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Ashley Fires

My lips were still pleasantly tingling from the feeling of Len’s cock sliding in between them just a few hours before. As I fell asleep, I gently licked them and thought I’d tasted some more of the viscous liquid that had me so excited.

The next day, Wednesday, just three days before graduation, Len stopped me in the hall right after homeroom, under a banner that read “Congratulations Class of 1973!” (His name was actually Lionel (named for Barrymore, the actor), but since that had so many toy train connotations, everyone except his parents called him Len.)

“Can you give me a ride home after school?”

“Sure. Why? What happened to your car?”

“I had to lend it to my dad today. He’s flying to Chicago for a meeting or something and he needed it to get to the airport. I’ll be without wheels until Friday night when he comes home.”

After a second or two he added, “Geez, I hope I didn’t leave a wet spot!”

“Don’t worry, I think I found every drop.”

“Yeah, I really wanted to talk to you about that.”

“Hey, me too, but I gotta get to English. I’m sorry about your car, though. I was hoping you could give me a lesson in how use a stick later,” I kidded him salaciously, making a small hand movement.

His eyes widened as he managed to only briefly stare at my boobs. Then as he surreptitiously reached down to adjust himself in his jeans I knew the effect my words and my body were having on his libido.

Actually, his reaction caused a sudden, slight gush of juice in my pussy! I guessed what we’d studied in physics was true, Newton’s action-reaction law, that is.

“I’ll meet you at the gate at a quarter to. OK?”

“Great. Thanks. See you then.”

The rest of the day I could only think of one thing: putting his cock back in my mouth. Of course, after the previous night’s late phone call I’d had with my best friend Lisa, new concepts emerged. They included deep throating (It seemed every week someone else was coming out saying that the movie Deep Throat either had or did not have redeeming moral value.), the texture of his cock’s skin, the size of his cock, and how exactly his semen smelled. Lisa had told me she though it was smelly. I didn’t think it was, at least not in a bad way. It was strong, but wonderfully masculine and exciting. I spent the rest of the day in a state of constant arousal. I was glad that we had no more gym as I was sure the other girls would see my panties were soaked through and through with pussy juice.

As the day developed, the school and my panties became unbelievably damp. The weather had the intelligence to finally let it go, just before the end of the school day. (I was hoping to do the same soon too.) Though it was only half past three, it became very dark outside. The clouds broke just as Len and I were walking to my car in the student parking lot, the one furthest from the school.

I normally wore clothing with a design towards hiding, as best I could, my slight frame topped with my very large bust, usually large loose jackets or sweaters over other loose fitting clothing. But in these hot, humid summer days I had to wear clothing for comfort and that day I remember wearing one of those shirt dresses popular at the time. It was white with medium sized blue polka dots. It came with a belt, but that just emphasized my bust so I never wore it. In general I was pretty comfortable in what looked like a long man’s dress shirt.

When the rain turned into a downpour halfway to my car we both scrambled to my Plymouth Belvedere, circa 1965, a car that required a mooring line when parking. On the plus side it did have those very wide front and back seats, in case you wanted to take a nap — or do anything else one might desire to do horizontally — in the vehicle.

By the time we got into my car Len and I were completely soaked, as though we had just stepped out of a swimming pool, clothes and all. At this point the vinyl seats were a mixed blessing. Nothing soaked into the seats, but the humidity and heat made them noisy and quite uncomfortable, especially for a girl in a shirt dress whose bare legs were sticking to the plastic.

The water made the thin cotton cling to my dress in such a way that you could see every curve of the faux lace in my bra under it. From way over on the other side of the car I could see Len starring closely at my chest, simultaneously adjusting his jeans. I found the fact that he could get excited just by looking at my chest very stimulating, so much so that those sensations returned to my pussy and I realized I was unconsciously tensing and then relaxing my inner thighs and butt. In fact, if I’d been a guy I think I would have been adjusting my jeans too!

The water had also made Len’s shirt cling to his chest and, though he’d never win a bodybuilding contest, it looked taut, firm, and muscular. I suddenly wanted to rip the shirt right off his body.

As if reading my thoughts he said “I really appreciate this ride. I know it’s out of the way and you must have Maltepe Escort a lot of stuff to do.” And with that he slid noisily towards me.

