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That’s it. Not too forward or too strong, you’re supposed to be nervous and awkward like her. Can’t fuck this up. Be cool.

“I don’t know,” Debbie said with a blush and a grin that really said that she did know, and that what she knew was that she did want to.

Stacy Marie set her glass down on the table and turned toward Debbie, leaning in to plant a light kiss on her lips. She saw Debbie close her eyes at the contact and press into the kiss. God, this is going to be easy. Stacy Marie leaned her body in towards Debbie, and they fell onto the couch with Stacy laying between Debbie’s legs and on top of her, while the older girl wrapped her arms lightly around the younger’s waist and began rubbing softly around the arch of her back. Softly kissing, tongues twisting and playing, the pair didn’t feel it necessary to move again for another ten minutes.

Then Stacy Marie started kissing down Debbie’s neck and down her chest, following the dip made between Ebb’s lovely, plump breasts pressing out against the fabric of her shirt. When she reached the bellybutton, Stacy Marie pushed the shirt up a little and planted little kisses in a circle all around it. “Come on,” Stacy Marie, said as she sat up, “let’s get this shirt off you.”

Debbie smiled and sat up, twisting her eyes before she shut them for a second.

“You okay?” Stacy asked.

“Head rush,” Debbie laughed, a little dizzy. “Or the wine. I’m good.”

“Good,” Stacy Marie smiled, grabbing the bottom of Debbie’s shirt, “just makes it easier for me to have my way with you.” The girls giggled and Debbie raised her arms and let her shirt be taken off.

“I love that you didn’t put a bra on,” Stacy Marie teased as she began to lean down and put her lips on Debbie’s firm tits. “You wanted me to do this, didn’t you, you tease?”

Debbie giggled and cradled Stacy Marie’s head to her chest when she felt the juicy lips surround her erect nipple. “Ohhh,” she moaned, “that feels good. Would you blame me if I did?”


“No,” Stacy Marie grinned as she sat back up, replacing her lips on the plump breasts with her hands, and put her mouth back on Debbie’s. “I wouldn’t. I have been thinking about this since you took that bath.”

“Oh really,” Debbie answered back, sliding her palms onto the insides of Stacy’s smooth thighs. “Who was wanting it now?”

Stacy Marie laughed and pushed Debbie back on the couch. As Debbie rested back, Stacy Marie crawled over her and started kissing down her neck, took each breast in mouth and hand, and kept moving down the stomach to the band of the shorts that Debbie wore.

Continuing to kiss down Debbie’s bare skin and each new sliver of skin revealed as Stacy hooked her fingers into the shorts and started inching them down, she noticed that all she was seeing was bare skin. “You didn’t put panties on, either?” Stacy Marie sat up and pulled the shorts down to Debbie’s knees. “Oh, you dirty girl,” she toyed, “you didn’t.”

Debbie brought a hand up to cover her mouth as she started to giggle. Stacy Marie lifted the legs into the air by the shorts and rubbed her fingers into Debbie’s cunt as it was exposed to her, lips pressed out by the squeeze of her closed thighs sticking up in the air. “Oh, you’re so wet,” Stacy gushed. “Are you horny, Ebb? Does it feel good when I rub your hot pussy like this?”

“Mmm, yeah,” Debbie moaned. Oh, it feels so much better tonight. “Oh god, it feels so good, Stacy.” Debbie took a hand and cupped the bottom of a tit, shifting it around and squeezing it a little with her thumb and forefinger.

Stacy Marie finished pulling the shorts off of the squirming girl and tossed them away. Debbie’s legs came down and folded apart, spreading her glistening flower open. Stacy rubbed it with her whole hand as Debbie rotated her hips into the sensation. “God, you are sooo wet!”

Giggling as she moved her hand to Debbie’s mouth, Stacy said, “See how wet you are for me?” and let Debbie taste her own juices on Stacy’s fingers before Debbie grabbed the hand and slid her mouth onto the soaked digits. “Oooh, you like that, huh?”

Debbie, with three of Stacy’s fingers in her mouth, nodded and moaned “Mmm-hmm.”

“Can I taste too?”

Debbie smiled and let Stacy’s hand slip from her lips. Stacy didn’t put them in her mouth, though. Instead, she backed up on her knees and dipped her head between Debbie’s spread legs. With a hand spreading the pouty, moist pussy open, Stacy lightly pressed her tongue into Debbie’s entrance, then backed out and let it slide up through the folds and ran a circle with it around her swollen clit.

“Ohh, shit,” Debbie moaned suddenly as her body shivered.

“Mmm, Ebb, you taste good.”

Stacy Marie made laps around Debbie’s little course with her tongue, stopping every once in a while to shove her tongue deep into the entrance and curl the tip around the willing recipient’s insides.

