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I first did anal when I was about 18. I was picked up in the bar of the Westley Arms in Acocks Green by a bloke who was 30. I knew straight away that he was married and he didn’t try and hide it. We had a few drinks and then a snog after and I agreed to see him the following night. He was a nice bloke, good looking, good company and plenty of cash. He was quite open about what he wanted, said that his Mrs. had gone off sex after their baby had been born and they were just drifting apart and she probably had guessed that he ‘played around’ and didn’t seem to care as long as he paid the bills. He poured half a bottle of Southern Comfort down me and shagged me in the back of his Mondeo in a corner of the car park behind the bowling alley – seedy, dirty and fantastic!

I started seeing him a couple of time a week and we would have sex in his car in various car parks (one down near the canal in Knowle was a favourite, if you saw another car there then you could bet that the people in it were fucking too!) We would usually meet for a drink first and then I would slip off to the ladies and take my undies off, I loved doing that, it seemed so dirty. Anyway, I was living at home and we would go back there sometimes if my parents were out and then we could fuck properly. One night we were in my room and he was eating my pussy and I was feeling really horny and was dripping wet and he had been fingering me when he moved his hand lower and pushed it against my arse. It felt ok so I almanbahis şikayet didn’t object and he slipped his finger up my arse and started sliding it in and out and it just felt good and he was licking my clit and it just built up to a rhythm and I had a huge orgasm.

We had done it doggy style a couple of times so I wasn’t surprised when he turned me onto my knees and stuck his cock in me but then he pulled it out and started to push against my arse. It was tight and hurt at first but I wanted him to carry on ‘coz it felt good even though it was stinging a bit. Eventually he got it all the way in but he came quite quickly and I suppose that lubricated me a lot more because after he had recovered he had another go and this time my arse got a proper fucking. I remember reaching under and playing with my clit while he was fucking me and feeling like a dirty slut having my arse fucked by a married man while my parents were at Bingo!

I was seeing him for about 6 months I guess. Previously I’d had a few one night stands with lads my own age but he the first guy I had sex with more than once and he was pretty experienced so it was good for both of us. Thinking about it, he was one lucky guy! I was 18 and looking to be corrupted and knew there was no chance of romance or commitment, just sex and I was happy with that. I had my first threesome with him and one of his mates in a room at the St Johns Hotel on the Warwick Rd, I felt like a call girl as I strode through almanbahis canlı casino reception trying to look like I was staying there even though I was just going to a room to get fucked by two horny blokes!

When I got to the room they were watching porn on the hotel tv. They had a bottle of champagne on ice and we all had a glass as we made some introductions…I had met the other guy once, briefly, and he was quite cute so I wasn’t particularly nervous. I sat down on the bed between them and they started touching and stroking me, loosening my clothes and taking it in turns to kiss me. They slowly stripped me completely and I just lay back and let them feast on my body, one playing with my big firm tits and the other eating my pussy before they swapped over…then Paul, the guy I had been seeing really got stuck in between my legs while the other guy (Mark?) stripped…he stood there stroking his cock as Paul licked me to an orgasm…once I had cum Paul moved away and Mark got between my legs and slid his cock into me..he was really excited and was soon hammering away and didn’t last long and as soon as he pulled out Paul took his place and fucked me.

He lasted longer but didn’t make me come so once he pulled out Mark stuck his fingers into me, all slippery with their spunk, …I remember him getting three fingers into me really deep and then Paul joined in and rubbed my clit until I came. I then sucked them in turn, getting them really hard before almanbahis casino they both had me doggy style for a while without coming. While Paul was fucking me he was fingering my ass, he worked his thumb into me and was stretching me to get ready for his cock. I had only just started doing anal so he was very gentle as he eased his cock into my ass…his mate didn’t know that I did that and was standing by wide eyed..I remembering him saying something like “You dirty little bitch…can I have a go!” so Paul pulled out and he took over.

He was a bit smaller and I was a bit more lubricated so he was soon fucking me easily…it felt great and he was making a real noise, moaning and groaning before I felt him spunk deep inside me. I was a right mess by now with spunk and pussy juice dripping down my legs but I was so excited, I just wanted more and more…Paul then made me sit on him with his cock in my ass and I think he was expecting Mark to get into my pussy but he wasn’t hard enough so he just fingered me while Paul played with my tits and whispered in my ear, telling me what a slut I was, and how he was going to get all his mates “To fuck your slutty whore cunt.” which turned me on even more…anyway, his mate made me come and then they rolled me over and Paul filled my arse with his spunk.

It was getting late by then so they ran me a nice hot bath, poured me the rest of the champagne and left me to get cleaned up. I have had some less enjoyable experiences but as I said at the start, he was a nice bloke and always treated me like a person, not just an available pussy! Then again, the cynic in me suspects that being nice and spending a little cash now and again made sure that my 18yo pussy was available to his 30yo cock…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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