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Do not read further if you are under the age of eighteen or are otherwise prohibited by law to view sexually explicit material.

Do not reprint this work on any other website, or any medium, without express consent from the author (me!).

Synopsis: One young couple finds themselves increasingly attracted to another. They explore their fantasies together, not realizing they may be getting out of hand.


Sarah and I have been dating for a few years now. We met in college and sort of fell into a relationship. After graduating and acquiring steady jobs, and realizing we were each other’s best friend, we decided to shack up together. It worked out well, as neither of us ever had particularly good luck with roommates in the past. We knew what was expected of each other and it was a good match. To spare the boring details, life proceeded normally.

Until, of course, a change did come to pass. A new girl was taken on at Sarah’s work. Apparently, according to Sarah, she was quite a striking sight and all the men were already tripping over themselves to impress her. This did not affect my life in any meaningful way except, occasionally, Sarah would mention how good Aubrey (the co-worker’s name) looked today, or sheesh, Aubrey has amazing style; she always manages to look so cute even in professional clothes.

“I wonder how often the guys fantasize about her at work,” she would muse.

“Hmm, jealous that you’re not the only one they drool over?” I would retort.

This type of light banter would take place, but it didn’t mean particularly much to either of us, seeing as I had not met Aubrey for myself. “I’ll need to investigate this matter personally before I can judge your reactions!” I would declare, and she would laugh.

As it turned out, I did get the opportunity to meet her. One day, taking a long lunch, Sarah invited me to come over to her office and eat with her. I was happy to join her and meet some of her co-workers. Part of me was obviously curious to see Aubrey and discover what all the fuss was about, but it wasn’t at the forefront of my mind.

I met up with Sarah outside her building and she led me up to her office, introducing me to several people along the way. I greeted them amicably even though for the most part, I forgot their names as soon as they passed out of view. She guided me left down a hallway and I followed a couple steps behind her. Something caught my eye and I looked down the passage I had just come from to notice a stunning young woman rounding a corner. I hesitated for a brief moment and then resumed my course; that had to have been Aubrey, I reflected.

“Most people just eat in their offices,” Sarah interrupted my thoughts. “Mine is a bit of a sty so I thought we could go down to the lobby, there’s a little area where people eat sometimes.” She grabbed her lunch out of her office and back down the hall we went. I dutifully followed her, this time being a bit more attentive to see if I could catch the mystery woman from before. As if reading my mind, Sarah interjected, “Oh! It looks like Aubrey is back in…” and she peeked into a side office.

“Hey, what’s up?” I heard a female voice from inside.

“Hi! I brought my boyfriend in for show-and-tell,” Sarah said cutely.

“Ooh! Bring him in!”

I stepped up next to Sarah and smiled bashfully, feeling out of place. “Hi,” I greeted, reaching out my hand. She graciously took it and gave a sly smile. I think Sarah was embarrassed at my lame hello and Aubrey amused by it. This was definitely the woman I saw before, and she did not fall short of Sarah’s praise. She was extremely pretty; her face a cross between cute and seductive (a deadly combination). She had big, bright eyes which seemed to really accent her face whenever they blinked. Her body, of course, looked smoking. I could tell this from her sitting down, so I knew it could only get better when she stood in full view.

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not trying to say that this girl knocked the sense out of me and drove me to lust at first sight. The point is, she was a very attractive girl. Shaking my hand, she cooed, “So this is the culprit who keeps our dear Sarah unavailable!” I shrugged sheepishly and nodded.

She decided to get up and grab her lunch from the office kitchen. If Sarah was annoyed that she seemingly invited herself along with us, she hid it well. Aubrey and I made brief conversation at first, “What do you do? Oh! And you’ve been seeing each other for how long? How nice!” But after that, the two girls fell into a chat with themselves and I just followed along. I didn’t mind; getting squeezed out to walk behind them allowed me to admire two beautiful backsides with impunity.

After Aubrey had retrieved her food, she excused herself and left us alone to eat in peace. As she departed, Sarah smiled knowingly at me, as if saying, “Told you she was hot,” but we didn’t discuss it. As we ate our lunch together, some more of Sarah’s ataköy escort co-workers passed by and were introduced. And that was pretty much the date.

