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Vickie looked at the sexual appliances I had just purchased in surprise. Since early in our marriage, my wife had insisted she wasn’t interested in plastic toys, she only wanted the real thing. Her words not mine. She read the box cover and looking over at me she asked, “Honey, what does it mean variations?”

I patted her hand and said, “My darling, I know you’re going to love to find out.” Setting it down on her lap, she took the double headed dildo out of its plastic enclosure and held it in her hand. I asked her to lower it a bit as any passing motorist could see her holding it up.

My wife asked, “Michael, what are you going to do with these?”

My right hand was caressing her shoulder and the back of her neck and I smugly said, “That one my love is for your pussy and ass but we’ll start with the other one first. Then we’ll use that big fellow to get you to cum a lot more. Tonight I plan to tease you and please you and drive you absolutely wild. I want to fuck you like you are a whore.” I thought I caught a smile but I wasn’t quite sure. She sat the big toy down and picked up the box and opened it, removing the shiny pink object and carefully examining it.

Vickie hit the first button and it buzzed to life. “Oh, my!” she said a bit startled as she ran her other hand down its length. She really surprised me as she hiked her dress up around her waist, sliding down a bit in her seat as she slid the toy across her outer folds. Fuck, she didn’t have any panties on I realized. She had closed her eyes and I could hear her starting to whimper so I turned the radio off. I couldn’t believe it. In our over 50 years of living together, I had never seen her masturbate in front of me before.

As we drove along the parkway, about ten minutes from home, I reached over and hit the variations button and the toy changed its tone. Twice more and she began to cum. I held the toy tight to her sweet little slit as her hand grabbed at mine.

Trying to watch both the road and my sweet wife was quite a task but somehow I managed. My wife’s eyes glassed over and she shrieked, “Oh fuck, Michael, I’m going to cum.” She shook hard and then mumbled something I couldn’t quite understand and tried to pull the toy away from her clit.

I held it in tight and wouldn’t release, then ramped up the speed two more notches. She arched her ass off the seat and started screaming, “YOU FUCKER, PLEASE STOP IT! . . .OH NO . . . GODDAMMIT DON’T YOU DARE! UGGGHHHH, YESSSS. O . . O . . H . . H S . . . W . . . E . . . E . . . T J . . . E . . . Z . . . U . . . S GOD . . . YESSSSSS!”

Using all ten of her nails, she dug into my wrist and pulled my hand with the toy away from her clit. Both the toy and my fingers were sticky and covered with her juices. Vickie curled up on the seat, this dreamy look on her face when we turned down the last road towards home. Setting down the toy in the console, I licked off my fingers. I couldn’t wait to get my wife into bed.

I pulled into our garage and shut the big door, rushing around to help my tipsy wife out of the car. I opened our car door to find her holding a new toy in each hand. I chuckled to myself as I guided her down the hall. She reminded me of the kids Weeble toys they had when they were young as she wobbled her way down the hall.

Arriving at our bed, I took the toys from her and placed them on her nightstand. I held her with one arm and my other hand unzipped her dress, letting it fall to the ground. She kicked off her red heels and I moved her to our bed and started to quickly undress. Joe decided he wanted to go out, shit the doggy door must have been locked again. I ran to the kitchen to let him out. I must have been a sight as I was dropping clothing as I went.

Sprinting back to our bedroom, I was rewarded by the sight of my beautiful wife, her legs splayed wide and her hands moving her new vibrator into her pussy. Her moans and groans were making my cock ache with desire. I was leaking precum like crazy then laid down next to her and I caressed her lovely face and breasts. As her breath became heavy, I leaned my head over and drew her nipple into my mouth. Suckling it like a newborn. It was easy to see she was enjoying the attention. I just hoped she knew it was me.

I reached down and changed the variations and her eyes widened in awe. She shoved the toy in entirely, as I kissed her, thrusting my tongue deep in her mouth, avcılar rus escort somewhat muffling her orgasmic cries. Shit she had a big orgasm. She let go the toy, her arms and legs were flailing around. I reached for the toy and turned it off, gently removing it from her pulsing slit.

My wife rolled over onto her stomach as I caressed her. To me she seemed to be in an alcohol and orgasm induced coma as she wasn’t responding to my touches. I looked at her rosebud and it was quivering, just beckoning my attention. I hopped off the bed and retrieved the remote controlled butt plug from the closet and the lube from my nightstand. Then I spied the double headed dildo she had laid on her nightstand. Decisions, decisions.

I grabbed her pillow, folding it over double and placed it under her stomach, placing her ass nicely in the air. I lubed up the double headed toy then pushed some lube up her backside. My one hand on the handle and the other on the small of her back, I took aim with her new toy. First the big head slightly entered her pussy as the smaller one rubbed against her little puckered hole. I wiggled the handle up and downward as it began to slip in deeper. I had both the heads nearly all the way in and I pushed the on button. I was astonished when my lovely wife raised her ass higher and cried out, “Oh God Yes! Come on, fuck me harder, deeper you guys.”