Debbie moaned and her body twisted as her labia and her tender clit were stimulated over and over. canlı bahis She wondered why tonight this all felt different, so much better. Until she came the first time while Stacy Marie’s tongue was buried in her. Then, she didn’t care. She wildly ran her fingers through Stacy Marie’s hair and down her neck. Grabbing what she could with her fingertips, Debbie started inching Stacy’s shirt up, wanting it off. Wanting desperately to feel her breasts. In her hands, in her mouth, against hers. She wanted the feel of Stacy’s hard nipples on her perky breasts pressed against her skin. Pressed against her own hard nipples on her own tingling breasts. She wanted Stacy Marie’s bare skin on hers.

Stacy Marie lifted her head from Debbie’s pussy and smiled at her. “Are you trying to undress me?” Debbie nodded excitedly.

Stacy planted a light kiss on Debbie’s sweat-misted mound and sat up, pulling her top off and tossing it at Debbie’s laughing face. As Debbie giggled and threw the thin top off of her, she saw Stacy Marie as she was unclasping her bra and letting it fall off her tits and down her arms. It fell on the floor and Stacy Marie leaned her body up over Debbie’s, where the wanton girl finally felt the bare skin she wanted and squeezed and molded Stacy’s tender, young breasts.

Debbie pulled Stacy down onto her and found her mouth, holding her and searching it out with her tongue while Stacy let her hands roam down and caress the toned thighs that now cradled and folded around her. “Oh, god, you’re making me feel so hot, so good,” Debbie gushed as she broke away from Stacy’s lips for a moment.

“Isn’t that the point?” Stacy Marie teased before they resumed their passionate kiss again.

“Holy shit!” came a male voice from just inside the door to the beachhouse. Sully stood there in frozen shock as his eyes took in the image of his completely naked sister laying on the couch with the girl he had been sleeping with topless on top of her.

Debbie started squirming underneath Stacy. “Oh shit, oh shit.”

Stacy Marie started whispering in her ear. “Shhh, shhh, it’s okay. Don’t freak out, Ebb. It’s alright. He knows.”

Debbie stopped squirming to give Stacy Marie a confused look.

“He knows about what we did yesterday,” Stacy kept whispering. “I’m sorry. I’m sorry, but I ended up telling him. And god, Ebb, he got so turned on.”

Debbie glanced over to her brother, who had taken a few steps away from the door and closer towards them. Her eyes closed when Stacy placed a light kiss on her neck.

“Don’t you think it’d be alright, just for tonight,” Stacy Marie whispered, bringing her thigh up and rubbing it against Debbie’s open pussy to shoot sensation through her, “if we let him watch?”

Her body squirmed as the thigh pressed into her tender center, and with the kisses on her neck and the hand sliding up her body, Debbie was hard pressed to say no. I can’t believe I’m considering this.

“Nobody will know, just us,” Stacy kept whispering.

Debbie opened her eyes to look at Stacy Marie and nodded, wrapping her arms back around her and pulling her back into a kiss. I can’t believe I’m doing it. I never do anything like this. He’s watching us, and I’m letting him.

Stacy Marie turned her head to Sully and grinned as Debbie transitioned into placing kisses on her neck. “Debbie says you can stay. Would you want that?”

Sully’s mouth dropped open. “Are you serious?”

Stacy Marie nodded. “If you promise to be a good boy. Close and lock the door.” Sully didn’t hesitate anymore, and quickly complied with her request. “You can sit there,” Stacy directed, nodding her head at a chair right next to the couch, one with an excellent view and good proximity. “For now.”

“Oh my god, this is fuckin’ awesome,” Sully said as he plopped down in the chair and turned for the best viewing angle.

Stacy Marie brought her lips back to Debbie’s and brought her hands up to Debbie’s tits and squeezed them.

“Shit, that’s hot,” Sully commented from his chair.

Stacy Marie started kissing down Debbie’s neck and to her breasts. Sucking a nipple between her lips, she looked up and saw Debbie turn her head away from Sully and shut her eyes. “It’s okay, Ebb,” she whispered as she squeezed both of the big breasts under her, “you can look at him. It’s alright, enjoy it. Let him see you enjoy it. Someone watching you have sex.”

Debbie looked down at her, then over to her brother and locked eyes with him. I can’t believe I’m doing this. How did she get me to agree to this? It is kind of exciting, though… Stacy saw it and returned to the nipples, glimpsing the flutter of the sister’s eyes as she did.

Stacy Marie slid further down Debbie’s body, probing her belly button with her tongue as she kept a palm caressing her breasts and slid the other one down to her pussy and pressed into it. She turned her eyes toward the guy in the chair, and saw the bulge in his pants.

“Look, Ebb, look at your brother,” Stacy said. “See bahis siteleri how excited we’re making him? How excited you’re making him?”

