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I had picked up and put down the phone several times over the last few days and each time I had chickened out. He had left me kneeling the last time I had seen him and I still wasn’t sure what to think about it. Yes I know it was my entire fault but in my defence he was one hell of a guy. Even now I remembered how his cock had felt in my mouth. The way he had taken control had sent shivers up and down my spine and my clit throbbed at the thought of what he was capable of. Oh the very idea of his cock buried deep inside me and I was instantly wet.

Well I had time to decide whether or not I had the courage to book another lesson with him. He had given me no indication that I couldn’t book one but then again I still wasn’t sure if I could face him or not. We had smashed the barrier between pupil and teacher, which could never be repaired again.

Picking up the phone for the umpteenth time I took a huge breath before releasing it slowly. Ten minutes later I was grinning from ear to ear.

Done, lesson booked.

Lesson day and my stomach was churning. It was so bad I felt like I had spent the last few hours on a roller coaster and I needed to get off.

Yes I was going to need a whole heap of confidence for this one. I had contemplated cancelling but the idea of not seeing Chris filled me with dread. I had to do this. I had to face him after what I had instigated.

Another nice day, typical the British weather was being good for once and the forecasted rain had not arrived, although it wasn’t as nice has it had been. Trouble was I wasn’t sure what to wear. Yes I know it’s only a driving lesson but after what had happened in the last one I wasn’t sure if I should flaunt or not flaunt. Did I cover them up or be blasé about them and just wear what I would normally wear. In the end I wore the white lingerie set. This was one of my favourite sets, the thong was barely there and all lace but the bra was decadent. A half cup piece of material that might as well not even exist it made my breasts push forward and let my ripe red nipples just rest on the lace edges. The creamy flesh would jiggle nicely when I walked and cry out to be stroked leaving a deep cleft between them. It was way over the top for a driving lesson but it wasn’t as if I was going on my lesson just dressed like this. Over the top I was going to have some clothes on and they were far more modest than what would be underneath. The lingerie was the confidence booster I needed. Over the top I wore a knee length denim skirt, very plain but comfortable and the top was just a normal white button up blouse. Keeping a few of the buttons open it was modest enough to cover me up yet hinted at what could be underneath. Ready and waiting for my lesson I hoped everything went okay.

Climbing into the car I didn’t say a word waiting instead for Chris to talk first. After finishing all my cockpit checks I started the engine my fingers fumbling with the keys. No one spoke and the tension crackled in the air.

“At the end of the road turn right.”

Nothing, no strain in his voice at all.

Turning right onto the main road I slipped into second gear smoothly avoiding any parked cars.

“Turn right at the junction and follow the road.”

Again I followed instructions relaxing more in my seat. Maybe I had imagined sucking his cock last week, it could be possible. avcılar üniversiteli escort Chris wasn’t showing that he remembered me being attached to it via my mouth. In which case it must have been a figment of my imagination. So why did I wish today was last week and this week was not so boring.

“At the round about turn left and take the first exit.”

I really wanted to suck his cock again. Reaching for the gear stick I pretended to fumble and touch his leg. Chris moved his leg away from my touch and my hand met thin air.

“Keep your hands on the gear stick.”

Shocked I almost slipped my foot off the pedal. Where the hell had that come from? Did Chris realise I was doing it on purpose?

Placing my hands back on the wheel I kept quiet. Yes I know that’s unusual for me but I hadn’t got anything to say for myself and it seemed Chris wasn’t in the mood for talking either. That’s it I’m definitely going to find another instructor. There was no way I could put up with this stress. Concentrating on where I was going I failed to notice where I was actually going. What I mean is I followed the road but wasn’t looking around me at the buildings or anything.

“At the junction turn right then take the first right again.”

Doing as I was told I followed Chris’s instructions.

“When its safe to do so pull up on the left. Then I want you to do a turn in the road.”

Five minutes later I was facing the other way and leaving the area.

Trying to think of something to say I suddenly felt a hand on my leg.

Okay was that what I thought it was? Glancing down I could see the tips of Chris’s fingers resting on my knee his touch warm and firm on my skin. Slowly I felt it move upwards towards the hem of my skirt and between my legs I could feel moisture forming.

This wasn’t good. I was finding it very difficult to concentrate on driving and my nipples where quickly hardening.

“Turn right at the end of the road.” With his hand he showed me where he wanted to go as it moved to the right on my leg, sliding towards my inner thigh.

Concentrate, concentrate I repeated over and over again.

The road gradually got steeper and I changed down a gear.

“Pull over to the left when it is safe to do so.”

I pulled over and killed the engine waiting for my next instruction, his hand unmoving on my inner thigh. My whole body was intensely aware of him sitting next to me. Was this pay back for me teasing him last week? After all I had flaunted my breasts at him and expected him not to do anything about it. Did he just expect me to take this or was I meant to react in some way, was I expected to suck his cock again but this time in the car. I had no idea so I sat and waited.

“Now pull off when it is safe to do so.”

Knowing I would have to do a hill start his hand moved upwards and pushed the hem of my skirt up my leg. I didn’t dare look at him.

For the next half an hour he had me driving round and with each instruction his hand would mirror the manoeuvre. Soaking wet through and with the hardest nipples I had ever had I was wrung out on the tension in the car. I had not spoken a word in all that time scared at what I may hear him say. Concentration was impossible and how I didn’t crash the car I have no idea at all. So different avrupa yakası escort from last week where I had the upper hand Chris was firmly in control this week and his voice showed no signs of weakness or uncertainty. It was hard firm and demanded obedience and I was more than willing to give it to him.

