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Clara’s Mind-Controlling Tweets

Chapter Nine: Purity Club’s Anal Delight

By mypenname3000

Commissioned by n1one

Copyright 2020

Clara had made a list of who she wanted to spread rumors about at her school. In her stuffy bedroom, locked from the world, she felt like a god. Everything she typed out was believed. The terrible human beings at her school would make fake photos, the very best deep fakes technology could create, to make it look like Mrs. Daniels gangbanged her students, that the home ec club was all pregnant by the chess club, and that there was a security guard who went around cumming on girls’ faces.

Those shots of Becca dripping in cum had made Clara squeal in delight. It looked just like the bustiest girl at her school was drenched in cum.

Clara was having the time of her life.

Now it was time to take it to the Purity Club. They were as bad as the home ec club. “Bunch of stuck-up, judgmental, holier-than-thou, Christian bitches!” Clara hissed. “Oh, they want to be pure, huh? I know how to make them pure.”

She’d heard some old president in the last century had claimed oral wasn’t sex. Clara grinned. Those sluts could keep their cherries, but soon the school would learn just how they did it. Clara started typing.

“Did you know, the members of the celibacy club let any boy who takes a chastity vow have free use their mouths and asses to help them keep their vow? #AnalDoesntCount #ProtectThatCherry #OralNotSex”

She tapped the screen. Her tweet went live.



“God, there’s that dork Lester,” a guy said as he talked to another tall guy. “Don’t mention anything sci-fi unless you want to hear about this dumb show called Lexx.”

Dumb show? Lexx was a brilliant satire. I wanted to scream that out, but I contained myself. They were just small-minded idiots. Like everyone at this school. They liked Avenger films, and all the girls were into Aquaman because some hunk ran around without a shirt on. They didn’t appreciate cerebral sci-fi.

Troglodytes, one and all.

I rounded the corner and saw Becky hurry by in a mask of cum. She was getting it daily, it seemed. Her big boobs bounced as she marched with such fury. She glanced at me and sneered through her mask of cum like I was the filthy one.

“Stuck-up bitch,” I muttered.

I passed a classroom full of giggles. I glanced inside and rolled my eyes at the Purity Club. They were all in their conservative dresses, frilly and white and infantilizing. They were denying their desires. They were virgins by choice.

Not an involuntary one like me.

I stomped by. You’d think one of those sluts could give a handjob to a fellow virgin? But they were all good girls who wouldn’t even kiss a guy. They were all looking for their perfect husband who would sweep them off their feet and carry them off to deflower them in a castle or something.

My phone chirped.

@realgossip had sent out her next tweet. They were rare, maybe once a week, but when they went off, they revealed such fucked up shit. Sluts and whores abounded. But none of them wanted to do anything with me.

“Fucking bitches,” I muttered. I should take Mrs. Daniels’s class next semester. I would ace her test and then fuck the married whore.

My jaw dropped when I read the text.

“No fucking way.” I whirled around and stared back at the hallway. The purity club was right there. If this was correct…

And @realgossip was already correct.

I had heard it was this bullied girl named Clara who was behind it. She hated the school and everyone in it. She was supposed to be a master at hacking. Probably how she found out so much stuff.

My dick throbbing hard, I headed back to the classroom and peered inside. I knocked on the open door, and the eight girls in there all whipped their heads around. One bit into a banana. Two of them, a pair of blonde twin sisters named Mandy and Sandy, pushed out from the others.

“Hi,” one twin said.

“Are you here to make the purity pledge?” the other asked.

“And promise to be an upstanding man who will wait for marriage before making love to his wife?”

“Yes,” I said. “I absolutely am.”

“Oh, my gosh,” said Trisha. She was a petite girl with red hair in pigtails. “That’s so wonderful. Isn’t that wonderful?”

“It is,” Rosalita said. Her golden-brown skin contrasted with the white dress she wore. She clapped her hands together. “Lester, that’s awesome. You’re not going to regret it. There’s nothing like the first time with your spouse when you finally take each other’s virginities in an act of selfless love.” She let out a heavy sigh.

The others joined her, all looking so sappy.

God, these girls were fucked up.

“So, raise your right hand,” one twin said. I decided she was Mandy.

“And repeat after us,” Sandy said, her smile so bright. They both were busty girls, their conservative dresses unable to hide the sizes of their bosoms.

I raised my right hand and repeated, “I, Lester, do solemnly swear that I will save myself for marriage. That I will wait to make love until my wedding night with my wife, respecting her as a woman and myself as a man. In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, I vow to stay a virgin until that blessed night.”

“Yay, Lester!” the girls all squealed. They all moved around me and gave me chaste hugs and quick kisses on the cheeks like they were my aunt or something. My dick was so hard, aching as the last one, a girl named Esther who wore her black hair in a thick braid, hugged me and welcomed me to the Purity Club.

