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Still on my knees, I ran my fingers up my chin and pushed the gobs of cum that had dribbled down back into my mouth. Mr. Wolfe had given me a good sized load; not as big as I was used to with Frank, but pretty big any way you look at it…or any way you swallow it!

After I had swallowed the last drops of his thick semen, I rose to my feet and carried my overnight bag into my bedroom. Man….I was completely whipped. My jaw and throat were sore, my ass was sore; I felt like I’d gone 15 rounds in a fight! I set my bag down in my room and pulled the stuff out of my pants pockets. Along with a little cash, I had both Claudia’s card with her phone number on it and the piece of paper Evan had stuck in there with his number on it. I dreamily thought about calling either of them, but right now I was just too exhausted. I set the numbers down on my night table and pulled off my jeans.

I sat on the edge of my bed and opened my overnight bag. Sitting right on top was the pair of Claudia’s panties she had given to me the day before. I looked longingly at the dried stain in the crotch and brought them to my nose. I inhaled deeply as I held them against my nose. Ummmmmmm…..her smell was absolutely intoxicating. I closed my eyes and breathed deep thru them again. It brought back vivid memories of her slick pussy filled with Frank’s delicious semen. I lowered them and looked at the stained material again and then extended my tongue and dragged it over the stained crotch. Ummmmm….I could taste her juices as I mouthed the fabric. I sucked more into my mouth as it continued to release her flavor onto my swiping tongue. Oh fuck….I would have to call Claudia soon. From her note, I was sure she would give me the opportunity to use my tongue and lips on her again.

I flopped back on my bed and with my head settling into the pillow, I pushed more of her stained panties into my mouth and hummed as I softly chewed on the soaked material. I was dreaming of her smooth creamy thighs on either side of my face as I drifted off to sleep………..


There was that knock on my door again. As I opened my eyes, I looked at my alarm clock; 5:48pm. I had slept for a number of hours this afternoon. I hopped out of bed and made my way to my door. I looked thru the peephole and there was Mr. Wolfe again, leaning against the wall. I opened the door and he breezed past me. He stopped in the middle of the living room and turned towards me.

“Were you in bed, Jon?” he asked looking me up and down.

I looked down at myself in my underwear and cum-stained shirt that I had been too tired to take off earlier. I knew without even looking that my hair would be a mess from sleeping.

“Yes,” I said.

“Yes what?” he said sternly.

I looked at him questioningly and could see the look of authority in his eyes.

“Ummmmm……yes sir,” I said.

“That’s better. Yes, either “Sir” or “Mr. Wolfe” will do. Now Jon, I’ve got a few questions for you if you and I are going to be special friends from now on,” he said as he walked slowly around my living room looking at my stuff. I stood quietly with my hands clasped together in front of my underwear-covered crotch.

“So Jon, an easy one for you first. Do you like to suck cock?”

“Yes,” I answered softly.

“YES WHAT?” he roared.

“Yes sir, Mr. Wolfe,” I said speaking louder.

“That’s better Jon. Do you like big cocks better than small cocks?”

“Big, sir.”

“Yes, I think we got that cleared up earlier. Do you prefer cut or uncut?”

“Cut, Mr. Wolfe sir.”

“Good. Do you like to swallow cum?” he asked with a knowing leer.

“Yes Mr. Wolfe.” I said as I felt my face starting to turn red. He obviously noticed.

“That’s nothing to be ashamed of Jon. That’s a istanbul escort good thing that you like to swallow cum because I’ve got a lot to give you from now on. Now I assume if you like to swallow it, you’d have no trouble eating cum…..say…out of my hand?” he asked as he held his hand out as an example.

“No sir,” I said looking at his big meaty hand.

“No”… in you wouldn’t do it, or “No”… in you would eat my cum?”

“Yes sir, I’d like to eat your cum sir.”

“That’s good Jon. I’ll make sure you have lots of opportunities from now on. Now, do you like to get fucked in that sweet ass of yours?” he asked motioning towards my backside.

“Yes, Mr. Wolfe sir,” I answered obediently.

“That’s good Jon. That’s real good. Now, how about eating ass? Do you like to do that?” he asked with a mischievous smile on his face.

“Yes sir.”

“And what about deep-throating. Can you do that?” he asked with an intent look on his face.

“Yes sir,” I answered as I looked down at the swollen package beneath his work pants.

“Excellent. What about drinking piss?”

“Yes Mr. Wolfe sir,” I answered as I felt my face turning crimson again.

