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I guess the word to describe my wife’s attitude was “resigned.” She did not especially approve of my little overnight trip, but she was willing to put up with it since I was going, approval or no.

She did understand. Her chronic health problems had forced us to have a celibate existence for over six years. She knew I missed the intimacy more than she did.

We live in the northern Midwest, but after her divorce our daughter had moved with her three kids and a new man to a medium-sized town in southern California. Her oldest was graduating from high school and for us to miss the ceremony was out of the question.

Which meant missing something else was also out of the question. We were about a two-hour drive from Los Angeles, which meant I could meet with a favorite author on Literotica. Not only my favorite, but maybe yours too: Brittni4u.

I had submitted a private comment to her on one of her stories, she replied, and we’d been communicating steadily for a few months. She liked that I had published three novels and had written two others.

One of us—I’m not sure which one—had the idea to collaborate on a semi-erotic novel, something along the line of the late ’60’s best seller, Naked Came the Stranger. We hadn’t decided on an exact title, but something along the lines of Vickie’s Victories or Vickie’s Values was likely. Probably not Vickie’s Vicious Valuable Vagina. I laughed like crazy when Brittni suggested it. I said that might make a good title for a Literotica story, but not a commercial novel.

There was no way I would miss this chance to meet with her and get personal with the partnership.

“Josie, Brittni is smart and creative and has a great imagination. Maybe too great. We’ve got to actually try out some of those activities to see if they can be done.”

“Like what?”

“Well, I think we can manage to make it believable that our heroes snuck a male donkey into the women’s showers, but I don’t see how Vickie and Donny can be doing sixty-nine on the donkey’s back while two other girls literally give the critter a hand job. I mean, wouldn’t he buck the two lovers off?”

He looked at me with raised eyebrows and an expression of doubting amusement.

“Very funny. I know you just made that up. They might have room on a full-grown and slightly fat horse, but not on a donkey.”

I’d dressed in what seemed right for southern Cal at the end of May: Khaki cargo shorts, a loose silver gray polo shirt, and sandals. I’d packed my overnight bag, double-checked to make sure I had the laptop and the Viagra, and was ready to leave. I was taking the rental car, but our daughter had assured me that if Josie needed to go anywhere while I was gone she’d provide transportation. The graduation had been Saturday evening, and now, Sunday afternoon, I was leaving for Los Angeles to meet Brittni.

“So,” Josie asked without enthusiasm, “are you going to have sex with her?”

“I certainly hope so, but that’s up to her.”

“It could be up to you. You could say no.”

“I could. But you’ve read a couple of her stories. You’ve seen her picture. What are the odds I can resist if she wants to?”

Josie actually smiled a little. “About zero, I suppose.”

I do love my wife, but she can no longer give me everything I want and we both know it. There is no chance I would leave her for Brittni, or that Brittni would even entertain the idea, so Josie does not feel threatened or insecure.

“Enjoy yourself.”

“Thanks, Love. But I hope to enjoy her and really hope she can enjoy me.”

“Good luck with that. Be home tomorrow?”

“Unless she ties me up and forgets to untie me afterward. I’ll call when I leave.”

She offered me a kiss goodbye and I gave her a sincere one.

Ten years ago I’d have had a real problem finding the restaurant Brittni had suggested for our meeting, but with GPS I had little difficulty. Mind you, driving in Los Angeles is not the same as driving anywhere else, but I managed.

Just a small mom and pop café off Sepulveda. I was a few minutes late. I walked in the door and looked around, but she saw me before I saw her. She stood up at her booth and waved, smiling that delighted-to-see-you-smile I’d imagined; different from the quiet hello smile in her picture.

As I walked to her she left the booth and hurried toward me, arms forward to give and receive a hug.

She was dressed in blue denim shorts and a peach-colored loose fitting sleeveless top. If there is such a thing as a perfect tan, she had it. Her dark blonde hair was pulled back in a long pony tail that peeked over her left shoulder like a shy chaperone.

I held my hand up in a gesture that said “wait” and she stopped, looking puzzled.

“This is the first time we’ve met, Britt. I think we should wait a little while before we get all physical.”

She did not look pissed. I was afraid she’d be pissed, but she didn’t seem so. She really is a sweetheart. She shrugged and put her sunny smile back on and said, “All right. Let’s sit down.”


