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The rest of that Sunday turned out to be a celebration of rekindled romance. Tina and I seemed to find any excuse to be together and to touch each other. After lunch we sat cuddling each other on the sofa, watching TV and munching tidbits. We exchanged frequent kisses and loving caresses as we lazed away the whole afternoon.

When the kids returned later in the evening, they were thrilled to see their parents looking and acting like amorous lovebirds. They suggested eating dinner out, so we wrapped up the day by going to a quiet restaurant nearby for a light meal.

Later that night, as we lay in bed wrapped in each other’s arms, we talked about all the things that we had never talked about before. I could never have imagined that my wife was so full of such wild ideas.

Tina told me that she and Carol had realised that their married lives were not heading in the right direction. They had begun to confide in each other about a lot of things. They had, in recent times, begun to exchange illicit ideas centered on fantasies about each other’s husbands.

Carol was the one who first encouraged Tina to start fantasizing about Alan. She had told Tina about her own fantasies and about how exciting such fantasies could be. She had persuaded Tina to discard her mental inhibitions and to let her mind go wild.

Tina and Carol would often discuss their erotic feelings for each other’s husbands over the phone, and Tina confessed that she regularly masturbated to give vent to the pent-up passion inside her. Tina also admitted that she had become more and more obsessed with the thought of getting fucked by Carol’s husband.

“Did the two of you ever masturbate together?” I asked, getting quite turned on by my wife’s confessions.

“Well, not really together in one place,” she responded, “But on a couple of occasions we did masturbate while we were talking to each other over the phone. It was really turning on to describe to Carol what I felt like doing with her husband. It was also very exciting to hear her talk about making love to you.”

Tina went on to tell me that, while they were getting a lot of sexual gratification from their illicit activity, they could see very clearly that their domestic love life was getting into a thorough mess. That was why they had decided now to get their husbands involved.

Carol had already let her own husband in on their secret. Alan was apparently very excited to know that Tina fancied him to the extent that she got fucked by him regularly in her fantasies. He was also very turned on by the thought of his own wife getting fucked by another man.

At one point I could feel my head spinning as I listened to my wife. It was quite a bit for me to digest at one go, but at the same time I could feel the pressure mounting in my crotch.

Our discussion provided enough fodder for a night of fantastic love-making. Tina was as hot as could be. She was on fire. She had multiple orgasms through the night, and antalya escort gave me the best any woman could give.

When we finally lay drained of all our vital energies, holding on tightly to each other, I clamped my lips against Tina’s to give her a long passionate kiss. Then I switched on the bedside table-lamp and, holding her head between my hands, looked her straight in the eyes.

“Can I ask you just one question?” I asked.

“Sure,” she said.

“But you must give me an honest answer.”

“Sure,” she responded again.

“Okay. If you had a chance to be alone with Alan, not in those fantasies but in real life, would you let him make love to you? Or, to put it in another way, are you secretly looking forward to the opportunity of getting fucked by Alan in real life? Are you looking forward to the possibility of having Alan’s cock pumping his sperm deep into your cunt?”

Tina looked stunned. Her face froze in an expression of utter shock. She was dumbfounded. This was a totally unexpected question. She was not used to being spoken to in such explicit terms. This was almost a proposition from her husband for her to commit adultery. Fantasy was one thing, reality was another.

After a few moments of silence, the words finally formed on her rosebud lips.

“Switch off the light,” she murmured, “Please switch off the light.”

As I turned off the light I felt her arms tighten around me. She brought her face close to mine. Then she gave me a gentle kiss on my lips.

“Yes,” she whispered.

“Yes what?” I asked, trying to confirm that I had heard the right thing.

“Yes, I would love to have a good fuck with Alan – in real life. I have this secret desire to let him use my body as he likes to fulfill his carnal lust. I would love to let him fill me up with his fertile sperm.”

I was quiet for a while. Things seemed to be proceeding on an unconventional course. My wife was saying things a woman wouldn’t even dream of saying to her husband. We were beginning to delve into territories bordering on taboo. I felt a little uneasy. I didn’t know whether this was right or wrong, but I was clearly becoming overwhelmed by an irresistible sense of excitement.

“But there is one condition,” she whispered, “I only want to have sexual intercourse with Alan if you agree to also make out with Carol.”

I switched on the light again. “So you are talking about wife-swapping?”

Tina gave a mischievous smirk. “Call it what you may,” she mumbled sleepily, “I prefer to call it husband-swapping.”

The week went by uneventfully. We continued our romantic antics, but Tina was exceptionally quiet. I could not blame her. It was not easy for a woman to admit to her husband that she had the illicit urge to be fucked by another man. But it was also not easy for me to accept her promiscuous desires. Combined feelings of jealousy and excitement played on my mind. Each time I looked at my wife, I could not help alanya escort imagining her in another man’s arms, her body impaled on his big cock. After our last discussion in bed, Tina did not bring up the topic again. Neither did she mention anything about Carol or Alan. But I knew that her mind was working on it. Sometimes she had the faraway look in her eyes that gave away her preoccupation with her fantasy.

