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Several days had passed by since Dale used his genie to fulfill his sexual wishes. He had been applying almost all of his wishes towards his school work. It was easier for him to put off the work until sunset at which his genie would appear and he could simply wish for all of it to be completed. Dale had all the free time he wanted and had no stress to speak of, plus he was happier than ever knowing he could have whatever he wanted.

Dale’s roommate Steve noticed his lack of work and started to ask questions about it. Dale was usually spending all of his time working on his classes and spending late nights in the library and it struck Steve as being odd that it suddenly changed. He finally asked Dale about it one day when he got back to the dorm only to see Dale reclining back, playing ps3.

“Don’t you have any homework or projects to be working on?” asked Steve.

Without diverting his eyes from the TV, “Nah, it’s been really easy recently and not much work has been given.” said Dale.

“That can’t be right; finals are coming up in two weeks. Everyone is loaded with work.”

“I don’t know what to tell you…I guess I’m lucky.”

Steve shook his head in disbelieve and walked out of the room, obviously annoyed and muttered something about getting food.

Dale realized that he was making too much of a change now that he had his genie and knew that he had to keep things seeming normal. He looked at the clock and saw that he had to head over to his economics class. He grabbed his backpack and left for his class. Dale always dreaded this class because even though it only met once a week, it lasted for two hours and for some reason while his genie would complete his work for him, it was against some rule to have all of the knowledge in the world be implanted into his brain.

About a half hour after Dale left, Steve returned to the room. Dale was not the neatest person and it pissed Steve off that he would often leave his stuff all over the room. Dale’s gym bag was lying in the middle of the floor and Steve picked it up and carelessly tossed it on Dale’s bed, not knowing that it was unzipped. The gym bag landed on the bed and immediately fell off, spilling the contents on the floor. Steve turned when he heard a loud metallic sound from something hitting the floor. He walked over to the bag with clothes scattered around and saw the lamp half covered by a shirt. He picked it up, and wondered what it was and what it was doing in Dale’s gym bag. He turned it over looking at it in interested when suddenly smoke started to stream out of the opening. Startled, Steve dropped the lamp and watched as the smoke quickly left the lamp and formed the muscular torso and upper body of the genie. Steve stared in disbelieve, and the genie began to speak.

“So it is a different boy who calls me tonight?”

“A…a different boy?” said Steve, “What are you?”

“I am a genie that had been locked away for thousands of years until the boy named Dale set me free once again.”

“You’re like…an actual genie? Like a genie that grants three wishes?”

The genie smiled, “No, I grant wishes to any boy under the age of 21 who calls upon me after sunset.”

Still in disbelief, Steve asked “As in, as many wishes as I want?”

The genie nodded.

“So you’ve been granting Dale’s wishes?”

The genie nodded again.

“What has he been wishing for?” asked Steve.

“I am sorry, but I cannot repeat the wishes of my previous masters.” responded the genie.

“Your previous master? You mean I am your master now?”

“Yes, but I am bound to Dale as well. I will grant wishes to the first to call upon me.”

Steve realized this was the explanation to why Dale was doing absolutely nothing for his classes. He was still trying to come to terms with the actual genie floating right in front of him, but he decided to test the genie and see if he could actually grant wishes.

“I wish my homework that’s due tomorrow is completely finished and 100% right.”

The genie snapped his fingers and Steve heard papers rustling on his desk. He turned to his desk and saw his notebook magically turning from page to page and writing appearing on the pages and they turned. In less than five seconds the note book stood still and he walked forward to see what Sakarya Escort was written. A smile grew on Steve’s face when he turned through the pages and saw complete and seemingly correct answers to the questions he had been assigned.

He turned to the genie and said “tonight is going to be awesome.”


Dale returned to the dorm after finishing his class and eating dinner. He was so tired from the class that he barely noticed that Steve wasn’t in the room and fell on his bed and went straight to sleep.

The next morning, Dale got up and walked to the bathroom still half asleep. When he walked back into the dorm and noticed not one but two gorgeous girls sharing the bed with Steve. Dale couldn’t believe what he was seeing and wondered how the hell Steve could do something like that while having a girlfriend that he’d been dating for four years. Dale also couldn’t help but notice that the girls where way out of Steve’s league and couldn’t figure out how he managed to get not one but two of them to sleep with him.

Something clicked in Dale’s head and he turned and searched for his gym bag. He saw it turned over next to his bed and he frantically went though his gym gear looking for the lamp. After going through all of his stuff, he knew that Steve must have found it and somehow was able to use the genie. Dale stayed quiet so as to not wake Steve or his “guests” and looked around for the lamp. It was lying under Steve’s bed and Dale quickly picked it up and shoved it in his backpack.

Dale spent the whole day hiding in various buildings on campus to avoid seeing Steve and having to discuss the lamp and the genie. He figured that if he could wait until sunset, he could just wish away Steve’s memory of the genie and not have to worry about it anymore.