“Now,” I said. “I get to fuck your asses and your mouths to stay pure?”

Before I could even flinch for the outburst, Mandy clapped her hands together and purred, “Of course you can.”

“Who do you want?” Sandy asked. “We’re all eager to protect your cherry and ours.”

“Anal doesn’t count,” said Esther.

“Oral’s not sex,” added Rosalita, winking at me.

“Well, then Mandy,” I said. “I want a blowjob from Mandy!”

“Good choice,” Sandy said, revealing that I had the twins backward. But it didn’t matter, because they were both fucking hot.

And then something magical happened, they all turned and started unzipping each other’s dresses. All eight of them were stripping nude. I shuddered at the sight of the Purity Club getting naked so they could please me.

They were all bright and innocent smiles as they slipped their arms out of the sleeves of their dresses. Most had silk slips underneath their gowns, but a few were just bra and panties only. They were all virginal white. My mouth salivated as I watched them all getting more and more naked. Mandy pulled off her slip. Esther reached behind her and undid her bra.

Hers were the first tits to spill out. They were round and jiggly, her nipples thrusting out hard from atop them. I swallowed at the sight of them. My first live pair of breasts. Not porn, but real tits. The black-haired girl winked at me and then pinched her nipples. She burst into giggles, her cheeks going red.

More boobs appeared. Rosalita had a big pair, her nipples brown as chocolate kisses. Her tits had such a lovely sway to them. I groaned, my eyes flicking around the room I had never seen live boobs before.

And now there were so many of them.

Trisha’s were small little mounds topped by pink nipples. Lilac had a pair that were shaped like teardrops and jiggled as she moved. The twins big boobs spilled out, heavy mounds that still held a perkiness. Their nipples were so fat and suckable. Identical tits. I groaned at how hot the twins were.

Then the panties came off. Bushes appeared. None were shaved. They all had furred muffs. Blonde thatches, fiery curls, and black forests appeared around me. I groaned as some of the girl’s pussy lips peeked through their thatch.

The virgin holes that were off-limits to me.

But not those asses. As they disrobed, asses appeared. Curvy butts, flat rumps, and bubbly booties that jiggled. Rosalita had a butt like that. I groaned, my dick throbbing in my pants. I had never felt so hard in my life.

“Silly billy,” Mandy said, stepping up before me and grabbing the hem of my t-shirt. “You have to get naked, too. We need to make your cock go soft so you’re not tempted by those Jezebels out there.”

“Harlots one and all,” said Sandy. “You can’t trust any girl that doesn’t have a purity ring on. She’s a whore that will try to lead you into the trap of sin found between her thighs.”

“Her honeypot!” said Trisha, nodding her head, her pigtails dancing. “You have to be careful of the honeypots. They’re sweet but they’ll stick you in sin. You have to wait until marriage. You don’t want a woman that another guy has plundered.”

“No,” I groaned as I lifted my arms for Mandy to peel off my shirt. “I don’t. That’s why I’m here!”

“So we’ll keep you on the straight and narrow, Lester,” said Sandy. She unbuttoned my jeans and unzipped my fly. “Oh, my, you’re very hard, aren’t you?”

“Very hard,” I groaned as she shoved my jeans down off my hips. My cock tented the front of my white underwear. “I’m so glad you girls will keep me from signing up for Mrs. Daniels’s math class.”

“Married slut,” hissed Rosalita.

“She’s just disgusting,” added Esther. She was facing away from me, her plump ass looking so inviting.

I stepped out of my jeans, kicking my shoes off in the process. Then Mandy fell to her knees before me. She grabbed my boxers and yanked them down. My cock sprang out. She gasped, her eyes widening. The other girls all leaned in, too. They were whispering to each other. It was clear they had never seen one before.

“You’re the first guy who’s ever joined the Purity Club,” Mandy said. “Wow, you’re so big. Well, we’re here to help.”

She grabbed my cock and swallowed. I groaned at the feel of her soft lips sliding over my dick. And then I was in her mouth. Her warm, wet hole. Her tongue swirled around my crown. Pleasure that was way beyond masturbating shot down my cock to my balls.

I groaned as she nursed. She suckled on my cock, her blue eyes staring up at me. The other girls were watching us with such excitement, their boobs jiggling. gölcük escort Sandy’s tits swayed to my right, her twin sucking hard on my dick. Rosalita’s big boobs had a lonely jiggle to them. Even Trisha’s small boobs, little more than budding mounds, were delicious.

“Has her practice on bananas paid off?” asked Sandy. I noticed a bunch of bananas on a counter, more peels were in a trashcan.

“Yeah, we’ve been getting ourselves ready for the day a guy joined,” Rosalita said.

“I guess,” I groaned. “It feels amazing. I’ve never had a girl blow me before.”

“Oh, good,” said Sandy. “Mandy wants to give the best blowjob ever.”

The twin moaned her agreement around my cock.

