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One of the worse things about growing up is that growth spurt that hits you around puberty. It can start when you’re as young as perhaps 12 or even as old as 18, but whatever your age it seems to really take hold just when you don’t want it to – just when you’re finding out that girls are fun and when sex rears its head in earnest.

Suddenly you grow six inches taller; suddenly all your trousers are way too short for you and your shirts too tight. Suddenly too your penis takes on a life of its own and changes from a little wee-wee to a damn monster that keeps interrupting things! Not so suddenly your voice changes, sometimes becoming falsetto; sometimes breaking into a bass growl. And all this is just when girls are starting to look interesting – and when they too seem to start noticing you as well.

Everything happens at the worst possible time it seems…

And one other thing happens – you become clumsy! Suddenly taller, you’re prone to banging your head on things. Your legs now stick out a lot further than they used to so you trip over anything. Your arms are longer too so when you reach out to get something you miss your aim or if you wave your arm you sweep something off the table. And it was this clumsiness that got me into a lot of trouble, or fun really, as it turned out.

I’d done most of my growing and now I was past 18 I reckoned that I was a real man; all grown up and capable of taking on the world. I was suddenly right on six feet tall; I weighed almost 11 stone (steady on 155 pounds); I’d got some decent muscles where before I had very few and even my penis had grown considerably and was now something over seven inches long and a lot thicker than I’d ever have expected it to get. My scanty pubes had thickened and spread and I’d even got a small collection of hairs on my chest now.

Seemingly another side-effect of post-puberty was that my damn cock wanted to become erect over just about anything, any time, anywhere and my trips to the bathroom or my bedroom for relief made both my parents chuckle and rib me mercilessly. Thank heavens they were both pretty broadminded; they knew why I had to rush off so often!

Apart from a few minor problems with broken crockery, which got me banned from washing up for a while, my clumsiness wasn’t a major problem; it was more of an embarrassment than anything but it was my older sister Sharon who became the one to really suffer from my clumsiness when we went out one night.

Neither of us had a date but Sharon wanted someone to go to a club with her so I got roped in. It wasn’t that she didn’t have any friends; far from it, but she picked a night to go out when some other event was on to which many of her friends were going. But not liking the DJ, she’d opted for this particular club instead, to which I was now invited although I actually think I was invited simply because I could drive; therefore she could drink…and get a free ride home.

Being 18 now did have its benefits and with the help of a backhander of some folded notes from Dad, I felt quite capable of being a decent escort for Sharon and I felt quite proud to be accompanying this pretty 20 year old blonde down the street from the car park.

Dutifully I kept off the booze because although in Britain I was now old enough to drink, I just wanted to dance; to be seen out there, hopefully by some young and eager females and it wasn’t long before I was on the floor throwing myself around with massive abandon, my arms and legs inevitably flying everywhere.

And I don’t actually remember kicking Sharon, or anyone else for that matter, but suddenly she screamed loudly and fell in a heap to the floor.

A whole pile of us immediately surrounded her while she cried out in pain and held her knee and we were soon helped out by a large security guard who part lifted, part carried her to a first aid room with me following them, almost wringing my hands with embarrassment and concern over what she was going to say.

Her right knee was already swollen and poor Sharon looked a proper mess; her hair was everywhere and her make-up was smeared from her tears.

“You fuckin’ idiot,” she yelled at me as she registered my presence, “Kicked me, didn’t you, you clumsy fuckin’ bastard!”

“I didn’t know! I didn’t do it on purpose,” I said, feeling very uncomfy and very small too, “I was just dancing.”

“Dancing like a fuckin’ scarecrow,” she said, “Everything sticking out and flapping about everywhere!”

The guard, who had now administered some first aid, turned to me.

“Is she with you?” he asked as if he didn’t already know and I confirmed that she was.

“I’d get her home if I were you,” he said, “Either that or off to hospital for a check-up.”

“Take me home – I’m not going to bloody hospital,” said Sharon, still wincing, “You did it – you can fuckin’ well look after me for a while.”

I ignored the implications in that statement and between us we got her outside the club, where the guard kept her company while I fetched the car and eventually we got her seated and strapped in. I thanked Beylikdüzü Escort him for his help and drove carefully home, Sharon wincing every time I drove over the slightest bump or cornered too fast for her liking. She was being a proper baby, I reckoned.

Fortunately I could park the car quite close to the front door and somehow I managed to get her up and out and down the hall to her bedroom, where I gently lowered her to the bed, although not without at least a few more moans and groans.