The kids went over to their grandma’s for the next weekend leaving us with absolute privacy. and Saturday night found us glued to the TV set watching an adult DVD which Tina had borrowed from one of her friends.. The movie was all about swinging couples and their liberal sexual activities.

The amorous couples were shown freely swapping partners and participating in group sex. There were many scenes depicting individuals, both male and female, engaged in sexual acts with multiple partners. Husbands and wives in the movie seemed to have no qualms about allowing their spouses to have extramarital sex.

The movie was clearly having a tremendous effect on Tina. She kept adjusting herself on the sofa, and also kept rubbing her thighs together. A couple of times I caught her gazing at my face to see my reaction to some of the sexual activity on the screen.

By the time the movie ended, Tina had stretched herself out on the sofa and was looking at me with lust-filled eyes. “Did you see what those couples were doing?” she asked, “Did you see how they were fulfilling all their sexual desires?”

“Yes,” I said, “Do you also want to do the same?”

“I want to make love,” she announced, “I want to make love to Alan. I want his big cock inside me.”

“Go ahead,” I encouraged her, “Let him fuck you. Take his cock in your pussy and let him give it to you.”

Tina slipped out of the robe she was wearing and pulled down her panties. “You won’t mind?” she asked, “You won’t mind me being a little unfaithful right before your eyes? You won’t mind me being a whore for a while?”

“Not at all,” I reassured her, “Get on with it. Forget that you are married to me. Forget that I’m here. Go ahead and fulfill your lusty needs.”

Tina went on to give me a most arousing performance, acting out her fantasy of being fucked by Alan.”

I held on to my throbbing cock as I heard her speak to Alan in the most graphic language while playing with her beautiful body. She shoved the fingers of one hand into her wet pussy while calling out Alan’s name. She brought her other hand up to her mouth to lick and suck on her fingers.

“Oh Alan … ” she cried, “Oh how I love your cock … How I love to have your cock inside me … Alan … I love to suck your big cock … I want it deep in my throat … Give it to me, Alan … rip me apart with your cock …”

I was utterly amazed by the expression on her face. I could not remember having seen so much passion written on her face through all the years of our love-making. belek escort

“Open your legs wider, darling,” I encouraged her, “Let Alan make you his woman. You need his cock inside you. Let him shove his cock into your wet pussy. Let him give you a good time. Let him fill you up with his thick fertile sperm. Let Alan pour his sperm deep into your womb.”

My wife had never heard me talk to her like this before. I was actually encouraging her to enjoy what were supposed to be forbidden thoughts. She could not control her excitement. Her fingers worked wildly in and out between her pussy-lips.

Then she exploded into spasms as she enjoyed her climax, screaming out Alan’s name like a woman totally possessed. “Ohhhhhhh … Alan … I love you, Alan … I love your cock and I love you, Alan … fill me up, Alan … fill me up with your love juices … “

I took over then, positioning myself between her legs and plunging my throbbing hard cock deep into her pussy in one forceful thrust. I ejaculated almost immediately, jerking helplessly as my juices flowed deep into her.

“Oh my god, Alan,” my wife continued, “It feels so good to have your big cock so deep inside me … it feels so good to have your juices flowing into my womb … ” Alan was still fucking my wife. She was totally possessed by her illicit lover.

“Your womb is soaked with Alan’s seed,” I whispered into her ear, “You are my wife, but you are now his woman. You have been taken by him and your pussy is flooded with his juices.”

“”Ohhhhh … thanks, darling,” Tina brought her lips to meet mine. “Thanks for letting me get my pussy filled with my lover’s juices.”

We lay slumped on the sofa after that, holding on to each other passionately and exchanging soft kisses. As Tina lay wrapped tightly in my arms, I felt as if she belonged to another man. I felt as if she belonged to Alan. I felt as if she had really been taken by Alan.

Then I heard her mumble something, but I could not make out what she was saying.

“Yes, darling?” I asked, “You said something?”

Tina opened her eyes, and gazed directly into mine. She had this dreamy look that said that she had not yet emerged fully from her world of fantasy.

“Remember our little conversation the other day?” she said very softly, “You asked me if I would like to make out with Alan in real life.”

“Yeah, and you said that you wanted to be fucked by Alan.”

“Yes,” she said, again very softly, “And I meant it. I really want him. Not just in my mind. Not just in my dreams. I really want him … in my arms … inside me … I really want to make love to him … I really need him …”

“You mean you are really serious about this whole thing?” I asked, sounding as if I wanted her to say more of what she had just said, “You mean you really want him as your real-life lover?”

“Yeah,” she responded, “Let’s have a swap with them. Carol is looking forward to getting fucked by you. Let’s make life a little more exciting.”

It may sound odd but I was extremely thrilled to hear my wife yearning to be fucked by another man. I put my arms around my lovely wife and clamped my lips firmly over her mouth. I kissed her like I had never kissed her before.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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