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The following story is about a man coming to terms with his sexual orientation, as well as his feelings for his best friend. Characters are 18+, and any similarity to other characters or people is purely coincidental and not intended. Please feel free to leave any questions, comments, or concerns, as they will be greatly appreciated.


Oliver watched as the doctor moved the ultrasound wand across Amber’s belly. It had been four months since he found out that Amber was pregnant, and felt a twinge of excitement, for the baby coming at least. The fact that he was having it with Amber was a little sad, since she wasn’t the one he loved.

Noah Larson, that son of a bitch somehow managed to enter Oliver’s heart, and Oliver knew he’d always hold a place there. Oliver regretted what he did four months ago, giving up Noah, when he knew Noah wanted to be with Oliver just as much, but he knew that Noah deserved to be happy, and Oliver wasn’t sure if he could give Noah everything he deserved.

“So,” The doctor spoke. “Everything is looking great, nice and healthy.”

“That’s great Doctor.” Amber said, grabbing Oliver’s hand.

“Yeah.” Oliver agreed.

“Would you to like to learn the sex of the baby?” The doctor asked.

“Yes!” Amber exclaimed before Oliver could even take a breath.

Oliver watched the doctor wave the ultrasound wand over her belly again, staring at the screen as he did. He held his breath when the doctor stopped and looked at them.

“It’s a boy!” He told them, sounding excited himself.

“Did you hear that Oliver?!” Amber cheered. “It’s a boy, our son!”

“Yeah, that’s great!” Oliver told her.

“Well, I’ll let you two get situated and we’ll meet back in my office.” The doctor said before turning the machine off and leaving the examination room.

“I’m so happy, I have the perfect boy name picked out.” Amber said as she cleaned the jelly from the ultrasound off of her belly.

“Oliver Junior?” Oliver joked as he threw the paper towel away from her.

“As good as that is,” Amber smirked as she stood. “I always liked Brady.”

“Brady?” Oliver asked. “It’s okay, not as good as Oliver though.” He joked as they walked into the doctor’s office.

Oliver and Amber sat down at the desk, across from the doctor, who was finishing a phone call. Oliver looked at the knick knacks in the room, and was surprised to see a wedding picture of the doctor and his husband at their wedding. Oliver wondered why they had it easy being gay, and every time he tried, something prevented it.

“So, I just wanted to make sure you are taking extra measures in keeping your baby healthy.” The doctor said as he hung up the phone.

“Of course doctor.” Amber told him, listing all of the precautions and extra attention she was giving the baby, Oliver stopped listening after awhile.

Oliver layed on the couch watching a movie, one that wasn’t a dreaded romantic comedy, and felt his body begin to grow weary. Just as he felt himself nodding off, the phone began to ring. Oliver quickly answered it quickly as to not wake up Amber, who was now snoring in the bedroom.

“Hello?” Oliver asked.

“Oliver.” Noah whispered into the phone. “I need help, can you get here now?”

Oliver began to worry, Noah sounded scared on the other side of the phone. He hoped nothing was wrong, but his gut feeling told him something was not right.

“Yeah, I think I know your address, I’ll be there as soon as possible.”Oliver said before Noah got cut off. There was a bit of static before the phone hung up.

Oliver went into the other room and woke Amber up. She seemed upset that he woke her, but he quickly told her about the phone call.

“Yeah, hurry, go.” Amber told him, seeming concerned for Noah as well. “Need me to come with you?”

“No, I don’t know what’s wrong, but I want you to stay safe here, just in case.” Oliver told her, not wanting to risk something happening to his unborn son.

Oliver drove the normally fifteen minute route to Noah’s house in just under ten. He was lucky not to get pulled over, or luckier that he wasn’t in an accident. He was surprised to see a couple of police cars parked out front of Noah’s house.

He walked up the ramp to the front door, and noticed that the door was broken down. Oliver stepped in side and was instantly at gun point by a police officer. Noah was on the couch with another officer. His face looked bruised and swollen, and his clothes were bloodied and torn.

“No stop, that’s my friend Oliver!” Noah quickly told them. Oliver was glad when they put their guns down.

“Noah, what’s going on?” Oliver asked as he sat down next to Noah on the couch.

“Well, uh, Scott-” Noah started, but started to choke up. He wiped a couple tears from his eyes before continuing. “He, um, got into some things over the last couple of weeks, drugs, and started stealing things to pawn. When he asked me for cash, I said no, and he got mad.”

“Well, we’ll keep an eye out for him and your car.” The officer who pointed istanbul escort the gun at Oliver told Noah. “You shouldn’t stay here.”