Once on the bed, at least she smiled at me, her initial anger and pain now having subsided somewhat.

Mum and Dad had already gone to bed and I knew better than to disturb them – they both had a fixed routine of early to bed, early to rise, complimented by a sleeping pill each, so I asked Sharon what I could do for her.

“Well, first thing, since I left my drink at the club, you can get me another one – I was on Bacardi and coke,” she said, “Dad’s got a bottle in the cupboard.”

Actually our parents kept a quite well stocked booze cupboard so I was able to grab a can of lager as I fixed her drink, my first for the night. My hand shook as I poured her Bacardi, my confidence at a low ebb and my over-long arms not helping one bit with my pouring.

“Thanks Chris,” said Sharon as I handed her drink to her, then she held up the glass to inspect it.

“Bloody hell, I wanted a glassful not a bucketful!” she said, “Couldn’t you find a smaller glass?”

“I didn’t know,” I said contritely, “I didn’t know how much you wanted.”

“Enough here for the rest of the night,” she said as she drank deeply, “Fuckin’ hell – that’s strong! Oh well; won’t need a refill for a bit.”

Silence reigned for a few moments as we both supped at our drinks, then Sharon spoke.

“Sorry I shouted at you but you were dancing like a fucking zombie or something and your foot bloody well hurt me.”

“I’m really, really sorry,” I said, “You’ll have to teach me – I’m not used to clubbing – I don’t know the latest moves.”

“Don’t know any moves, do you? Yeah, I’ll teach you but I’ll need to get back on two legs first,” said Sharon, taking a big swig of her drink, “Now, what can I do for the pain?”

“We could try a cold compress,” I suggested, remembering that we had some ice chest freezer blocks; take one and wrap it in a towel and it might well help.

Sharon nodded her agreement, “How will you get one?”

I told her about my idea and she nodded.

“Yeah ok. I’ll need to get my tights off first though,” she said, taking another swig, the fumes of the Bacardi swirling around, “Better take my skirt off too, I guess.”

Getting her skirt off wasn’t too hard for her but bending her leg to remove her tights was almost impossible now so my help was enlisted and if Sharon had done things in reverse order perhaps nothing more would have happened. But now that she had her skirt off, her lower body was only encased in her tights and just her little g-string knickers beneath them and suddenly Sharon looked a bit worried.

“Don’t look,” she said, “You’re not supposed to!”

“Can’t help it if I’m here pulling your tights down, can I?” I said, “Don’t want to hurt you any more.”

“Well, try not to look,” said Sharon as she began to work her tights off over her hips.

“Not as if I haven’t seen you before, is it?” I said, because she didn’t always cover up completely when she came out of the bathroom.

Sharon looked at me suspiciously, then tipped the rest of her drink down her throat.

“Oh yeah, so what have you seen then?” she asked, but somehow her voice was now teasing rather than demanding.

“Only you when you’ve been in the bathroom,” I said, “I mean, I know, for example that you shave down there.”

She quickly put her hand over her groin, which was a bit of a waste of time since her thong-clad pussy had been more or less on show for several minutes now, albeit under her tights and I chuckled at her.

“What’s the matter?” she said.

“Bit late to cover up, isn’t it? And when you get those tights off you’ll be a lot more uncovered!” I said cheekily.

“Hmmmph – well you’ll just have to get used to the sight then, won’t you?” she said as she began to peel her tights down towards her thighs, “Right, give me a hand now.”

She was sitting on her bed, leaning back somewhat as she lifted her hips to slide her tights down while I was squatting on my haunches before her so now I lifted my hands and placed them softly on her thighs to pull at her tights.

“No – no, you’ll ladder them – put your hand up here,” she said, meaning where her tights were now bunched just below her groin.

I reached forward and as I did so I just over-reached; my extra-long arm causing my hand to miss her thigh and land right on her pussy; I felt the softness of her lips and the way they gave way in the middle before I pulled my hand away.

“Oh fuck, get off, you arsehole,” she said quietly but firmly, obviously not wishing to wake our parents and my hand was removed in seconds…but Beylikdüzü Escort Bayan not before the feeling became locked away in my subconscious mind!

“Sorry Sharon, sorry, that was a real accident, I promise,” I said contritely, “I honestly didn’t do that on purpose.”

“Bloody well hope not,” she said, “Try again but be more careful.”

This time I ran my hands up her thighs until I was able to grasp a handful of her tights and this time Sharon gasped instead.