That night at home, we were lying in bed watching a little TV. Sarah was lightly scratching my leg and slowly working her way up my thigh. I knew this signal well; she was interested in fooling around. She leaned into me and tentatively asked, “So, how did you like my work?”

“Oh it was better than Disney Land!” I playfully mocked.

“Uh huh, so what did you think?” she asked a little more seductively. Her hand was trailing all the way up to the inside of my thigh, right next to my growing cock. I knew she was talking about Aubrey, but I was a little apprehensive. Trying to play it down, I replied, “I just told you!”

With her other hand she grabbed the TV remote and turned it off. More forcefully, she said, “I’m gonna stop if you keep playing naïve…”

I decided she must be feeling frisky tonight so I just gave in. “Yeah, she’s cute.”

“Just cute?” she said incredulously, running to fingers along the base of my hard-on. “Something is telling me it was more than that.”

“Well, she’s not hard on the eyes, that’s for sure.”

“Oh please,” she giggled, “I saw the way you were looking at her.” She was stroking me up and down now, softly but consistently. I was a little surprised at how forward she was being about this. We’re a fairly open couple when it comes to talking about sex and people we’re attracted to, but this seemed a little more personal than usual. “Tell me what you liked about her,” she insisted.

“I dunno… Her face was nice.”

“Oh because that’s what you were staring at the whole time!” she teased me, gripping my cock a little harder. I tensed up at the sudden feeling and let out a little grunt.

“Okay, her ass was nice too…”

She continued her stroking with the tighter grip, exciting me more. “You keep going and I’ll keep going,” she informed me.

“Ah… I liked walking behind you two, checking out both your asses…”

“Come on, be honest with me,” she smiled, looking me in the eye. She had repositioned herself so she was leaning in front of me now; me leaning back in the bed under her. I was getting more excited as she twisted her fist around the base of my cock as she pumped it.

“Well, I may have been, ah- looking at her more cause- just to see if your praise was- ah- accurate…” I tried to lean up and grab her, intending to get more than just a hand-job. She pushed me back down with her other hand.

“No baby, just you tonight… keep going…”

Sarah liked to call the shots in bed and I had to admit, I didn’t mind. I loved it when she talked dirty, and I was really starting to get into this. “Well it’s uh- it’s the perfect shape, you know… her pants were loose around the legs but- ah- really managed to show off the ass…”

“Mm, yeah I see the guys always trying to catch a peak. She likes to wiggle it when she walks, doesn’t she?”

“Uh huh she- ah- moves it side to side… oh…” I moaned as she really started working my cock. Typically I don’t get off very quickly when she masturbates me, but the excitement of talking about her co-worker was really turning me on. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the sensations.

“Are you thinking about it right now?” she purred.

“Y-yeah,” I admitted. I imagined her soft skin touching mine as we shook hands. I pictured her getting up out of her chair, watching her shirt cling briefly to her chest, accentuating the outline of her breasts perfectly. I imagined her pretty little face pursing her lips as if to blow me a kiss, then turning away and walking down the hall, swaying her ass teasingly.

“Get off on her, baby,” Sarah cooed to me, “I know you want to…”

I was breathing deeper, straining my legs and involuntarily thrusting my hips up to the rhythm of her strokes. She dutifully continued, knowing perfectly well how to work me. I tried to picture what Aubrey would look like naked. Her skin seemed so smooth and flawless, her curves perfect. Although Sarah was silent now, I imagined her urging me on, telling me to fuck her co-worker. This thought pushed me over the edge, and I felt the familiar sensations of a climax building up; first in my pelvis and swirling up into my balls.

Sarah knew it too. “Oh…” she whispered happily and pulled the sheets down to avoid a mess. My hands instinctively went to my pulsing cock and covered it as I felt myself come into my palms, trying to catch it from getting all over myself. Pictures of Aubrey melted away at each surge of my climax as I calmed down. Opening my eyes, I saw Sarah looking down at me, smiling.

“Hmm that was fast,” she teased. “I guess you liked that?”

I was still coming down from my high, catching my breath. “Yeah that was- heh- kinky…” I trailed off.

