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Doug and Nicky lay back on the scruffy sofa, both in their post-coital glow. This had been a most surprising afternoon. They had first met earlier that day over Doug’s memorabilia and bric-a-brac stall as Nicky, a Community Police Officer, strolled around her new patch. It had been a chance meeting which developed into a wonderfully erotic encounter thanks, in part, to a bottle of home-made elderberry wine.

They surveyed each other’s naked bodies whilst replaying the earlier events in their mind, trying to come to terms with the reality of what had happened, and get a handle on what would happen in the next few minutes.

It was Nicky who spoke first, announcing with a giggle,

“That wine was powerful stuff! It went straight to my head, and now it’s gone somewhere else. I really need a pee. Have you got a toilet in here?”

They were in Doug’s lock-up, a large out-building in a lane at the rear of his flat in the centre of town. Although there was an old sofa in there, and a small table, it was basically a storage shed for all Doug’s collectibles.

“Sorry, I don’t,” he replied. “I always go to the flat. Well, not quite always. I do have an old chamber pot that I use occasionally if I’m busy working and I can’t be bothered walking over there.”

Nicky weighed up the situation. They were both pretty tipsy from the bottle of ‘rocket fuel’ elderberry wine she had bought earlier. They had drunk it in the course of only half an hour or so, accompanied by two or three slices of a rather yummy Victoria sponge. She wasn’t a shy woman. Police Officers are rarely shy people! Additionally they had earlier watched a young woman pee in front of them; well, in the lane outside anyway. Of course the girl hadn’t realised she was being watched, except by her rather drunken boyfriend. In any case, Nicky and Doug were both realistic people in their mid to late 30’s, so having a pee in front of him wouldn’t really be a big deal.

In spite of her fabulous climax only a few minutes ago, she was still feeling horny and wanted her fun afternoon to continue. The surroundings however, were not ideal, the only comfortable option being the old sofa on which they were both reclining. On balance therefore, whilst a rather exhibitionist pee might lead to further fun, she would prefer a change of location.

“I think I’d prefer to go to the proper toilet,” she announced, “That is if you don’t mind me inviting myself into your flat?”

“No, that’s absolutely fine,” Doug replied, realising the obvious possibilities, but immediately wondering what state he had left the place in. He was normally a clean, tidy guy, but it had been an early start that morning, so he was pretty sure he hadn’t made the bed or washed the breakfast dishes.

“I don’t suppose we can walk around like this?” smiled Nicky, rising to her feet and looking down at her naked body.

“Hmm. Probably not,” grinned Doug, also getting up from the sofa. He took the opportunity to drink in the view of Nicky’s naked form, her pale firm boobs, dark nipples, muscular legs, taut bum and smooth hairless pussy, “although it would give the neighbours something to talk about!”

The couple kissed one another and stood for a short time gently pressed together in their embrace. It was surprising how comfortable they felt with one another, given that they had met for the first time only hours ago.

Breaking away from their cuddle, they walked across the rather dusty vinyl in search of their clothes. Nicky’s uniform was in a neat pile on the floor next to a wooden chest close to a large window, the scene of their earlier voyeuristic activity. Doug’s jeans and boxers were nearby. He looked around for his shirt and soon located it lying on the floor under the sofa, where it had obviously been scuffed during their sexy encounter.

They began to get dressed, both noticing the chill from their underwear as they slipped their still damp pants on. They both produced plenty of natural lubricant when they were turned on, and the wet patches were a reminder of how much they had been enjoying themselves.

Doug could hardly take his eyes of Nicky as she picked up each item of clothing, turned it around so it was neither inside out nor back to front, and put it on. This was the reverse of his fantasy, turning a naked woman into a Police Officer rather than the other way round, but was no less sexy for all that.

He realised that he couldn’t just stand there and watch her all day, so he picked up his shirt, buttoned it up and then turned in time to see Nicky walk across the room, take her casual jacket from the back of the chair and slip it on over her uniform. His mind flashed back to the moment he failed to recognise her earlier in the afternoon. He wouldn’t make that mistake again.

