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I’m not your average college student, well this isn’t your average college. I wasn’t worried about fitting in or anything because I never had any trouble in that region being a 5’9 blond guy, with crystal blue eyes everyone just naturally liked me, trust me I’m not bragging. The reason I wasn’t average is that I’m gay and being in the south that isn’t easy, yet here I am the 3rd year in the biggest college in the south, Riverdale University.

“Noah I’m hitting the hay” boomed My roommate’s big voice.

I carefully looked up to see Brett’s emerald green eyes, and his warm smile. “Oh good night brett” I weakly smiled back at him, he waved and closed my door. Brett is a sweet old farm boy, his football player build and red-hair had caused him to catch the eye of many girls, little did he know that he was like a walking wet dream to me. I craved to have him plenty of times and he became the subject of my many jerking off sessions.

I layed back on istanbul escort my bed, trying to figure out a way to get him off my mind. “it’s no use in dreaming about something I can’t get” I whispered to my self. Ultimately I decided to call it a night.

//later that night\\\

ow, fuck I cussed into the air. I hit my head as I rolled off the bed. I looked at the clock and it read 3:30 am. Listening I heard the snoring of brett in the other room. He always sleeps like a log he has a hard time waking up, I wish I had a chance to wake up next to him I thought to my self, I knew that Brett had his fair share of sex with women that are. I just wanted a chance to feel his dick in my hand just once, but he isn’t that way.

I got off the floor and walked down the hallway “I’m gonna get some water and go back to bed” I thought to myself. continuing to walk I stopped by Brett’s room and peeked in only to see Brett in his boxers fuck how I would like to see what’s avrupa yakası escort under them. I never saw Brett with out pants on so this was giving me a deadly hard-on.

I walked towards him and saw that he was, in fact, asleep, I decided to test the waters and took my hand and touched the fabric of his boxers. He didn’t move so I decided to be a little bolder and touch his sleeping member, when I made contact with it a tremor shook through my whole body what am I doing.

Then I got really bold and pulled his underwear completely off. I stared at his soft cock, it was bigger than mine and uncut too. I grabbed his cock and squeezed it until it got hard. Pretty soon, his cock was standing up until it was in the air over his stomach for a while. I leaned down and started to lick his glorious man meet and finally i gave in and started sucking him.

I had to be fucked by him, i went to my room and grabbed some lube, I lubed bahçelievler escort up his cock, and lubed up my ass a bit too. I straddled him and tried to force his hard cock into my waiting asshole. Fuck, it hurt so bad when it entered, but after a little bit, I felt a tingling sensation going up my spine, But he didn’t move.

I started riding him as his dick was in my ass. I moved up and down and started going faster and faster. I closed my eyes and was looking up…before I knew it; I felt his hands on my waist squeezing me. Oh, fuck had I been caught? But his eyes were closed…he was dreaming or something? I kept going faster and faster until I felt this contraction in my ass, as his cock was cumming.

It lasted about 5 or 6 seconds, and then his body went limp. His lands left my side. He was breathing heavily now, and he moaned a bit again. I waited a few minutes, kissing his neck, and then I felt him getting soft inside of me. I climbed off of him and there was cum dripping out of my ass. I rubbed it all over my ass and on my thighs in horny excitement. His dick was glazed with cum and was as soft as it began.

I layed on him feeling his heart beat feeling our two naked bodies together, and slowly I fell asleep


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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