“You can stay with me Noah.” Oliver offered.

“Thanks, but I don’t want to be near Amber.” He said, then quickly added. “If Scott finds me, don’t want Amber and your baby to be in danger.

“Well, where are you going to stay?” Oliver asked, knowing he couldn’t stay here.

“I’ll rent a room at a hotel, at least that way someone can watch the door.” Noah assured him.

“Okay.” Oliver said.

“Well Mr. Larson,” Another officer said as he walked in, pushing a very old looking wheelchair one would see in a hospital. “You can use this chair until we find your’s”

“Great.” Noah sulked.

Oliver watched as Noah tried to get into the new, or old technically, wheelchair. He couldn’t maneuver around the arm of the chair, and looked ready to throw it across the room. Oliver got in front of Noah and helped him into the chair.

“You sure you don’t need help?” Oliver asked.

“Maybe just getting into the bed at the hotel, but that’s all.” Noah said, then added. “And a ride. That jerk stole my car.”

Noah was quiet the whole ride to the hotel, he just stared out the window. Oliver wanted to cheer him up, but didn’t know how. Noah didn’t look so much sad as he did disappointed.

“On the count of three.” Oliver instructed when they got Noah into his room, and now were attempting to get him into bed. “One, two, three.”

Noah leaned on Oliver as Oliver pulled him forward, then Oliver set him down on the bed. Noah grabbed his legs, one at a time, and pulled them up higher on the mattress.

Oliver got sidetracked when his cell phone began to ring, and excused himself and stepped outside of the door.

“Hey Amber.” Oliver answered.

“Hey, I got worried when you didn’t call me. What happened?” Amber asked.

“Scott got a little physical with Noah, and stole some things.” Oliver explained.

“Oh, that sucks.” Amber said. “Are you guys on your way back?”

“No.” Oliver told her. “Noah wanted to stay at a hotel, and I was helping him set up.”

“Maybe you should stay there with him.” Amber suggested. “I don’t think he should be left alone in his condition.”

“Good idea.” Oliver said. “I’ll call you in the morning and let you know what’s going on.”

“Okay, good night.” Amber said before hanging up.

Oliver thought it was nice of Amber to worry about Noah. Oliver walked back in the room and felt his cock stir.

Noah was laying in bed in nothing but a pair of briefs. His whole body was furry, covered in light brown hair that matched Noah’s beard and hair on his head.

“Sorry, kinda awkward, but all my clothes are ripped and covered in dried blood.” Noah said before pulling the blanket over his body.

“It’s fine.” Oliver managed to say in a somewhat normal voice. “Hey, if you don’t mind, I’m gonna stay here tonight. I don’t think you should be alone since you can’t get in and out of your wheelchair.”

“Sure, if you want.” Noah said. “Is Amber fine with it?”

“Yeah.” Oliver told him, then changed the subject off of Amber. “So, why didn’t you tell me this was going on sooner?”

“It’s not something that’s easy to talk about.” Noah said after a moment of silence. “I thought it would just be the one time. Then when it happened again, I was too scared.”

“I can’t believe this Noah, what happened after that other guy you dated who got into drugs, you should have seen it faster.” Oliver mentioned.

“It’s not that easy Oliver, so don’t preach to me, since you aren’t exactly batting 1’000 when it comes to relationships.” Noah said, sounding defensive.

“Cheap shot dude, at least Amber doesn’t beat me.” Oliver shot back.

“No, she only keeps you trapped so you can’t be happy.” Noah told him.

Oliver sat there, staring at Noah, who was glaring right back. Oliver realized Noah needed to let off steam, and Oliver thought he should help.

“Well, you aren’t happy either.” Oliver told him. “You just want to play the maurder.”

“Maurder? At least I can admit I’m gay, unlike you.” Noah told him. “At least I can still say I am still in love with you Oliver, and nothing would make me happier to be with you.”

Noah looked a little embarrassed after he said that, and looked away. Oliver couldn’t believe that he said that. Oliver knew Noah had a crush on him, but Oliver didn’t know Noah loved him.

“Noah, you have to know. I love you, but I’m not good for you.” Oliver told him.

“Bullshit! You are a great guy Oliver, and you don’t even know how great you are.” Noah told him.

“What makes me so great Noah?” Oliver asked. “I don’t see it, what do you think makes me so great?!”

Oliver didn’t know what came over him, but tears started pouring down his face.

“Oliver.” Noah said.

“No, what is it about me? Is it the fact that I always get into relationships that are not good for me, or how I tossed you aside when you admitted your feelings esenyurt escort for me, or is it the fact that I don’t know how to be happy?” Oliver asked. “Because it seems like I always fuck things up, especially with you.”