For her part, Nicky had noted Doug’s obvious interest in watching her get dressed. She had realised yesterday that he was a rather lonely guy, someone for whom fantasy played quite a role in his life. He had undressed her in an almost ritualistic manner, ataköy escort and had admitted that he was something of a voyeur. It was these factors that had given her the idea to perform a bit of a ‘show’, the primary reason being simply to give him a thrill. Of course there was a secondary benefit, that being to improve his technique with women by demonstrating how an expert, Nicky herself, went about turning a woman on. Her mind was already working on what she could do next.

Doug opened the large wooden door and they walked out onto the lane, Nicky remembering to pick up her carrier bag, now rather lighter minus one of the cakes and the bottle of wine. He swung the door closed behind them and fastened the padlock securely. They walked side by side along the lane, blinking strongly in the bright late afternoon sunlight. In less than a minute, they had walked up the lane, around the corner, through the open front gate, up four stone steps and were unlocking the slightly shabby door to Doug’s flat.

In front of them stretched a long hallway, fairly narrow, but nicely decorated and with plenty of light. There was quite a steep, straight staircase to the right hand side, a door to the left, probably the living room Nicky thought, and she could see a bright kitchen at the far end of the hallway. It was far nicer inside than she had imagined from the rather scruffy exterior.

“Come on in,” said Doug, leading the way down the hallway into the kitchen.

“Excuse the breakfast things.” he continued apologetically. “I had to leave pretty early this morning to get set up.”

He had nothing to be concerned about. In truth Nicky was impressed by the state of the place. The kitchen was modern and surprisingly large, with a good expanse of worktops and cupboards, well laid out, clean and bright, and just a couple of used plates and mugs on the drainer.

“Not at all,” she responded. “This is lovely. Was it like this when you bought it?”

“Oh no,” he quickly replied. “It was pretty rough, but my little hobby actually does OK for me financially, and over the last couple of years I’ve done the place up a bit.”

“You’ve done this yourself?” She was genuinely impressed.

“Yeah. I like DIY,” he replied.

“Yes, she smiled. “I think we established that yesterday!”

Doug looked confused for a moment, then the joke dawned on him and he blushed slightly. They both laughed.

“Take off your jacket,” he said. “I’ll show you around, not that it’ll take very long.”

Nicky slipped her jacket off and threw it onto the breakfast bar, followed by her carrier bag.

“OK. Lead on.”

The kitchen windows looked out over a small back yard area, surrounded by a high wall. It couldn’t really be called a garden. It was tidy, paved with rather dull concrete slabs and had a couple of faded plastic chairs at one side. That was pretty much it.

“I should really do more with that,” said Doug, nodding his head in the direction of the yard. “It’s not exactly a priority though.”

They turned and walked back down the hallway in the direction of the main entrance door. Doug opened the door on the right and stepped into the room which, as Nicky had guessed, was the main living space. Again, it was well decorated, with a pale laminate floor, modern fireplace, a pleasant, if rather plain sofa and armchair, and a couple of storage units. There were pictures on the walls and a large TV on a stand in the corner. It wasn’t really what Nicky had expected.

“I half thought the place would be full of your collectibles,” she couldn’t help herself blurting out, “But this is really nice.”

“Thanks,” he replied, smiling. “It did used to be a bit like that, but I had a clear-out when I started to do the place up, so pretty much everything is in my lock-up now.”

He turned and walked back out of the door then led the way up the steep staircase. There was a door directly at the top of the stairs which he opened and stepped inside. Nicky followed and found herself in a modern bathroom, not particularly large, but a decent enough size. Like the kitchen, it had been thoughtfully fitted out. The shower was particularly impressive. Doug noticed Nicky’s appreciative glance.

“I ripped out the bath,” he explained, “as I never really use one. I always like a shower, so I thought I’d take up the whole space with a nice big one.”

“So I see,” grinned Nicky. “This one’s big enough to hold a party in!”

Doug knew she was joking, but the thought was appealing! Unfortunately his mental picture was immediately interrupted by an exclamation from his guest.

“Ah. The loo! Thank God,” and with that she stepped quickly over and, without a hint of self-consciousness, unfastened her trousers, pulled them down along with her panties and sat on the seat.

A loud hissing sound accompanied by a musical tinkling told Doug that Nicky had indeed been desperate. The fact that she had just done it right there in front of him took him slightly by surprise. His girlfriends bakırköy escort had never done that in the past.