Debbie looked over. She saw it and looked back to Stacy Marie with wide, surprised eyes. “Me?”

Stacy nodded, kissing Debbie’s stomach. “He’s already been with me. Hey Sully, you wanna show us how much you like what you see? You wanna do that?”

Sully hesitated for a minute, then started to unzip his shorts. Stacy Marie slipped two fingers into Debbie, which made her moan out loud, as she said in a throaty breath, “Look, Ebb. Look.”

Debbie looked over to her brother, and with wider eyes, took in the sight of his hard, thick 7″ cock standing straight up out of his open zipper, head purple and veins pulsing with blood.

“See, I told you,” Stacy Marie breathed, thrusting and twisting her fingers slowly inside the amazed girl, “he likes it.” Stacy scooted her body down further and sucked Debbie’s sensitive nub between her lips.

“Oh my GOD!” Debbie screamed suddenly. “Oh fuck! I’m gonna cum! Fuck my pussy, Marie, suck it! Oh, goddamn!”

As Stacy started sucking the clit like it was a nipple and pounded the pussy like her fingers were a cock, she heard Sully exclaim, “Holy shit,” at the sudden string of exclamations shot from his sister’s mouth. Stacy stopped all her stimulation of Debbie suddenly and just looked up at her.

Debbie looked down at Stacy Marie. “Don’t stop! Why’d you stop?!”

Stacy Marie answered innocently, “I’m all out of hands, and your tits are so lonely. Maybe Sully should help me out…”

“Yes, yes, okay, please, please keep going!”

“Could you ask him for me,” Stacy Marie teased, “my mouth is kinda full.” She lightly licked around the side of the clit while her fingers were paused halfway inside Debbie’s pussy.

Debbie looked over at Sully. “Jon, please!”

Sully looked at her, then at Stacy in a bit of hesitation. Stacy Marie winked at him, giving him the tacit permission he was looking for. He hopped up, dick bouncing as it stuck out through his zipper, and stepped over to the end of the couch. Leaning in over Debbie’s head, he slowly moved his hands down to cup her tits. “I can’t believe this…” he said, amazed at what he was doing, and, especially, who he was doing it to.

Stacy Marie took the opportunity to resume and blasted into a furious finger-fucking and clit-licking assault. Debbie’s back arched as she scream/moaned and snapped her hands down onto her brother’s, forcing him to squeeze her melon-sized breasts harder and harder as she came all over Stacy’s face.

“Oh, shit,” Debbie groaned as she came down from her second orgasm, “that was unbelievable.” Still holding onto her brother’s hands, she released her grip some and let his hands knead smoothly around her globes while his thumbs began paying special attention to her nipples. Jon has his hands on my tits. Oh fuck, I don’t care. It all feels so good, I don’t care. Don’t care anymore.

Stacy Marie slid up Debbie’s body and sat up, straddling the hips as they rolled under her in the motion of the end lines of orgasm. She grabbed Debbie’s hands and looked straight ahead at Sully, who was still bent over the end of the couch, leaning slightly over Debbie’s head with her tits in his hands.

“Sully was such a good helper, don’t you think?” Stacy said to Debbie, who kind of nodded back in post-orgasmic bliss. “And he looks so uncomfortable with that hard cock shoved through that zipper. It can’t feel good.”

Debbie looked up, to find a part of her brother’s cock sticking out in the air a few inches above her head.

“And since he’s still a little occupied, maybe we should help him out?” Stacy Marie didn’t really wait for an answer, but moved their hands up to the button on Sully’s shorts and she undid it, then placed Debbie’s hands on either side of the shorts and let her pull them down off his hips until they were free enough to drop to the floor.

“Aww, I’ll bet that’s better. Here, let me get those boxers,” Stacy Marie said as she gripped them and pushed them down. Coming free of the fabric, Sully’s erection bounced, smacking once don onto Debbie’s forehead. The girls paused in the moment, with a wide-eyed expression on both their faces, then burst into laughter.

Good, she seems okay with everything so far. Her brother still feeling her up, and all.

Stacy Marie leaned down and kissed Debbie again, and Sully was forced to release the tits he was enjoying for the first time. Stacy pulled her lips back an inch and asked, “Ebb, you mind if I utilize your brother for a little bit?”

Debbie glanced up at Sully, who was taking advantage of his lull in action to strip out of his shirt, displaying his well-toned body to the room. “Should I go?”

“Haha,” Stacy Marie giggled, kissing her. “No. You stay right where you are.” Tapping her playfully on the tip of the nose with the tip of her finger, she said, “No. We’re not done yet.”

Looking up at Debbie’s brother, bahis şirketleri Stacy Marie cooed suggestively, “Sully, if you look, I think you’ll find I still have my panties on.”