She looked puzzled again.

I stepped Fatih escort bayan close to her. “That’s long enough.”

I held out my arms and she came into them and gave me the kind of hug I’d dreamt about. I held her as tight as I could without crushing her and enjoyed the feeling of her breasts against my lower chest and her arms around my waist.

Her fragrance was subtle, but unmistakable, like a lover’s whispered invitation.

She let me go after almost a full minute. Most of the people were looking at us. They probably thought I was her uncle or maybe even her father. I’m almost old enough to be her grandfather, but I don’t look it.

She looked up at me, smiling. “Kisses?”

I looked into those incredible blue-gray eyes and thought to myself, “I think I’m in love.” I didn’t say that out loud, though.

Instead, I said, “That’s how you always signed off your emails.”

We kissed. We did not exchange tongue touches then, but nobody still thought I was her uncle, or maybe her father. And definitely not her grandfather.

Without being obvious she pushed her thigh against my crotch and detected the swelling there.

When she broke the kiss she took my hand and led me to the booth. We sat down opposite each other and she reached her sandaled foot under the table and pushed it against the inside of my thigh. She grinned.

The waitress came over, giving us a smirky look, and took our orders for coffee.

After the coffee came and we’d taken our first sips, she asked, “Rod—is it really ‘Rod’?”

“No. It’s Fred. But Rod sounds so much more virile.”

She giggled. Her voice was bubbly and intimate. “What would you prefer I call you?”

“Whatever you like.”

“You look like a Fred. Are you planning to stay the night?”

“Absolutely. Keeping my options open. I haven’t been to the motel yet, though.”

“We should go there. I’ll be more comfortable talking about some of those escapades in private.”

“I agree. Do you want to follow me in your car?”

“What’s the motel?”

I told her and she responded that she knew the place. I should follow her. So I paid for the coffee and I left the waitress a bigger tip than she deserved and I followed Britt in her little hatchback.

I checked in, paying for double occupancy. The room was on the second floor. I let her lead the way and enjoyed the view as she climbed the stairs ahead of me. She knew I was looking—she stopped halfway up and wiggled her sexy little ass teasingly before continuing.

I’d asked some questions before reserving the room. It had a king-sized bed. There would be plenty of fluffy towels in the bathroom.

I dropped my bag on the floor under the open “closet” most motel rooms have. Brittni had surprised me a little and delighted me a lot by bringing her own overnight bag. She put hers on the folding bench in the same “closet.”

We looked at each other for about twenty seconds, then came together with casual passion—unhurried but still intense—and clutched and kissed. We kissed hard, and our tongues tasted each other’s and teased and invited.

No surprise. She’s a great kisser.

“Another five stars for you, Dear.”

“For what?”

“One for each of the five senses. You are wonderful to see, enjoyable to hear, enticing to smell, exciting to touch, and delicious to taste.”

“Fred, You are so sweet. Just like your emails. But speaking of touch and taste, we need to get something straight—” She reached down and caressed my crotch. “—besides this.

“Something you’ve never said. Are you willing to cheat on your wife? I need to know before I let myself get more excited than I already am. Getting a little damp down there and if there’s no action in the immediate future, maybe I should take a cold shower or something.”

“Britt, I’m flattered that you’re anticipating some action. I would never cheat on my wife.

“The primary component of cheating is deception. If I’d told her I was meeting an agent or a publisher or some other lie, that would be cheating. But there is no deception. Josie knows where I am and who I’m with and what I—we, it seems—hope or plan to happen. If you were to ask me if I was willing to commit infidelity, the answer is an unqualified yes. But I won’t cheat.”

“Good.” And she moved into my arms again and kissed me with even more passion than before. Then she stepped away and reached for my belt buckle.

I put my hands on hers.

“I’m sorry, Britt. I’m as eager as you—maybe more so—but I need a PED.”

“Performance enhancing dr–, oh, that kind of performance! It didn’t feel like you needed any help.”

“Without the blue pill it can get big for the show, but not stiff for the go.”

“How come you didn’t take one already?”

“That shit is expensive and I didn’t want to waste one.”

“Did you think you would?”

“Sweetie, I will not make the mistake of assuming that Brittni the writer is the same as Brittni the character. Just because ‘you’ are horny and almost insatiable in your stories doesn’t mean you Escort Fındıkzade are in real life.