I shuddered, savoring this wonderful delight of having her hot mouth wrapped around my dick. It was so awesome to have her do this. She bobbed her head, sliding her mouth up and down my dick. I groaned, my shaft throbbing in her mouth.

Her tongue brushed my crown. She slid around it. She caressed me with such wicked passion. I loved it. I groaned, savoring every moment of her nursing on me. I groaned, my face contorting from the bliss.

“Oh, Go… gosh that’s good,” I panted. “That’s so good. Mandy! Mandy, you’re making me feel so fucking—”

“Language, Lester!” gasped Rosalita.

The other girls all nodded, their boobs bouncing and jiggling.

I shuddered and groaned, “You’re making me feel so… so… so good. Yes, yes, that’s it.” Fuck, that was it.

Mandy’s mouth sucked with such force. The pressure rose and rose in my nuts. That need to cum grew and grew in me. It would be such a powerful explosion. I would just spurt all the cum I had in my nuts into her mouth. Just drown her in spunk.

She suckled with such force on me. She nursed, her tongue dancing around my cock. It felt amazing. I groaned, loving every second of her naughty touch. My face contorted with the delight of this moment.

“Shiiiooot,” I groaned. “Oh, shoot, that’s so good. You’re going to make me cum!”

“Yay!” Sandy cheered. She clapped, her big boobs jiggling.

“Cum in her mouth!” Trisha exclaimed, her pigtails flying around her head as she bounced in place. “Just flood her.”

“Release all your desire into her mouth!” groaned Rosalita.

“I wonder what desire tastes like,” groaned Esther.”

“You’ll find out,” I panted, the pressure swelling at the tip of my cock. This blowjob was excellent.

I had nothing to compare it to, but I just knew this was an amazing one. My dick throbbed and ached. I came closer and closer to that moment of erupting. I shuddered, the heat rising and rising in me.

My balls tightened as Mandy sucked so hard. She bobbed her head while her twin quivered beside her. I stared at those huge tits, loving Sandy’s boobs while Mandy nursed with such hunger on my cock. She wanted my cum. She ached to drink it down.

I balled my hands into fists and groaned as the ache at the tip of my cock rose and rose to that explosive release. I was moments away. My heart pounded in my chest as she swirled her tongue around the crown of my dick.

“Fuuu-uuuuudge!” I groaned and erupted.

My cock spurted hot cum into Mandy’s mouth. I groaned, my body bucking. My balls unloaded blast after blast of cum into her mouth. She gulped it down, her blue eyes staring up at me with such delight shining in them.

“Oh, go-ooosh damn!” I groaned. “She’s swallowing my cum!”

The other girls cheered and clapped, their boobs heaving around me as Mandy swallowed my load. She gulped it down. I shuddered, the pleasure hitting a peak. I quivered there as she nursed out every drop of spunk.

“Damn,” I groaned. “That was fuc…fudging incredible. Shoot, yes.”

“Go, Lester!” squealed Sandy who hugged me and kissed me on the cheek, her large breasts pressed into my side. They were so soft and amazing. “You dumped all your cum into my sister’s mouth.”

“Yes, you did!” Rosalita cheered. “Lester! Lester! You’re not going to fall into those skank’s honeypots. We’ll keep you pure.”

“Protect that cherry!” Trisha exclaimed.

“Yeah,” I panted.

Mandy slid her mouth off my dick. “Wow, that was super salty. But I liked it. I swallowed a virgin’s cum to keep him pure. Ooh, Lord, thank you for sending Lester to us so we could help him endure the secular temptation of all those harlots who prance around in next to nothing.”

“Yeah,” I groaned, Sandy still pressed into me, her boobs so soft and nipples hard. “Just surrounded by temptation.” I stared at Lilac’s teardrop-shaped breasts and Rosalita’s golden-brown delights. Alexandra had a nice pair of tits with tiny nipples. “I’m beset by them. I think. I think I need to fuck Mandy in the ass.”

“Of course,” Mandy cooed.

I glanced down and smiled to see her turning on her hands and knees. She had a curvy butt with cute dimples in the cheeks. My knees buckled, bent, and then I hit the ground. My cock smacked into her rump and flicked precum across her pale skin.

Suddenly, I was eye level with their bushes. Sandy’s blonde curls dripped with her pussy cream. Petite Esther had a thick and fiery bush with little diamond droplets gleaming amid her curls. The scents of them, this sweet and spicy and tangy and tart melange all mixed in my nose.

This was amazing. I was so glad @realgossip had figured this out. If it was Clara, then she was a genius.

I slid my cock across Mandy’s rump to her butt-crack. I pressed between her asscheeks and slid down and down. I had never fucked a girl’s pussy, but I was about to pound a busty blonde in the ass to “save my cherry.”

“Anal doesn’t count,” Mandy breathed as I pressed my cock against her asshole.

“That’s right,” I groaned and pushed forward with my dick.

