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I just had to sit down and write this, I am in a resort hotel room on the Oregon coast. It is nearly 4 in the morning, I doubt I will finish it before I get back home but I wanted to get started, the thought is in my head.

I spent the evening earlier in the lounge downstairs, it was full of men. Nearly all of them were dressed in business suits, by themselves, there is some kind of major project going on that has people from all over the Nation in town.

I am a 40 something female Doctor, now a widow. I currently manage a number of clinic operations out in the valley a hundred miles or so away.

What in the world am I doing here? I must admit I am not completely sure. I called it a vacation, but I have to admit to myself that I was looking for something.

The truth in that is that I really have no idea at all what it is I am looking for. Not exactly.

Living alone does not suit me, but for the majority of my life it has been exactly that. The early portion of my life was spent as a wallflower, you all know what I mean by that. I was Sally, the girl, then the woman that was just there. Always welcome, seldom really noticed.

A number of things, accidents of life combined to make me a fairly wealthy woman. I cannot say I earned that, friendships and tragedy combined into an inheritance that I really had no rights to.

Lee, the one friend I had in my life that was so close I really cannot explain it had a husband named Ted. That was one hell of a man, big, strong, yet tormented by demons that I never fully ever learned about.

One day he was blindly pushing buttons on a slot machine, something happened. The checks that came in each year were huge. But money does not help with life, stricken with illness he passed.

Lee and I became as close to one person as two very different women can be. The relationship was brief however, one stop for ice cream on impulse, an accident, she was gone.

For some reason she named me as her heir.

Real life is strange, no way could I make up what happened to me. Real life blends moments, one step one way or one step a different way and the future changes. The loss of my own husband changed everything once again, culminating in me sitting here in this room, typing a story.

The story is for this website, one that but for Lee I would never have known existed. I had no inclination to write at all, certainly not for a site that suggests the thrust is erotic, sexuality.

The very idea would have caused me to be mortified back in my youth, yet now? It is almost like some kind of therapy.


I am Sally, a middle aged widow, life for me is one step, one day at a time. Deep inside me is a desire, that desire is a simple thing.

I need desperately to belong to someone, be with someone. I was waiting, not completely sure what for. I finally realized that I could perhaps spend a lifetime doing that.

I have stopped waiting.

So a short trip, a vacation, there I was perched on a bar stool surrounded by men. I was nicely dressed, well made up. Men drinking and relaxing, looking my way and thinking…perhaps?

One man got up quickly and offered me his seat, I smiled and thanked him. I ordered a glass of Papaya juice, the man smiled at me in what I took to be appreciation.

He held out his hand, introduced himself. At that point he had a foothold, inside my own mind was the very same thoughts. I was looking and thinking…maybe?

When I mentioned that I was not here for the project, his next comment?

“Oh. Working girl?”

Needless to say, the Güngören escort wrong choice of words when speaking to a 40 something female Doctor in any situation.

He understood my tone when I told him I was a Doctor on vacation, and left.

I barely got one sip of my drink before another man slid in between the stools.

“Hey, babe! How’s things?” He asked, his words slightly slurred. Instantly uncomfortable, I didn’t respond. The man on my right turned to me with a silly looking grin.

“So what’s a girl like you doing in a nice place like this?” He asked.

I am not a girl, I don’t think that really fits and he made it sound like I didn’t quite belong?

That one gave up when I pointedly ignored him also. There was what seemed to be a never ending string of attempts after that.

One man actually became rather insistant until a whisper from the bartender caused him to drift away. The bartender was a very large man, muscular and appeared to be completely in control.

I thanked him, he just nodded.

Later, a very good looking man came over and asked if he could buy me a drink. He was easily a dozen years younger than me, I accepted with a thank you.

From that moment on he took on a manner that I can best describe as having made a purchase. When he leaned in and put his hand on my bare knee before I even got a sip of the drink I had had enough. We never really got to any conversation.

“Bitch!” He muttered under his breath as he wandered away. He was replaced in seconds by another man, I glanced at his hand noting the white strip of flesh on his ring finger.

“Down here for the project?” He asked.

“No, just a vacation.” I answered.

“Oh. Maybe I can show you around later?”

“Why don’t you show your wife around?” I smiled at him. His face flushed slightly, I didn’t catch what he said as he turned away.

I heard, “Don’t I know you from someplace?” No less than a dozen times. Of course they did not.

One man almost duplicated the first comment I heard with “What’s a pretty girl like you doing in a place like this?”

I did burst out laughing when one man wearing a bill cap on backwards and a T-shirt pressed up to the bar beside me.

“So whatcha think of them Bears?” He said, for some reason I found that hilarious.

Bears? They have teeth and they have claws and I never really think about them at all.

No end to it, no end at all.

I went into the bar in the mood. By in the mood I mean I wanted to meet someone, someone nice, normal, polite. Clean, neat, personable.


I went in there available. My manner of dress was to attract, I have to admit that to myself. I certainly had no intent to be unapproachable, rather it was the opposite.

What did I expect? I had already decided I was what I was, one of those Cougars I hear the jokes about. A mature woman looking.

What for? I really was not sure, but someone to talk to, visit with, someone to like. Perhaps someone to like enough for…sex?

There was no need for lines, a convoluted seduction. I like to think that I would have responded to a simple “Hello!” and normal conversation.

I like to think I would have, anyway. My mood? I am not completely sure where I was with that, either. I do know I rather naughtily had no underwear on.

That popped into my head as I sat there at the bar. I was not wearing any undergarments, sitting there rejecting one man after another, because of…words. No one knew of course, but I was right there, waiting. Waiting for İnnovia escort bayan someone, something.

Now there is something for you men to think about. You come up some clever line to use, start a conversation? Yet the object of your attempt just might be sitting there..with no underwear on.

