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As Fatema’s sister’s wedding grew ever closer things went a little quiet over the phone. Her female family gathered to help with the arrangements, attend henna parties and check out other young cousins to marry incestuously off to each other in an ever weakening gene pool. Fatema had to share her room with a couple of younger cousins. Kip was hoping for some hot incestuous lesbian sex feedback but instead got complaints about snoring and farting teenage girls.

On the campus, each encounter with Fatema was still a joy and less stressful as his initial paranoia receded. Kip had suggested she made a point of chatting with other male teachers, flattering them with her smiles and charm so to lessen any suspicions about their frequent rendezvous for chatting and flirting. Occasionally when Kip walk passed her while in the company of another teacher he would catch her eye and she would bite her bottom lip for him. By now it had also become common knowledge that Kip was dating a young Filipino lady who, his gossip loving neighbour assured everyone, regularly visited and stayed the night. (See Gracie story).

He had searched the campus high and low for a safe place to take Fatema and have some time alone long enough for a blowjob at least. The only room he found that would be perfect, a small office which was kept permanently lock since two cleaning boys had been discovered merrily butt fucking there a few months before Kip had arrived. Sally, the college Maintenance and Housing Manager held the key and refused outright to let him use it as an art room even just to store easels, brushes and paints for the art group Kip had started a few weeks after joining the college.

‘No way,’ she said, giving him a raise eyebrow look. ‘There’s no telling what you’ll get up to in there or worse what people will think you’re doing.’

She was right of course. Both the Women’s and the Men’s college were rift with rumours about who was shagging who. There was a lot of gossip about who wasn’t fitting in and was likely to do a runner or was up for the chop at the end of the semester.

Kip liked Sally, she normally went out of her way to help people and later she was to help Kip a lot. Not long after his arrival she had call in at his villa unexpectedly to invite him to a BBQ the weekend next when her was due to arrive. She had stopped for a drink, they finished off a bottle and the Şişli Escort evening had ended staying the night. (See Sally story)

In the end the moment to get Fatema alone presented itself quite unexpectedly and in the heat of the moment Kip wasn’t quite as discreet as he should have been.

He had finished classes for the afternoon after standing in for a sick teacher over in the Business Wing where Fatema also had her classes. Once finished, rather than going back to his work station to be surrounded by noisy teachers, he opted to stay in the classroom on the top floor and work in peace. It was the end classroom next to the men’s toilets and situated near the fire stairs. Although normal stairs they were referred to as the fire stairs because it was believed it would take a fire to get the students to use then, preferring instead to use the lifts at the other end of the corridor near the library and besides, the ladies’ toilets where the other end of building so there was little corridor traffic his end. He was busy working on a new project idea for his students when his new phone buzzed a text message, it was Fatema.

‘Where r u?’

‘Rm 45’

She arrived a few minute later and strolled in leaving the door open behind her as per college rules for a male teacher alone with a sole student. She risked a quick kiss so Kip assumed there were no other students behind her in the corridor. They kissed again, she tasted so good and as they broke off Kip gently bit her bottom lip.

‘Hey, that hurt!’

‘Come and look at this,’ he said, ignoring her complaint and moving back towards the desk top computer he’d been working on. As he explained the project she pressed close to him and he could feel the warmth of her thigh against his. Just then voices, footfall and robe shuffles alerted them to a couple of students passing arm in arm in the corridor. Fatema sprang nimbly back just before they reached the door, one looked in and turned giggling to her friend.

‘It’s ok,’ she said relaxing. ‘I know them; they won’t say anything; they both have boyfriends too.’

Kip’s sphincter relaxed its grip and he blew out long sigh.

‘Oh, so now I’m your boyfriend, am I?’

They looked at each other and laughed. Then Fatema moved close again and they pretending to be absorbed in the computer screen. By leaning forward slightly and placing Şişli Escort Bayan her right hand on the desk her black gown sleeve hid her left hand as it moved across Kip’s groin. Feeling his cock grow in his briefs he gave the door a quick glace then put his hand in his pocket and though the thin cloth freed the hard on into his trouser leg. Kip then place Fatema’s hand inside the pocket and she started squeezing his stiff cock.