Oliver could hear Noah talking, but wasn’t paying any attention. Oliver got up and left the room and headed to his car.

Oliver drove around for hours, trying to clear his mind about things. He felt worthless, and what made it worse was how Noah put him up on a pedestal. Oliver noticed all of his flaws when around Noah, despite how perfect Noah thought he was.

Oliver also thought how Noah had never had a good relationship either, and wondered why. Was Noah just as unhappy as Oliver, and always settled into bad relationships.

Noah had been trying to help Oliver realize that he wasn’t worthless, Oliver knew that much. Oliver also knew that he should be helping Noah realize the same thing. Even if Oliver didn’t end up with Noah, they could still be the best of friends.

Oliver headed back to the hotel, after stopping to buy Noah a change of clothes. Oliver walked into the room to find Noah asleep. Oliver decided to wait until morning to talk to Noah. He layed down in the couch and went to sleep.

Oliver woke up to the sound of the morning new. He looked up to find Noah sitting up in bed watching the tv. He looked at Noah and gave a feint smile.

“Thanks.” Noah told him.

“For what?” Oliver asked as he sat up and stretched.

“For helping me lose some of that anger.” Noah told him.

“Of course Noah.” Oliver told him. “I bought you some clothes for you while I was out last night. At least something to wear to buy something else.”

Oliver handed Noah the bag and watched him pull out the t-shirt and shorts. Noah set them on the side of the bed.

“Thanks Oliver.” Noah told him. “Listen, about last night, what I said.”

“Don’t worry about it.” Oliver interrupted. “I am glad to hear you have feelings, and I hope we can be something, but even if we don’t, I’d like to be friends again.”

“I’d like that too Oliver.” Noah said. “Now, help me up, I need to take a piss.”

Oliver helped Noah get into the chair. When Noah went into the bathroom, Oliver decided to call Amber.

“Hello?” Answered a deep male voice.

“Hello? Amber?” Oliver asked.

CLICK, the phone hung up. Oliver tried calling again, but went straight to voicemail. Oliver knew that the person who answered was a man, which made Oliver angry.

“Hey, can you give me a ride to work?” Noah asked, managing to get dressed in his chair.

“Yeah, sure.” Oliver said.

Oliver drove in silence, angry about Amber. Noah must have sensed his anger, because he didn’t say a word the whole way there.

“Thanks Oliver.” Noah said after Oliver helped him into his chair.

“Of course.” Oliver told him. “I’d do anything for you.”

“I’d do anything for you two.” Noah said, then gave Oliver a hug before rolling towards the building.

Oliver watched as Noah rolled into the building, and momentarily forgot about his problems. If Noah could get beaten, confess his love to his best friend, then go to work, Oliver knew that he could be just as strong. He climbed in his car and headed back to the apartment.

Oliver stormed into the apartment to find Amber on the couch kissing some other man. Oliver was a little taken back, but he mostly felt confused, and of course angry. He slammed the door shut with all of his might in order to draw their attention.

“Oliver?!” Amber asked. “I thought you were out with Noah!”

“So you decide to have a guy over while I’m helping a friend?!” Oliver asked, baffled about what was going on.

The guy on the couch stood, and intimidated Oliver a little. He was about 6’3, 240 lbs of muscles covered in tattoos. His brown eyes looked like they were trying to intimidate Oliver, but Oliver was too angry to step down.

“Who’s this clown Amber?” He asked.

“That’s Oliver, the guy I’ve been living with.” Amber explained.

“Who are you?!” Oliver asked, then remembered what Amber had mentioned the day they found out that the baby was a boy. “You’re Brady, aren’t you?”

“Yeah.” Brady said. “Got a problem with that?”

“Will you two stop?!” Amber interrupted. “Oliver, I can explain. Brady and I broke up when we started getting serious, he just stopped by and he kissed me.”

“Is that all that you were going to do?” Oliver asked. Amber just stared back at him, he knew the answer.

“Oliver, you don’t understand, I thought we were meant to be, but when Brady came back, I realized that we never loved each other, I just tried to force love to happen, but it never did.” Amber explained.

“Is it possible,” Oliver started. “Is it possible that this isn’t my baby?”

“Yes.” Amber admitted.

Oliver was angry, but not for the reason he thought when he came over. If Amber wanted to be with Brady, why had she trapped Oliver into staying with her and raising the baby. Oliver etiler escort felt guilty thinking about leaving her before, but now he knew he could do it.

