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Mum lay back and rested her head against the settee. The wine had taken its toll as she fell into a deep sleep. Much as I would have liked to exploit the situation I could not bring myself to do so. I covered her up with a rug but could not help fingering her cunt which was still wet and licking the slipperiness in my mouth. My cock stirred just a little.

I woke with a real hard on and suddenly recalled the events of last night and how delicious it had been. I got out of bed and walked naked into the living room. Mum wasn’t there. She had left for work. I made a coffee and relaxed on the settee reminiscing about last night gently massaging my cock thinking about her body and how we might go from here. The phone ringing jolted my out of my wankable reverie.


“Oh is that you Ian, I was expecting Jean not yourself.”

“Hi Aunt Ellen,” recognising her Glaswegian voice, “How are you?”

“Very well Ian, I was just planning on coming to stay at your Mother’s for a few days but didn’t expect she had company. Well never mind, another time perhaps.”

“Hang on Aunt Ellen, I’m sure Mum would love you to come. Why don’t you phone her at work and tell her I am fine about your staying and can sleep on the settee which is also a put u up and you can have my room. No problem at all.”

“Are you sure Ian, that’s grand of you? I’ll phone her at work then.”

“Good Aunt Ellen, I’ll see you later then.”

“Thanks Ian, bye till later.”

Whilst engaged in this conversation I was tearing myself out with frustration on the one hand and sexual curiosity on the other. Frustration for her inhibiting my plans I had with Mum and no doubt hers for me. Curiosity because of fantasies I had had in the past about Aunt Ellen. She had fed my early horniness as a teenager along with a number of Mum’s friends. Ellen was not really my Aunt but her and her husband Tom had been the closest friends in London when all four left Glasgow for London for work and a better life than the restrictive backgrounds they had been used to in Glasgow. Not to put to finer point on it Mum had been forced to leave Glasgow and her parental home when she was pregnant with me and Dad followed her. Tom and Ellen soon followed though for work.

Aunt Ellen used to come round with Tom and I would surreptitiously feed my arousal in front of the TV by glancing up her skirt to view her thighs encased in stockings and suspenders, similar to Mum. Sometimes they would both excite me without realising it — that’s what I thought anyway. Another time I had just gone round to Tom and Ellen’s flat and gone by accident into their bedroom after going to the bathroom rather than into the living room to find Aunt Ellen in front of a full length mirror with her back to me in a full flesh pink corset with stockings attached to suspenders that hung from the corset. The corset cosseted her spacious arse cheeks. Added to this she was in high heels. It was just a fleeting moment, but Aunt Ellen was totally surprised and appeared slightly shocked as she turned to face me. Then I had a full frontal view of her breasts filling out the top of her corset with a slight cleavage that revealed how large they were. They were larger than Mums.

Her stockinged legs were deeply arousing and she had no panties on so I had a brief glimpse of her hairs.

“Just go into the living room immediately Ian. You know you should not be in here.”

Chastened I turned and leapt to the door and the hall into the living room. Just then I heard the front door open. It was Uncle Tom who greeted me in his usual boisterous manner and very friendly. I was his favourite ‘nephew.’

Shortly after Aunt Ellen came in fully dressed in a skirt and blouse and greeted Uncle Tom with a kiss and commented that I had just popped round to see them. She said nothing about what had just happened in her bedroom. My embarrassment rapidly faded.

I had never forgotten that incident. For weeks after I masturbated to the sight of her and the thoughts that went with it if she had pursued my obvious desire. It could not have happened anyway with Uncle Tom getting home almost immediately.

I recalled the incident again when I had put the phone down, feeling an erection emerging at the thought that she was coming to see us. She had never let me down by telling anybody of the incident. How did she feel about it I wondered? I had a quick come in the shower before work imagining her here with Mum. What should I do? How will Mum feel about Ellen coming to stay?

That question was answered when Mum rang me at work later confirming Ellen was coming telling me that she was pleased that I had agreed to use the put u up, but disappointed we were restricted in our new found relationship. She insisted that we keep it a secret too. I readily agreed.

Mum said she would get a take away meal after her work and we would all meet at home.

Uncle Tom had died a few years back when Ellen was in her late 40s. He was a good deal older than her but had been full of the joys of life and died in his sleep. Aunt Ellen had not found a new relationship and I did casino oyna not know how she managed now without someone close to her, let alone her sex life.