“Well, I like to please my man!” she leaned down and kissed me on ataköy eve gelen escort the lips. Then she playfully pushed my out of the bed and told me to clean myself off. I staggered into the bathroom and did so, wondering what had inspired her to interject Aubrey into the sexual act. My thoughts also lead to how aroused she had gotten from what I was saying.

When I came back into the bedroom, Sarah had already slid down into the covers, indicating she was going to sleep. I was disappointed that she wasn’t interested in me returning the favor. To be fair, I was also hoping that maybe she would pick up the conversation where we had left off. Shrugging into bed, I decided to be happy with what I got. We said our goodnights and drifted off to sleep.


After that night, Aubrey became a playful subject that Sarah and I would broach with each other. Needless to say, since meeting her myself and having her explicitly enter my fantasies with my girlfriend’s consent, I was much more eager to hear about her when Sarah got home. Whenever she wore a particularly flattering outfit, Sarah was sure to tell me about it; both a little bit jealous but also playfully interested.

I would often encourage her to invite Aubrey over for dinner. Oh, you two are getting along so well! You never talk to your friends from college; surely you need some female companionship! She would laugh, brushing off my obvious motives. It was a good-humored banter between us and she knew I didn’t seriously have designs on Aubrey. When I was lucky, she would bring her up during sex and talk dirty about her body or her flirtations or anything else that would get me going. Sarah claimed she just did this for my benefit, she getting off on my excitement. But I entertained the notion that maybe, just maybe she had a little crush on Aubrey herself.

This changed one night as we were having dinner.

“Oh I forgot to tell you,” she brought up enthusiastically, “I met Aubrey’s boyfriend today.”

“Yeah?” I asked, “Must be a stud to hold on to that one, huh?”

“He’s not bad,” she said coolly.

“Well he’s gotta be better than that for you to bring him up!” I teased her.

“I can see a lot of girls thinking he was hot. He’s kind of the rugged type,” she mused, taking up her drink so the comment hung in the air a little bit.

I smiled and leaned back. “Last time I checked, you weren’t immune to that type.”

“I didn’t mind seeing him,” she coyly flirted.

I threw my hands in the air, feigning exacerbation, “Oh! The truth comes out! She’s in love!”

She threw me an annoyed look. “Please, no more than you and Aubrey,” she sang her name like it was music to my ears.

“Ah ha!” I cried again, “She admits it again! Tell me, what name does this robust gentleman take?”

She paused, as if trying to remember. I knew she hadn’t forgotten, but I played along anyway. “Matt,” she finally answered.

“Ah Matt,” I declared theatrically, “I shall have to duel you for the honor of my lady!”

She rolled her eyes and smirked.

The conversation moved along on its own, changing topics without either of us noticing as conversations are apt to do. Throughout the rest of the evening I was curious to see if she would want to talk about Aubrey that night. As we readied for bed, it was clear to me that she was in the mood; she didn’t put on a nightshirt after she stripped out of her day clothes. She was posing in front of the mirror, checking herself out. I immediately moved behind her and kissed her on the neck, wrapping my arms around her flat tummy. She smiled, turning towards me, and guided me back to the bed.

Laying back and letting her take charge, she quickly grabbed my cock and positioned herself over it. I was taken aback by how fast she wanted to go. Under normal circumstances, there is always a bit of foreplay to get her nice and wet. But tonight she was already aroused. I let out a low groan as she slid me into her and leaned her body down against mine.

Her face was pushed down, next to mine. I was faintly disappointed as I realized she was in no mood for talking dirty tonight, but that feeling fled as she jerked her hips against me with such enthusiasm right off the bat. It didn’t cross my mind why she was so horny; I really didn’t care at that point. I simply thrust along with her, matching her movements and doing my best to please.

After a few minutes, I recognized that she was getting close. I felt her legs trembling and heard her taking in short, sharp breaths. She pushed herself up, one arm pressing down on my chest, the other beside me, and ground into me harder. I admired her breasts as they swung with her movements. Then I noticed her biting her lower lip with her eyes clenched shut. This was a really hot look on her face; a portrait of lust. I dimly thought that normally her mouth hangs open when she is about to come, but not tonight. There ataköy grup yapan escort was no moaning either; she was keeping herself quiet.

