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We had been out for dinner in London and Sue decided that, to finish the night off, she wanted to go to a club. Sue was wearing a white blouse with a black mid-thigh length leather skirt, black thigh highs and a pair of black shoes with three-inch stiletto heels that helped make her legs look fantastic. The temperature dropped while we were waiting in the queue to the club that we had found and I couldn’t help but notice that, because she was wearing a half-cup bra, Sue’s nipples were beginning to show through her blouse. I used the slight chill as an excuse to cuddled up to Sue and I took the opportunity to rub myself against her chest, ensuring that her nipples remained prominent.

We queued for only a short while then made it into the club, the doorman obviously enjoying the view when he checked out Sue before admitting us. The music was so loud we couldn’t speak so, using sign language, Sue sent me to the bar to get some drinks.

The bar area was heaving with people and when I made my way back with the drinks Sue was on the dance floor. I signalled to her and got her to come nearer to me then I put the drinks where I could keep an eye on them and joined her on the dance floor. Even though I was dancing opposite her, other guys would approach Sue – her still very prominent nipples probably had something to do with that. She would always smile at them and briefly turn her attention to them but invariably she would return her attention to me.

A slower song was played and we moved closer. Sue moulded her body to mine ensuring she rubbed against illegal bahis me. My hands dropped to her waist and then inched lower to massage her bottom and pull her tight to me. After a minute of grinding together Sue moved away, turned around and then backed against me. I put my hands on her waist then worked them under her blouse and up to her breasts, alternating between massaging her breasts and stroking her nipples.

The bumping and grinding went on until the end of the next song, at which time I dragged Sue off the floor and into a dark corner. I pushed her up against the wall and we kissed. I alternated between nibbling her lips with my teeth and teasing my tongue into her mouth. After a few minutes of that she pulled my head tight against her and crushed my lips with hers, her tongue forcing its way into my mouth.

I moved my right hand between us and loosened the buttons on her blouse. I then gently took hold of one of her breasts and teased the nipple with my thumb. She groaned with pleasure and became more aggressive in her kissing. Her right hand reached down between us and stroked my length through my trousers. I removed my lips from hers and started kissing her neck, which caused her to groan even more. I then moved my hand down from her breast, onto her leg. I moved my hand up the inside of her thigh until I reached the top. I eased her thong aside and found a very wet cunt. My finger easily slid inside her.

I managed to get a second finger inside her then withdrew them both and found her clit. Sue was so aroused that it only took a couple illegal bahis siteleri of minutes of massaging her clit before she had an orgasm. I supported her as her legs gave way, continuing to hold her against the wall and kiss her neck until she grabbed my head to bring our lips together again. Sue then took hold of the hand I had been using on her clit, brought it up to her lips and put my fingers in her mouth. After she finished tasting herself we had another brief kiss then Sue fastened her blouse, gave me another quick stroke through my trousers, took hold of my hand and then dragged me down the corridor and into the Ladies.

There was no-one else in the Ladies and Sue dragged me straight into one of the cubicles. Sue sat down then reached up undid the belt and zip one my trousers and then let them drop to the floor. Sue then eased the waistband of my boxers over the throbbing head of my penis and then work them down my legs. As she leant forward the ease my boxers down my legs my penis was level with her head so she kissed the end the licked up and down my length. By now I leaking pre-cum and she happily used her tongue to remove it from the end of my cock.

Once my boxers were at my feet Sue took hold of my erection with one hand, lightly raked the nails of her other hand over my balls then leaned forward and took my penis into her mouth. She started moving her hand up and down my length while keeping the end of my cock in her mouth. In only a few minutes I was ready on the verge of coming. Sue knew that so she stopped what she was doing and canlı bahis siteleri swapped places with me.

As soon as I sat down Sue turned her back to me then eased herself downwards. She took hold of my erection, rubbed it along her lips and then slowly eased herself down onto it. Once she was settled she leaned back against me so I reached around to fondle her breasts. She then went to work on me with her pussy muscles. I moved one hand down and reached between her legs, found her clit and started gently stroking it.

Sue’s breathing increased and her hips started moving. She lifted herself so that my erection was at the entrance to her pussy then dropped back down on it. After she’d done that a few times I decided that I needed to be in control. I stood up and moved her so that she was leaning with her hands against the cubicle door. I spread her legs slightly then fed my erection back into her. I was so close to coming that I just grabbed her hips and started thrusting into her as fast as I could. Sue moved back to meet each of my thrusts. It took only half a dozen thrusts and I was coming. My spurting into Sue pushed her over the edge. Her muscles clamped onto me again and again, milking my come from me.

I stayed inside her until my prick softened and slipped out. Sue let out another little moan as my length slipped out of her. She then turned around, pulled me to her and we kissed as we came down from our peaks. We got ourselves together and then walked together hand in hand out of the Ladies. As we were walking out of the door two young women walked in. They looked at me then at Sue then turned to each other and started laughing. As the door closed behind us Sue said that it was a shame that they hadn’t arrived earlier! Perhaps she was developing an exhibitionist streak!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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