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The Adventures of Dave – in praise of older women

For several days after the episode described in the original story I was in somewhat of a daze. I kept pinching myself and asking if it had really happened.

Certainly for the ensuing days I had a number of physical mementoes, which reminded me, not least a very sore cock.

After about a week I decided I had to go back. I thought that it would probably result in an embarrassing politeness and a firm “no thanks” but I simply had to find out.

It was a Wednesday night about 7.00 p.m. and the sun was just disappearing. The apartment block was the same dull concrete and there was little to uplift me when I pulled up in the car park.

I had armed myself with a bottle of brandy to be sociable and, after a short pause to check that there was no one about, I had gone into the entrance doors and found myself two flights up outside her door.

The sound of a television could be heard. I knocked… no answer. I knocked again, louder. The television was turned off. The door opened on a chain.

“Who is it?” asked Betty,

“It’s me, David” I replied.

“Who?” she asked.

“David” I said again, beginning to regret this, “remember, we met last week – I gave you a lift home.”

She took the chain off the door and opened it a little further. “Hello” she said, “What are you doing back here”

“I thought we could have another drink” I said, “I’ve brought a bottle of brandy”

Her eyes widened when she saw the booze and she opened the door and let me in. She was dressed in a fluffy dressing gown and a nightie underneath. “Come in please” she said and led me through to the lounge ” sorry I’m in such a state, I wasn’t expecting visitors – let me get some glasses”

She got two glasses and I opened and poured generous measures. We chinked the glasses and I took a healthy swig, she took a sip.

“Sit down please” she said ” you must excuse me for a moment, I need to make myself presentable” She left me and almost immediately I heard the sound of a bath running.

I sat down, found an ashtray and poured another very large shot of the brandy. I looked around the room. It was clean if a little worn and there were all sorts of knick-knacks scattered around. The TV in the corner had a VCR underneath and there was a large window. A corner unit had all sorts of exotic looking bottles in it.

It had been about 15 minutes when she came back in and I was already half way down the brandy. She had changed into a brightly coloured kaftan with a zip right down the front if it and it was evident from the way her breasts swayed that she was not wearing a bra. My cock stirred.

I was sitting on the couch and she picked up her drink and sat across from me on one of the chairs.

She started to talk, telling me she had not heard about the job she had been interviewed for when we first met, so she had ‘phoned them up and they had said she was unsuccessful. bahis firmaları I reassured her, saying that I was sure that she would find something soon.

We then exchanged conversations for the best part of an hour during which time I ascertained that she had been divorced for a long time, had a daughter who was married with two children (she showed me the pictures) and she had been living in the apartment for about two years. I filled her in on myself by making up all sorts of stuff, saying I worked in professional golf and travelled a lot and that I had a house nearby where I lived on my own.

During this time I regularly topped up our glasses by going over to where she was and filling her glass and then returning to my seat. The brandy was by now all gone and I had just drained my last drops.

“We need another drink” she said and got up and went over to the unit from which she produced another bottle of (considerably cheaper) brandy. She gave it to me and I opened it and poured two more generous slugs.

Time to make a move, my cock was aching and we had spent nearly an hour and a half talking!

“Why don’t you come over here?” I asked, patting the couch next to me and moving the small table in front of it with the ashtray, the bottle and my glass. She obliged.

We continued to talk and as with the last time I put down my glass, took hers away and leaned forward, putting my arm around her back and kissed her.

This time she responded very forcefully, kissing me back and holding me very tight.

I slid my hand up from round her waist and cupped a full breast, pinching the nipple, which rose hard and erect under my touch. We continued to kiss.

I moved my hand up to the top of her kaftan and started to pull down the zip which came away quite easily, down to her full stomach. I slid my hand inside and grasped her breast again, rubbing the nipple very thoroughly. I opened up the kaftan with one hand exposing both her breasts and I moved my mouth from hers to suck first one tit, then the other, nibbling at her nipples and rubbing them. She started to moan.

I kissed her again and, taking her had placed it on my (by now) very hard cock. She gasped and squeezed my cock outside of my trousers, rubbing it and squeezing it repeatedly.

I went back to work on her ample breasts and sucked and rubbed them for some time. She arched her back and started to moan as her first orgasm swept over her.

I pulled back. “Get up” I said. She stood up and in front of me, facing me. “Take your clothes off.” I ordered.

She unzipped the kaftan down as far as it would go and slipped out of it, letting it drop on the floor behind her.

She was standing in front of me completely naked, and put her arm across her breasts and her hand in front of her cunt in a very defensive posture.

I pulled my shirt off and sat back on the couch looking at her nakedness. I removed my shoes and socks. I was kaçak iddaa only wearing a pair of jeans, having made the decision to go “commando” for this evening, I guess because my imagination had been running away with me.