I got back from work about 7 to find Mum and Aunt Ellen imbibing the wine. Ellen got up to greet me and gave me a hug and kiss on the cheek. In hugging her I realised she had on a corset because of the firmness with which her body was held. She wasn’t fat but had a figure well emphasised by the corset.

After the usual formalities we settled down to lovely reunion with the wine helping its way to our heads. Ellen was sitting opposite me. I could not believe it! Her knees were quite open revealing the sight that had excited me so in my teens, stockings, belt, flesh above the stocking line and just a hint of knickers. The knickers were old fashioned in completely covering her pubes. It reminded me of the corset I had seen her in that time at her flat, flesh coloured very old fashioned but to me then the most startling sight up to that time. I’m sure she saw me having glances at her. It was as if she was willing it.

“Well Ian how’s your love life these days?” Aunt Ellen pronounced almost as if she already knew. I glanced at Mum, who responded,

“I mentioned how things are with Gillian, Ian, I hope you don’t mind.”

“Not at all Mum. To answer your question Aunt Ellen it’s practically non-existent these days though the family works well enough and I get on with my boys superbly.

“You’ve not got a new love then Ian. So how do you get your needs met then?” Ellen always had a knack of cutting to the quick.

“I get by Aunt Ellen.”

“That means life’s very boring Ian or you don’t want to talk about it.”

Mum interjected, “I think he probably looks after himself pretty well Ellen.”

I relished the hidden meaning of Mum’s comment and just smiled. Ellen replied with, “I see, that’s alright then.” This effectively closed down that topic with a touch of the caustic in it as if she had been thwarted.

We continued gassing into the night and going a little easy on the wine for a change. Ellen went to the bathroom and Mum just glowed with, “I hope that gave you sufficient cover Ian, but I wonder what she’s after?”

Ellen returned and resumed her seat putting one leg up on a pouf to rest her foot. She carried on addressing Mum about her work. Whilst they were absorbed I glanced at Ellen’s thighs and then realised that I could see her cunt hair. She had taken off her knickers and was intentionally showing off her cunt for me whilst engaging Mum. I felt my cock harden in my trousers and wished I had on my track suit again. I decided the best thing was to get out of this situation and feign tiredness as there was no way I wanted to frustrate myself all night. I did enjoy the view though.

They both went off to bed and I got out the put u up and prepared for bed. I had left my dressing gown in my bedroom, and thought sod it, I always sleep naked what’s different tonight. I decided to read and left the small lamp on next to the bed.

After about an hour I heard a movement in the hall. Aunt Ellen poked her head round the door, very quietly calling, “Still awake then. Can I come in I can’t get to sleep. She was wearing my dressing gown, and still appeared to be in her stockings from a quick sight of her calves.

She sat on an armchair near the bed. I felt a slight arousal at her proximity. We chatted around the ordinary then after about half an hour she commented,

“Ian do you remember that day at my flat when you came into my room when I was dressing?”

“I never forgot it Aunt Ellen. I never had the chance to thank you for not dropping my in it with Uncle Tom either.” My cock stiffened at the thought of then and with her raising the incident now too.

“I thought it better to keep to myself Ian. No harm came and I thought you liked it by the look on your face.”

“What made you raise it now Aunt Ellen?”

“Oh I do like you calling me Aunt Ellen — it makes us much closer. Well I just happen to be wearing something very like it now under your dressing gown.”

Really that’s a lovely thought Aunt Ellen what are you going to do about it?

We’ll see Ian. What happened after that day at my old home Ian? Did you think about me much?”

“I couldn’t get you out of my head for years. In fact I still can get horny over the idea.”

“Tell me what you thought Ian. Did you play with yourself?”

“All the time. I got off thinking about you playing with me and doing lovely things to me Aunt Ellen.”

She lifted her leg onto the edge of the bed letting the gown slide off her thigh to reveal her stocking tops where they met her skin but held it so that I could see no more. Tantalising bitch but she knew I loved it as I stroked my cock beneath the sheet getting it very hard.

“I have always loved corsets Ian and I know that men just love the sight of them and the way they gently constrain my body into a better shape.”

“Men Aunt Ellen?”

“Since Tom, I’ve had the odd fling and one-off you know.”

“Do you like showing off your body Aunt Ellen?” canlı casino She just smiled.