Nicky’s face began to take on a look of intense relief as the hissing sound continued for quite a time.

“Sorry,” she said. “I just couldn’t hold it any longer.”

“It’s fine,” he replied, trying to sound casual, when in fact the sight of a uniformed Police woman peeing within touching distance of him had already re-awakening his interest. Of course Nicky was very well aware of the effect it was likely to have on him and, casually, as the immediate urgency of her call of nature subsided, she parted her knees slightly giving him a better view of her hairless crotch and the golden stream issuing from it.

Eventually the noise subsided and Nicky reached for the toilet paper. She stood up, ensuring Doug got an unrestricted view of her nether regions, and wiped the drips away, dropping the paper into the bowl. She unhurriedly pulled up her little black thong, taking time to ensure it was sitting just where she wanted it, then pulled up and fastened her trousers. Only then, when she was sure she had given Doug time to feast his eyes, did she turn and flush the toilet.

“So, what else is there?” she asked, as if nothing had happened.

Doug needed to use the toilet himself, but he didn’t feel he could manage it with Nicky watching, or indeed after witnessing her performance which had left him in a state of arousal; a state he attempted to disguise with little success. He led the way out of the bathroom and through the next door leading off the small upper hallway.

This was a good sized bedroom, but it was not in the same condition as the rest of the flat.

“This one’s still on my ‘to do’ list,” he explained.

Nicky looked around the room, which was clean, but didn’t appear to have been given any real attention for perhaps 30 years. There was an old double bed with a couple of cheap, tatty bedside cabinets, a similarly cheap, non-matching chest of drawers and a single chair over by the window. It was unusual in that it was a swivel office-type chair which seemed out of place.

Nicky walked over and peered out of the window with interest. She had a view of the back yard and a long building beyond, which she assumed was the lock-up. Over to her right was a tall wall which she recognised as the one which bounded the lane they had pushed Doug’s cart down yesterday and, as she got her bearings, she was now sure that the long building was indeed his lock-up. She could see a part of the lane that ran past the storage shed and on beyond it, finishing in a dead-end.

Doug excused himself for a moment and quickly darted into the bathroom to relieve himself, his erection having subsided just enough to make this possible. Nicky took a few moments to cast her eyes over the room trying to imagine what it would be like when Doug had worked his DIY skills on it. Being an older building, all the rooms had high ceilings, and were generously proportioned. It would make a lovely bedroom.

She absent-mindedly pulled open the top drawer of the chest and glanced inside. There were three or four books relating to Doug’s collecting hobby, a spare light bulb, some random screws and bolts, two or three items she couldn’t readily identify, a couple of jigsaws and a pair of binoculars.

“Pretty standard spare room stuff,” she thought, closing the drawer.

“So, only one room to go.”

Doug’s voice brought Nicky’s attention to the fact that he was standing in the hallway just outside the bedroom door. Reacting to the prompt, she walked past him, along the short hallway and through the next door into the adjacent room. This was clearly Doug’s bedroom.

It was a large room, decorated in a plain style with magnolia walls apart from one feature wall which was covered with a tasteful, busy printed wallpaper; rather masculine in terms of design and colour for her taste, but it had been well done and the overall effect was attractive. The room was bright and faced onto the main road at the front of the house. There was a whole wall of mirrored wardrobes and a large bed; King Size or Super King thought Nicky.

“Wow. That’s some size of bed,” she observed. “Don’t you rattle around in it all by yourself?”

Doug smiled. “Well I like room to stretch out and move around,” he reasoned.

“Is that all?” Nicky was teasing him, and fishing for his little secrets as well. “So, have you had some memorable nights in here?”

Doug pulled a face. “I think you already know the answer to that,” he answered, quite matter-of-factly.

“Well. You never know. Your luck might change.” Nicky grinned and sat down on the edge of the bed. After her bathroom performance, Doug realised that Nicky was still in the mood, and his cock, which had only subsided enough to allow him to pee, now began to stiffen once more at the thought of further action.

“So, how does a man keep himself amused on the long lonely nights,” Nicky queried, slightly unexpectedly, as she cast her eye over the room.

Doug just looked at her enquiringly.

Nicky’s roving eye scanned around, taking in the reflection of the bed in the mirrored wardrobes.

