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Clara was my Dad’s second wife. Dad was damn lucky to have found her after Mom died. She was ten years younger than him which put her ten years older than me. She was tall and slender with what I would come to appreciate as an hourglass figure. Her hair was a dark brown and her eyes were a very rich brown, kind of like sunlight through root beer. I was only twelve when Mom died and hadn’t wanted a step mom. Dad hadn’t been looking for a new wife either, but five years later they met and hit it off. They had similar interests and in the late forties, many people were still coming to grips with the modern age that the war had spawned. Anyway, a kid certainly didn’t complain to his father about his choice of bride. After they married, they honeymooned and I stayed with relatives. When they returned, we settled down to become a new family.

Dad was promoted at work and money wasn’t much of an issue. The Korean War was. Dad’s job was in radar and the Navy tapped him as a civilian contractor on a project and he was suddenly boarding a train for the west coast and then onto an aircraft carrier. He’d been gone a few weeks when I noticed a change in Clara’s demeanor.

She had at first tried to stay upbeat and happy. Then she became progressively more depressed. Then as my eighteenth birthday approached she started smiling again. She spoke of my becoming a man and my future. I registered of course but doubted I would get drafted. Clara wasn’t so sure.

On the morning of my birthday, Clara came into my room to wake me. She was wearing a see through pink negligee under her robe and the belt was loosely tied allowing her ample tits to sway teasingly into few now and then. Although this woke me immediately, I played the drowsy sleepyhead and delayed as long as I could to prolong this opportunity. She sat on the bed next to me and I was really enjoying it when I suddenly realized that I had a huge hard on. Clara’s elbow and forearm had brushed it lightly but she didn’t seem to notice what the bulge under the blanket was.

“Well, I thought we might spend the day together,” she said, “I’ll fix breakfast and then we’ll drive over to-”

She stopped and stared at the bulge, then slowly placed her hand on it.

“Oh my.”

I squirmed but she gripped my cock and squeezed slightly.

“My, my, my,” she said softly. “You seem to, to…”

Before I could think about what to do, Clara pulled the covers back and my cock was tenting my boxers.

She hooked my waistband with her fingers and pulled them down. Reflexively I raised my hips to allow her.

“Oh what a beautiful thing!” she said smiling. She touched it with her fingers and it twitched in response. She gripped it and gently stroked it. “So Danny, tell me why you have this marvelous erection. Come on, don’t be shy.”

“Y-Your tits, I can sorta see your tits.” I finally blurted out.

Clara looked down and seemed to notice her gapping robe for the first time.

“Oh! But that’s not much of a view.”

Clara stood and untied the robe and let it fall to the floor. Her sheer pink negligee reached to her ankles and slit on one side. She shifted her stance and her leg extended through the slit. The neckline was high but her big, erect tits pulled the fabric taut across her chest. I could see her nipples, they seemed huge. She turned first to the left then to the right giving me quite the view. She sat back down on the bed and caressed my erection again.

“So you like my titties?” she asked smiling sweetly.

“Uh… yeah, sure! Who wouldn’t?”

Clara lifted her free hand and touched them through the fabric. “Well, I AM quite proud of them myself. In fact, some nights I lay in my bed and caress them, squeeze them. It… makes me feel good. But…” she hesitated a moment. “As sheer as this is, you really can’t appreciate them this way. Would you like to see them Danny?”

“Y-Yeah, I would.”

Clara stood again and shrugged off the gown, the fabric falling in slow motion to pool at her feet. She kept her hips turned as she displayed her titties proudly. They görükle escort bayan were beautiful. So big and full, jutting out from her chest, seeming to defy gravity. Her nipples pointed outward and upward and god were they enormous! Her areola (I would later learn the anatomy) were round disks of bright pink and her nipples jutted out from the centers and were a darker pink. They were the same size as the last digit of my index finger and my mouth watered for them. Clara put her hands in front of her crotch and sat back down.

“What do you think of them now?” she asked.

“They’re more beautiful than I imagined.”

“Have you ever seen titties before?”


“Have you ever touched titties before?”


“Would you like to touch mine?”

“May I? Really?”

“I think so, go ahead.”

My hands trembled as I reached out. Although I expected them to be soft, I was surprised that they were so warm. I caressed them and gently squeezed them. I then tugged lightly on her nipples.

“Kiss them Danny,” she said softly and I lowered my head to her chest. The sensation was amazing. My lips seemed to dance lightly across her flesh without a conscious thought from me. I found her nipple and opened my mouth.

“Go on Danny, suck on them, but be gentle.”

I of course did. I think all boys desire to nurse, to suck titties, and the lucky ones find a woman who enjoys it too, or at least accepts it as normal, healthy fun. Clara seemed to be one of the former. She sighed and ran her fingers through my hair.

“Yes, that’s nice. Mmmmnnnn.”

I switched breasts and sucked on the other one as I squeezed the first. They were fantastic. I loved the feeling of my mouth full of her titty and nipple. I flicked her nipples with my tongue and she smiled.