Her anal ring stretched and stretched around my dick. I groaned at the feel of her asshole stretching to engulf my cock. I shuddered, the pleasure rippling down my dick as she whimpered. Her head tossed, her blonde locks gleaming. She felt so… so…

“Do you girls lube your assholes?” I groaned.

A chorus of, “Yes!” echoed around me.

“We have to be ready to protect a boy’s cherry,” Mandy moaned.

“Damn,” I groaned and thrust harder.

My cock popped into Mandy’s bowels. Her anal ring sealed around the shaft, my crown buried to the hilt in her velvety sheath. I thrust forward, sliding into her asshole. She gasped and moaned, her head tossing back and forth.

“That’s so different from the drumsticks,” moaned Mandy. “Ooh, practice was never like this. I have a real dick in me.”

“Yes, you do,” I groaned, sliding into her bowels. More and more of her velvety flesh engulfed my cock until my crotch pressed against her pale cheeks. My balls rested against her taint. “Fuck, yes!”

“Your language, Lester,” gasped Sandy. “I know her butt feels great, but you can’t swear.”

“Right, right,” I groaned, gripping Mandy’s waist.

I drew back my hips. My cock slid out of her bowels. We both groaned. Mandy’s asshole squeezed down on my cock, increasing the friction that massaged the aching tip. Pleasure flowed down my shaft and rippled through my body. It was incredible.

I slammed back into her bowels, plunging in deep. My nuts smacked her taint. Her butt-cheeks rippled. My hands tightened on her hips as I savored this delight. Then I drew back, savoring every inch of sliding through her bowels.

I fucked her.

I pounded the blonde girl, her twin’s furry muff just a foot away. All the girls were staring down at us, watching with such bright eyes as I sodomized Mandy’s asshole. I plunged into the girl’s tight sheath over and over again.

I savored the way she squeezed about me. I loved how she held me tight in her embrace. It was incredible to enjoy. I shuddered, savoring every moment of pounding her tight, hot asshole with my big dick.

“Shiiiooot, yes!” I groaned. “Oh, damn, Mandy, that’s a tight ass. You’re amazing.”

“So is your cock,” gasped Mandy. “I think… I think I’m going to cum.”

“Ooh, that’s amazing!” Sandy said. “Anal doesn’t count, so cum all you like.”

“Yes, yes, yes!” purred Rosalita. “It’s not like premarital sex or masturbation. Those are no-noes!”

I resisted commenting on that as I hammered Mandy’s asshole with force. I buried into her again and again. I hammered her hard and fast. I plunged into her anal depths over and over again, my cock drinking in the velvety delight of her sheath.

As I fucked her, my hands slid up her body and grabbed her breasts. She gasped, her bowels clamping down on my dick as I squeezed her boobs. She threw a look over her shoulder, her eyes wide in shock.

“Y-you’re touching my boobs,” she moaned.

“We’re having anal sex,” I groaned, pumping away hard. “Anal doesn’t count.”

“Of course!” squealed Sandy. “A boy can touch your boobs when he’s fucking your ass!”

“Anal doesn’t count!” echoed around me, all the girls repeating it like they were brainwashed or something.

Religion fucked these girls up.

I groaned, squeezing Mandy’s big and soft boobs as I fucked over and over into her asshole. I plowed hard into her, my nuts smacking into taint. Her butt-cheeks jiggled from the slap of my crotch against her rump.

The heady aroma of hot cunts filled my nose. I breathed it in as the girls watched, squirming their hips. Mandy moaned louder and louder. Her blonde hair tossed as she quivered. She rocked back into me, taking my dick like a whore.

I kneaded her big boobs, working my fingers down to her nipples. I slammed to the hilt in her asshole, loving how her tight, velvety sheath gripped me. I groaned, the pressure in my nuts rising and rising.

I twisted her nipples.

“Lester!” she gasped, clamping down her bowels on my dick. “Oh, my, Lester. Nipple play. It’s incredible. Oh, being sodomized by a virgin and having my nipples played with is amazing. I’m going to… to… Cum!”

Her bowels rippled around my cock. I speared into her anal sheath, my eyes widening at the hot and velvety flesh massaging my cock. I drew back, her asshole sucking at me. My dick throbbed and my balls tightened.

“Cumming is amazing!” howled Mandy as I thrust into her. “Yes, yes, gebze escort anal doesn’t count! It’s so amazing. Oh, yes, yes!”

I groaned and slammed into her hard. Her flesh engulfed me. Spasmed around me. I groaned, my dick throbbing, and then I erupted into her bowels. My cock spurted again and again. Pleasure slammed through my body and pummeled my mind.

“Oh, fuck, yes!” I howled as I basted her bowels in cum.

“Language!” Sandy gasped while ecstasy fired from my cock over and over again.