“Amber, this was fun, but goodbye.” Oliver said as he opened the door. “Oh, and don’t call me unless that baby turns out to actually be mine.”

Oliver slammed the door behind him and headed to his car. He felt free, free to do what he wanted to do since high school, but was too afraid to do. Now, nothing could get in his way, he wanted Noah, more than anything else in the world, and that’s exactly what Oliver was going to go get.

Oliver stepped outside and knew he at least wanted to talk to Noah. He dialed his cell, and got no response. He left a voicemail, then tried his office number.

“Hello, Dr. Larson’s office.” A shrill woman’s voice answered.

“Hey, I need to talk to Noah, is he there?” Oliver asked.

“Yes, but he’s in an appointment, I’ll let him know you called.” She told him.

“Wait!” Oliver said. “Can you please just get him, I need to talk to him for just one minute.”

Oliver wanted to talk to Noah now, before something else kept them apart. He knew that he wasn’t going to take no for an answer.

“Sir, he’s with a client.” She told him

“I fucking know!” Oliver snapped. “Just get him!”

“Sir, don’t call again or I’ll report your number to the police.” She said before hanging up.

“Crap!” Oliver yelled as he put his phone in his pocket. Oliver quickly climbed into his car and started to drive to Noah’s office.

Oliver ran two stop signs and a red light, cut off another car, and almost hit a man on a bike, but he didn’t care, as long as he got to Noah’s office. He wanted to be happy with Noah, and wanted to start that life now.

Oliver walked into the clinic and followed the signs along the walls until he found Dr. Larson’s office. He headed to the door, but was stopped by a middle aged woman with curly red hair, and a familiar shrill voice.

“Excuse me sir, Dr. Larson is with a client, you’ll have to wait.” She told him as she escorted him away from the door.

“Please, this will only take a minute.” Oliver tried to plea.

“Oh.” The woman said. “You’re that rude man from the phone. If you don’t leave, I’m calling security to escort you out of the building.”

“Fine, I’ll leave.” Oliver pretended to slump as he slowly walked away from the door. Then, when the receptionist let her guard down, Oliver pounced for the door. “Noah!” Oliver called as he tried to open the door, only for it to be locked.

“Security!” The receptionist called.

Oliver kept trying for the door, but the two security men got there first. They each grabbed under one of Oliver’s arms and started dragging him away. Oliver tried to dig his heels into the flooring, but couldn’t get any traction. Noah emerged from the office just as Oliver turned the corner, and he could have sworn they made eye contact, but Noah didn’t acknowledge him.

“If you come back, we’ll call the authorities.” One of the guards told him as they left him outside.

Oliver slowly walked to his car, wondering why it felt like everyone was keeping him and Noah apart. He had hoped to talk to Noah now, but he guessed it would have to wait.

Oliver reached in his pocket to pull out his keys, and found them to be missing. He realized they must have fallen out when he was being dragged away by the two goons. He kicked the tire of the car as he tried to figure out how to get his keys from inside a building he wasn’t allowed to go into.

“Missing something?” A familiar voice asked from behind him.

Oliver felt giddy as he turned around to find Noah holding Oliver’s keys in his hand. Oliver walked up to him, unable to contain his excitement.

“Yeah, where’d you find those?” Oliver joked as Noah handed him the keys.

“Well, some loon came into the building a minute ago, and he must have dropped them.” Noah winked.

“Yeah, that guy was crazy, but very handsome.” Oliver said.

“He wasn’t too ugly.” Noah shot back.

Oliver looked at Noah, and felt happy, happier than he felt in a long time. Noah looked just as happy, despite having a good looking crazy person disturb him at work.

“So, Noah, do you have to head in right this second?” Oliver asked.

“No, I have a minute or two.” Noah told him. “So why did you come down here?”

“Amber and I are over.” Oliver told him, and noticed the tiniest of smiles form on Noah’s face.

“What about your baby?” Noah asked.

“Well, we’ll find find out in five months if it’s really mine or not.” Oliver told him. “Amber wasn’t very loyal around the time she got pregnant.”

Oliver could feel tension between him and Noah, but it was different this time. It wasn’t the same tension between then as it was four months ago, this was tension like in the bathroom at the reunion, sexual tension.

“I’m sorry Oliver, I know things will get better.” Noah told him.

“Yeah, I hope so.” Oliver told.

“Oliver!” Noah snapped. “Ask me out already you dummy.”

Oliver started laughing, and so did Noah. Oliver couldn’t believe that Noah was actually rushing Oliver, but was glad he did, since Oliver didn’t know how much more small talk he could do before making out with Noah right then and there.

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