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Big Cock

The date had been made. On one of my last nights in Colorado, the three of us were going to have a quiet night out. Just a movie, a quick dinner, and maybe take in some sights or have some drinks at a quiet bar. As simple as it should have been, I still took extra special care getting ready, for my hosts, were two of the most stunning women I have ever been in the company of.

After a long hot shower, I got ready to leave, dressed casually in a pair of jeans, a dark dress shirt, and shoes. My hair raised up with gel, soul patch neatly trimmed, and garnered with Davidoff’s freshest cologne. Pleased with my appearance, I grab my wallet, cell phone, and head towards the lobby to meet my dates for the evening.

I step out of the elevator and into the spacious lobby waiting area to await my ride. Taking a seat, I proceed to check my messages on my phone while I wait, noticing I had a missed call while I was in the shower. As I listen in partial disbelief, it was Kaylee, and I feared the night had been called off.

She begins to apologize for what she is about to do, that she had to cancel this evening due to a family matter, and at this point I am ready to stand and head back to my room, when a bright spot shines through. She tells me that although she is unable to make it and that her girlfriend Ashley still wanted to go, so she would be picking me up and accompanying me to the movies, my date for the night.

I had meet Ashley briefly on a previous night but have heard a great deal about her prior to tonight, a stunning blonde beauty, whose relationship to Kaylee was more than just a friend. She seemed very bubbly, and very easy to get along with so I had no issues with going with just her, and if anyone else was going to host me here, both I and Kaylee prefer it to be her. I hang up the phone feeling a little let down, but nonetheless planned to make the most of this evening. And what I saw next, set my nerves at ease a great deal.

The front door open and through them walks a vision of absolute heaven. If I had died, this woman would meet me at the gates of heaven. Her blonde hair flowed, and fluttered to rest on her shoulders as the doors shut behind her. Clad in a black skirt, and a black cashmere sweater, both doing an excellent job highlighting her assets, she scanned the room, and a smile breaks her full, rosy lips as her eyes meet mine.

I stand to walk to her, smiling myself as I go, not recalling that she looked this good as she did at this very moment. We hug our hellos and as we walk to her car parked outside she explains to me why Kaylee couldn’t be with us tonight, and that she’d try her best to meet up with us afterward. She smiles as she watches me climb into her passenger seat, as she assures me we’ll have a great time, and with a wink, she shuts the door.

The ride to the theatre was short, and at the same time seemed shorter. We spent the ride getting to know one another, exchanging details about one another, our likes, dislikes, and various other snippets of personalities. She also seemed amused at me ability to make a joke out of just about anything, I was just glad I could ease both of our nerves by making her laugh.

As we pull into the parking structure of the theatre and park the car, Ashley turns to me and placing a hand on my thigh, she smiles and says “I knew we’d have a great time, and it’s starting already.” As I recover from the shivers sent through my from her touch, we exit the car and make our way to the ticket counter.

“Closer.” Ash says, taking me by surprise as she grabs me by the arm and stands closer to me, staring at the movie listings.

“Yes, you are.” I reply with a wry grin. She giggles and slaps my arm as she explains that its Julia Roberts’ new movie that is what she wants to watch. I smile back and agree as I walk to the window to buy our tickets. As we walk in, her arm wrapped in mine once again, she tells me she is going to head to the restroom first and that I should go buy us snacks and a drink. I head toward the concession and plan to meet her by the front door of the theatre.

As I stand at the door waiting with popcorn and 2 small beverages in hand, I wished the sodas in the cups was liquor, for I would have swigged them down in a flash as my eyes fell back on Ashley as she sauntered towards me. For some reason, she looked even better in the warm lighting of the theatres, and I almost cursed the fact that we’d be in darkness for the next 2 hours. She takes a drink from my hand, and I shudder as I watch her take the straw between her lusciously glowing lips. I shake it off and we make our way to the seats.

For a Thursday night the theatre was surprisingly empty. We stood at the top of the room and tried to decide which of the hundreds of seats we were going to sit in. Ash stares at something in the back corner of the room for a little while before turning to me and flashes me an innocent child like look. “Over there looks perfect” she says as she heads for the darkened back corner of istanbul escort the theatre.