“It’s OK,” I responded. Then, after a pause where I attempted to calm my raging hormones, I started the engine. Just as a crack of thunder rumbled through the dark sky, the radio came on playing Stevie Wonder’s “You Are the Sunshine of My Life.” We laughed at its incongruous timing; it was a great natural tension breaker.

Returning to my immediate goal, I said, “I was hoping that you could give me a lesson in how to use a manual transmission.”

“But, Constance, this is an automatic.”

As I began to unbuckle his belt I said, “Maybe you can show me on your stick. Here, let me get it out.”

“Are you sure? Right here in the parking lot?”

“It’s raining so hard, no one’s gonna be able to see a thing,” I answered, gently pulling his very hard cock out of his pants. In the light it was even more beautiful than I remembered it from the previous night.

I wrapped my hand around it. It felt warm, a little damp, but firm and very sexy. After a few strokes I leaned over to see it up close. There was a bunch of clear liquid at the tip. Lisa had told me it was called pre-seminal fluid. I remembered tasting it and there was very little taste, it was just a little salty. But I also remembered how it had lubricated my lips as I moved his cock in and out of my mouth, the wonderful feeling so sensuous and exciting.

I licked it up off the head of his cock and a tiny tremor made my body shiver. I wanted to suck him. In fact, I wanted to learn more about his cock, his balls, and all the exciting things they enjoyed. But I also wasn’t sure the student parking lot was the best place for this lesson.

Letting up the parking brake I put the car in drive and, with one hand on the wheel and one on Len’s stick, drove to his house. It was such a turn on, driving along our familiar country roads with his hard cock in my hand. I loved it.

“Could you play with yourself?”

“No way.”

“For me?”

He shook his head.

“Come on,” I pleaded, “just a little. It’ll help me know what I should do to it. You know that last night was the first time I’d even seen one. Please.”

“Jerking it is what you’re supposed to do, Constance.”

“Well, if you don’t want another blowjob then don’t.”

With that remark he got very serious so I followed up with something I think, at the moment at least, he wanted even more.

“I’ll let you take off my bra.”

From the anguished look on his face I could see the dawn of victory.

“Well, I just hold it with my right hand and pull up and down. That’s it,” he said, showing me the motions in the air, not on his erect rod.

“OK. We’re almost at your house anyway. I was going to come in to play around a little, but if you don’t want to help me learn how to do anything, forget it,” I admonished him.

Even from the corner of my eye I could see he was still starring at my boobs through the wet cotton dress, his cock just pointing at the ceiling.

“Well, here we are, Len. Take it easy. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Oh, come on. Don’t be like that. My dad’s gone and my mom works till five-thirty. That gives us at least an hour and a half before she gets home. Come on in. I’ll give you a robe and you can put your things in the dryer.”

I sat still for a moment. Then I slowly unbuttoned a few of the buttons on my dress, enough to pull it apart and show him the tops of my breasts and my bra. “Will you jerk off for me? Last chance.”

I thought he’d pass out. Could the human eye really open that wide?

“Anything. Yes. Yes. Just come on in and button up first. I’m dead if Mrs. Hoover sees you getting out of the car half dressed.”

“Me?” I asked him. “I don’t think you’re ever going to get that thing back into your jeans!”

As I buttoned up he somehow managed to force it sideways (I remember thinking: it’s an amazing piece of equipment.) and then get his 501s up and buttoned.

Fifteen minutes later we were in his bedroom. The window air conditioner was making almost as much noise as the radio. It was cooling off, though, and I was feeling rather feisty.

I asked Len to give me a robe, went into the bathroom and took off my dress and bra, leaving on just my lace panties. I went downstairs, put the dress in the dryer on low, laid the bra on top, and then returned to his bedroom.

He’d pulled the shades down and I came in to the strains of Jim Croce singing “Bad, Bad Leroy Brown.” Len was sitting there on his bed, not quite sure what to do with me.

It was at that moment that I first understood the old joke: “My wife has ESP; she predicts the future. She can tell me if I’m going to get laid tonight!”

Len was so sweet and really all I wanted to do was to suck his dick and taste his semen again. But, now that it was light I really wanted to see it shoot out of his cock. And as he’d told me Anadolu Yakası Escort many times, I knew he wanted to see my boobs. Perhaps, even more than he wanted a blowjob.

