the morning sun.

“Oh how sweet.” Brooke said as they stopped at one of the shop doors.

Brook turned to Brad and leaned in giving him a peck on the cheek.

“Ok well here we are, let’s see if we can find something sexy to wear tonight shall we?” Brooke exclaimed as she opened the shop door.

The sign on the door read Leather and Lace. As they walked in the shop Brad quickly realized it was a lingerie shop. There were racks of skimpy skirts of all kinds. From catholic school girl to strict leather they had it all. Black, purple, red, you name it they had it. The back wall was covered with halter tops, corsets and g strings. Whether it was zippered, buckled, lace up or snapped this was the place. The racks in the center of the store were filled with harnesses, vests and even jackets. The left side of the store was all silky lace Bras, panties, teddies, even garters. There was a row of glass cases on the right side of the store that contained leather collars of all kinds. Some wide some narrow, fur lined or rhinestone studded it was there and in every color imaginable. There was leopard print, zebra print, you name it.

“Oh we have to be able to find something in here.” Brooke declared as she walked through the aisles.

Brad followed behind closely as Brooke flipped thought the displays looking for something that caught her eye.

“What about this one?” Brooke asked, holding up a dark blue glittery skirt.

“Um yeah that one is nice.” Brad responded.

“But how do you like it?” She repeated putting and emphasis on the word you.

“Uh I guess its ok, but I think we can find something better.”

“Yeah, you’re right.” She said as she stuck the shiny skirt back on the rack.

Brad continued following her as Brooke flipped though skirts and dresses looking for just the right one, when Brad noticed a black off the shoulder dress hanging on the wall.

“What about this one?” Brad asked Brooke as he pointed to the dress on the plastic bakırköy escort figure.

“Oh you like that?” She questioned

“Absolutely, I think you would look amazing in that.” Brad confirmed.

A few minutes later and the shopkeeper had retrieved one in Brooke’s size, and she was trying it on to see how she liked it.

“Wow that looks amazing on you … Uh ma’am.” Brad caught himself.

“It fits really well, but are you sure you like it?” Brooke snickered knowing it was something any man with a pulse, would love.

It was a jet black sleeveless bandage dress with spaghetti straps. While the cleavage was a bit more modest than some he had seen her wear lately, it made up for it with the clinging fabric that accentuated every curve. It wasn’t the flashiest dress but it was the quintessential little black fuck me dress every man wanted to see a woman in.

“Like it, I love it!” Brad exclaimed.

“Well, all right then, let’s find some lacey surprises for underneath,” Brooke cheerfully replied.

Brooke showed Brad a few different bras before they agreed on one and then found a pair of lacy panties to match. It took them a little while but eventually they agreed on a pair of shoes as well, a high healed sandal with a sling back in black patent leather. Brooke thanked the shop keep for his help telling him to bill her room, and the two left with Brad carrying the bags of new clothes.

“What do you say we see what else we can find?” Brooke asked as she continued walking down the row of shops.

“Sure why not.” Brad said enjoying his time with Brooke.

Their time together reminded him of the hundreds of times before they had come to Pine Lake. Walking in the mall, on the beach or just at the grocery store, they had done this together hundreds of times before but something was different about this time. Maybe it was the sexually charged atmosphere but she seemed to have a different way about her. Brad was more attracted to her than ever, perhaps it was the old adage, “absence makes the heart grow founder.”? Whatever it was she looked good just in her t shirt and shorts as she strutted up the walkway.

“Oh look it’s a jewelry store.” Brooke zealously announced.

As Brooke and Brad continued their look around the shop Brooke asked him;

“You see anything you like?” She asked.

“Well these are pretty.” Brad said, pointing to a pair of rhinestone earrings.

It was a pair of teardrop hoops covered in rhinestones, and Brooke loved them too. It didn’t take long and they too were charged to the room.

“What do you say we get some lunch.” Brooke enquired as she reached for Brad’s hand.

Brad was carrying the bags in one hand and holding hers in the other walking along with her in the warm afternoon sun. It was almost surreal to him. She was acting as if nothing had changed with them, as if they were still together. Brad was confused. He was trying to make sense of her and everything he was feeling. On the one hand he was convinced they would no longer be together the way they had been. Only an hour or so ago she had confirmed she didn’t see them being physically together like they had been in the past either, and yet now she was reaching to hold his hand. Brad was trying to work through everything but at the same time was just trying to enjoy the fact she was showing him some affection.

Brooke and Brad walked into the Cantina where Brad had been serving her dinner every night, only this time he was a guest not one of the servers. Brooke led him to her table, table four and sat down in her normal chair. Brad was a little apprehensive but sat down where Nick usually sat setting the packages on the floor next to him.

“Have you ever had lunch here before?” Brooke asked.

“No not out here no, ma’am.” He admitted.

Brad sat there and enjoyed his time with Brooke. They relaxed as they had their lunch and talked about what they had both been doing at the lake since they got there. Brooke told him of her exercise classes and Brad told her of his two a day gym classes. Brooke admitted it showed, Brad had lost quit a few pounds and his muscles where definitely more defined. Brooke too had trimmed up a little and was showing all her curves just the right way.

