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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of non-consentual or reluctant sex.


Colby Peters looked up as Jack Prescott owner of the firm Westcom passed through the office on his way to the emergency board meeting. Although he gave Colby a smile Colby could clearly see that he was worried, orders had been drying up recently. Colby, the youngest of the telemarketers, was worried himself as the latest employee he knew that if redundancies had to be made he would probably be the first to go. A couple of hours later the meeting was clearly over as Jack left if anything his frown was deeper.

A figure stopped at Colby’s desk, he looked up at Rosie, Jack’s P.A.. “No redundancies, but Jack needs to lay some people off for a while,” Colby nodded, despair clutching at him it had taken him a long time to find this position, “Jack’s giving everyone a month’s salary to tide you all over until we have a clearer picture. We’ll let you all know as soon as possible when things improve.”

At least there was still a chance, Colby thought as he cleared his desk at the end of the day, leaving at five with the good wishes of those who hadn’t been laid off ringing in his ears. Before driving home to his small apartment, Colby decided to go and have a drink at a nearby wine bar, he entered and ordered a white wine spritzer, sitting at a corner table, his back to the wall. What Colby didn’t know was that the others had merely been moved to a sister company and that Jack had plans of his own for Colby and for Colby’s living body and soul. Colby looked up as an attractive woman approached his table.

“Mind if me and my friend join you there doesn’t seem to be another free table.”

“No, it’s just that I might not be good company at the moment I just got laid off.”

They were joined by a man carrying three drinks. “Hi, thanks for allowing us to join you. Hope you don’t mind but I took the chance to get you a drink. My name’s Hank and this is Steff”

“Not at all,” Colby accepted the drink not knowing that Hank had palmed a roofie into the glass he handed him. The pill didn’t send him to sleep just made him open to suggestion and made him look the worse for wear.

“Oops looks like you’ve had one too many we’ll get you home,” Hank assisted Colby up and guided him out of the bar. The bar staff had seen this happen Sakarya Escort a hundred times and wondered if they’d ever get to fuck this slave. Hank and Steff guided him out to a black van.

“My cars over there,” Colby said indicating a blue Mustang he’d bought second hand.

“Yeah, and you’re in no fit state to drive. Give the keys to Steff, she’ll follow us to your home,” Colby due to the drug gave Steff the keys something he didn’t do very often. Hank got him in the front passenger seat and fastened the seat belt round him so that his arms were trapped at his sides. Everything changed now as Hank forced a ball gag into Colby’s mouth buckling it tight. Colby’s head fell forward as he lapsed into unconsciousness.

When he finally woke Colby found himself lying spread-eagled and naked over the trunk of a fallen oak tree. Cold metal cuffs fastened his wrists and ankles to the ground and his neck had a metal collar fastening him even more securely. He blinked as he stared at a pair of black shoes, squinting up he saw Hank standing there holding an uncoiled bull-whip. Hank trailed it over Colby’s back Colby shivered then he screamed into the gag as Hank lashed it down hard leaving a bloody welt across his pale flesh. The beating went on as Colby struggled not quite believing what was happening to him, he felt something else his cock stiffened until he was unbelievably hard. After a while Hank stopped whipping him and removed the gag.

“Where am I? Why are you doing this?”

“You don’t need to know where, boss’s orders. You’re here because the boss wants you here and the beatings you’re going to get today and over the week will impress on you your change of status. You’re no longer free, you’re a slave you’ll serve the boss in whatever capacity he wants.” Hank forced the gag back into Colby’s mouth and started beating him again. Colby screamed and struggled not quite believing what was happening to him. Again the beating stopped and Hank reached down to fondle Colby’s fifteen-inch boner. It seems you’re enjoying this,” Colby screamed his indignation how the hell did Hank think he could possibly be enjoying himself. Finally Hank stopped whipping him, he leaned down and caressed Colby’s cock, Colby moaned as it twitched precum oozing out, Hank smiled Colby was so close to cumming. “I’ll be Adapazarı Escort back this afternoon to give you another two hour flogging. Might even allow you to cum,” Colby watched as Hank walked away his heart sank as he realized that his cock had enjoyed the beating, he moaned as his cock slowly shrank to it’s normal flaccid state.