“Put your hands by your sides” I ordered.

She obeyed.

I was now looking at the body of a sixty plus woman, round and curvy with pendulous hanging breasts, each topped by a beautiful small and very hard pink nipple. Her stomach was round and podgy and her hips were full. Her stomach was not so large that it obscured her pudenda and there, framed between two sizeable thighs was her fully shaved cunt with her outer lips completely on display.

I laid back. I was wearing jeans with a button fly and, after undoing the top button I ripped open the fly. As each button popped open, my hard cock sprung out until it was sticking up proudly in front of her. I slipped my jeans off and spread my legs, my huge hard cock pointing up at her. I pulled back my foreskin fully, exposing the helmet, wet with pre cum.

I held out my hand, took hers and guided her to a kneeling position between my legs. I put her hand on my cock and she leaned forward and slipped the end of it in her mouth, putting her other hand on my balls. This was heaven!

I put my hand on the back of her head and pushed my hips upwards trying to get as much of my hard cock in as I could. She gagged and resumed her sucking action round the helmet. No deep throat for me but she was now fully involved in stimulating my raging cock, pulling back the foreskin and sucking and licking my helmet, while her other hand caressed first one of my balls and then the other.

I cupped her breasts, rubbing the nipples and pinching them, feeling their heavy weight, while she sucked harder, making slurping noises and licking all around the top of my cock.

I sat back and guided her fully between my legs, so I could place my cock between her breasts. With a thumb on each nipple and with her pendulous breasts squashed around my huge cock I started to masturbate myself using those massive tits, thrusting my hips into her.

With each push the head of my cock emerged from her cleavage and she greedily licked or sucked it as it pushed towards her.

All of this action made me start to feel the pressure building in my balls and I pulled her up so she was lying on the couch with her legs wide apart. I stood up and put one foot on the couch and grabbed by cock, wanking furiously. Almost immediately I came with a huge jolt, which delivered a spurt of come square in her face. The subsequent spurts landed on her shoulder, her tits, her stomach and her cunt and as I squeezed the last drops off my shrinking cock she moved under me to let them fall on to her face.

She got up, went to the bathroom and brought back a flannel, after cleaning herself off. Very attentively she wiped my cock and balls and returned to the bathroom where I could hear the sounds of kaçak bahis the flannel being rinsed out.

I sat back on the couch. She returned and went to pick up her kaftan and made to put it on. I looked at her and shook my head. She sat down naked on the opposite chair. I lit a cigarette and topped up the brandies, getting up and taking one to her.

We carried on a further conversation like we were having a tea party and I found the experience quite bizarre.

I finished my drink, topped it up again and got up and went to the bathroom. On my return I stopped by the chair and my cock was stirring slightly. I took her hand and wrapped it round my hardening cock. She pulled it back and forth and started to lick the end of it again.

I took her hand and led her to the settee and laid her down on it with one of her feet on the floor and her legs apart. I kneeled down and opened up her lips with my hands. She was very wet and the fact that her cunt was totally bald made my cock rise again with a sudden twitch.

I put my head between her legs and started to lick, long strokes from her arsehole all the way up to her clitoris. She shuddered and put her hands on my head, holding me at the top where my tongue could do most good. I felt her clitoris stiffen and introduced a finger to stimulate the G spot behind it. She started to buck, pushing herself against my face and moaning.

“I want you inside me – now!” she barked.

I rose up and, supporting myself on my hands pointed my cock in the general direction of her cunt. It slid in very easily, finding its own way and I started to fuck her with long slow strokes, which she was evidently enjoying, from the cries of “Darling, Darling, yes! Yes!” which she came out with.

I started to speed up, moving faster now and actually pulling completely out of her cunt only to ram back in with the next thrust.

She was now totally out of control and was moving in harmony with my thrusts pushing against me when I filled her up with my massive cock and pulling away when I withdrew.

She started to make some very curious noises, which grew in intensity and volume, and as she thrashed about it was apparent that she was having an immense orgasm.

I continued to keep up the speed of my thrusting and as I felt my balls tighten I pulled out again and this time sprayed cum all over her stomach, tits and cunt.

We collapsed together, clinging tightly in a soaking mass of bodies, sticky, sweaty and totally exhausted, breathing heavily from our exertions and the orgasms.

Eventually we separated and she again went to the bathroom returning with the flannel to studiously wipe my cock and balls and stomach.

I got dressed and she put her kaftan back on. I said I would see her soon and left.

As I’ve already mentioned, this was in 1989 when Betty was 64 and I was 35. She is now 78 and I’m 50 and hardly a week goes by without us getting together.

Over the years we have known each other we have had many an adventure and lots of excitement together and with other people and future stories will relate these experiences.

I say again and again – In praise of older women!

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