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Brett did not waste any time. He looked at my brazenly revealed bushy armpits sprouting from my raised underarms tucked behind my head and said “Can you suck my big cock”. I seductively licked my lips and said “Do you like my extremely hairy armpits” in my broken English pointing to the excessive hairy in my unshaven pits with my eyes. He nodded and I looked over at the crotch of the man standing beside me and saw his pants stretch tighter over his lengthening cock. I wanted to see that big, cock of this handsome movie mogul more than anything. I stood up with my tits and my bushy underarms still exposed I moved and brushed up next to him and that monster! I looked down to his bulging pants and then back up to his eyes. His eyes were fixed on the heavy pelt of jet-black bushy hair in my unshaven underarms.

As he put his hand on the outside of his pants and rubbed his rock hard cock. He was smiling broadly. I said, “It looks like your pants are to tight!” Brett unbuckled his belt, unzipped his fly, and pulled the tight fitting pants down, half way to his knees. He was wearing boxer shorts and an enormous hard-on was pushing one leg of the shorts out. As he pushed the waist of his underwear down the base of his huge cock became visible. I couldn’t take my eyes off of it. He pushed further down and more of the large cock meat came into view. Finally, the shorts were pushed low enough to allow the hard pulsating dick to swing free. He motioned to me to come forward with my arms still aloft over my head. He pushed his hands into the soft bushy hair in my hairy pits and bent down and licked at the long hair. “Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh” he moaned, “I love the natural smell of your soft silky armpit hair”

With his pants completely removed, Brett began removing his shirt. His cock was enormous and I stared at the huge bulging organ standing straight out in front him. He wanted to fuck me. He parted the long silky hair on my pubic mound and he pushed his cock through my opening. It was hard and my hairy pussy could canlı bahis not take in his mighty weapon. I was very wet and he slowly shoved his cock into me. There was an increase in pressure and then the stretching feeling around the opening to my love hole. I was going to say something but the cock eased its way into me first. I felt the head of the cock slide in and he pushed more into me and I knew I was going to be able to accommodate it. Three or four more inches crammed into me and I felt as if I were mounted on a flagpole! I leaned forward and wrapped the fingers of both hands around the section of his massive cock that was still exposed. It was coursing with hot blood and the large veins, twisting along the length of it, were pulsing in my hands. I stuck one hand between my open thighs and the shaft in my bushy cunt to hold the stud’s heavy nuts. The skin of his scrotum was tightening and relaxing slowly, causing his balls to rise and lower. I gently squeezed the hot testicles with my one hand while I scrapped my fingernails along his cock meat with the other.

His mouth was locked in my armpit nest. His tongue was crawling through the dense thick hair, which sprouted all over my unshaven pits. He pulled back and extracted about half the meat that was up my hairy cunt. Then he slowly, but steadily, inched back up me. He held my waist and pulled me onto his rigid Dick. This time he didn’t stop. My armpits were dripping with sweat, which he tasted and I could feel my armpit hair getting wetter as was my dripping pussy. I felt an orgasm coming over me as he drove his mighty piston into me. He just kept putting more and more of his cock. I was having a long, electrifying orgasm and was screaming my lungs out.
He was fucking me now like a locomotive! His balls swinging against my ass with each plunge. My clit was riding the top of his shaft and I was crazy with ecstatic pleasure from one orgasm to the next. The man grabbed my bushy armpits which were matted with the excessive sweat and said, “Oh, bahis siteleri baby! I’m going to fucking fill your bushy cunt with my spunk and then fuck your hairy armpits!” He squeezed the long underarm hair and then fired his scalding hot semen into my hairy triangle. “Now you can suck my huge cock, slut,” he said.

I bent and took his limp cock into my mouth and stated licking his head and then his shaft he got hard real fast. I then deep throated the thing as much as I could, it wasn’t easy, but I got a few inches down. I gagged a little, but I bet he hasn’t had a woman swallow his cock like I did. I started licking his monster like a pop sickle and kissing and tonguing the head, it took time just to work his head in my mouth. I started sucking hard on Brett my hand stroking the lower part of his shaft, my head bobbing up and down on his cock. He started really fucking me hard in the mouth, he surprised me by slapping my ass hard, I loved it and then he grabbed my head, and started fucking my face hard, he grabbed my hair with his other hand and started pulling, I was loving every second. He started grunting, and then moaning.

He then whipped out his cock from my mouth and made me bend my arm and he pushed it into my bushy underarms. My armpits had been dripping with sweat and the matted hairs were easy to penetrate for the big phallus as he plunged his mammoth dick into my unshaven pits. I do not recall any man fucking my underarms and it felt different having a big cock in my bushy pits. His eyes were closed as he drove his pulsating dick into my armpit forests. In and out he went his huge white prick disappearing in the long hair in my bushy underarms. Suddenly he gripped the side of the bed and started depositing his seed into my bushy armpits. Wads of white jism flooded the dense hair in my underarms as he came to a thundering climax.

He lay back exhausted and I kissed him on his mouth. He asked me who would I like to work with. I said Brian the sex symbol and hero of my favourite bahis şirketleri movie “Daredevil”. He said, “Why not he is there next door”. He pushed the door open and there was Brian exposed completely his huge cock being stroked by a starlet who looked familiar. Maybe another of Brett’s hairy girls as I could see that she had a lot of hair in her armpits. There was another large man who Brett was the director whose cock seemed very large and the starlet’s hands couldn’t even grasp the full circumference of the two cocks that she now held, but she eagerly worked on them. Finally, she couldn’t resist any longer and she straddled the director to her left.

She clambered onto him and reached under to grab his cock. She guided it to her sweet hairy love nest, and slowly began to bring herself down on it. Her expression was one of joy, she began pumping herself on this huge meat as her inner walls were expanded. The crisp hair covering her mons was gleaming and looked denser than the full bushy pussy hair that even I had.

The starlet was able to lean over and begin sucking on Brian’s cock. She looked like she hadn’t eaten in days, as she swallowed about seven inches I reckon of cock, with only two inches to spare. She was in heaven, riding the biggest cock she ever had and getting to suck on another cock at the same time. I could see the warm glow appearing in her cheeks as she enjoyed getting fucked like this.

I started to suck on Brett’s cock again and since he was limp I had no trouble getting it all into my mouth. I started to suck that huge cockhead of his. And for some reason I just loved sucking on his big cock. I mean, I normally like to suck cock but there was something different about his, maybe it was the size. But I felt like I could slurp on his for hours. He shot his huge load of cum all over my face. I had my eyes closed as he continued to spurt his sperm onto my face. I could feel his cum running down over my closed mouth.

Why don’t you meet the director I am sure he will give you a big role in my forthcoming film. I had made my way now I needed to hitch my stars to somebody who would make me big in Hollywood so that I could make it as an artiste on my steam rather than a cocksucking hairtiste.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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