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All characters are 18 and over. All recollections involve people aged 18+.

As part of her ‘sexpedition’ Clare had agreed to do some sessions in a brothel run by a woman called Sonia. Clare was intrigued by prostitution, having sex with a series of strangers – for money. She enjoyed stranger sex anyway. She had done a couple of sessions already. Today she would meet David and that would set a whole new sexual encounter going.

Clare was part way through her second session in the brothel. She was doing half a day and had five clients booked in with her by Sonia. The first two had been fairly standard by Clare’s limited experience. Number three was a bit more demanding and had asked to be able to give her a ‘rough fuck’. At least he asked, thought Clare as he pounded into her from behind whilst gripping her hips with his big rough hands. She faked her orgasm for this guy for no reason other than she did not get her mind onto having a real one. His condom was quite full when Clare rolled it off his thick cock as part of his requests. He left ahead of his time having got the gratification he needed from the ‘young girl’.

Sonia slipped in before the next client was due. “Can you do an extra one for me? There’s a young guy just turned up. He looks like a first-timer, for sex I mean, not just first time here.” Clare agreed to take him straight away and the others could run a bit late. She changed into a fresh schoolgirl outfit, no panties or bra.

A nervous young guy came in and Clare immediately felt something for him in his situation. “Hi, I’m Clare. What’s your name?”

He stammered his reply “D-d-d-david!” She gave him a big smile.

“Well, it’s good to meet you David. We’re gonna have some fun together, aren’t we! Let’s start by you taking your clothes off.” She pointed to where he could put them.

“All of them?” he asked. Clare nodded.

“It’s more fun that way.” she added. She watched him undress. His clothes were good brands and his hairstyle was an expensive cut. He was very clean shaven, quite tanned and fit with auburn hair. He was quickly down to his pants. Clare could see his erection bulging.

He turned to her. He now looked more nervous. “You look like a big lad from here, David. Why don’t you show me what your hiding in there!”

He slowly slid the pants off his toned body. “Wow!” said Clare “I was right, you are a big lad.” He was actually average length and his erection was very upright and hard with excitement. His golden pubes looked so different to the shades she had seen earlier in her session. She could see too that he had pre-come appearing already.

“Come and sit by me here.” Clare suggested. He sat beside her on the bed. “Don’t be nervous David. I’ll look after you in every way you want.” With that, she took hold of his cock and gently caressed it. She turned to him and kissed him sensuously on the lips.

He responded after a moments hesitation. “First time? Don’t be nervous if it is. We’ll make it special.” They stood up and Clare put her arms around him and kissed him again. He kissed very nicely and Clare liked it.

“Can I touch you?” David asked.

“Of course you can, Darling, wherever you want.” To her surprise and delight, he stroked her cheek. She kissed him again. With that she felt David find his way into her blouse. He put his hand on a breast and she felt him breath harder. His knob dribbled pre-come onto her skirt.

“You’ve got two hands, David!” she said gently. “I’d love you to touch me somewhere else as well.” His free hand lifted her skirt and touched her pussy lips. They were still hot and very moist from her earlier fuck. She sighed as he touched her and put a finger into her pussy. “Strip me naked, David!” she gasped. He fumbled with buttons and a zip but soon had her as naked as he was.

She pressed herself against his body and enjoyed the feeling it gave her. She took hold of his cock again and felt his early fluids trickling. “Can I take you in my mouth?” she said in a breathy whisper. David nodded readily. Clare slithered down him, pressing her tits to his lovely skin. He touched them as his hands got near them. Clare held his very erect cock, marvelling at the intense hardness of the young erection. She guided his knob into her mouth and sucked carefully, knowing that he was likely to be on a short fuse.

His hand brushed her cheek very gently again. After about a minute of this attention, she pulled his cock from her lips. Standing up she said to him “I need you to fuck me now David. I can’t wait to have your lovely cock inside my body!” She moved back onto the bed and placed herself in the centre, opening her thighs as she did. David stared at her gaping pussy as she did so. Clare held out her arms to guide his body onto hers.

“We won’t use a condom, is that okay? You’ll feel more of me and I want your juices in me. Now, let’s get comfortable, you on top of me and I’ll guide your huge cock into me. She reached between them Kağıthane Escort and located his cock and drew it to her sexual heart. His knob pressed to her lips, parted them and he pushed into her, groaning with the pleasure of his first vagina as he did.