I turn back and look curiously at her choice of seats, then back to the ever appropriate middle of the theatre, then shrug it off and follow her to the corner. My eyes drift down the form fitting view of her firm behind swaying as she walked to the seat. I jump as she turned her head back to me to smile, obviously catching me blushing at getting caught looking, an almost wicked grin forming across her lips as she walks around the corner most seat and sits down, patting the seat next to her inviting me next to her.

I sit, trying to forget about my stolen glances, and as if trying to console me, Ash pats my thigh softly, smiling when I turn to look at her. “This is going to be fun.” She whispers, an almost mischievous tone to her sultry voice.

As we wait for the film to begin we make small talk, an almost flirting ambiance in our words. A few minutes of this goes on before things took a turn for the interesting. As the lights dim, and the screen glows to life, Ash leans over to me and whispers, “I don’t know, there’s something about a dark, empty room like this that’s just so, erotic.”

A chill runs through my body as I turn to look at her, her face glowing in the flickering white of the screen, her body now shadowed in a soft glow, highlighting her curves nicely in a dull white light. Her face turned down, and her hazel eyes turned upwards to me with a cute, yet hunger filled gaze staring straight through me. I smile back at her and nod in agreement. She folds her legs up onto the chair and under her as she leans into my seat, her head almost resting on my shoulder as the film glows to a start before us. The movie was not the only thing that was about to get underway.

After about fifteen minutes into the film, Ashley comments about how incredibly sexy Natalie Portman is in this film. I agree. And that Clive Owen is also quite the eye candy, this for which I have no real comment. We are two of perhaps ten people in this expansive theatre, so our whispers are no doubt going unheard, the nearest couple being at least twenty or so rows in front of us, near the center where I wanted to sit, but what was about to happen next, would forever make me thank god I did not talk her into sitting in the center.

Out of nowhere, oblivious to the movie or our surroundings, Ash leans over closer; her hand reaching for what I thought was the popcorn in my lap. Her hand however missed the bucket by a few inches, and lands on my thigh, almost where my leg meets my waist. I stiffen a bit in my seat and try to think nothing of it. But then, her face leans in closer as well, not resting on my shoulder like before, but hovering over my shoulder, her nose brushing against my neck, her lips just grazing it.

I want to look at her, to see the look in her eyes that has possessed her to do this. Possessing her to run her hand closer to my crotch, possessing her to snake her tongue out, lightly dragging up my neck, over my jaw, then to my ear. Her tongue slides into my ear, a soft sigh from her tickles my senses before being muffled by the tongue sliding in and around my ear. I shiver in my seat, body trembling, shifting at the sensation of stiffening within my jeans. Ash realizes this, as her hand is now under the popcorn bucket, resting firmly on my swelling crotch.

Her hand massages me softly, fingers working their way around the bulge in my denim slowly. My eyes close in dreamy disbelief as her other hand slithers across my shoulders pulling me slightly closer to her. She ceases fondling my erection to remove the popcorn from my lap and place it in the aisle next to her.

In a flash her hand resumes it spot on my crotch, this time higher up, searching for the button on my waist to undo. Something in my head snaps me from my delirious arousal, and my hand catches hers just as she pops my button free. “I’m not sure about this Ash, I mean Kaylee….” I whisper.

“Don’t worry. She knows”. Ashley replies.

You begin to explain to me how Kaylee knows about your plans for this evening, and in fact, how she almost suggested it. You continue to explain how you yourself had not intended to go through with Kaylee’s proposal of seduction, but that when we got together, something changed inside, and you decided to go through with it after all. The moment, the mood, the venue, and most importantly, the company just had a profound effect on you. Bewildered, my hand slowly releases yours, and the seduction proceeds to continue.

Oblivious to the picture playing now, my head rocks back and leans against the headrest, eyes shutting loosely as I feel your hand make certain my button is undone. Slowly your hand snakes down and slides my zipper south. Your other hand roams freely over my shirt, over the curve of my heaving chest, then down joining your other hand in removing my jeans. Your hands slide under my ass to guide me up off the seat.