‘It’s so hard,’ she said, ‘Oh, Kip! I really want to suck it.’

Kip’s cocked throbbed and he just had to have her suck him, but not here, even at the back of the classroom out of view from the door they would run the risk of someone walking in on them.

Taking her hand away and grabbing a folder to hide the obvious bulge he told her to follow him in ten seconds to the toilets. He left the room and nipped quickly into the men’s. The chances of another male teacher walking in on them were small as afternoon classes were already in progress. Seconds later he heard the outer door open and then the inner and Fatema stood there nervously biting her lip. Tossing the folder into a hand basin, Kip pulled her into the end cubical where he kissed her long and hard, running his hand all over her breasts and through her hair. He then sat her on the seat, unfastened the zip of his pants and pulled out his semi hard cock. Fatema wasted no time taking him in hand. Leaning forward she paused briefly to hold the hard shaft against her warm cheek before she took him in her mouth and began working her tongue over the head. Kip moaned in delight.

‘Yes, Fatema, just like that.’

Fatema licked, sucked and ran her mouth up and down his shaft. At the same time Kip placed one hand on the back of her neck a slowly started fucking her mouth.

‘Is this your first cock?’

Fatema nodded, not stopping her pleasure to reply. Her mouth sucked the head of his cock as her now wet palm worked his shaft.

‘May teacher cum in your mouth?’ More nodding, more sucking.

Give Kip his due, under all the stress that someone might walk in on them he managed almost another whole a minute, probably less before shooting his load into her mouth. She swallowed what she could but gasped for breath as a second less forceful gush splashed cum on her lips and cheek. Wiping what jism he could off her face with the head of his cock he Escort Şişli once more offered himself for her to lick clean. When he returned his now flaccid cock to her mouth she once more made moans and slurping noises as she licked the head and shaft clean of cum. When finished she looked up at Kip and smiled the broadest of grins, shrugged her shoulders and licked his taste off her fingers.

All too quickly that post orgasm fear returned. Kip hurriedly returned his cock to his pants and zipped up. He kissed her mouth sharing the cum taste. Through the material of her top he fondled her breast feeling her nipple hard against his palm.

‘I must fuck you soon kitten,’ he whispered into her ear, nipping her soft lobe.

Then his brain woke up and screamed ‘flee!’ Don’t get caught now, get her out of here!

Kip left the bathroom holding both doors open and, on seeing the corridor clear, spoke over his shoulder to tell Fatema to go now. She squeezed passed him and disappeared down the stairway pulling her shayla over her hair covering her face. Kip returned to his classroom shaking like a leaf.

Fuck! her mouth was hot. Jesus! I’ve just mouth fucked the lovely Fatema, he thought, not believing what they had just done. His balls were aching having cum so hard, his cock still oozed cum into his shorts. He was still shaking and grinning to himself when a few moments later Del walked in.

‘Hey up, I have a class in here in fifteen minutes, you fancy a quick coffee.’

After an initial start and a suppressed yelp, Kip tried to recover his composure.

‘Yes, sure I’ll just finish up here.’ He tried to keep his voice calm.

‘I’ve just passed Fatema on the stairs.’ Del said, ‘Least I think it was her, she seemed in a bit of a hurry. Not often you see a student moving that fast.’

‘Late for class I suppose. Was Aisha with her?’

‘No, she was alone as you well know. You weren’t rooting her in there were you?’

‘I wish Del, I wish.’

‘Yeah well, you and me both matey, only my Marcy would cut my balls off.’

And her father mine, I thought but of course said nothing.

‘By the way, you must have left this in the dunnie.’

He dropped my folder onto the table and turned to go.

‘Funny smell in there today, kinda musty with just a hint of perfume.’

Kip collected up his gear, switched off the computer and sweeping up the folder, followed Del out of the door to go to the library coffee machine.

‘Happy Hour, this aff’o. Golf Club, I think I’ll let you buy me a beer.’

‘Just the one?’

‘Maybe two, and you can tell me all about it, you lucky bastard.’

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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