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My parents are gone for the day. I am home from college for the summer and have not yet found a job, so I had decided to spend all day lounging around before I begin my job-hunting tomorrow.

I knew the men coming to fix our air conditioning were coming at 8am, but still, I am sleeping when I hear the doorbell chime downstairs. I fly out of bed, still in my tank top and boyshorts, snatching my black silk bathrobe and throwing it on as I rush to the door. I am not awake by any standard, and brush my tussled hair forcefully away from my face as I open the door.

I clear my throat and smile sheepishly as I open the door, tugging the slinky fabric across my breasts. I am greeted by an older gentleman; most likely well over fifty years of age, with a few signs of once-dark hair intermingled with the overall silver sheen. He has a freshly-trimmed goatee, also black and gray, complimenting a set of beautiful teeth that sparkle as he smiles at me. He pulls his shades off as I am opening the door, and I am startled by how unusually attractive he is for a man his age, or any, for that matter.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” He says, looking slightly embarrassed, “Did I wake you? I’m here to look at your upstairs HV/AC.”

I have no doubt that I look like a madwoman, and can feel my cheeks burn as I blush.

“No, no, please don’t apologize. I knew you were coming, I should have been awake!” I laugh nervously, and brush at my hair again, quickly replacing my hand to keep my robe from falling open. There is a strange pause as I notice his eyes following my hand.

“May… I…come in?” He asks slowly.

“Oh my god, I’m so sorry,” I curse at myself internally. I am so embarrassed. I step back and pull the door open, and his steel-toed boots land heavily on the parquet floor as he steps inside. I close the door behind him and lock the deadbolt, then step away and watch his back as he flips up a few sheets of paper on his clipboard and looks over them. He is tall and well-built; I can practically see the muscles of his back through his white shirt. I cannot remember when I last have seen a man that looks this good. A surreal combination of being practically asleep and having such a sexy creature arrive on my front step is having an odd effect on me. He turns and looks right at me, then at the door.

“I’ll be coming in and out quite a bit,” he looks back down at his clipboard. Strangely, I feel my heartbeat begin to pick up as he says this, and actually feel a bit of a tingle in my lower abdomen. Oh my god, I say to myself, I am getting horny.

He looks back over at me with a confused expression on his face the way someone looks at an idiot.

“You might want to leave the door unlocked, Miss. I’ll need to go out to my truck in about five minutes.” He smiles, possibly realizing how uncomfortable I am. I unlock the door and apologize.

After a few moments of silence- him looking at his clipboard, then over at the thermostat; me standing quietly at the door, pulling on my robe and now attempting to cover up how stiff my nipples have become over the last two minutes.

“I’ll need to go up into the attic,” he finally breaks the silence, “If you show me where it is, you can just go back to sleep. You look very tired. I’ll also need to see the upstairs thermostat, if you could show that to me as well.”

“Ok,” I smile as charmingly as I possibly can, given my lack of makeup and hairdo. He chuckles as he follows me up the stairs. I have no idea why he is laughing, but I do so as well, finding that I have overcome my discomfort and initial shock of being awakened so suddenly.

He follows closely, and I swear I can feel his eyes on my ass and the backs of my legs. I wonder for a moment if it is possible for him to catch a peek up my short robe. Surprisingly, I find myself hoping that he can!

We reach bonus veren siteler the top of the stairs and I stop under the attic hatch.

“Um, you’ll have to pull the rope to bring down the ladder,” I say, smiling as innocently as I can. He smiles back at me, looking slightly clueless. He reaches for the rope and hands me his clipboard.

“Why, is it heavy or something?”

“My…um… I’ll…” I motion subtly at my robe. He stops cold and I see his eyes widen slightly as he looks right at where my hands are resting over my breasts.

“Oh! Of course,” He seems to pull himself away from staring at me, and continues to unfold the ladder.

“And the thermostat is right down the hall,” I point as I speak.

“I saw it, thanks,” He says, looking up into the attic. “Thank you, ma’am. You can go back to sleep now. I’ll just leave the bill on the bench downstairs by the door.”

I smile, a little disappointed that he does not appear to be as interested in me as I am in him. I watch him climb up into the sweltering attic and feel rather ashamed as I realize how undeniably wet I am just from watching him move.

I sneak into the bathroom, brush my teeth and put on a little makeup. I then head into my room and climb into my bed, closing the door behind me. I can hear him shifting boxes around overhead as I lay there, and a terribly naughty thought dances into my head.