I look around and make sure escort bayan that no one is watching, but as the theatre is hardly full, even the closest couple could not detect our antics. My neck presses into the back of the seat as my hips rise up slightly off the seat, allowing you to slide off your chair, and slide my jeans off my legs. You toss them hastily on the seat to my left, lift the armrest separating our bodies, climb up onto your chair so you are sitting on your knees.

I turn my head to look at you, your body glowing and flickering in the movie’s light, as I watch your body lean forward, one arm wrapping behind my body, and the other leading your head slowly to my crotch.

I watch in awe as your head hovers above my crotch, your fingers wrapped around the base of my swelling shaft. Your head moves into block my view with a sea of blonde hair, falling neatly to the sides of your head, the ends barely grazing my skin, sending tingles through my body in waves.

Your head turns up, gazing at me through streams of golden hair as you toss your head and fling your hair in a flash over the opposite side of your head. You look up at me, eyes ablaze with a sensual hunger, face shrouded in shadow, visible only in flashes of light from the distant screen, as you explain to me how its been a while since you’ve done this, and to bare with you. I discover in a second that bearing with you will not be an issue.

Your head turns back down, letting your hair fall to the sides of your head again. I cannot see what you’re doing, but there is no need, for the sensations tell the entire story. Your mouth opens wide, your hand massaging the base of my cock delicately, working the foreskin up and down slowly as your lips meet my head.

Your lips remain open around the head as your tongue swirls circles around the tip, caressing both my head, and your lips simultaneously. I let out an audible groan, and have to look around again to see if I caught anyone’s attention with it. I did not. I look back down at you beginning to work your magic, oblivious to my verbal outburst you continue on.

Your hand working up and down the topside of my shaft while your extended tongue slithers up and down the underneath. Up and down you lick me as if savoring a Popsicle of desired flavor, quenching an erotic thirst long unfulfilled.

Back up your head traverses, mouth opening at the peak to take me inside you at last. I feel my cock being engulfed in warmth as your mouth devours me, inch by inch, until I feel your lips come to rest at the base of my cock. Another groan is let out. I shift in my seat, easing myself yet deeper into your mouth.

Your lips purse around me, I can feel your tongue press into my cock as your mouth begins to move, upwards, suckling at my head, then back down, repeating this motion yet again, and again. My breathing quickens, I rest a hand on your head, trying desperately to clear your hair so that I may get a glimpse of your mouth in action.

Just then your mouth goes into overdrive, bobbing up and down on me faster, fiercer, your hand stroking the length of my cock as your lips trail it. Your mouth releases me with a gasp of breath, and your hand jerks me off, working your saliva into my pulsing flesh.

You let out a sweet sigh as your face turns to me with look of pure lust. Your hand continuing to stroke me, fingers clasping around my shaft as your hand rolls up over my head, my body shudders. Down your hand slides, releasing my cock as it sways in the cool theatre air as your fingers curl around my balls, kneading my sac through them, massaging and tickling me all the same.

The arm you have behind me pulls my body towards you, closer. Your head drifts up and meets mine, our foreheads pressed together as your tongue snakes out and slithers over my lips. My mouth opens, and our first kiss sends sparks flying. Our tongues dance, swirling and mixing within as I feel the chairs start to vibrate. As my hands slide down your back I can feel the movement coming from your hips, grinding against yourself on your knees.

Our kiss, which seemed to last for hours finally breaks and your head lowers once again to resume your oral stylings on my cock. Your mouth wetter now after our tongue dance, your mouth slips easily over my thick shaft. Deep in I go once again, feeling saliva drip down all sides of my cock.

Your mouth strokes me again with tight lips, your hand twisting upwards over my skin with each release of your lips. My cock throbs, swells, pulsing in the grip of your lips as you continue to fuck me orally. I slide my hand back down your back, feeling the small of your back arch as my hand passes over it. I claw at your ass, my nails snagging the sheer material of your skirt, dragging it upwards with each pull of my nails.

Inch by Inch your skirt slides up over the curves of your ass, slowly revealing the milky white mounds of your cheeks, glowing faintly in the dim light. No panties, just like your lover. escort istanbul I smile wryly as my hand glides over your skin, watching your ass muscles tense as my nails graze over your silky flesh.