He was unaware of the passage of time but it must be afternoon as he woke screaming Hank was back and the flogging started again. There was one difference this time, Hank was naked too and sporting the largest cock Colby had ever seen apart from his own not inconsiderable tool. The flogging ended and Hank knelt behind Colby he pressed the head of his cock into Colby’s anus, Colby screamed the pain was almost unbearable as Hank forced his cock into him right up to the hilt his balls resting against Colby’s ass. “Boss wants you full of cum. God you’re so tight like a virgin’s cunt. I bet your dick’s hard again,” Hank reached under him and stroked his rigid boner. “Thought so, you slut,” Hank now started to withdraw then slammed back into him as he pounded his cock in and out. Colby cried with the pain of the rape, Hank now removed the gag and Colby gave full voice to his screams. “Think my cock’s big you should see the boss, mine is only fifteen inches his is sixteen, imagine that slamming in and out of your rear.” Then Colby let out a final screech of anguish as Hank buried himself inside him his seed spewing hotly into him. Colby looked up as Hank knelt in front of him.

“Open that whore mouth you’ve got to clean your shit up,” Colby clamped his mouth shut Hank pinched his nose closed forcing him to open his mouth. Colby struggled as Hank forced his cock past the barrier of Colby’s teeth battering him into submission. Cum leaked from both holes as Hank freed him from the ground. “You’re going to your new home now and from now on you crawl little slut.” Colby’s tears and cries fell on deaf ears, as he crawled along after Hank. “This is the stables where you’ll train as a pony boy that’s always how you sluts start training. How big is this cock of yours,” Hank measured it quickly. “Wow fifteen-inches long and three inches round. You’re going to have to have that hole of yours stretched to four inches to receive the boss’s cock next week.” Hank chose a dildo that was at Serdivan Escort least four-inches round and forced it into him. Colby cried out in pain and fear. “On your back,” Colby rolled over to lie looking up at Hank, who chained his neck collar to the ground and then spread his legs locking them so his ass was clear of the ground. “Sleep well, whore, you’ll need all the rest you can get,” Colby whimpered his distress as Hank left.

Colby dozed fitfully listening to the sounds of the other pony boys going through the same things he was. He didn’t know how long he’d been asleep when Hank led him crawling to the communal trough. “You eat everything put in the trough or starve. Also you’ll receive an extra two hours of flogging on top of the training sessions with the whip. Don’t use your hands lap it up,” Colby put his hands at his sides and leaned forward to suck the disgusting mess up. “Today you get your pony tack, so follow me.” Hank clipped a leash to his collar and led him crawling to the tack room. “Rex, this pony needs his first training harness.”

“Ah the boss’s new slave, has the boss used him yet?”

“No, he has to be stretched first.”

“Impressive equipment.”

“Yes, but it’s not going to do him much good.”

“Unless the boss chooses to breed him.”

Colby listened with a sinking heart as they described in lurid detail how his new life was going to pan out, it was a far cry from the one he had planned. He thought back to the family he’d had until his wife had left him and then aborted the longed for child.

Rex produced a bridle fastening it securely round his head a rubber bit gag lodged behind his teeth. Colby wondered how he’d be expected to eat or drink with the gag in place. Next a leather almost backless corset that they fastened so tightly to him is flesh was forced upwards making it look like he had breasts. Then thigh-high boots that ended in pony sized hooves, they forced them onto him, he found that he was balanced on his toes.

“Right, slut, you might find it awkward walking at first, but you better learn quickly.”

Hank jerked the lead rein forcing Colby to totter after him, Colby sobbed his distress. Hank ignored that as he led him towards a tall post in the center of the yard.

“Stop being stupid, you know you have to have a two hour session with the whip this morning and again this afternoon.”

Another guard helped Hank as Colby struggled, they fastened his wrists together to the ring at the top of the post. Colby screamed and fought to get free as Hank took the bull-whip to his back even harder than he had the day before.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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