“Oooooh wow,” she said, “Your hands – they felt lovely – your touch is so gentle.”

I let go of her tights and ran my hands up and down her thighs several times, my thumbs caressing the soft inner flesh until she moaned and stopped me.

“Naughty!” she said, “And you’re supposed to be helping…”

Back to her bunched up tights went my hands and carefully I eased them away from her pussy and slid them slowly down her legs until I reached her knees.

“Careful,” groaned Sharon, “Mind my knee.”

Very carefully I stretched the tights and lifted them over her damaged knee; then suddenly the crisis was past and I was helping her to get them off her feet.

“Well done,” she said as I handed her the tights, “Thanks Chris.”

Now her legs were bare they looked gorgeous; long, tanned and sleek and so smooth.

“You’ve got lovely legs; bloody lovely,” I told her, “They look really wonderful.”

And as I spoke I put my hands back onto her bare naked thighs and slowly moved them up and down as I’d done before, savouring the delicious smoothness and warmth of her lovely legs.

“Mmmmmm,” hummed Sharon, “That’s nice; don’t stop…”

Squatting on the balls of my feet before her, I extended my rubbing, leaning towards her somewhat and suddenly I lost my balance and I tipped forward.

I quickly moved one hand away and used it to stabilise myself but my other hand slipped quickly and my fingers came up against her pubic bone, while my thumb caught briefly at the edge of her thong and slid underneath.

“Aaaaaaaahhhhh!” groaned Sharon, “You bastard! Ooooooh no…!”

As she spoke my thumb slipped in moisture that seemed to be everywhere and I felt her lips part as my thumb slid right up her crack!

Sharon’s hand immediately clamped down over mine, effectively locking my thumb in her pussy…and as I flexed my thumb slightly I felt the tip penetrating her vagina – only slightly but enough to tell me that she was very wet inside!

“No-oooooo! Ooooh, no – ooooooooo!” she groaned, “Stop it!”

“Get your hand off me and I will,” I said and I felt her hand lift off mine.

I slowly pulled my hand away, immediately noting the highly erotic scent that now wafted around the room and seeing the wetness on my thumb. I so wanted to bring my thumb to my nose or my lips but I reckoned that Sharon would have belted me if I’d done that.

And this was where one of the other problems with newly-sprung puberty comes in – my cock was now as hard as steel and I’d need to take him in hand soon because an orgasm was already forming.

Well, actually he’d been erect and very hard ever since I touched her thighs and now he was throbbing and becoming extremely eager to unload.

Sharon seemed to be in shock or something so I took advantage of the lull by trying to escape, having known full well that I’d gone too far, even though by mistake.

I stood up just as Sharon sat up properly and her eyes opened wide.

“What the fuck is that?” she asked, looking directly at the big bulge at my groin, “You’re hard, aren’t you? You’re not supposed to be like that – I’m your sister.”

“I can’t help it,” I said, rather naively and now very urgently needing to give him some relief before he exploded, “He gets hard all the time; look, I’ve got to go.”

“Oh no you don’t,” said Sharon, “You’re helping me; you stay here.”

With that she grabbed my hand and yanked me back towards her, her pull strong enough to make me lose my balance once more, trip over my feet and end up sprawling over her bed beside her. As I fell so my hand reached out clumsily ahead of me and caught on something before it hit the bed. My attention however was on my cock which was immediately squashed beneath me as I landed but instead of it being painful the pressure felt lovely and I sorely wanted to rub him against the bedding until…no, stop it!

I rolled until I faced Sharon…to see that she now lay there as well but now her blouse was unbuttoned and loosened and there before my eyes was one beautiful bra-clad breast, her pink nipple clearly visible through the gauzy mesh of her low-cut bra.

I’d long lusted after her tits; she may well have had lovely sleek, long legs but it was her tits that I’d always longed to see and seldom seen enough of…and now here was one of them right in front of my face.

I think I gasped like a fish out of water until I heard Sharon chuckling.

“You really are fuckin’ clumsy, aren’t you?” she said, “Anyone would think you wanted to see me naked, the way you’re Escort Beylikdüzü going.”

“What’d you mean?” I asked and she looked down to where two buttons lay on the bed.

“Your bloody hand just ripped my blouse open; tore off the buttons; I’ll have to do some sewing now,” she said, not entirely aggrieved it seemed, considering the severity of the accusation, “Bet you did that on purpose!”

“You’re joking!” I said, “Why would I want to do that?”