Muffled moans from your mouth sends tingling vibrations through my shaft as my hand slides down your thigh, fingers working my way between your legs. Two fingers slither between your legs, up closer to your exposed pussy. You sense the proximity of my fingers to you as you raise your ass up into the air, one leg falling off the chair onto the ground.

Your legs spread now, one on, one off the theatre chair, and my fingers inching dangerously close to your slit. As my fingers meet your lips, a soft muffled moan fills my ear, my eyes scan the theatre once more to assess our secrecy, no one watches. My attention back to your pussy, watching your hips gyrate slightly as my fingers mimic a walking motion over your lips, parting them, revealing your immense wetness to me.

As I continue to fondle your lips, the pace of your mouth quickens, head bobbing up and down on my cock furiously now, soft sighs with each release quickly give way to audible sighs and moans. My fingers twiddling your lips faster, one eases its way into your sopping hole, the other sliding over your lips, finding your clit swelling.

As I finger fuck you with one digit, and play with your throbbing clit with the other, your mouth breaks its grasp on my cock to let out sweet moans of delight. I look down at your pleasure laden face as you moan in ecstasy, your eyes glassy and upturned to me as you stroke me off, mouth agape, seeping moan after moan as we pleasure each other with skilled hands. You stroke me fast and hard for a few more seconds, before letting me go reluctantly. You straighten yourself up on the seat, my fingers dripping with your sex, being pulled out of you as you sit up straight.

You take my hand in yours, guiding my drenched fingers to my lips. Your hand guides my digits over my lips, my mouth opening slightly to let you guide them in, the sweet fragrance of your nectars intoxicate my senses, getting me high with hunger, desire as I suck the sweet juices from my fingers.

I look to you as you withdraw my fingers from my mouth and release my hand. “Sweet?” you ask, as I nod in agreement.

My hand strokes my still erect cock as I gaze at you knelt on the seats. Should someone have turned to face the back, they would have caught a delectable view of you removing your top, the soft black sweater being tossed aside, and the soft white glow of your body illuminated in the flicker of the screen. They would have had a perfect view of your hands running up your body, your hands gently cupping your tits together, fingers rolling your erect nipples softly, squeezing both breasts together.

Had they been looking they would have been disappointed to watch your body sink from view onto your back onto the seats, one leg draped over the backrests, one down on the floor. And had they been looking, they would have been very envious of me sliding off my seat to the floor, my body poised nicely between your legs.

You beckon me between your spread legs with a crook of a finger, hungry, lust filled eyes, and a run of your tongue over your full lips. My head rests against your inner thigh as my tongue slithers out to slide over your milky skin. Your head rocks as my head glides over to the other thigh, drifting a soft warm breath over your already heated sex, and then planting soft kisses on the other thigh.

I look up at you laid out on the red velvet chairs, my head hovering above your pussy, eyes darting back and forth from the beauty of your face, emblazoned with a look of pure lust, and the sweet prize before my face. One more glance to your face as my head lowers down, just before my lips meet yours, I catch your whisper, “Kaylee said your tongue is amazing. Show me.”

My lips press into yours, the sweet taste of you tantalizing my senses almost immediately. My tongue slides up your lips, the tip easing its way between your lips, parting them, exposing a glistening wet hole, pulsing with desire before my very eyes. Soft sighs hint at my ears as my mouth covers this hole, my tongue sliding inside slowly, swirling around inside you, then back out repeating this pattern faster and faster.

Your hips begin to gyrate against my face, urging my tongue deeper inside you. My hands wrap around your waist, pulling you closer to me, caressing you, following the motions of your hips. Your soft sighs quickly give way to audible gasps and cries, moans of pure pleasure as my tongue fills you, my lips brushing rhythmically over your clit, and my hands gliding up over your laid out body, over your breasts, heaving, soft milky white globes, yearning for the touch of my hands on them.

Your back begins to arch, lifting your pussy up to meet my mouth now. My tongue lapping at you like a thirsty dog at water. The flat of my tongue sliding up, pressing into your slit, up over your clit, then back down. Trails of saliva drips down your slit, swiftly I dive in and lap it up, only to let it leak from my mouth back down onto your pussy. I hear you whisper the word “finger”, the word quickly dissolving into more sighs and heavy breaths.

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