“I’m getting a nice show now.” I moved my hand to caress her stockinged calf and slowly worked my way up her leg to her flesh. She didn’t stop me. I reached out and pulled the cord of the gown. The dressing gown flushed open revealing her corset in full and her very hairy pubes. More astonishing was what she hadn’t told me that her breasts were fully exposed.

“Didn’t expect that did you Ian. This corset has a detachable bra which I took off when I went to your bedroom. I thought you might like it.” She used her foot to rub the sheet over my cock which was now completely stiff. She pushed the sheet away with her foot revealing my hardon totally. She stood up and let the gown fall and then without any words stepped over me to take my cock in her hands and put her cunt near my face and her big arse in the air above me. I had to move to adjust position as she licked my cock with her tongue.

“I’ve wanted this for years Ian. Give me your mouth too I want it badly. I haven’t had cock for ages, oh it’s lovely, it’s just right in my mouth.”

“Your dirty Aunt Ellen aren’t you?” With that I stuck my mouth between her massive hairy cunt and plunged into her wet soggy lips.

I could look over her arse and see her dark red arse hole. But I could also see beyond her when I did that and I slowly realised we were not alone. It was quite dark and Ellen was totally absorbed with my cock in her mouth. Near the door to the hall I could just make out Mum standing there in a short nightie not making any noise. She saw that I had seen her. I nearly stopped, thinking she must be furious but was kicked from that thought by the sight of her wanking her clit slowly yet deliberately. She nodded it was ok. She also used her raised hand and elbow movement to say don’t fuck her. I got her meaning immediately and nodded. She went back to wanking at the scene.

I resumed licking Ellen’s cunt and clit. I wanted to see more of Mum, difficult if I concentrated on Ellen’s clit. So I sacrificed her clit and went to licking her arse hole with a relish. I loved it and Ellen screamed and turned toward me.

“That fucking lovely more please more of that, I just love my arse licked.”

So I tongued her and tried to pierce her rectum. She has a nice tight arse so I settled for hard licking and fingering her clit as a substitute.

Just then I saw Mum close her eyes very tight and her legs were bent as she orgasmed with no sound. That made me go over the top too and I shot my load into Ellen mouth but quietly so as not to wake Mum! Ellen realised that too as I brought on her climax with my fingers whilst continuing to suck her arse hole.

Ellen collapsed on me as she came down from her orgasm. Just as I saw Mum slip away Ellen turned round and kissed me returning some of my cum into my mouth.

“I apologise for leaping on you like that. It’s been so long to wait but but it was really worth it. It was better than I could have imagined. I think I should be getting to bed Ian.”

“My pleasure Aunt Ellen, I hope we can again.”

I slipped off to sleep mostly thinking of Mum and how she may have felt seeing her new sexual role usurped by her old friend Ellen, but assuaged by the scene before her. I wanted to go to her but decided against it as being a little risky.

Next morning I woke to hear Mum in the kitchen on her own. I thought it better that I have a shower first. On completion I went into the kitchen in my tee shirt and trousers, slightly hesitantly so see Mum in a loose sweat shirt that came half way down her thighs. She was barefooted and looked really cool. I hoped that was not her mood too. She sat at the kitchen table with her back to me. I went up behind her and put my arms around her. She did not look up or say anything. I was very anxious. I decided to take a great risk. Coming round to face her I leant down and put my arms round her again and took her lips to mine and gave her a deep kiss penetrating her mouth with my tongue.

Mum tried to resist me pulling away from me but I just held her tight to try to tell her she was the important woman in my life. Slowly she desisted. I pulled her up from the chair so we both stood. She enveloped me as I rubbed her nipples letting out a sigh, “Ian you bastard that was my spunk no one else’s, but I still love you and want you.”

Just then we heard Ellen in the hall coming toward the kitchen. Mum and I separated quickly and went to sit down. Ellen came in and saw the ebbing but distinct bulge in my track suit and quickly gave me a glance and then got into conversation with Mum about how she slept.

Just then the phone rang. I picked it up to hear Gillian’s voice saying one of our children had a fall but was ok but would benefit from seeing me. It was Friday so I could go for the weekend. That solved things with Ellen and Mum immediately. I would go down to home after work for the weekend.

After conveying my intentions to Mum and Ellen with a real sorrow even though it would be complicated I dressed and went to work.