I paused for a moment, wondering if my wife was remembering that afternoon in Tom’s apartment or something more recent. Raising her ass higher, she yelled out, “Please don’t tease me. . . I want it . . . I need it. . . Now fill me with your hot seed.”

Anger filled me and I began ramming the toy into her holes as hard and deep as I could. My wife’s orgasmic cries were bouncing off the walls as her head shook and both hands gripped our sheets. She was cumming non-stop, one on top of the next, with what seemed like no end in sight. My forearm ached and my wrist became sore so I slowed my movement down to almost a stop.

My cock was aching so I yanked out the toy and climbed over her legs and guided my love muscle directly at her ass. Since it was already lubed and nicely spread open, I shoved my hardness inside. Oh fuck, my wife felt good. Tight, slick and the best part, she was orgasming on my cock. I was pounding her hard, taking long quick strokes as my balls slapped tight to her wet pussy. It was making a sound I hadn’t ever heard before but it sounded so sexy, I wished it could go on forever.

My orgasm kept building and building and when I finally exploded, it was like a million Fourth of Julys, all rolled into one, as I came so hard that it hurt. My balls and prostate empty, I laid on her back and softly kissed her neck and shoulders. My cock softened and slipped out and I moved over next to her.

I eased out of bed, surprised my wobbly old legs supported me. Placing the lube in my nightstand, I picked up the toys and took them into our bathroom and washed them off. When I returned to our bed, my wife had turned over, she lay there, eyes closed, her legs spread, looking sexy as ever. My cock took a twitch and it began to rise, instinctively my fingers began to brush into her labia.

I’m still unsure why but I pulled them to my mouth to taste her. Damn I didn’t know one bottle of lube was cherry flavored. Quickly moving between her legs, and my nostrils filled with the intoxicating odor of her womanly scent combined with that of fresh ripe cherries. My tongue darted out and just using the tip, I worked my way around her outer lips cleaning off every bit of her flavor. The way she was purring and rocking her head, I knew she was enjoying my efforts.

Using both hands, I pulled open her sweet folds and gently licked the lube from each side. I was in no hurry and was loving the fact that I was giving my wife this much pleasure again and could see her breasts rising higher each breath. Now both of her hands were caressing my scalp as my tongue darted deeper inside. I made a long languid lick from deep in her slit, slowly up towards the top my tongue eased. When I got to her clit, all blood gorged and fat, I kissed it then sucked it into my mouth.

“OH FUCK! OH FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! I LOVE IT WHEN YOU DO THAT!” My wife screamed as her hands pushed my head tight against her sex. It felt so good to make my wife climax like that, I was proud of myself until avcılar türbanlı escort a thought crossed my mind. My sweet loving wife, the love of my life, hadn’t let me go down on her in years. But right then, I didn’t care. I sucked as much of her clit into my mouth as I could and began to hum excerpts of Edgar Winter’s ‘Frankenstein’ as best as I could.

Vickie was going nuts. Her thighs were squeezing my head and her ass arched off the bed as a massive orgasm rocked her body. Her pussy shot out a spray of cum and I swallowed as much as I could. She pushed me away from her crotch saying, “No more tonight my love,’ so I moved up next to her and pulled up our covers. As we cuddled together, holding ourselves tight, she softly kissed me then said, “Damn, I think you’re better than Rebecca,” just before passing out.

‘WHAT THE FUCK DID SHE SAY? REBECCA! Holy shit, is her girlfriend the reason she has been denying me sex these past years,’ I wondered. Sleep eluded me for the longest time.

The next thing I knew, Joe was licking at my face, damn was it 5:30 already? As I stumbled into the kitchen, I wished we didn’t have to lock the doggie door at night but out here we have skunks and racoons. Granted, we’ve never had any problems but a few of our neighbors have and Vickie insists that Joe’s door be locked at night. I started the coffee and sat at our table; my mind muddied by the events of last night.

Yes, I had gotten my wife to orgasm and I had even had anal sex with her for the first time in our over fifty years together but to find out she was a carpet muncher, holy shit. Not my wife, no. It just couldn’t be. I filled my coffee cup, planning on sitting down at the table when I noticed my phone on the charger buzzing. I had a text from last night I hadn’t noticed.

It was from Jackie, it read: ‘No appointments tomorrow. Give me a call if you’d like.’ Coffee in one hand and phone in the other, I headed into the den to my computer. I opened my email, not really focusing on the words on the screen. Here I hadn’t had sex in so damn many years then all of a sudden there was more being thrown at me than my old body could handle.

Done with my emails, I went back to my browser and was checking out MSN’s homepage and a bunch of before and after pictures began showing. It was singers and actresses shown before and after make-up and several you wouldn’t even recognize the before if they said hello to you on the street. Joe had come in and I was scratching his head and giving him love. That old dog just couldn’t get enough attention.

I clicked through a few more pictures when one of a European singer stopped me dead in my tracks. It could have been CeCe, maybe a little bit younger but the before picture and her looked so much alike. But with her make-up and hair-do, of course her costume didn’t hurt either, she made my cock twitch and I began to wonder, was there somewhere local that I could take my young friend to be made to look like that and would she let me treat her to a make-over?