Lying uncovered on my bed, I pull off my robe and slide my hand down my tiny sky blue skivvies and begin touching myself, thinking about nothing other than the gorgeous man sweating irresistibly just a few feet above me. I am so wet, and cum almost instantly. I break a sweat instantaneously, the lack of air conditioning making perspiration immediate after my explosive orgasm. I arch my back and moan as I go for a second round, pulling my tank top up and off so my peaking nipples can feel the air move as I breathe heavily. I pinch my left nipple with my free hand and start to think about him.

I want to fuck him so badly. I bet he fucks hard; he looks so strong- like he could drill me for hours without even breaking a sweat.

He is all I can think about as I run my fingertips up and down my slit, curling them up and over my swollen clit repeatedly, wishing he were doing this for me. I wonder what he looks like underneath those grungy clothes; whether he is gray in other places as well… how huge his mysterious cock must be! A man that looks that great in his late forties or later is one of the most rare and intoxicatingly erotic things I can imagine.

Now, here is the beauty of this house’s floor plan: in order to fold up the attic ladder, you must open my bedroom door or you will scratch the paint off my door and the wall above it.

He will have to open my door and he will find me.

“Oh god, I want you to find me,” I moan as I hear the pressure of his boots against the steps of the ladder. He is coming down! There is a pause in his steps, perhaps he is contemplating whether or not to open the door; worried about waking me again, worried about scaring me by intruding.

He knocks twice- with one of his knuckles from the sound of it- I gasp as I see the golden door handle twisting and the light from the hallway seeping quickly into my bedroom as the door inches open.

I groan loudly, and throw my head back as I hear the door fly back and hit the wall. I cannot see him, but I know he is watching me. I am covered in sweat, no doubt glistening in the dim light of an early, overcast morning emanating from my window and the light from the hallway. Legs spread wide, hips tilted upward, breasts heaving, and moaning and squealing like an overdramatic whore; I am sure I am quite a sight to see as I blow through my second climax just as he steps into my room.

I sigh forcefully bedava bahis as I calm down slightly, dropping my knees and laying a little more still, my eyes still closed. I stretch my entire body and continue to breathe heavily.

My eyelids flutter momentarily before I look up and see him standing there at the foot of my bed. I begin to laugh. How surprised he must be!

However, he does not appear startled at all. His chin is tucked down and his light eyes are peering at me from under a lowered brow. There is a glint of something I can recognize only as a powerful lust, and his chest is rising and falling dramatically. I realize that he is panting, and I let out a naughty giggle as he smiles fiendishly.

“I am so sorry, Sir,” I purr, rolling onto my stomach and crawling towards the foot of my bed. He mumbles something through his teeth, his smile growing as I sit back and pull my panties down. I am now completely naked.

“I wasn’t sleepy after I caught a glimpse of you,” I said affectionately. “You just looked so good when I opened the door; I couldn’t help myself. I hope you can forgive me for my indecency.”

“I forgive you,” He finally spoke, a twisted smile forming on his tempting lips.

“What? Why are you looking at me like that?” I smile coyly and lean back, easing myself back down onto the bed once again.

“You should be more careful. I’m a stranger to you. You don’t know anything about me; I could have come in here and done something unmentionable to you.”

“You could have,” I barely manage to speak, my legs trembling as he speaks. His voice is deep and full of power. I pray I was correct in assuming he fucks like his voice sounds…

“But would you have wanted to hurt me?” I start to sit up to walk over to him, but he flies over to me quickly, almost as if he were on fire. He tears at his clothing, peeling his sweaty garments off him as efficiently as only an older man can, and is on top of me in an instant.

“You’re a ballsy little girl, aren’t you?” He growls as he pushes my knees apart. I shiver as he speaks; I swear I am about to cum again just in the anticipation of him entering me.

“Letting me find you like that… Were you thinking about fucking me? Huh?”

I whimper in a mix of pleasure and shock as he shoves two fingers deep into my pussy, using his thumb to press firmly against my clit, his coarse skin rubbing in a quick, circular motion. I nod my head in response to his question.

“Yeah, that’s what you were thinking about. I could smell it when I was climbing down the ladder, sweetheart. I knew, I knew.” He grabs one of my nipples with his left hand, and then presses down with the palm of his hand, squeezing the whole breast with great force. I gasp and wrap my hands around his wrist. My hands look so tiny compared to his.