“There’s no way I was going to assume that a beautiful young woman like you would really want to have sex with an old-timer like me.”

“Hmm! You really are a gentleman. Maybe too much of one. Hurry up and take your little blue pill. Then we can get naked and talk about the novel until you’re ready to demonstrate some of those kinks we’ve talked about.”

I took one out of my overnight bag (I’d brought three, just in case), poured a glass of water and downed it.

“I like the idea of getting naked with you—who wouldn’t?—but I was thinking we could spend that hour doing something I told you I wanted to do as soon as I saw your picture.”

She broke into a sunny smile and reached for my belt again.

We helped each other undress and soon we were both very naked and more than a little aroused.

She is as gorgeous naked as she is clothed. Her breasts are small and separate, but not too small. Her nipples—I really like nipples—are just plain pretty.

Two hours later it was time to get something to eat, so we—what? You want details? Oh, all right.

I’d told her I wanted to kiss her everywhere. So we started there. Almost. I know she likes her feet kissed and nibbled and licked and generally oral-ized. But I’m a wimp. So the first thing I did after she was on the bed was to go into the bathroom and come back out with a wet wash cloth and a towel.

I washed her feet. They didn’t really need it, but I knew I’d enjoy it more if they smelled and tasted as clean and erotic as the rest of her, and if I enjoyed it more, so would she. She seemed to like it and I discovered one tiny spot above her left heel that is ticklish.

She lay on her stomach and I kissed her from head to toe. Some kisses were quick smooches; others were lingering and leisurely especially on her perky little ass.

I kissed her dainty ankles. She wiggled the left foot and giggled when I discovered that ticklish spot.

I did not suck on her toes, but I did kiss each one individually and the balls of her feet, and the heels, and the arches between.

She responded almost ecstatically to those kisses on the arches.

I asked her to turn over and she did. I kissed the top of her little feet and worked my way up her ankles, along the front and sides of her shins—first the left, then the right—and then her knees.

She tasted of bubble bath and sunshine, and a dash of salt.

Her fragrance there was of clean healthy skin.

I kissed up her thighs, first the right, then the left. As I did I caressed the outside of them and worked my hands ahead of my lips and my right thumb took to caressing her labia and barely touching her clit while my left stroked the outside of her right hip and fingertips teased the outside of her left cheek.

I kissed and nibbled the insides of her thighs right to the edges of her beautiful shaved pussy. Again, that spot brought an ecstatic response and her lubrication became obvious and tempting.

Is it still called a pussy if it’s shaved? Well, a shaved cat is still a cat, so…

I’d noticed that she’d been rubbing her breasts and nipples while I was devoting my attention to her beautiful lower regions. I temporarily abandoned her vagina and kissed the front of her hips and then several spots along her waist and finally her tantalizing nipples.

I kissed her hands and fingers as I nudged them away from her breasts. I sucked a couple of fingers and kissed the inside of her wrists.

I gently rubbed the underside and outside of her breasts while I kissed and nibbled the aroused tips. I let them feel my teeth.

During all of this Brittni was voicing her approval with various sounds of pleasure and occasional words of encouragement.

She moved both her soft hands down to my crotch and began to pull and rub my penis. It was already enlarged, but it became more so quickly in response to her touch.

I alternated kissing and nibbling first one nipple and then the other, rubbing the soft flesh around them. She voiced happy moans as she enticed my erection to its full potential.

It had taken less than an hour.

She took my now stiff cock and used the tip to tease the lips of her vagina. And then her clit. She masturbated her clit with the end of my erection. Her movements became faster and more urgent, yet she managed enough control that my cock did not feel at all abused.

Her hips were humping up and down to the stimulus of my dick on her clit. She gasped and moaned while the tip of my tongue flicked frantically across the tip of one nipple and then the other while my finger and thumb twirled and rubbed whichever nipple my mouth was not loving.

Her back arched and she gave a voice to her orgasm as she thrust my erection completely into her vagina and brought her hands to the back of my neck and held tight.

“Oooohh, oooh, oh-oh-oh. Yes! Yes, yes yes, Ooohh…god yes, yes, yes!” and she grabbed my face and pulled my mouth to hers and Gaziosmanpaşa escort bayan kissed me as passionately as I have ever been kissed, her tongue thrusting into my mouth and seeking my tongue, almost attacking it with her passion and need.