“Might be fun for later,” she found herself thinking.

Her eyes were drawn to a small chest of drawers with a TV on top to one side of the bed. Pretty normal to have a small TV in the bedroom … but … a bit less common for it to be sitting on top of a small DVD player. She turned her eyes to the bedside cabinets and sure enough, saw two remote controls sitting on top of one of them.

“Ah. I think I see.”

Doug was still not on the same page.

“And I reckon … let me see … yes, in here.”

Nicky made a sudden movement and tugged open the bottom drawer of the left-hand bedside cabinet. Sure enough, here was Doug’s stash of naughty DVDs. A bit old school, but then that was Doug all over, although she was sure he also used the internet like everyone else. But, as a collector of old stuff, she knew he would have DVDs, and possibly old magazines as well.

Doug was taken aback and embarrassed. “How the fuck …?” he started.

“Sorry,” giggled Nicky, realising that once again she had probably over-stepped the mark as she invaded his private space. That elderberry wine was still affecting her judgement, but not her instincts.

“Occupational hazard. People are usually very predictable” she explained.

Doug looked at her questioningly again.

“We quite often have to search people’s houses” Nicky explained. “Underwear drawers are almost always the top drawers of a chest or bedside cabinet. Easiest to reach on a daily basis. It’s also the first place people think of hiding cash or valuables. I guess they figure people won’t look there. It’s actually pretty much the first place a thief will go.”

She continued. “The same kind of rule applies to the bottom drawer of a bedside cabinet. That’s where people stash their really personal stuff. Sex toys, condoms, naughty pictures, dressing up stuff. Close to the bed so easy to reach, but low down where people figure no-one will look.”

Doug looked amazed, but could totally see the logic. Actually it was all spot on for his bedroom!

“May I?” Nicky decided it would be more considerate to ask before rummaging through the drawer.

Doug knew what was in there, and could feel himself cringing, but he figured that Nicky had already discovered a few things about his sexual tastes, and she was still here in his bedroom. He nodded silently.

Nicky reached into the drawer and pulled out a handful of DVDs. She set them down on the bedside cabinet, reached down and started untying her shoes.

“Might as well be comfortable,” she smiled at Doug.

With her shoes lying on the floor beside the bed, Nicky was able to pull up her feet and sit with her back against the pillows and headboard. She looked at Doug and patted the mattress beside her with her hand.

“Well come on then. Do you need an invitation to get into bed with a girl?” She smiled warmly realising that Doug was a little uncomfortable. “You should know by now I don’t bite,” she grinned. “Unless of course you want me to?”

Doug smiled and began to relax again. He followed Nicky’s lead and removed his shoes before climbing onto the bed next to her. Nicky reached for the DVD’s, lifted them onto the bed and started to examine them one by one. She was relieved to find that were all pretty standard stuff, none of the disgusting filth that she had sometimes dealt with during her day job. If nothing else this confirmed her existing view that Doug was a nice, pretty normal guy, just a bit lonely and inexperienced.

“Naughty Nurses, Kinky Cops, After School Club, …” she read through some of the titles. “Bit of a thing about uniforms have we?” She smiled her lovely smile and glanced down at her own Police attire, turning her face back to Doug and raising her eyebrows naughtily.

“Outdoor Fun, Naturist Games.” There was quite a selection. She reached in for another handful and flicked through them. They were all in a similar vein and were exactly what she would have guessed.

She reached into the drawer again and pulled out a black carrier bag. It was very lightweight. She turned to look at Doug who blushed bright red but said nothing. She took this as tacit agreement she could open it. She opened the top, peered inside then reached in and removed the contents.

After yesterday, Nicky already knew that Doug liked panties. The bag contained three or four pairs. She looked at him enquiringly.

“I didn’t steal them off washing lines if that’s what you think” he said, rather defensively. Nicky smiled, slightly relieved. That would have been a step too far in her view.

“So?” she prompted.

“I bought them. Supermarkets mostly.”

Nicky held them up one by one. She could tell from the feel that they were everyday cheap knickers, not the kind she preferred from the specialist underwear shops. Bravissimo was a favourite.

They were pretty unremarkable really. There were a couple of thongs, a black pair and white pair, a fairly pretty pair of colourful lacy ones, and a plain white cotton pair.

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