Gillian kaçak casino picked me up at the station with the children and we had a pleasant family evening.

Gillian was my age and still very attractive with firmish breasts, full hips and legs that looked good in heels. She wore glasses most of the time. I still found that a turn on when I felt randy. On one of first times at sex when she was about 25 I remember coming over her face with her glasses on. She thought me just a bit kinky even then.

I read to the children after they went to bed, then returned to Gillian in the kitchen finishing some washing in a sloppy tee shirt and loose skirt and bare legs.

“Feel like fucking in here Gill”?

“That’s a bit blunt isn’t it?”

“If you feel horny like I do let’s go for it.”

I can’t just do it like that Ian.”

I walked over to her at the sink and pulled up her skirt. No panties — good sign. Without any foreplay I pushed my finger into her cunt which was very wet — she was ready, and fucked her with it. She was responding to my vigorous fingering so I went for her clit and rubbed it in the way I knew she loved. She responded with a loud yell, turned and slapped me on my face. She had so much pent up anger releasing it on me physically. I grabbed her wrists with one hand and pushed back against the sink and continued fingering her. I then released her wrists and got down on my knees to suck her clit. She climaxed as only she can with a deep guttural moan that I just loved about her. She slowly came down making no comment.

I got up and looked round the kitchen and saw what I wanted and got it.

Returning to Gillian she was looking at me saying,

“What do you want that for?”

“Never mind.” I got rough with her and turned round to push her over the table on her tummy and slapped her bare arse hard with her skirt round her waist.

“Ouch you fucker that hurt.”

“Good, you deserve it you churlish cunt.”

There was a history of her being churlish when we were not at one that will unfold later. Now I just needed to take her with a roughness that even surprised me. I kept on smacking her arse. She moaned but did not tell me to stop. I then saw the cane carpet beater hanging on the kitchen wall within easy reach. It was rarely used for its purpose but I had thought of using it in the past but never had the nerve. I lifted it off its wall hanger and brought it down on her exposed arse which was now a gentle pink. I had held her down with my other hand.

“Why are you beating me you fucking bastard?”

I noticed how she had not told me to stop and replied, “because it makes me really horny for you and you deserve it for being such a cow.”

“Alright Ian do your worst, at least I have your attention.”

“Good cos I’m not finished yet.”

Gillian started fingering herself really getting in to a submissive frame I had not seen before.

I pulled off my trousers and pants with a very hard cock facing her arse. I gave her one more slashing with the beater then dropped it on the floor. I coated my fingers with the butter I had reached for and then pushed a finger into her arsehole. She just squirmed, “not there Ian, you know I don’t do that.” I ignored her and took more butter and coated my very ready cock with a lashing and pushed toward her.

Her rectum was tight but butter accessible as I pushed but allowed her to adjust. I was still outside giving her distinct pressure on her sphincter She went very silent. I continued to push relentlessly.

“Ouch that hurts you fucker.”

“Yes, I’m your fucker, only this time your anal fucker and it’s going up your beautiful arsehole, cos that’s what you need you repressed shit.”

She didn’t reply or try to stop me. Slowly my head penetrated the pink tight closed crevice and I found myself just inside her tight hole. I waited then proceeded to move deeper into her rectum. I was now fully in her up to my hair. I slapped her cheeks with both hands as I connected with her just with my cock. It was the most sexual moment we had had in months.

Without comment Gillian resumed her clit stroking with her fast moving fingers. She knew where I was going and she knew she had to look after herself. I continued slapping her cheeks hard with my hands which seemed to rouse her even more.

Just then she stiffened her whole body, went into a suspended silence then roared her voice at me, “yes Ian fuck me, cum in me, hit me I need you so badly, I’ve been desperate, absolutely desperate.”

I paused taking in what she said for later and then resumed my anal fuck with a sense of release that I had finally found a way of breaking through to her. She returned my movement in harness with me and I finally came and released all my pent up frustration with her right up her rectum.

I pulled out slowly still fairly hard and pulled her off the table and presented my cock to her face, holding her hair to fix her in front of my prick still dripping a small amount of spunk. Pushing at her mouth, she opened up and took it, ever so slightly speckled with her insides, into her mouth. She cleaned me up, doing a good job. Gillian pulled my down to her level on the floor and sought my mouth. I didn’t hesitate and we tongued each other as we came down from our frantic reverie.

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