“Shit, you’re so wet!” he moans, pulling out his fingers and using them to rub my swollen flesh coarsely as he climbs over me and lowers his face down toward mine. I try to sit up enough to kiss him, but he grabs my shoulder and pushes me back. My eyes widen and I smile excitedly.

“Kiss me?” I whisper, raising my eyebrows hopefully.

“Kiss you? Kiss you? Is that what you want?” He presses his left thumb against my lips and I greet it gently with my tongue, curling my lips around his finger and sucking on it suggestively. He exhales forcefully as I do this, and watches closely for a moment with a look of awe before regaining his tough facade.

Getting up onto his knees once more, he grabs my head and pulls me into a sitting position, using both of his hands to plunge his throbbing cock deep into my mouth. His size is as I had hoped and expected, sliding perfectly in and out of my mouth as he clutches my hair and groans loudly.

After only a few moments of this, he pulls me back and deneme bonus pushes my shoulders deep down onto the mattress, kissing me forcefully. Our tongues meet blissfully, and I wrap my legs around his back, attempting to pull him down onto me. I whimper girlishly and buck my hips up towards his where they are hovering over mine, gazing up at him pleadingly. He smiles evilly.

“What? Tell me what you want.”

“I want you to fuck me,” I breathe, reaching for his cock with my hands and leaning up to kiss him again. He is a dream to kiss; his lips soft and his facial hair coarse.

“Say please,” He commands, kissing me again.

“Please,” I say playfully.

“Say please, Sir.”

I whine and try to force his hips down with my legs, he laughs.

“Say it!”

“Please, Sir!” I say reluctantly.

“Now say, ‘Thank you for fixing my A.C.'” We both laugh.

“Thank you for-” I barely have a chance to say it before he has thrust himself deep inside me, splitting me open in an instant. I let out a yelp of enjoyment, but am unable to catch my breath before he is hammering me furiously.

I usually try to avoid being loud during sex, but I find it useless to even attempt to silence myself. He is fucking so hard and as deep as is physically possible. I look up at him helplessly, and he is smiling, watching my face as he grinds his hips against mine.

He kisses me passionately, moving his lips to my neck and down to my breasts. His breath is hot and rhythmic, coinciding with his thrusts. I am aching with pleasure. He works his way back up to my neck and whispers into my ear.

“Is this what you wanted, baby? Is this what you thought it would be like?”

“Yes!” I pant, wrapping my arms around his neck and hugging tightly, “It’s exactly what I wanted! It’s perfect!”

“Then cum for me, angel. I know you’re about to do it; I can feel you tightening,” He runs his right hand down my side and up along the outer edge of my thigh. He is right: I am on the verge of my third explosion; he is too hot, his cock is too thick, his fucking is too good for me to last a minute longer.

“Come on, girl, come on!” He coaxes as I feel the electricity of an oncoming orgasm building all the way down in my knees and deep inside my stomach.

He sits back on his knees, pulling my hips up higher and looking down at me as he impales me with the full length of his erection; watching me arch and squirm as he holds my pelvis tightly against his own. His thrusting pauses for a moment and I realize that he knows he, too, is going to cum.

I hear him growl as he begins to fuck harder than ever, forcing himself to the brink of a paramount release.

“Come on!” He barks, but I can barely hear him over my own screaming as I fall victim to the most extraordinary apex of sexual pleasure I have ever experienced in my nineteen years of life.

The sight of my eruption is obviously far too exquisite for him. I make sure to watch him as he throws his head back and groans brutishly as he manages to get in his last few thrusts before he jolts himself out of me. He releases my hips with just enough time for me to scramble to my knees and inhale his pulsing flesh before his delicious fluids come pouring out into my expectant mouth. I use both hands to milk every last drop out of his beautiful cock before sitting back.

For a good five minutes we lie on my bed, trying to regain our breath. He kisses me sporadically, pulling my face and body into his each time, occasionally moaning and laughing to himself.

“Good thing I got that air to work,” He laughs as he gets up and pulls on his pants. “It’s burning up in here.”

I walk him to the door without putting on my clothes; he sets the bill on the bench and grabs me, pulling me into him for one last kiss. Neither of us speaks of attempting to reenact the amazing scene in the future. I watch him drive away, and sigh.

This was one month ago. The bad news is: I have honestly missed him, and wish that I would have suggested we see each other again. The good news is: our downstairs A/C is broken…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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