She didn’t shout or groan when she came, but her entire body went rigid, pushing down as hard as it could on mine. I enjoyed the sensations of her climax because it was longer than her usual ones. Her hips ground in little circles, forcing out every drop of pleasure she could. I felt a sudden rush and started coming into her right then. She might have been as surprised as I was! Yet she just continued grate against me with her eyes locked shut.

As I finished, her body slowly slumped down onto mine. My dick began to grow soft, but I still lightly pumped into her. She finally made a sound, letting out a long mmm and rolled off of me. We lay there like that for one or two minutes when I finally asked, “Wow, what got into you?”

She gave a little smile and shrugged. I left it at that.


The following week I was amazed to hear Sarah tell me that she had invited both Aubrey and Matt over for dinner. I pretended to be suspicious, “Oh now that there’s a man in the equation, she is finally allowed to visit!”

“Yeah well, now I know you’ll be on your best behavior,” she retorted mockingly.

“This wouldn’t have anything to do with how easy on the eyes he is, would it?” I rejoined.

Sarah slumped her shoulders, “I thought you’d be thrilled for another chance to drool over your fantasy woman.”

I worried that she was taking my teasing too seriously and backed off. “I’m just razzing you, babe.”

She gave me a flat smile and turned away, ending the conversation.

The two were invited for that Saturday evening. I was slightly annoyed that Sarah expected us to clean up the apartment from top to bottom so it would be presentable for our guests. I ribbed her, offering, “If this guy is so rough around the edges, I doubt he’ll give a shit if the place is a little dusty.” It was to no avail; the cleaning continued.

The day dragged on. After the apartment was tidied up, Sarah was now being a perfectionist about dinner. I wondered why she was trying so hard to impress. At first I thought maybe she was just trying to compete with Aubrey. Then I felt a pang of jealousy wondering if she was trying to show off for this mystery man. I realized I was overreacting and tried to put it out of my mind.

When we heard a knock on the door, my heart jumped in my throat. I was surprised to find myself so anxious. Sarah went to answer and I hung back casually. I watched as she opened the door and our guests come in, greeting warmly. Aubrey looked fantastic, wearing a skirt that bordered between fashionable and slutty. I also gave her boyfriend Matt a good look and had to admit that he was an attractive guy.

The evening proceeded smoothly. It seemed most of the conversation was filled up by the two girls. I chatted with Matt but found him to be rather terse; he was friendly but clearly not interested in small talk. Sarah tried to tease him out into conversation several times, asking about every little thing to open him up. I noticed she was practically flirting with him, but I didn’t mind much because I was likewise trying to enjoy Aubrey’s company. The situation was a little unusual in that it almost seemed as if we were all single.

After the meal was over, we continued to relax and have some drinks. Sarah, being a bit of a lightweight, got buzzed fairly early on. Her comments and conversations straddled a sexual nature, dropping innuendos and sending slightly aroused signals with her body language. She is normally not so forward, so I vaguely understood her actions as a mix of alcohol, good times, and trying to impress Aubrey. The thought that she might be trying to impress Matt crossed my mind as well, but I wasn’t offended as I was just as guilty of a little flirting with Aubrey.

As the evening drew into the night, the couple decided it was finally time to leave. Sarah pouted and insisted there was no hurry, but they would not relent. We all got up from the couches and walked to the door. Sarah and Aubrey gave each other a hug, while I shook Matt’s hand and told him again that it was nice to meet him. He then extended his hand to Sarah, which she took and pulled him in for a hug. I think all of us were a little surprised. I glanced at Aubrey and she had this weird smirk on her face. She returned my look and, with a smiling shrug, held her arms out to receive a hug from me. We embraced lightly, both slightly awkward. The two then left and Sarah and I went to cleaning up the mess.

We talked idly about the evening, but it wasn’t long until our conversation turned erotic. She started it with, “So was Aubrey all you hoped for tonight?”

“Well she didn’t rip her clothes off and throw herself at me, so it wasn’t quite up to standard,” I joked.

“Aw poor baby,” she pouted.

“I mean, even you almost went there for Matt!” I realized after I had said it that I was both joking and confronting. There was a slight but uncomfortable pause before Sarah replied.

“Hey, I was just distracting him so you could seduce your dream girl,” she said as if it were a matter of fact. I realized my shoulders had tightened up and I felt myself relax, the tension melting away.

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