I did a web search and was quite elated to find that there were several located in our fair city. A couple of them even offered boudoir photos if wanted. I took down their numbers in notes on my phone and figured I’d call them on Monday. Joe woofed and headed out of the room. I heard what I thought was the clinking of coffee cups and figured Vickie was up so I rose up and headed into our kitchen.

I watched as my wife grimaced as she sat down at our table then shifted to where most of her weight was on one butt cheek. “Good morning, dear,” I said as I poured myself another cup of coffee. She shot me a dirty look.

“You took advantage of me last night, didn’t you?” she asked. I could tell she wasn’t happy.

“Isn’t that what you wanted? Isn’t that why you got drunk?” I asked.

Her eyes shot daggers at me and she spat, “I just wanted to relax a little and have some fun for a change. I didn’t realize that you would fuck me when I was unable to stop you.”

Putting my hand up, I said, “Hold on Kemosabe, I never poured one of those drinks down your throat. You’re the one that had two stiff gin and tonics before we left home then started on double martinis as soon as we hit the restaurant. I thought after our last time that you wanted to lose your inhibitions so we could play again.” She sat wide-eyed, her mouth hanging avcılar ucuz escort open but nothing came out.

I wasn’t about to stop, “You’re the one that started using that toy on the way home. You were so sexy I damn near came in my pants. I’ve never seen you masturbate in front of me before. You really can’t blame me, you honestly can’t. Do you have any idea how much I want you?”

I took a deep breath then mustering my strength I said, “When I was using that double headed dildo on your pussy and ass, you yelled out something about guys fucking you harder and deeper. Are you still cheating on me or was it just memories? It’s still hard for me to fathom.”

My wife’s lips quivered and she appeared about to cry. “Listen,” I said, “you need to be honest, there’s more that we need to discuss. You were so sexy there, laying in our bed. I simply had to go down on you and you rewarded me with you having some wonderful orgasms. When we were done, just before you fell asleep in my arms, you said my technique was better Rebecca’s. So tell me my wife, are you two lovers? If so, how long has it been going on?”

Her eyes went to the ceiling then she bolted from her chair, running into the family room where she retreated to her recliner and began to sob. I topped off my coffee then walked into the family room, sitting myself down on the couch across from her. Joe padded over, placing his head on my knee so I scratched his ears. At least from him I got unconditional love. I figured I’d let my wife cry herself out before we continued.

My cell phone going off, broke both of our thoughts and I saw it was from Michael T. Now what was my grandson calling me this early on a Sunday morning? “Good morning, Michael. How’s everything going? How’s Elliot, your mom and your dad?”

“G . . . G . . . Grampa, I, uh, we need your help.” I could hear Elliot in the background saying, ‘Tell him or do I have to do it!’ I heard Michael take a big breath then he said, “Grampa, two detectives showed up this morning and wanted to know where dad was last night. They took me and Elliot aside separately and we told them that the four of us watched videos last night. Mom had made popcorn with lots of butter the way dad likes it. Elliot and I had picked out Fast and Furious 7 & 8 and it late when we went to bed. “

We heard them talking to mom and dad and there was something said about a guy mom works with being beaten up as he walked to his car. They took mom and dad in for more questioning and we don’t know what to do. Can you call the Kansas City Police and see if you can get any answers?”

“I’ll give them a call but no promises. I love you boys. If I have to I’ll fly out as soon as I can,” I told him.

Seeing the pained expression on my face, my wife asked, “Michael, what’s wrong?” I explained what our grandson had told me as I used my phone’s browser to look up the Kansas City Police Department’s phone number.

I made the call and had to go through several people before I ended up talking to a Detective Lewis. After explaining who I was and my concerns, he said, ‘Mr. Bloom. Your daughter was just picked up by a friend of hers. We’re keeping your son-in-law for further questioning. After all, he was arrested last week for threatening two officers.”

“That’s their story. According to my daughter and son-in-law, he never threatened them. He was upset, that’s all. My daughter was drugged by some guy she works with. You should be going after him, not Chad.”

Detective Lewis said, “That’s exactly our concern, sir. You see, Bradley Epperson was assaulted as he left the bar last night by several men and they beat him nearly half to death. One or more of the men with what we think were hobnailed boots stomped his genitals so badly that his testicles and half his penis had to be surgically removed. It was one of Bradley’s friends that put us on to your son-in-law and we have to take this case very seriously. I understand how upset he was that his wife might have been drugged but we won’t stand for vigilantes taking matters into their own hands in our jurisdiction. This is not the wild west.”

Now I was livid. Rather loudly I said, “You talked to my grandsons and they told you the four of them were up late watching videos. Doesn’t that prove that he couldn’t have done it?”

He sounded rather smug as he said, “Yes, that’s what they SAID, but that doesn’t mean it’s true. Right now we’re waiting for your son-in-law’s cell carrier to get back to us as to where his phone was last night. If it shows he was at home, we will release him for the time being.” I told him to keep me apprised of what he found out then hung up.

Have you ever wished you could reach through the phone and squeeze someone’s neck?

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