I did not stroke my cock in and out of her. I was afraid that if I started I could not stop and I would come much quicker than I wished. I let her descend from her height of pleasure, then pulled out slowly, our mouths still locked together as our tongues loved each other.

When she finally relaxed a little I kissed her chin, and then the soft skin between her breasts, and then on down to her navel, and her belly, and finally to her delightful and very wet pussy.

I licked the moisture from her lips. I sent the tip of my tongue exploring the pink softness of her. I found her clit and flicked the tip of my tongue up and down across the tip.

She put her hands on my head. I keep my hair pretty short, but she was able to grasp a little on both sides in her little fists as she pushed her vulva to my mouth.

I gently sucked on her clit.

If you have any knowledge of playing the trumpet or trombone, you know how the lips vibrate as you blow into the mouthpiece.

I’ve never played either, but a friend in high school showed me. I did that to her clit while inserting my two middle fingers into her vagina, searching for and quickly finding her G-spot.

She brought her knees up and clamped her thighs on my head as her juices flowed—almost fountained—from her lovely love tunnel. I almost drowned, but, hey, what a way to go. I did manage to breathe a little.

I think she cried out, but my ears were covered and I couldn’t hear for sure. She finally relaxed and my lubricant-covered face emerged from between her legs.

She laughed delightedly and pulled my face to hers and she kissed and licked her juices from my beard and moustache, even smacking her lips in teasing exaggeration.

If you’ve read her stories, you know that Brittni is a take-charge kind of girl.

After she recovered from her orgasmic sensations, she took charge, with polite enthusiasm.

“My god, that was great! Now it’s my turn. Let me get on top.”

I did as she asked. Her eyes were shining with happiness.

She climbed onto my thighs and took my average-sized erection in her hands first and then after a few slow and loving strokes she took the tip into her mouth and swirled her tongue around the head. She licked up and down the shaft and kissed my nut sack before taking my entire erection into her mouth, keeping her eyes locked with mine the whole time.

She stopped long enough to give me a big smile and then bend forward and kiss me deeply.

She returned to my erection and gave me a wonderful blowjob. I kept my fingers busy rubbing her thighs and hips and wandering to the area where her thighs stopped and her pubic area began.

“Britt,” I whispered, “I haven’t had my cock inside a woman for a long time, except for just a few minutes ago, briefly. Would you be so kind as to ride that wood until we both go blooey?”

She giggled again at my word choices. She raised herself up and fitted my erection into her pretty young pussy. She wiggled her hips to get it comfortable, then bent over again to kiss me, lips and tongue expressing affection as well as desire.

Possibly the only advantage to aging in a situation like this is that I find it much easier to delay my orgasm once the Viagra has taken full effect.

But, god, that felt good! I had not remembered how exquisite fucking could be.

I let her work her magic and she enjoyed it, coming again with a minor brief orgasm.

I sat up and kissed her breasts and said to her, “Brittni, there is one tiny advantage to having only an average-sized erection. For the lady who likes anal, with just your natural lubrication you can reposition to take it up the back door if you like. Your stories say you do.”

She grinned. “My stories don’t lie.” She raised up high and shifted her hips a few inches forward and came down slowly. She wriggled her backside like a petted puppy.

“This feels even better. I love having a dick up my ass!”

She started going up and down on my erection, coaxing it to orgasm.

“Mmmm! That’s actually more comfortable than some of those huge ones. Now, Fred, let yourself go. Fill my poop chute with your wonderful cum.”

She increased her pace and closed her eyes as she approached another orgasm. I stopped trying to delay my own and concentrated on the feeling of her motion on my long-deprived dick.

I felt it starting. I arched my hips, pushing my cock into her as far as it would go. I tensed, every muscle clinching as I came harder than I can ever remember, shooting spasm after spasm into her.

She came herself seconds later. She threw her head back and cried out with a single whoop of ecstasy. Then she started again stroking my erection up and down in short quick strokes. But I was spent and my cock all too quickly declined in size and softened and fell out the next time she rose up.

She collapsed onto my chest, both of us out of breath. She was trembling with post-orgasmic fatigue…or maybe I was. I couldn’t tell and didn’t care. I stroked her damp hair with one hand and her delectable little bottom with the other. She kissed me again, and then grinned with mischievous delight.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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