While Sully took the hint and walked around the couch to come up behind her, Stacy Marie bent her head down to Debbie’s ear. “You okay, sweetie? I know all of this is new, and sudden.”

Debbie whispered back, a little unsure of herself by her tone, “I don’t know, it’s all a little weird. But I feel so good.”

Stacy Marie started kissing her neck and felt her skirt being flipped up over her hips.

“Are you sure this isn’t all too weird, or sick? Jon is my brother…” she added before Stacy cut her off.

“Shhh…it’s not weird to me. I don’t care about anything like that. We’re all having fun. And you two have been looking at each other ever since the party. Haven’t you been thinking about it? Like when you saw us in the kitchen?”

Stacy Marie looked into Debbie’s eyes, and, though slightly hazy, they told her she was right.

“Okay, so, just have fun and we’ll all just have fun, and things will just go how they go.”

Debbie relented and nodded.

That’s right, Ebb. We’ll all just have a little fun. You’ll have a whole lot of fun.

“Oh,” Stacy Marie breathed when Sully ran his hand over her panties between her legs. She looked back at him. “You gonna take them off for me?”

“Oh, hell yeah,” Sully answered. He was like a kid on Christmas morning. The red and white striped panties just added to the holiday picture.

Debbie started fondling Stacy Marie’s tits. “How long have you been…fucking…him?” she asked, hesitating, shy to be asking, in the middle.

Stacy Marie giggled. “Since the party. He’s good. Like you. Just with a dick. A nice one.”

That made Debbie laugh and Stacy Marie started to before her panties were yanked down, which stole her attention. Since she was kneeling on the couch between Debbie’s legs, the panties only made it so far as her knees, but Sully scooted in behind her and pressed the head of his cock into her regardless.

“Oh, shit,” Stacy Marie groaned as he pushed its length into her.

Debbie looked at her, then over Stacy’s shoulder to Sully. “Is he-?” she whispered to Stacy, who smiled and looked down at Debbie as she nodded and answered, “Yes, your brother is fucking me.”

Sully grabbed her by the hips and started pumping, causing her tits to bounce up and down over Debbie. Debbie reached up and gently squeezed as she cupped and pressed into them. She leaned her head up a little while Stacy Marie dropped hers down and they tangled tongues and locked lips.

“Oh my god, Ebb, it feels so good,” Stacy Marie moaned into the kiss, “his cock feels so good in me. I love when he fucks me.” Power of suggestion, plant the ideas, Stacy.

Debbie took one hand from her caresses and slid the palm down Stacy’s gyrating torso until her fingers intertwined in a shifting patch of hair. Pushing a little further, her fingers slipped into a valley of wetness and found Stacy’s clit.

“Oh!” Stacy Marie gasped, her lips still on Debbie’s , drawing her breath from Debbie’s lungs.

“Does that feel good?” Debbie asked in an uncharacteristic sultriness that Stacy Marie picked up on.

She’s into it. “God, yes,” she answered.

Debbie started rubbing the sensitive button as she palmed one of Stacy Marie’s alabaster breasts and probed her mouth with her tongue.

Stacy Marie arched her back up, standing upright on her knees, ass bent to accommodate Sully’s cock in this new position, and Debbie followed her, sitting up. Sully penetrated over and over, getting a bit more into it as he looked up from Stacy’s ass when he grabbed her tits and noticed his sister, and her body, sitting up nude. She saw him, too. They locked eyes. Then both simultaneously dirverted their attention back to Stacy between them, both still unsure of their boundaries in this rapidly mutating situation.

As Sully pounded his cock harder and faster into the meat of the sandwich, Debbie’s fingers started working faster and more frantically around Stacy’s pussy. When she got her hand moving so much that she grazed her brother’s cock with her fingers, Debbie yanked it back real quick, causing Stacy Marie to scream “No! Keep GOING!”

She grabbed Debbie’s hand and shoved it back between her thighs with one hand as she pulled her head into a kiss with the other.

Stacy Marie started moaning loudly as she sealed her lips onto Debbie’s. Her free hand went behind her to Sully’s hip as he pounded into her tight pussy, forcing her to cum as he and his sister persisted in their stimulation of her young body. She broke away from Debbie’s mouth to start screaming as an orgasm coursed through her. “Oh SHIT! Fuck, fuck, YES! Debbie, RUB MY PUSSY, rub it while your brother fucks it with his big cock. HARDER! Both of you, OH MY GOD…OHH FUCK!” And with a snap, she fell forward off Sully’s cock and onto Debbie, who fell with her, under the sudden weight, backwards onto the couch.

Debbie stroked her hair and whispered soothing nothings in Stacy Marie’s ear as the panting girl lay on top of her breathing heavy, hot breath into the bend of her neck.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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