Unbeknownst to me Chris had directed us both to some derelict wasteland. Remnants of houses lay all around us and in front I could see other driving instructors teaching their pupils. I wondered if they were having the same sort of lesson I was having, but I very much doubted it.

Removing his hand Chris sat sideways on and looked at me. Facing him I looked him in the eye and raised an eyebrow.

“Now what?” my voice sounded alien in the silence. Even the sound of the engine had gone replaced by the loud sound of nothing. Windows wound up I couldn’t even hear the sound of the distant traffic. I was in my own little world and the world was small compared to others.

“Now we learn some car maintenance. Pop the bonnet of the car and get out.”

Outside the car I stood on trembling legs. What now?

“Undo the bonnet please.”

After much fiddling around with the catch I managed to get the bonnet up and stay up. I knew nothing about the workings of a car and the thought of having to learn basic car maintanence wasn’t really that appealing to me. If I wanted something done on my car I would just ask a man to do it for me.

“On your test you will be asked some basic car maintenance questions. The answer will either be a show or tell. Some you will just need to answer and others you will have to physically get out of the car and show the tester how its done. Shall we begin.”

Dumbly I looked at what was under the bonnet of the car and I knew that this wasn’t going to go well.


“Show me where you will find the oil and how you would check it.”


Not a thing did I know and I just shrugged my shoulders as I looked. Chris stood next to me and his smell was not helping me think. It was gorgeous but then so was he. Talk about tall dark and handsome he was certainly tall, broad and delectable. I doubt he even knew what effect he could have on a woman’s senses. He wasn’t conventionally handsome but with those eyes and that smile he definitely had that something.

Oil, was that what I was supposed to be looking for. Pointing towards where I thought it was I hoped I was right.

Instead of telling me if I was right or wrong Chris stood behind me, raised the hem of my skirt bent me over and landed his hand on my bottom.

Shocked I tried to move from under him.

“Keep still and try again.”

Again I pointed randomly. Again his hand came down on my bottom. This time it was expected and the heat in my bum spread slowly outwards.


This time I pointed near the front of the engine to a little yellow gap the picture of a bottle on it. Waiting for his hand to connect with my ass it never happened. This time his hand stroked it descending between my legs instead. Parting my thighs he stood me spread open in front of the car. My pussy throbbed.

“Tell me how you would check your tyres before a journey.”

Wracking my brain for an answer I didn’t know if I could trust myself to speak. Obviously bağdat caddesi escort Chris had his own agenda and it was one hell of an agenda.

“Check the tyre tread.”

“Correct.” His hand pulled my thong to one side and then I felt his fingers pushed in side. Oh god that felt good.

“Check the pressure.”

“Correct.” Further it went inside me, delving deeper, seeking out my clit. Tiny delicate strokes and I nearly collapsed. Trying desperately to think in a coherent manner I wracked my brain for something to say but my brain had shut down.

“One more answer.”

Nothing, not a thing could I say only feel the hand and fingers between my legs teasing me.

“Check for any obvious wear and tear on the tyre making sure to look for bulges on the sides.” Withdrawing his hand he brought it down on my bottom. Each word punctured by a slap. The noise loud in the empty space sent shivers down my spine. All intelligent thought had flown from my head by now. Instinctively I pushed my bottom into the air inviting him to spank me further.

“And how would you check the tyre pressure.”

God knows, I didn’t really care at this moment. All I cared about was the longing for him deep in the pit of my stomach. I had never been spanked before and the alien sensation had me fired up quicker than I could have imagined. The only thing I wanted more than this was his cock buried inside me, now, right this minute.

“Fuck me.”

“Incorrect.” His hand landed on my bottom before I had chance to take a breath.

“Please Chris.”

“Incorrect.” Again it landed.

“How would you check the tyre pressure.”

“Oh fuck Chris please.” I was begging him to finish what he had started.

“Incorrect.” Thwack, his hand landed on my tender flesh. “How would you check the tyre pressure.”

“I don’t know, Please Chris fuck me.”

“Incorrect.” Again his hand landed on my bottom. Again he repeated his question.

“How do you check the tyre pressure.”

“With a gauge.” Where had that come from? His fingers entered me and I almost came. My legs shook and it took all my time to stay standing.


“How often do you need to check the pressure.”

I had no idea. The only pressure I was interested in was the one building between my legs.

“Whenever you go on a journey.”

“Correct.” Harder his fingers touched my clit circling it.

Oh god the torture was so sweet and a loud groan escaped me.

“That concludes the lesson.”

“Please don’t stop.” I begged.

Chris chuckled behind me.

Circling my clit his fingers teased and taunted me. Deep inside me I could feel my orgasm building. Hips moving backwards and forwards on his hand I groaned even louder.

“Stop what? This?” and his hand suddenly stopped its movement. My brain screamed at the sudden loss, wriggling my bottom I tried to finish myself off, pushing myself back against the hand inside me.

“Oh god yes.”

His fingers renewed their movements and my hips bucked against them. Oh god it felt so good. My clit throbbed loudly its beat reverberating inside my head. Louder and louder the beat got until I could stand it no longer and in one loud crash I came.

“AAAAgghhhhhhh.” My voice found itself and I screamed my orgasm. Over and over it washed over me echoing in my skull. Lost in the pleasure his fingers had wrought on me I cared for nothing apart from the sensations in my body.

When he removed his fingers completely from me I almost cried tears of loss. My toys were never that good and all thoughts of swapping my instructor flew from my addled brain. I needed Chris now like I needed to breath, well at this moment I did.

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