“All the downtown ladies call him ‘Treetop Lover,’ all the men just call him ‘Sir’…” sang Jim.

I danced a little as I moved towards him and slowly opened the top of the terrycloth robe, parting it just a few inches but opening it all the way down to my navel. Turning him on was so exciting. I could tell I was doing something right by the way he was fidgeting on the edge of the bed.

“I’ll open up the robe if you’ll take it out and play with it for me.”

“Come on, Constance, it’s so embarrassing.”

“You told me you’ve been doing it for years, didn’t you?”

“Yeah, well, that’s when I’m by myself.”

“OK,” I said with a bit of finality. “I think I’ll just get my dress – and my bra – and go home.”

All this time I was swaying my hips to Leroy Brown. I think I had Len on the word “dress.” But it was the “and my bra,” spoken very slowly, while caressing my nipples through the robe, that did it.

He stood up quickly, opened his pants, and shoved them to the floor. His cock stood almost straight out. It was all I could do to keep from kissing it right then.

Len took off his shirt. He was now naked and he looked delicious. I really wanted to lick him all over, but especially the eight or nine inches pointing directly at me.

Leisurely I opened the robe for him to see my breasts. But, simultaneously I turned around slowly so he only saw me from the rear as I let the robe fall off my body.

I stood there, gently swaying to the music, in just my panties, my very damp panties, mind you, with my back to my friend, my new lover, and his wonderful cock a few feet behind me.

Taking a deep breath I touched myself with both hands between my legs, just lightly, but enough to cause a sudden sweet orgasm. This young woman was very hot, air conditioning or no. I just stood there while I came, a sequence of soft sighs and moans emanating from my mouth.

After it ended, I very slowly caressed myself, moving my hands along my torso from my pussy, up my body and turned around to face Len. From the look on his face I thought he would have an orgasm at that moment, though he hadn’t even touched himself.

By the time my slow moving hands had reached my breasts he’d taken his right hand and begun to stroke his cock, much faster than I’d expected. But I was doing this at my own speed and continued to move my hands up my breasts to my shoulders and eventually over my head. My nipples were like little marbles; they were so erect, just like Len’s beautiful cock.

So there we were. Len was stroking himself like a madman. I was coming off an incredible orgasm and slightly shimmying for my playmate’s pleasure.

I was surprised to see his left hand had moved to his balls and he was lightly caressing them. This was good knowledge for me: Not all wisdom is acquired in the classroom, I thought.

He was jerking so fast now I knew it wouldn’t be long until he shot. And I didn’t want to miss any of it, visually or orally.

Kneeling down in front of him and watching his hand going a mile a minute over his very red-headed cock, with pre-seminal fluid flying about off the tip, I tried to figure out how to get the thing into my mouth. I didn’t want him coming all over my face, I wanted to see it come into my mouth. He wasn’t making it easy for me to determine the correct approach.

“Len, please let me suck on it.”

“You wanted to watch me jerk off. Now I just can’t stop,” he replied.

I’ve created a fine mess I thought to myself, suppressing a chuckle. I finally got what I want and now it’s not exactly what I want!

“Constance, I’m gonna come, I’m gonna come.”

Now I knew at the very least I was going to see it shoot. I might not get to taste any of it, but at least I’ll see it spurt, I thought to myself. And it was then that it happened.

He suddenly slowed his movements and the first spurt shot right out at me. It landed on my left cheek and my chin. I couldn’t believe how long it was. It seemed to shoot like a water hose. It seemed like that one shot was five seconds long, nonstop.

Eyes wide, I could only watch as the next shot hit me in the forehead above my right eyebrow. It was so exciting to watch his cock shoot, I was in heaven. My pussy was tingling and crying out for attention, but I just couldn’t do anything other than kneel there starring at the cock shooting at my face.

I opened my mouth wide, stuck out my tongue and hoped that the next shot would land there. Len — or his cock — must have read my mind because the next shot went in swish, just like a basketball that doesn’t touch the rim. An entire spurt of semen shot the foot or so from his cock’s head to my eagerly waiting mouth and tongue, just like a long shot from a water pistol.

The sudden stimulation of my palette by this İstanbul Escort luxurious substance pushed me over the edge. My body tensed, my shoulders and breasts raised up in that tension and my clit sent sparks throughout my entire being. It was sexy, erotic, animalistic — and entirely new. I’d never come like this when I’d played with myself before, ever.