Clare suggested that he be gentle with her as his dick was so big and hard. In reality, she was still anxious not to bring him off too quickly. By pressing on his bum cheeks she indicated how he needed to adjust his pace for her. With her careful coaching he was doing well. Clare was enjoying another virgin losing it to her. There had been a number over the years. She would definitely be remembered by quite a few guys for the rest of their lives.

David was breathing in panting burst now and groaning too. Clare decided it was a respectable first timer duration. She urged him to go slowly as she was going to come. It was really to extend his orgasm to make it really memorable for him. She groaned and gasped and ‘oh godded’ as she faked her climax as she tried to match his state, wanting to seem to come when he did. As it became clear David was about to enjoy his first vagina-driven orgasm, Clare held him tighter to her.

He pushed deep into her and his strokes suddenly had the erratic movements of a climaxing guy. She acted out her orgasm as she felt the warm arrival inside her. He was a prodigious ejaculator, that was clear from how it had felt within.

David flopped onto her and she felt his heart pounding against her left tit. They recovered together, still in the fuck position and his soft cock slowly slipping out of her when Clare noticed the time. David had only a few more minutes. She suddenly had an impulse. “David, are you free tonight?” He nodded with a confused look on his face. “Give me your mobile number. I want to see you later – after I’ve finished here. Is that okay?” He told her it was ‘fine, great in fact’. David departed not knowing if he would really see Clare later.

Clare had her remaining clients to satisfy. The next guy in was probably in his early forties, probably married and probably not a regular at a brothel. He was sometimes nervous and wary so Clare tried her best to relax him. She ascertained that he would like her to ride him while she was still dressed but to remove her clothes as they fucked. Clare enjoyed the concept and took her skirt off over her head first and then later removed the blouse to reveal her young looking tits to him. He enjoyed her riding him but then asked to come in her mouth which she easily managed to do for him.

She stayed naked as he dressed and he fingered her before he left, licking her juices from his fingers. Clare made her usual notes for her sex log on him after he went, just as she had done about each of them.

The final one for the day was a young Asian-looking guy who was a bit cocky to begin with. Clare kept him under carefully control. His cock was five inches and thin. He pushed into her from behind as soon as he got the opportunity and fucked like a rabbit. Clare moved in a way that sped up his conclusion. She soon brought him off. He couldn’t get hard again in the time he had so he left with less arrogance than he arrived with. She had rolled his condom off him with some satisfaction.

Today’s list had not been as much sexual fun for her except for David and she had plans for him. She showered and douched – but it was all David’s anyway – and got dressed to go, choosing her proper clothes. As she was fastening her blouse over her bare breasts, Sonia came in with her money. “Are we still okay for next time?” she asked. Clare nodded but asked Sonia to choose some clients who were a bit more interesting.

Sonia looked at her oddly. “Surely, a fuck’s a fuck!” Clare disagreed. “Don’t forget, I’m not doing this for the money. I’m interested in more sexual experiences. The young boy, now he was interesting. Get a list of interesting ones for me. They don’t all have to be like him but they just need to have something that makes them interesting.” Sonia agreed to try to sort it for her next visit. Clare left the building and walked the short distance to her car. She drove to the hotel she had stayed at before. She hadn’t planned to stay tonight but she went in and asked for a double room. The young guy on reception was excited to see her nipples through her blouse. Clare flirted with him and he loved it.

In the room she phoned David. “Hi David. It’s me Clare. Are you still free tonight?” He was of course and Clare asked to meet him in a coffee shop in half an hour. He was there before her. He was more confident now and got her an iced coffee.

“David, I really enjoyed meeting you today and I hope you enjoyed it to. The thing is, I thought it’d be nice to do some more stuff together.”

David interrupted. “I won’t have enough money. I had to save up for today. I want to do it again but I can’t afford it!” Clare smiled with a sympathetic look. She reached into her bag, pulled Kağıthane Escort Bayan out an envelope and passed it to David unopened.