It was almost sunset and Dale had been sitting in one of the back sections of the library that contained countless numbers of law books and periodicals that no one ever read. He had successfully avoided Steve all day and was almost able to make the wish to undo any memories that Steve had of the lamp. Without any delay, the genie appeared in front of Dale. Dale immediately wished that Steve have no memory of the lamp or what happened the previous night. The genie snapped his fingers and Dale felt an immediate rush of relief.

He started to pack up his things when he saw a guy walk into the opposite side of the section. Dale recognized him as a senior who he hadn’t seen at all that semester. Dale felt a tingle in his crotch and felt his pants get tighter.

The senior was about Dale’s height and rather slender. He remembered being attracted to him the first time he saw him but forgot about him and hadn’t crossed paths with him for over a year. Dale hadn’t shot off a load in a few days and was more that overdue for a good release. He wanted a piece of this guy but wasn’t sure if he would be into it. Dale approached him confident that if he needed persuasion, he always had his genie for help.

As Dale approached him, he saw that the guy was even sexier than he remembered. He had blue eyes, brown spiked up hair, a tan complexion and a skinny yet toned body. Normally Dale would never approach any guy like this but his confidence was through the roof.

“Hey, I think I’ve seen you around, you’re a senior right?”

“Yeah, I think I remember you too, but haven’t seen you around in a while.”

“You’re right, I never got your name though.”

The senior looked at Dale with intrigue. It was clear to him that this was not the typical conversation two guys would be having.

“Uhh, I’m Dylan.”

“I’m Dale.”

“So what are you doing back in this section? I come back here a lot and basically no one ever comes back here or even knows about it.” said Dylan.

Dale could feel his cock slowing growing in his pants and wasn’t sure how he’d suggest fooling around with Dylan. Dylan must have noticed the bulge in Dale’s pants and continued to say;

“Did I walk in on your personal time?”

Dale was struggling with finding the words he wanted to use. For some reason his confidence was slipping and he was falling back into his more timid personality.

“I…uhh…” stammered Dale. The more he tried to talk, the bigger his bulge grew.

Dylan Adapazarı Escort noticed the growing size of Dale’s crotch and cracked a smile.

“I didn’t know I got you going so badly; you didn’t strike me as the type who would be interested in guys.” said Dylan.

“Yeah…it’s just that I’m new to actually approaching a guy, especially when it’s one that has a figure like yours.” replied Dale.

“You’re lucky to have caught me in the right mood. I was headed back here to rub one out [looking at Dale’s crotch] but I think we can help out each other.” said Dylan.

“Do you do this with other guys a lot?” asked Dale.

“Not recently, and not usually in a public area. But I don’t think many people will be passing by here at this hour.”

Dylan took off his shirt and revealed a slim, smooth upper body with a decent tone. He

walked up to Dale and gently grabbed his pulsing cock through his jeans.

Trembling, Dale took a step back and said “hold that thought for a second.”

He walked over to his back pack and rubbed the lamp knowing that the genie should only be visible to whoever releases him.

“I wish that no one will walk back here or disturb us.” whispered Dale

The genie snapped his fingers. Dale turned and walked back towards Dylan.

When he was within reach, Dylan pulled off Dale’s shirt and stared at Dale’s pecks and rock hard abs. He immediately rubbed his chest and abs, lightly pinching his nipples until they were fully erect. Both started to deeply breath.

Dylan reached down to Dale’s pants and slowly unbuckled his belt and pulled down his pants. Dale’s 9 inch shaft stood straight out under his boxers still pulsing. Dylan dropped to his knees and nibbled the end of his cock through his boxers while reaching up through the leg opening to gently cup his low hanging egg-sized balls. Dale couldn’t take the teasing that he was being put though and pulled off his boxers. His cock bounced up and down a few times before settling at its full erect position.

Dylan was obviously impressed with the full view of Dale’s package. He took a few seconds to look at it from all sides and then leaned forwards. Instead of diving straight onto Dale’s pole, he opened his mouth wide and took in both of Dale’s massive balls, gently caressing them in his mouth while messaging them with his tongue. Dale had never felt anything like it before.

After a minute of tending to Dale’s balls, Dylan finally grabbed a hold of the pulsing cock and slowly took it into his mouth. He bobbed on the head, taking more and more of the length into his mouth as he went. Dylan was slobbering on his cock and was able to swallow almost his entire shaft. Dale quietly moaned as Dylan was tending to his cock.

Dylan was sucking faster and Dale felt he was getting close to shooting his load. He didn’t want to hold it in and waited until the last second to tell. Dylan sensed that the load was on the way and backed off, but still rapidly stroked at the cock until stream after stream of thick cum shot over his shoulder.