I didn’t care. I had the joy of unloading in her twin sister’s asshole. I pumped my jizz over and over into Mandy’s spasming bowels. I basted the virgin with my cum. I groaned, throwing back my head, loving that they thought anal didn’t count as sex.

“Wow,” I groaned. “Oh, wow, I needed that.”

“Oh, yay!” moaned Mandy. “I’m so… glad that you… needed my ass. That was… incredible… helping you out… Lester.”

“Your, fantastic,” I said and slid out of her asshole. I popped out, her butthole gaping open for a moment. Then it closed just as my cum started to bubble out of that naughty hole. I stood up, my cock so hard.

“You’re not soft,” gasped Sandy.

“No,” I said, staring at her. “Could you suck my dick for me? I need to cum again.”

“It’s fresh from her butthole,” she says. “I mean…”

“Would you rather I fuck a skank’s cunt to wash my dick off?” I gasped. “What if I go out there and Mrs. Daniels said I just got an A on her test? Or if one of the cheerleaders just finished with practice and needs a guy to fuck all her holes?”

“Oh, no,” Sally gasped and fell to her knees before me.

The other girls, save Mandy who was still panting and groaning, shook their heads in disgust. I thought it was at Sandy was guiding my dirty cock to her mouth to suck her sister’s ass off my shaft in what might be an incestuous act.

Well, oral wasn’t sex, was it?

“Mrs. Daniels is such a whore,” said Trisha.

“Yeah,” Rosalita said.

I grinned. That was why the girls were disgusted. They were not fans of the MILF teacher who whored herself out to encourage her male students to excel in her class. I groaned a moment later as she sucked my cock into her mouth.

I shuddered, savoring the delight of her mouth nursing on my dick. It was an incredible delight. She swirled her tongue around my cock. It was a fantastic experience to enjoy. My face scrunched up as I savored that hot mouth sucking on me.

She bobbed her head. She worked her mouth up and down my cock, polishing her sister’s asshole off of me. I smiled at that, my eyes flicking around all the sexy girls nodding their approval. They squirmed, clearly aroused, but they weren’t touching each other.

They were “pure” girls, after all.

Even the slut sucking her twin’s ass off my dick.

“Oh, yes, yes, Sandy,” I moaned, staring down at those blue eyes shining up at me. “That’s great. That’s just great. Ooh, nurse off all your sister’s ass and make me cum. Save my cherry from those skanks.”

“Save his cherry with your mouth!” Trisha moaned.

“Do your part, sweet sister,” Mandy moaned. She turned around, squirming. Her boobs jiggled as my cum leaked out of her asshole.

Sandy moaned around my cock, clearly enjoying doing her part. Did she like the taste of her sister’s asshole on my shaft? I shuddered, my cock throbbing in her depths. I would have such a huge orgasm. I would baste her mouth with everything that I had. It would just pump out of me.

Her tongue was such a thing of delight. My dick throbbed in her mouth. I rose toward that amazing orgasm. I would have such a mighty cum. My nuts throbbed as I smiled at Rosalita and her big boobs. Then I glanced at Lilac and her teardrop-shaped titties. Barbara had a nice, plump pair, and Trisha’s itty bitty titties were adorable.

“That’s it, Sandy,” I groaned. “Polish that dick clean and keep me from temptation.”

“We can’t let Lester fall into those wicked honeypots,” Alexandra said behind me.

“That’s right,” Esther said. I wanted to fuck her plump ass. Maybe I would enjoy her next. My cock didn’t seem to want to go soft.

I groaned as Sandy suckled harder. The pressure rose and rose to the tip of my dick. She had buffed all of her sister’s asshole off my dick. It was incredible to have her do something so wicked. She slurped on my cock as she nursed on me.

“Okay, okay,” I groaned, rising towards my orgasm. “That’s it. I’m going to cum so hard.”

“Cum!” Mandy moaned as she squirmed next to her twin sister. “Flood my sis’s mouth. She wants your cum. She wants to help you avoid temptation.”

“She’s awesome,” I growled and erupted.

My cum fired into her mouth. I spurted again and again. The pleasure slammed through my mind. I groaned, savoring that wonderful delight. She gulped down my seed with the same hunger as her twin sister.

I shuddered, my balls unloading again and again. It was incredible to enjoy. The pleasure slammed through my body. I savored it. Every spurt into her mouth sent more and more rapture hammering into my mind.

“Damn,” I groaned as she suckled out the last one. “Esther. I need that pretty ass next.”

“Oh, wow, you need more,” Esther said. She smiled at me. “Then I am here to help. The Lord gave me a pretty butt just to keep you from falling into those skank’s diseased holes.”

“That’s right,” said Rosalita, her big boobs jiggling. “You don’t have to worry about STDs from us. We’re not whores.”

“No, you’re not whores,” I said. I glanced down at Esther kneeling before me, her plump butt-cheeks jiggling. She had a curvy rump. “Not at all.”