“I’m not selling myself tonight David. I want to be with you tonight, well for as much as we can. And in that envelope is your money for earlier. You’re not paying for your first time.” His eyes went wide with happy surprise. He leant forward and kissed her on the cheek. Clare’s refund came from her earnings. Sonia knew nothing of it. As far as she knew, David had paid for sex.

Clare talked to him while they had their drinks. Then they left and she took his hand as they walked to the hotel. Passing through reception, the reception guy smiled at Clare then his expression change to disbelief as he saw David. In the lift David told her that he knew the receptionist. “He’ll be so jealous of me now!” Clare enjoyed the moment too. “And he’ll tell all his mates! Brill!” he added.

In the room, a newly confident David took hold of Clare and kissed her passionately. He probed her mouth with his tongue. His hands caressed her breasts through her blouse. “Clare, you’re so fit and so beautiful, why d’you do it? Why are you working at the brothel? Why are you a prostitute?”

Clare knew that most men want to ask that question and David’s tone had not been derisory just excitedly curious about his new friend’s life. “Well David. It’s a long, long story but, for now, just accept that it’s only a very small part of my life. And accept too that I like doing it. I enjoy sex. I enjoy satisfying guys and a lot of them satisfy me, the way you did, and so, why not!”

He nodded in agreement with her as she suggested they get undressed. He was much more keen to reveal himself fully to Clare now and, of course, he had a very powerful erection. Clare got him to lay back and she prepared to give him some more fellatio. “How far have you got with other girls then David?” she asked as she held his cock.

“Oh, kissing, felt some tits – I mean breasts – bit of fingering, that’s all. That’s why I decided to pay for it at the place. I found out where it was and I decided to do it that way. I’m so glad I did ‘cos I’ve met you now.” Clare gently reminded him that she was not a local girl and it was just going to be for tonight. He knew that it was the case but was just testing her really.

Her mouth closed around his knob and he moaned with pleasure. Clare moved her head to and fro working the entire length of his hard shaft in and out of her mouth, keeping his knob inside, attended to by her tongue. She knew what she was doing of course and very soon David was sending jets of thick spunk to the back of her mouth. Clare swallowed it all and moved up to lay by him.

His hand went to hold her tit. “Have you had lots of men then?” he asked.

“Yes, David, even before I went to the brothel I’d had a lot of men friends. I told you, I like sex. I like doing what I’ve just done to you.”

He had a serious look on his face. “Am I really big, you know, my dick, is it really big?”

She looked into his eyes. “Of course! I should know!”

He smiled. “I hate the colour of my pubes! I get the piss ripped out of me!” She assured him that they look good.

“All those guys looking the same. What good is that! No, they’re nice. Hey, trim them a bit, they’ll look better. In fact, I’ll do it for you.” She rose off the bed, stayed naked and got a trimmer from her bag. With him on a bathroom towel, she shaved his balls and trimmed his bush into a neater look. She got him in front of the full length mirror to show him. His mind was more on the two of them naked together than on his pubes but he did like what she had done. He had found it erotic too and was stiffening nicely which pleased Clare.

She lured him back on the bed by getting into a doggy style position. He could see her ‘split peach’ moist, warm and waiting for him, framed by her bum and slender thighs. He guessed what he needed to do and as he approached her he could see more of her pussy lips and they were ready for him. Clare guided his knob into them and he thrust hard, burying his entire length into her. She squealed playfully as he penetrated her.

David began a fast immature fuck which Clare let him revel in before taking command again. She steered him onto his back and she got onto his cock and began her sensuous moves. She used her pussy muscles on his cock too and his face lit up as he realised what she was doing. His hands went to her tits again. “I won’t tell him how we got together!” he volunteered. Clare realised what he was saying.

“No, best if you don’t and it’ll look better for both of us. Some hotels wouldn’t be happy if they knew so – yeah – we’re friends, friends who fuck! How about that!” He thrust his cock up into Clare.

“Friends who fuck! I like that!” Clare kept the pace controlled and eight minutes of good fucking brought both of them to powerful climaxes. She panted as hers drained away just Escort Kağıthane as David’s juices jetted into her. David’s hands still held her tits carefully. She bent fully forward and kissed him.