Without wasting any time, Dylan told Dale to turn around. Dale was still recovering from the intense cum that he had and didn’t know what Dylan was going to do. He could feel Dylan’s hand grasping each of his ass cheeks and eventually spread them apart. Before he realized what was going to happen, Dale felt Dylan’s tongue circling around the rim of his ass. Dale had never had this done to him and was surprised at how good it felt. Dylan continued to work at his ass, the sensation kept getting better to Dale as it went on.

Dylan stopped, stood up and started to unbutton his pants. Dale turned so he could see Dylan’s cock. As he dropped his pants, his cock sprung up. Dylan’s cock was uncut, slightly less thick than Dale’s and around 6 ½ inches in length, but was cleanly shaven and had no hair what so ever.

Dale commented, “Wow man, you really keep things smooth down there.”

“I’m a swimmer and end up shaving everything while I’m at it.” responded Dylan.

Dale grabbed a hold of Dylan’s veiny rock hard cock and started to stroke it. He had never seen an uncut cock before and loved how the skin slid easily back and forth. He wanted to wrap his mouth around it.

Before Dale had Serdivan Escort a chance to act, Dylan spun him around and told him to bend over. This was the first time he was going to be fucked in the ass and he was a little nervous. Again, Dale told him to hold on a second and he ran over to his backpack acting like he was looking for something. The genie had been waiting by his bag and Dale whispered,

“I wish I had lube.”

The genie snapped his fingers and a bottle of lube appeared in his bag. Dale turned and tossed the bottle to Dylan.

He grinned as he spoke, “I take it this isn’t your first time?”

“Actually, it is. I guess I just lucked out having lube in my bag.” said Dale.

“Really? Alright, I’ll be extra careful with you.” responded Dylan.

Dylan leaned Dale over the back of a leather couch by a coffee table used for a work area and opened the bottle of lube. He squeezed out a large amount in his hand and rubbed it down the length of his cock. He squeezed more on the top of Dale’s ass, so it ran down his cheeks and into his crack and still moist ass hole. Dylan spread the lube over Dale’s ass and messaged his hole. Dylan inserted a finger into his ass and Dale felt a rush of new pleasure. Dylan moved his finger in and out slowly and added a second finger. With this, Dale felt a touch of pain that quickly subsided as he relaxed and had his ass continued to be probed.

Dale felt Dylan pull out his fingers and gently push the end of his cock at the opening to his ass. Dylan slowly pushed in his cock and Dale felt a rush of pain. Dylan’s cock was almost too thick.

Dale whispered, “I wish my ass hole was a little wider.”

He heard a snap and felt a strange tingling in his ass and no more pain.

Dylan pushed back in and while there was still a little pain, he was able to push it all the way in. He moved in and out slowly at first and Dale was feeling less pain and more enjoyment. Dylan started to pick up his speed, but in a way that caused almost no discomfort to Dale. Soon Dylan was pumping at full speed and Dale was feeling waves of pleasure. As he leaned forward and wrapped his arms around Dale’s chest and abs, Dale couldn’t believe how good it felt to be fucked. Dylan’s balls were slapping as he continued to fuck Dale’s ass and both where moaning from pure joy.

They paused for a second and they moved onto the couch and Dale turned so he was on his back. Dylan lifted Dale’s left leg so it was resting on his shoulder, and he slowly stuck his cock back into Dale’s ass. Dylan was clearly feeling intense pleasure and kept running his hand over Dale’s chest and abs. By now, Dale had regained his erection and Dylan started to jack him off which will fucking him.

They were both on the edge of cumming. Dylan was pumping and stroking Dale at full speed while sweat glistened off of them. Dale let out a loud moan and shot his load across his chest and face. Dylan gave a few final big thrusts and let loose his cum inside of Dale. Dale felt the warmth fill him as Dylan continued to unload inside him.

Without pulling out, Dylan leaned forward and licked the cum off of Dale’s chest. Both were breathing heavily and tried to catch their breath. Dylan stood up and sat down on the couch next to Dale, his now limp cock still covered in lube and cum. Dale got up and walked over to his bag again. He whispered,

“I wish I had two towels.”

The genie snapped his fingers and two towels appeared in his bag. He walked one over to Dylan and used the other one to wipe himself off.

“You really have everything in that bag.” said Dylan.

“I guess I just lucked out today.” said Dale.

“Well, that was fun. We should definitely do that again sometime if you’re up for it.” said Dylan.

“Absolutely, and next time it’s my turn to ride your ass.”

“Hahaha, alright, I think I might be able to handle your cock.”

With that, Dylan stood up, got dressed, gave Dale a nod and walked away.

A little sore and exhausted, Dale didn’t feel like getting dressed and walking back to

his dorm.

“I wish I was dressed again and back in my dorm.”

The genie snapped his fingers and the next thing Dale knew, he was standing in the middle of his dorm room.

He walked to his bed and laid down for the night when he heard Steve’s voice;

“So, we’re going to have to figure out how to share the genie.”

***Thanks again for reading. I know its been a while since I posted a new story but I hope you like it. As always, please comment and leave suggestions for future stories.

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