“Now, now Jon. There’s nothing to feel bad about. You’ve got all the traits I look for in a special friend,” he said as he put his big arm around my shoulder and steered me towards the bedroom. This mountain of a man kept his arm around me as he walked me over until we stood next to my disheveled bed.

“What’s this?” he asked as he reached down and picked up Claudia’s torn panties lying on my pillow.

“Ummmm…..those belong to a friend of mine, sir,” I answered nervously.

“Hmmmmm….very nice,” he said as he lifted the panties to his nose and inhaled. “But I don’t think somebody like you got these on your own now, Jon. How did you happen to get them?”

“Ummm…well…my friend that brought me home……well…..he fucked her yesterday and then he got me to eat his cum out of her. And I guess she liked it because she gave me those as a present afterwards.”

“Well, your friend sounds like a real nice guy to let you do that. I hope you thanked him properly.” He paused to inhale deeply from the soiled panties again, “And she seems real nice too. I’d like to meet her someday. Now Jon, why don’t you sit back against the headboard there and sniff these while I get comfortable,” he said as he passed me Claudia’s panties.

I climbed on the bed and sat up against the headboard as he’d directed. As I brought the panties to my nose and sniffed, I watched as Mr. Wolfe started to undo his shirt. I kept my eyes glued to his chest as more buttons came open. I could see a thick mat of hair as the sides of his shirt parted. He reached his waist and pulled the tails of his shirt out of his pants and undid the final buttons and threw his shirt aside. He had a broad barrel-chest that was matted with curly dark hair with flecks of gray thru it. He was amazingly fit for a man in his mid-50’s and his years in the service obviously taught him the benefit of keeping in shape.

He kicked off his shoes and then undid his belt and kept his eyes on me as he slowly slid down his zipper. As his pubic hair and thick base of his cock came into view, my tongue slid out unconsciously to lick along my pouting lips.

“You like that, eh Jon?” he asked as he put his hands on each side of his waistband and hesitated as he waited for my answer.

“Yes sir,” I answered eagerly with my eyes glued to his crotch. I extended my tongue across the stained material of Claudia’s panties as I waited for him to lower his pants.

“Well, here you go then, Jon,” he said as he pushed his pants all the way down and quickly stepped out of them. He stood before me with his cock heavy and full as it hung at beşiktaş escort about “half-mast”. It arced out beautifully from his crotch as he stood next to the bed facing me in just his white sport socks. He was a huge man as I said earlier. He was about the same height as Frank at a few inches over 6′ but with the thickness and broadness that comes with maturity. My tongue slid along my lips again as I anxiously looked him up and down.

As I was half sitting up against the headboard, he climbed onto the bed and swung his leg over me until he was straddling me, his swollen cock inches from my face. He reached forward and snatched Claudia’s panties from my hand and threw them on the pillow beside me.

“I’ve got a better place for your mouth to be right now,” he said as he wrapped one hand around his cock and edged forward. My eyes were glued to the huge crimson head and I saw a bead of his precum glistening in his piss-slit. He grabbed the top of the headboard with one hand and used his other hand to draw the shiny end of his cock all around my face. I purred out loud as he left a glistening trail wherever he touched.

“You like that, Jon?”

“Oh, yes sir. Very much sir,” I answered enthusiastically.

“Well, open wide then. I think you’ll like this even better,” he said as he pushed the end of his swelling cock against my lips.

I dropped my jaw and he fed the huge crimson head into my gaping mouth. I quickly closed my lips behind his flared ridge as I trapped his engorged head within my salivating mouth. I laved my tongue all over the spongy membranes of his cockhead and felt him stiffening within my mouth as his blood continued to pump into his extending manhood. I moaned out loud as I felt him getting harder and harder as my lips were forced to stretch even further around his gnarled shaft.

“Do you think I should take it out and go back to my apartment Jon?”

I looked up at him with panic in my eyes and with my lips wrapped tightly around his thick shaft, I shook my head from side to side and moaned a “No” into the surface of his cock.

“I didn’t think you’d like that idea,” he said as he wrapped his hand firmly around his cock and slid it back and forth. His hand bumped into my suctioning lips a few times as his cock continued to grow and expand within my mouth. It attained that upward curve of his and soon I was sucking on his thick hard 9 ¾” monster.

He removed his shucking hand from his cock and gripped the top of the headboard with both hands. He adjusted his knees slightly on each side of me as he prepared to fuck my face.