“We’re good girls,” Esther said. Her right hand grabbed her butt-cheek and pulled it from her left, exposing her asshole. “Now sodomize me and protect that cherry!”

As I sank to my knees, I glanced at the girls and their wet bushes. “You girls are getting horny, too.”

“Oh, well, you know…” said Trisha. We just have to… you know… Endure it. Masturbation is as bad as fornication.”

“But oral isn’t sex,” I said. “I could eat your cunt as I fuck Esther’s asshole. If you just stand before me, I could lick you. Keep you from falling to the temptation of big dicks.”

“Oh, my,” Trisha said. “I hadn’t thought of that.”

“Yeah,” I said and looked around.

Trisha stepped up before me, her fiery bush dripping with her cream. I breathed in and savored the tart aroma of her pussy. I pressed my cock into Esther’s asshole while I leaned in and nuzzled my face into Trisha’s pubic hair.

My cock pushed against Esther’s backdoor. She groaned as her anal ring slowly spread to engulf me, pre-lubed to be ready for me. I groaned into Trisha’s bush. Her curls spilled over my lips, and then I was kissing at her pussy.

I licked my first cunt.

“Oh, my,” Trisha gasped and grabbed the sides of my head as if to steady herself. “Oh, my, that was… Lester!”

I licked her again and again. As I sank into Esther’s bowels, I savored lapping at Trisha’s virgin pussy. My tongue slid through her folds and brushed her hymen. It was stretched over what had to be her pussy hole, protecting her purity.

This was so hot. My cock sank into my second asshole while a furry muff rubbed on my face. I licked it, savoring those tart juices. Pussy tasted amazing. I loved her taste. I licked at her with hunger, my tongue dancing through her folds and brushing her clit.

She moaned as I drew back my hips. My cock slid out of Esther’s bowels. Her groans joined Trisha’s. I shuddered at the velvety friction around my cock and then thrust back into her asshole, my crotch smacking her plump rump.

“Oh, Lester, this is amazing,” moaned Trisha. “You’re tongue is licking my pussy. Oh, yes, yes, keep me from temptation.”

“Save her cherry!” moaned Sandy or Mandy.

“Yes, yes, save all our cherries!” the other twin moaned.

“It’s so good,” Esther moaned as I pumped away at her asshole. “Oh, Mandy, I get why you came. This is incredible. His cock is stretching out my bowels. Oh, it’s making my pussy so warm.”

“So is his tongue,” Trisha moaned. I licked through her folds and brushed her clit. She gasped, “What was that?”

“Your clit?” I asked and licked at her bud again.

“Oh, that’s so naughty. There’s this little button. Oh, my, I’m so glad oral isn’t sex.”

“And anal doesn’t count!” Esther moaned, her bowels squeezing about my dick.

I groaned, feasting on one virgin’s cunt while fucking another in the ass. I licked and lapped at Trisha as my hips pumped away. I drove my cock into Esther’s velvety delight. I buried into her over and over again, savoring the way she moaned and gasped.

She clenched her bowels around my dick, massaging me. My balls smacked into her cunt as Trisha squirmed. Her small breasts jiggled above my head. Her bush tickled my face as she ground her virgin cunt on my lips.

Her moans echoed through the classroom, as loud as Esther’s moans as I sodomized her. Pleasure rushed up my cock. My balls drank it in as I fucked into her bowels hard and fast. I buried into her depths over and over again. I plunged away with hard strokes. My cock reamed out her asshole.

I fucked her hard and fast. I rammed to the hilt in Esther’s tight bowels. I buried over and over into her flesh. It was amazing. I groaned, burying hard into her asshole. I shuddered, moaning into Trisha’s cunt. I licked at her as I sodomized Esther.

“Yes, yes, yes, yes!” I panted into Trisha’s tart pussy, her curls rubbing on my face.

“Oh, that’s so good,” Trisha moaned. “I’m going to cum. Oh, Lester, I’m going to cum. Save my cherry for marriage. Protect it!”

“Yes,” I growled and then suckled on her clit.

She gasped, her face contorting in delight. She gripped the sides of my head harder, holding me to her bud. I groaned, thrusting away hard and fast at Esther’s bowels as I nursed on Trisha’s clit. Her pigtails swayed as she shuddered.

I buried into her bowels with powerful strokes. I plunged to the hilt into Esther’s asshole as Trisha gasped. Then she squealed. Her tart pussy cream gushed out of her pussy. It bathed my mouth. I groaned, licking and lapping up her cream.

“Lester!” she darıca escort bayan gasped.

My nuts tightened as I drank down the virgin’s cream. I licked it all up. I savored that wonderful passion. It spilled over my chin. My dick throbbed in Esther’s tight bowels. I slammed to the hilt in her asshole.

She squealed. Her bowels spasmed around my cock as she gasped out, “Lester!”

“Damn,” I groaned into Trisha’s cunt and erupted into Esther’s convulsing asshole.