I started to giggle at that, it developed into a laugh, I almost started to choke. Several around me looked at me oddly, suddenly I wanted to get out of there.

I walked out, one man after another had struck out. What would it take?

Someone that simply said “Hello.” That would be a nice start. That very well could have been all it would take, at least at the start.

I walked through the lobby, spotted Simon by the counter speaking with a friend. I smiled, he smiled back, did that cute little lift of his hand again. I reached the elevator, started to push the button.

On impulse, I walked back, asked Simon if he would like to give me another nice massage. The one he had given me earlier had been scattered, amateurish. Yet it was fun, and his initial overwhelming shyness had finally faded.

I encouraged him, I really did. I am not sure why, the moment perhaps? Simon used the right words, his manner left me the one thing I know I do need. He left me in control.

Simon had given me some crashing orgasms, I had no intention of that at first, it just happened. I was not sure it was even skill, lord knows Simon is painfully young, less than half my age.

He agreed to my suggestion, came to my room. I let him shower in my bath, as I set up the table for him.

He came out fully dressed, I expected that, I sat there on the edge of the table with one of those huge bath towels snuggled up tightly around me. He gave me a lazy smile, there was no sign of the nervousness he had demonstrated the first time.

“You look so nice! Thank you for letting me do this for you.” He said.


I stood up, sliding the towel off my naked body and hopped up on the table. Settling in face down, I could see the night stand where I had set the bottle of oil, and three condoms. All I could see was his arm as it reached out and picked up the oil.

“Let’s start with your shoulders, you look a little tense there.” That was all he said. I knew he had to have seen the condoms, he didn’t mention that.


I heard him briskly rub his hands together to warm them, then he placed them on my shoulders. His strokes were stronger, more confident. I let my mind and body flow into the sensations as he blended comfort into sexuality, over the next hour his probing fingers drifted fleetingly into my most intimate spots.

There was no conversation, no words, no hurry.

Finally he had me turn over, stood there gazing at me for quite a long time. Then he reached out with one hand, gently stroked my breast.

“May I move you over to the bed?” He asked finally. Those words caused a mild shudder to pour over me, I stretched my arms over my head.


Simon carefully, easily picked me up and placed me on the bed. I watched as he tugged off his shirt, baring his hairless chest. Another shudder went through me as he undid his belt, let his slacks fall. I managed to not giggle when he got them caught in his shoes, he finally succeeded in getting them all the way off after hopping on one leg for a few moments.

He caught the expression on my face, grinned broadly.

I could see he was erect, the white briefs he wore did nothing to hide that. He hooked his thumbs in them and slid them Escort Kağıthane down and off.

As I had hoped, he was blessed, is strong member was easily to his navel. He was circumcised, his full blown erection was close to as large as I had ever taken. Just one man had been larger, the brother of my girlfriend Lee. I had not thought of that or him for years, it popped into my head at that instant.

Simon reached out with one hand and retrieved one of the condoms, I watched through slitted eyes as he rolled it on. Some men will fade when they try to do that, Simon didn’t. Then he was at my side, pressed against me. He reached down and gently pulled at my knees, I let him open me widely.

I was hoping he would lick me, nuzzle me but he didn’t. One failing of youth is that they often learn of that later.

When Simon mounted me, I felt a tiny flash of pain, it had been months. Then in seconds my first climax swept over me, after that I lost track.

It is amazing, the vigor of youth. By morning, Simon used all three of the condoms. He did not have to work until evening, we went down and had breakfast.

Later, we went back to my room and retrieved another condom from my purse. We also showered together, then I taught him about licking and nuzzling, he was tentative at first but got the hang of that quickly and became eager. His reaction when I slid my mouth over him was really fun, Simon liked that.

It took me quite a long time to get him to the point where he just could not erect again.

I did not pay him this time for the massage, and he didn’t ask.

It was a crazy silly time. A middle aged woman having a wild affair with a 21 year old kid, but this 21 year old kid was a man. We even went for a ride, I let him drive my z06 Corvette, he was like a child in a candy store at that. I noticed he drove expertly too, not silly and erratic like some young people do.

Far too soon, the time came for me to go home, back to work, back to my life. Simon took me in his arms and kissed me as I stood by the car, packed and ready to go. There was no shyness, I could see a couple of the other members of the hotel staff inside watching with huge grins.

I simply did not care.

“You are really something else, Sally! I had a wonderful time.” He grinned at me.

“So did I, Simon. So did I.” I hugged him, then got in the car and started the engine. It settled into it’s powerful throb.

“I love this car!” He said, leaning in the window for a final light kiss.

“Perhaps you would like to drive it again someday?” I smiled at him.

“Yes, I would like that! Very much!”

I drove off down the street, made the turn to the highway, headed on up the coast towards home.

That had been some vacation. Will I ever see Simon again?

I don’t know. That was all just friends, raw sex, rutting if you will. It was something I needed, and not from just any man. It had to be someone I liked, it had to be something far more than just a penis in a vagina.

Part of that had to be the words. I had heard so many, not one man had used the right ones. I ended up having to use the right ones myself.

Everyone that ever meets, uses words. I sent this story to my friend Pam, she emailed it back with “You go, girl!”

Then she mentioned that I said a lot, someone might find me. She is right, they might.

I don’t care. I am just a woman, with needs. Would I like to find someone, become one with someone? Permanent, faithful? Content?

Yes. I would.

Until then?

If you happen to be in a hotel lounge in a coastal city, and a middle aged lady is sitting there drinking Papaya juice?

It just might be me.

“Hello.” Is probably the correct word. After that, simply be real. Real works, and does not require a good memory.

You see, I might just be sitting there with no underwear on.


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