“I’ve been thinking about this all afternoon while I was working on that goddamn boiler. You’re gonna get another big mouthful Jon. This is just the second of many loads you’re gonna take out of me,” he said as he flexed his hips and started to pump his rigid cock in and out of my mouth.

With his cock slowly sliding in and out of my grasping lips, I instinctively brought my hands around his hips and gripped his two large firm ass-cheeks. I moaned out loud as I pulled him towards me. The upward curve of his cock was causing it to rub sensually against the roof of my mouth as he drew it back and forth.

“Oh yeah Jon, that’s very good. Your friend must have taught you well. Keep that tongue moving on that cock,” he instructed.

I swirled my tongue continuously over the engorged crown of his cock as he pumped it back and forth. I could taste his precum oozing from his piss-slit as my tongue swirled around that succulent head. I pressed it against the sensitive skin beneath the V at the base of the flared head and was rewarded with a loud growl from Mr. Wolfe as a larger gob of his precum oozed forth onto my watering tongue. I closed my eyes again and purred against beylikdüzü escort his pulsating member. I could feel my own cock hard as a rock in my underwear.

“Oh fuck Jon. This is gonna be pretty quick. That mouth of yours is so good,” he said as he started furiously ramming his rigid cock in and out of my stretched lips. He was plunging his cock right to the back of my mouth with every stroke but in this position, we both knew that the angle was not right for me to take him down my throat. He must have been fine with that as he continued to batter my head against the headboard. I could hear the headboard make a rhythmic knocking against the wall behind me as he continued to pound his turgid cock back and forth into my eager mouth.

“You’ve been a good boy, Jon. Now get ready to take your medicine. And make sure you swallow it all if you want to stay good and strong,” he said as I continued to tightly grip his ass and pull him forwards into my mouth with each of his thrusts.

His hips were pistoning back and forth and I could see the sweat glistening on his body as he hammered his pulsing cock back and forth between my gripping lips.

“OH FUCK……….SWALLOW IT ALL,” he shouted as I felt the muscles in his ass-cheeks tighten up as he went rigid and started to twitch. His first shot of cum jettisoned forth against the back of my mouth. It blasted out so hard it felt like it had slammed my head against the headboard! I continued to swirl my tongue around the pulsating shaft as he pumped rope after thick creamy rope of his milky cum into my waiting mouth. He quickly took one hand off the headboard and wrapped it around his pulsating cock and milked it for all he was worth. I quickly swallowed his initial blast as I knew more would quickly follow.

As he furiously pumped away at his spitting cock, I clamped my lips behind the flared head as my mouth continued to fill with his creamy seed. He continued to moan as the pleasure of his orgasm flowed thru him and his milky nectar flowed into me. I moaned with lust as I swallowed and swallowed to keep up with his tremendous load.

His pumping hand finally slowed its jacking movements on his thick shaft as his orgasm finally subsided. He put his hand back on the headboard and softly moved his heavy cock gently back and forth within my mouth.

“Oh yeah, Jon. We are definitely gonna be special friends from now on. Just keep sucking on that cock for a bit,” he said as he looked down at my nursing lips pursed around his thick shaft. “I’m glad you like to take your medicine. We’re gonna make sure you get lots from now on so you stay good and strong. I think there’s one more good drop for you,” he said as he brought his hand back to his cock and withdrew it from my mouth.

He gripped it firmly around the base and slowly milked upwards. I watched as a milky pearl appeared at the opening of his piss-slit and continued to grow as he slowly slid his hand forwards. The globule increased in size until it took on the shape of a swollen tear-drop. As his hand continued to slide forwards, the weight of the globule started to distend it downwards from the glistening eye. As his hand reached the end, I automatically extended my tongue and he touched the bulging globule against the end of my tongue. As it landed on my tongue, I moaned out loud as I felt my own cock spurt forth in my underwear. I had become so turned on servicing Mr. Wolfe that the musky flavor of his last drop of heavenly semen was all it took to send me over the edge.

As I bucked thru my own orgasm, I savored the flavor of his musky nectar as it settled into my waiting stomach. As I made a mess in my own pants, he fed his cockhead fully back into my mouth and I nursed at his swollen head as my orgasm flowed thru me.

“That’s good Jon. I’m glad you can cum just from sucking my cock. Yeah…..if that’s what it takes, you’ll be cumming a lot too from now on,” he said as he gently slid his slowly deflating cock back and forth within my mouth. I knew I was purring out loud again as I continued to softly nurse as his heavy cock…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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