My cum fired into her bowels. I pumped her full of my jizz as I rubbed my face into Trisha’s cunt. She gasped and shuddered. Her moans echoed around the room. It was such a sweet delight to hear. I loved the sound she made as I licked at her cunt.

“Oh, damn,” I groaned, pumping my jizz into Esther’s bowels.

“Oh, it’s so good!” Trisha moaned. “Having a guy eat your pussy is so amazing.”

“Wow,” said one of the twins.

“A new way to protect our cherries.”

“Oral isn’t sex,” whimpered Rosalita. “And it’s not masturbation.”

An idea clicked in my head as I pumped my cum into Esther’s bowels. Her hot flesh rippled and writhed around my cock. She milked out every drop of jizz that I had in my nuts. I groaned, my heart pounding away in my chest.

“Damn,” I groaned. “Thank you, Esther.”

“It’s my… job to… keep you pure,” she moaned, her bowels squeezing around my cock.

“Yeah,” Trisha said and stepped away from me.

Her pussy cream dripping down my chin, I stood up and slid my cock out of Esther’s asshole. I shuddered at that last friction. Pleasure shot up my cock. Groaning, I stood up and looked around at all the horny girls.

“You know,” I said, “I know we can’t masturbate because that’s a sin, but that’s no reason you girls can’t help each other out.

“How?” Sandy asked. She was next to her twin.

“Yes, how?” Many asked.

“Well, you can go down on each other. Oral isn’t sex, right?”

“But isn’t that lesbianism?” asked Barbara. “And that is a sin.”

“Well…” I scrambled to think. “Lesbian sex is when they scissor their pussies together. Tribbing. It’s like rubbing my cock against your pussy. Genital to genital, right. That’s sex. But just licking a cunt, well, that’s not lesbianism. It’s oral and that isn’t sex.”

“He’s right,” Rosalita said.

“He is,” said Trisha.

“Just something to think about,” I said and grabbed Trisha’s pigtails. “I need you to do some oral on me.”

She grinned at me and then she fell to her knees before me. “Sure thing, Lester. You did such a great job. Let me return the favor.”

I gripped her pigtails as she swallowed my cock. She slid her lips over my dirty crown. I groaned at the feel of her hot and plump lips sliding over my dick. She polished my pole with her delicious tongue that swirled around. She moaned, loving the taste.

“I guess…” Barbara said. “I guess I can go down on you, Rosalita. I mean… If you’re horny.”

“I’m horny,” the busty Hispanic girl said.

I shuddered as Barbara and her plump boobs knelt before Rosalita. The brunette leaned forward and nuzzled her face into the Hispanic girl’s black bush and virgin pussy. Rosalita gasped, her brown eyes widening.

“Oh, my,” she said. “Oh, wow, that’s really good.”

“Uh, would someone like to lick me?” asked Lilac, her hands squeezing her teardrop-shaped tits.

“I will!” Alexandra said and fell to her knees. She buried her face into Lilac’s bush and licked at her pussy.

The lesbian delight makes my dick throb. I shuddered and then the twins look at each other. Besides Trisha and Esther, they’re the only ones left. Sandy swallows as she stared at her twin. She squirms.

“I… I didn’t get to… cum like you did, Mandy,” she whimpered, her big boobs jiggling.

“Well… I mean… I can help you out,” groaned Mandy. “It can’t be incest if it’s not sex.”

“That’s right,” I groaned, fucking Trisha’s mouth, her pigtails making excellent handlebars.

Mandy dropped to her knees, her big boobs jiggling. I groaned as she leaned forward and pressed her face into her sister’s bush. Twincest blossomed before my eye as Sandy groaned, her large tits bouncing as she squirmed.

My dick throbbed in Trisha’s hungry mouth. Her buffing tongue slid around it as I couldn’t look away from Sandy shuddering on her twin sister’s mouth. The blonde grabbed the back of Mandy’s head, holding her twin in place.

“Mandy! Mandy!” Sandy groaned. “Oh, gosh, that’s good. That’s so good.”

“I’ll save your cherry whenever you need it, Sandy!”

“Yes,” I groaned, my balls tightening.

The girls were moaning as they licked each other. I looked at Lilac and her quivering tits, Juanita and her jiggling mounds, and Sandy and her bouncing boobies while I fucked Trisha’s mouth. I drove my cock into her mouth over and over and over again.

She suckled hard, polishing my pole clean of Esther’s asshole. I groaned, my dick throbbing in Trisha’s mouth. Her tongue was a treat. She suckled so hard, making obscene, wet sounds as I drilled into her mouth.

“This is so beautiful,” Esther said, kneeling. “You’re all protecting those cherries.”

“That’s right,” I groaned.

“Oh, yes, yes, protect my cherry, Mandy!” Sandy moaned.

“Mmm, it’s such a yummy delight to do,” Mandy groaned. “You taste so good.”