“Cos you’re always perving after my tits, aren’t you?” she said with a mischievous grin, “Still, they’re only tits aren’t they? Do you want a better look then?”

Fuckin’ hell, I’d do anything for a better look but I didn’t dare admit it but Sharon must have understood my desire.

“Here you are; I’ll show you!” she said as she sat up and shrugged off her blouse and turning, she thrust her two magnificent breasts towards me.

“Like ’em?” she asked, lifting a hand to slide it over and then cup one of her breasts, “I’m a 38C in case you need to know!”

“Wow!” was all I could manage, my eyes on stalks, “They’re…they’re lovely!”

She shrugged and flexed her shoulders, making her breasts come loose inside her bra, making one nipple actually pop out of the top in fact.

“Oooops, nearly!” she said as she cupped her breast and made it comfortable again, “Mustn’t get you too excited!”

I shivered because I was indeed too excited; my cock was taking it all in and turning every single vision into a sensation; sensations that were quickly accumulating in my balls, by all impressions.

“Ohhhh fuck!” I moaned, feeling my penis throbbing wildly, “Sharon, I’ve got to go!”

“Why?” she asked, leaning towards me and making her breasts almost spill out again, “What’re you scared of?”

I was panting now; feedback was almost out of control; I could feel things tingling and jerking; I could feel the pressure rising rapidly.

“Oh-oh-oh fuck!” I cried, “I’m not scared, I’m gonna…oh no…!”

My hips jerked uncontrollably and I felt my cum pulsing into my pants as I shot off, more and more spunk pouring from my penis, flooding my underwear, soaking my jeans.

And I didn’t dare put my hand over my cock; I’d have only given him even more signals to erupt and anyway Sharon had already seen everything.

“You’ve cum!” she said, a huge enigmatic smile on her face, “Did you just cum?”

I nodded shamefacedly, unable to say anything.

“Oh Chris, that’s so sweet!” said Sharon to my complete astonishment, “All because of me! Wow!”

“I couldn’t help it!” I admitted, “First your legs, then your, um, pussy now your tits…”

“Yeah – probably was a bit too much for a youngster,” she said with a big smile, “Ummm, I think you need some tissues, don’t you; you’re soaked.”

She looked around and pointed to a box.

“On the dressing table,” she said but I shook my head.

“I’ll go and clean up in the bathroom,” I said as I stood up, my cum-soaked groin already cooling but Sharon held up her hand.

“No – you might wake Mum or Dad – stay here,” she said, “I won’t look, unless you want me to!”

I gave her a filthy look as I shuffled to the dressing table and undid my belt and jeans. I slid my zip down and let my jeans fall to my knees to reveal my underpants; a sodden mess of cum, sticky and chilling already.

“Bugger! Can’t wear these now,” I said as I stepped out of my jeans and pushed my underpants down, “Don’t look!”

“It’s only your bum,” said Sharon, “Seen that before, it’s cute!”

I gave her another filthy look as I stepped out of my underpants and began wiping away the sticky mess from my pubes, my cock and my balls; then I realised that I’d have to ‘go Commando’ thereafter and that my cock would be unfettered. Hopefully he’d behave now…

But as I lifted my head from checking my groin I saw something that made my heart stop – the mirror on her dressing table must have shown Sharon a full frontal view!

I turned my head around.

“Were you looking?” I asked but Sharon didn’t answer; she didn’t need to – her eyes told me everything!

I really didn’t know what to say, I was so embarrassed, so I just pulled my jeans back up then picked up my soggy underpants and held them out.

“What shall I do with these?” I asked and Sharon held out her hand.

“Give ’em here,” she said as she took them from me, “I’ll hide them in the drawer for now.”

But I noticed that she brought them right past her face as she took them, her nose crinkling as she did so.

“Made a right mess, didn’t you,” she said as she dropped my pants in the drawer, “Got it everywhere!”

“Shut up!” I admonished her, “You weren’t supposed to see that.”

“Why not – what’s wrong?” she replied, “First time I’ve ever seen a man after he’s cum – fascinating!”

“Hmmmmph,” I mumbled, “That was private…but I guess I’d better forgive you.”

“Good – so you’ve got that over with then? Ok, now come on, I want you to deal with my knee; it still hurts,” she said and indeed it still was swollen and somewhat reddened, “Go and get that ice pack will you please.”

Utterly deflated now that bit of pressure had been relieved I quietly went down to the utility room and the freezer and soon returned with the freezing block of plastic, picking up a hand towel from the bathroom as I passed it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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