The next three or four shots mainly got in my mouth or splashed on my semen drenched tongue. I was having a hard time keeping it from spilling out and keeping my mouth open for more. In fact, I didn’t even notice that at least a little dripped out, down, and off my chin.

It was at that moment I realized that he’d pretty much stopped the jerking motion with his hands, the cock held in his hand was just shooting sperm at my semen slicked face. Since I was mid-orgasm myself I could think of nothing to do but lean forward and pop that dick into my mouth.

What a reaction, from both of us! I was able now to maintain all the semen in my mouth and still swirl my tongue around his beautiful cock. And for Len, it seemed like his shots got bigger and harder than the last one or two. Maybe my tongue was doing the trick. I had a lot to learn, I realized.

Len continued to pump semen into my mouth and I knew I needed to swallow. It was odd at first trying to figure out the best way to swallow with a cock in your mouth, especially if you knew you weren’t supposed to scrape your teeth along the cock. I did figure it out though and as he kept coming I kept swallowing, all the while my body in a seemingly endless state of orgasm. Wow! I thought to myself, I love this!

Eventually he stopped shooting and his cock started to shrink, just like the night before. I was very reluctant to let go of my new friend and continued to twirl my tongue around it.

Suddenly Len lighted touched my shoulder and said, “Whoa. Stop a second.”

I looked at him, my heavy lidded eyes questioning what he meant.

“I mean, don’t stop. Just go easy,” he hesitantly urged. “My cock is always very sensitive after I come. I love you licking it, though, just be gentle. OK?”

“Mm-hmm,” was my response as I continued to make love to his now reasonably sized penis. I, too, was coming down from my elongated orgasm. I felt exhilarated, sexy, attractive, and orgasmic. Life was wonderful. The world was beautiful. Paul McCartney was singing “My love does it good to me,” echoing my current thoughts about Len.

After another minute or so I swallowed all of the semen that remained in my mouth and finally released his wonderful prick. He sat down on the edge of the bed again and I leaned to one side, taking the pressure off my knees on the floor.

I smiled up at him and he grunted a satisfied “Wow.”

Looking back at his cock I noticed some more white stuff leaking out of it. I asked him if that was just semen or something else.

“No, it’s still cum. Some just stays in the plumbing afterwards and then it leaks out.”

I leaned over and sucked all I could off the tip and out of his cock. “Cum,” I thought. I’d never heard that word before, but I loved it, both the word and the substance.

“You know, in this low light the cum on your face looks shiny, like diamonds.”

I’d completely forgotten about the first few shots that were encircling my face. I got up, still dressed only in my panties, and looked in the mirror, hardly noticing any longer that Len’s eyes were glued to my boobs.

There it was, globs of the stuff on my left cheek, my chin, my forehead and my right eyebrow. I agreed with Len that the light hitting the bigger globs almost made them look like diamond-encrusted brooches. Using the mirror to locate all of it, I slowly slid up the big globs onto a finger or two and transferred them to my mouth where I greedily sucked it up.

When I had gotten all the cum (I did like that new bit of vocabulary) off my face and into my mouth I savored the taste, the texture, the oiliness of it, and most of all its manliness. I’d realized some new things.

First, I could have much bigger orgasms than I’d ever thought possible.

Second, semen, or rather “cum,” seemed to make that possible and that I loved the taste of it. All those things some of my girlfriends had said were totally wrong on that score.

Third, I just loved the feel of Len’s cock in my mouth. It was so hard and exciting. Watching him jerk off was great; I had had an orgasm just watching it.

Fourth, in the last twenty-four hours I’d had the best orgasms of my young life — and I was still a virgin! This last thought made me think about the whole giving myself to a guy thing. It was all so confusing.

However, I decided that sucking Len’s cock was so sophisticated and mature I was very satisfied with that for now.

After I’d cleaning the liquid diamonds off my face, I sat next to Len on the edge of his bed and gave him a hug. It felt so good the have my naked breasts touch his body, my nipples rubbing against his muscled chest. Yeow! What a great feeling, being naked with a boy.

By now it was getting late, though I did want to practice sucking Len’s cock some more.

“My mom’ll probably be coming home any minute. Maybe you should go,” he said sadly. “But I really don’t want you to leave.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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