The two sat eating their lunch in a leisurely manor; reminiscent of dates they had years ago when they first met.

“I can’t wait to put on this new dress and go dancing tonight.” Brooke interjected as she took a sip of her tea.

“I have a massage appointment I need to get to, so can you just drop the bags off at my room and I will see you later. You can come by after your afternoon workout. I’ll be waiting.” Brooke said with a huge smile, as she got up from the table. Brooke leaned down and gave Brad another kiss on the cheek before turning to walk away.

“I’ll see you later.” Brad said, as Brooke speed off.

Brad took a final gulp off his water and scooped up the accumulation of bags, balgat escort taking them back to her room. Brad set the bags inside the door of her room and closed it thankful there were no surprise guests awaiting him. It was almost time for his afternoon gym class so he figured he might as well head out to the lake a little early. Maybe he could stick his feet in the water before he began the long afternoon run.

The afternoon workout was a bit harder than his morning class but still he felt good about it. Once again he was second making it back to the doc even if he was much more winded than he had been in the brisk morning air.

Brad was excited about his date with Brooke tonight and wanted to get a quick shower before picking her up. After all it was quite a while before dinner serves anyway, so he ran back to the dorm for a quick shower, before returning to Brooke’s room.

Brooke opened the door, revealing herself wrapped in a large white bath towel.

“Hey, Ten good to see you, Come on in.” She said, opening the door wider.

As Brad entered he noticed bags he had carried for her still sitting on the floor where he had left them earlier.

“Can you grab the stuff and bring it back here.” Brooke said motioning to the couch sitting against the far wall.

Brad set the bags on the couch as Brooke dropped her towel to the floor and proceeded to pick through her new wardrobe. She pulled her new bra out of the bag still gently wrapped in tissue paper, pulling the edges back to reveal her new prize.

“Oh this is so pretty, can you help me fasten it?”

“Uh, yes ma’am.” Brad responded.

Brad was a little confused why she wanted his help getting dressed but maybe this was one of the things she had changed in the last few weeks. Lord knows things were much different than they were just a few weeks ago.

Brooke turned her back to him as he stepped closer to help. He could smell the fresh scent of vanilla and brown sugar as he grasped the straps pulling them together and hooking the fasteners.

“Wow you smell amazing.” Brad uttered as he drew in another breath of her.

“Oh thanks, it’s from the sugar scrub, I love that spa. They do such a good job on my whole body. Between the amazing massage and the full body scrub, oh and the waxing, it’s amazing. Look how smooth it leaves me.” Brooke gleefully announced as she spun around showing off her private parts.

Brooke put one foot up on the couch and placed her flat hand over her outer lips, pulling herself up exposing the underside of her opening.

“You see? I’m so smooth.”

Brad was in awe. Her body was amazing. She was always beautiful but her toned tanned body was in tip top condition.

“Toss me the panties would you?”

Brad broke his gaze and re focused on the packages strewn around on the couch. He reached into the small pink bag containing her panties and removed them holding them up.

“Here you go.” Brad happily said handing them over.

Brooke slid her legs one at a time into the holes and pulled the black lace up jiggling herself into place.

“What do you think?” Brooke asked.

“They look amazing.” Brad said exuberantly.

Brooke looked amazing in her lacy black tang panties and matching lace up bra. She looked like a supermodel, her body perfectly proportioned and inviting as hell, as she took her dress out of the bag.

“Your gunna have to help me zip this up” Brooke said as she stepped into the dress pulling it up.

The jet black dress was clinging tightly to her skin as she pulled it up into place and slipped the thin black straps into place she turned giving Brad access to the zipper. As he pulled the zipper he couldn’t help but linger a moment and take in her sent once again. The smell of her creamy body mixed with her still shower wet hair was an intoxicating combination.

“There you go ma’am.” Brad said flipping the zipper into its final resting place.

After a few turns and some more praise about how good Brooke looked she got her black leather sling backs out and slipped them on buckling them firmly in place.

“Amazing what a pair of good shoes can do isn’t it Ten?” Brooke joked as she pointed her toe down at the floor and pushed her hip forward turning in slightly.

It was more than just the extra three inches she gained, they forced her to arch her back slightly and stand up a bit straighter than before. It was the perfect pair for this hip hugging dress. Brooke stood there for a moment admiring her look in the full length mirror on the bathroom door as Brad tried to keep from drooling. There was a desire for her stronger than anything before. Her presence lit up the room her movements themselves invoked her incredible sexuality, and the swelling in Brads cage was proof she was stimulating to more than just the eyes.

Brad was startled by the knock on the door.

“Can you get that for me while I finish my hair? Just keep him company while I finish getting ready. Ok?” Brooke said as she eagerly rushed into the bathroom and closed the door, before he could respond.

“Hey Ten,” Logan said as he pushed his way in.

“Where’s Brooke?”

“Uh… She’s fixing her hair right now.” Brad stuttered.

“Oh ok well good that gives us a few minutes to talk.” Logan says as he walks to the mini bar.

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