“I know,” Barbara moaned, her face buried in Juanita’s snatch. “Ooh, yes, yes, that’s so good.”

“I’m going to cum,” Lilac moaned. “Oh, Alexandra, just keep licking me like that. That’s so good. Oh, yes, yes, yes.”

I savored the sounds of the lesbian passion, my nuts aching. Trisha suckled so hard. I pumped my cock in and out of her tight lips. She nursed with such passion on me, staring up with her wild, green eyes.

I held her pigtails and fucked her mouth harder. She gurgled and slurped. Drool spilled down her chin as she nursed on my cock. I groaned, hurtling towards that point of no return. The pressure on the tip of my dick was intense.

Sandy shuddered, grinding her blonde-furred muff on her twin sister’s cunt. It was such a hot sight to witness. I licked my lips, glad I was here. This was the best day of my life. I groaned, Trisha’s tongue dancing around my cock.

I fucked my cock in and out of Trisha’s mouth, getting closer and closer to cumming. She suckled hard. My hands gripped her pigtails as I thrust my cock to the back of her throat and pulled back. She suckled so hard. I groaned.

“Mandy!” Sandy gasped. “I’m cumming!”

My gaze shot over to Sandy’s big tits heaving as she came on her twin sister’s mouth. The beautiful sight of lesbian incest had me groaning. My nuts tightened as I watched Sandy shuddering through her bliss.

“Oh, Lord, thank you!” Rosalita moaned on the other side of me. “Oh, Barbara! Barbara! I’ll eat you out next!”

“Yes!” Barbara moaned.

I groaned, Trisha sucking so hard on my cock. This was too much. Then Lilac squealed her delight, cumming on Alexandra’s lips. The lesbian passion echoed around me. The virgins were cumming hard, protecting their cherries by loving each other.

Sandy’s tits heaved. I stared at them as slammed my cock to the back of Trisha’s throat. The pleasure shot down to my balls brimming with my cum. I growled out my delight and then I erupted into her mouth.

“Fuck, yes!” I howled.

“Language,” Esther moaned. “And then I need someone to eat my pussy!”

“Yes, yes, yes!” I growled, my cum pumping over and over into Trisha’s mouth. I savored her wonderful lips sealed about my shaft. She suckled and swallowed. “You’ll get your cunt eaten out, Esther!”

The girl moaned in delight.

Sandy shuddered through her orgasm as I pumped load after load of cum into Trisha’s mouth. I emptied my nuts into her, savoring this pleasure rippling through me. I was so glad that I had come to the purity club.

“Oh, damn,” I groaned as I finished cumming in her mouth. “Rosalita, is that ass free?”

“Yes, it is!” Rosalita moaned.

“Sandy, will you lick my cunt now?” Mandy asked.

“You know I will! Anything to keep my twin sister’s cherry until her wedding day!”

A huge grin spread on my face as Trisha slid her lips off my dick. I was going to enjoy being a member of the purity club.


Classes were out, and I was eager to visit the purity club again today. Yesterday had been hot. I was horny. I needed their sweet mouths and tight assholes to take care of my dick. I reached the hallway and saw their club door was open. The sounds of passion echoed from there.

I frowned and peered inside.

All of the girls were on their knees, most were taking a cock in the ass and mouth. Guys were thrusting at their holes. They were fucking the girls hard, spit-roasting the pure girls on their dicks. The cuties’ boobs were swaying. The twins were side-by-side, their big knockers rocking in unison as they had a football player, a basketball player, a member of the debate team, and some guy I didn’t know all fucking their holes.

“Lester!” squealed Trisha. She was the only one with her mouth free, her red pigtails swaying around her face. “Do you see all the guys that have sworn to be pure, Lester? There’s more of them than us. We have to work extra hard to keep them free of the skanks.”

“Yeah,” the guys cheered.

They were all lying about being virgins. They were taking advantage of the girls. I wanted to be the only one to do that butt…

Trisha’s mouth was open. I unfastened my jeans as I rushed over. I fell to my knees and she greedily sucked my cock into her mouth.

“Protect those cherries, girls!” I moaned.

The eight girls squealed, their mouths all full of dick and their assholes all full of cock. They were being fucked hard. I groaned, thrusting away at Trisha’s mouth, my balls swelling with the pressure of my orgasm.

“Uh, is this where I sign up to fuck… I mean, to pledge not to fornicate?” a guy asked.

“Yep,” I groaned. “Just got to wait your turn.”

It looked like the purity club would be a huge hit. I whipped out my phone and snapped a pic of Trisha sucking on my dick. I had to tweet it @realgossip and thank her for letting out the Purity Club’s secret.

I would be a member for as long as they were dumb enough to think this was stopping guys from fucking other girls. If they wanted to offer free ass fucks and blowjobs, they would get all the takers they could handle.

To be continued with Clara’s next tweet…

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