He had put his spunk deep in her for the second time that day. As they lay together again straight afterwards, David had some more questions. “Can I ask you, how many men did you – er – you know – have today?” Clare liked the chance to talk about her prostitution so long as David didn’t go too far. “Yes, you can ask. There were five men and one great guy.”

He laughed and then said “Wow, six guys in a day! Fan-tass-tic!” Clare turned onto her side facing him and toyed with his soft cock.

“David, what about you and a girlfriend. Are you going to get a girl into bed with you?”

He paused before saying “Well, Suzie, she’s the girl that I got to finger, I know she does it because my mate says he went with her. She likes me, I think. Well, I’ve touched her tits and gave her finger. She touched me through my pants and I was hard but I couldn’t get her to go further.”

Clare was looking over his body. He was fit and toned and had good looks. She noticed his tender touches too. “Don’t take it for sure that your mate did go with her. Guys lie about sexual conquests, especially young guys. Try being very gentle and considerate with her. I’ll bet that she likes that and you’re good at it, I can tell that already.”

His brow furrowed as he thought about her words. “Okay!” he said, still thinking, then he went on. “But, what about you and me! How does that fit together with me and her?” Clare kissed his cheek. “She won’t know about me. Look after her. You and me are today, you know that. She is tomorrow.”

He was thinking again. “Do we have to be just today? Can’t we be – you know – boyfriend and girlfriend? I don’t mind you going with all those other guys. I think I love you!”

She softly slapped his lolling dick. “You don’t love me! You love sex! And why not having just met it properly! Now, after tonight concentrate on this girl Suzie. Is she nice? Is she fit?”

He giggled. “I like her, she is nice and quite fit. Quite big tits too!” Now Clare giggled thinking about how David had hardly left her small tits alone.

“You try with her but show all your charms. And, if you get her into bed – and bed will be better that a car or up against a wall – you look after her before you look after yourself. Bring her off! Go down on her!”

David’s head turned suddenly to Clare. “Go down on her. Is that what I think you mean?”

“Yes, David, it is. Girls love it. It shows that you want to pleasure them too, not just get yourself sorted.”

He paused again. “Right, I see! But I don’t know what to do or even if I could do it. I mean, it’s y’know….!”

Clare grabbed his hand and pushed it to her pussy, opening her thighs to allow a clear grope. “Finger me! That’s right! Now, taste me. Taste your fingers!” He brought his hand up and cautiously sucked his fingers.

“Hmmmm, yeah it’s okay but wait – you’ve been with other men today….” His voiced trailed off.

Clare, in calming tones responded. “Yes, and I’m careful too. Not everyone gets the condom-free use of me. Girls love it, get it! That means you’ll get to fuck more often – especially if you make sure you bring them off too with your tongue or your dick or both!” Now she rolled onto her back and opened her thighs. “Right, get into place!”

David had another question. “Do guys like it though?”

As she positioned him she answered. “Oh yes! Most guys love it because it’s so horny and intimate and gets the girls very excited. Some of my guys love to do it to me after we fuck just to taste the spunk in there. In fact, one really loves it if I’ve been fucked by other guys first. But that’s too soon for you. Come on!” She got him into place and opened up her pussy, pointed out her clitoris and vagina and explained what he should do.

David, took to it extremely well and actually soon had Clare writhing. He pushed his tongue deep into her and gave her clit some very tender attention too. She pulled his head up before she got locked into trying to orgasm from his attentions. She made a big show of licking juices off his face. “Most girls love this, love to taste their fanny juices. I find it so hot. I love to taste pussy juices.”

She noticed that David was fully erect again from his erotic debut of cunnilingus. David’s inquisitive mind had a new question, a personal one. “So, you lick pussy as well? Are you a lesbian?”

She was holding his dick now and he was very excited. “I’m actually bi-sexual, David. Fact is, I love sex, girls and boys. I love good sex!” To prove the point she drew his erection to her well-licked sex lips and pressed it into them. David did not need any further encouragement and soon had his entire shaft buried in his new ‘friend who fucked’.

Clare controlled his pace with soothing words and by pressing his bum cheeks if he got too enthusiastic. “She’ll want you to take your time, David. Learn to control your desire to come. Find a way to take your mind elsewhere to postpone your orgasm. He was listening and though there were some moments of awkwardness, he did extend his performance very well.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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