“My, my, that feels so good Danny.” she whispered in my ear. “Don’t stop.”

I continued to love on her titties for a long time, but finally paused to catch my breath. At that moment I looked into her warm brown eyes and saw her. I realized what I was doing and froze. Before I could say anything, Clara lifted my chin and kissed me. She kissed me like a lover and not like a boy, let alone a step son. Her lips were magical and I was lost, hopelessly adrift with but a single lifeline, and that was her. I allowed her to guide me and teach me how to kiss. I kissed her lips, her mouth, her throat, neck and ear. And as I did my passion for her magnified. After a while she broke the kiss and smiled at me. Her hand touched my erection again.

“Danny, you’ve been such a good boy, I think you’ve earned a reward.”

Clara bent forward and kissed it. She kissed it all over as I stared dumbstruck. Then her tongue teased it, licking up and down a few times before she took it in her mouth. Her head bobbed up and down and a wild feeling flooded through me and I came. I came in her mouth and she swallowed it all.

Now this was 1951 and I had been quite sheltered so I had no idea that oral sex existed and only knew about ejaculation as part of intercourse. I didn’t know it felt good, and this was the best feeling in the world.

Clara sat up and smiled.

“My word, what a tasty mouthful.”

“What happened?” I asked.

“Oh dear, has your father not seen to your education in this?”

I shook my head. “I know what sex is but…”

“Oh but there is sooo much more!” she said smiling. “Well, I can’t abide a job poorly done. I see I’ll just have to complete your education myself.” She grinned. “This is going to be the best birthday present ever.”

Clara pushed me back and mounted me. She sat straddling my lap and grabbed my cock, which, thanks to youth was still quite firm, and guided it to her pussy. Suddenly I was inside of her and she moaned as she rocked her hips. Little by little I slid in deeper and deeper until our pelvises met. Clara sighed and leaned forward, her tits hanging in my face. I was afraid to move lest I break the spell or wake from this dream. Clara brought her face to mine and kissed me again.

“There, altıparmak eskort how does that feel?”

“Wonderful!” I answered. “So warm and nice… So I’m… uh…”

“Your cock is in my pussy and so, yes, we are having sex. We’re screwing Danny.”

“But you’re-“

“I’m a lonely woman Danny! That’s all. And I need this. I need this so badly. Don’t start feeling nervous or guilty. Just screw me. Screw me Danny!”

And before I could utter another protest, Clara clamped her mouth over mine and as we kissed, she rocked back and forth on my cock. My hands found her narrow waist and I started humping. Clara grunted and her mouth slid near my ear.

“That’s it Danny. Do it. Do it honey. Do it! Faster, please faster! Oh yes!”

Clara rocked forward onto her knees and I was free to fuck (though we didn’t call it so then) faster and deeper and harder. Clara had been moaning louder and louder and then she shouted once and gasped. Her pussy seemed to be squeezing my cock and I cried out as I came, holding my cock deep inside of her pussy.

Clara lay on my chest for a minute then slowly sat up. She smiled at me.

“There, how was that?”

“Unbelievable!” I gasped.

She smiled at me. “I suppose it would, being your first time. But trust me, it gets better.”


“Yes, really.”

My cock was shrinking and Clara climbed off and stood to leave, but I stopped her.

“Let me see, please?”

She grinned and sat back on the bed, then laid back and spread her legs. I had my first glimpse of a pussy. It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. I was instantly captivated, even though I knew nothing about pussies. Yet somehow I knew I would never see a prettier one. Now women in the 1950s didn’t groom the way they did later, and I didn’t know the details of anatomy but what I saw was a mound covered by dark brown short hair that thinned as it went down to her pussy. The hair seemed to part in the middle and when it reached her labia it grew sparse, thinning to mere peach fuzz towards the bottom.

“May I… touch it?” I asked.

Clara chuckled, “Sure.”

The hair was soft and as explored Clara leaned back and sighed again. I found her inner lips and was startled by her leakage. Clara explained that while most of it was her own fluids, some of it was my gift.

“I really need to go to the bathroom and douche,” she said. “I wouldn’t want to get pregnant. Stay right here. It’ll just take a moment.”

I lay in my bed for four or five minutes she was gone and tried to accept that my step mom had openly and willingly taken my virginity. A part of me was nervous and guilty, but a bigger part of me was happy and grateful. I wondered if this was going to be a one time thing, just for my birthday, or if we would continue to have sex, and what that would mean for our family. Before I got very far down that rabbit hole she returned.

Clara was still naked and walked into my room in a perfectly normal manner, as if nothing unusual was going on. She climbed into my bed and snuggled up to me. We resumed kissing and the feeling of a real live woman in my arms was incredible. Her warm, soft flesh pressed against me and her hands caressed my back. Well, of course I had a hard on in no time at all and Clara urged me to mount her, spreading her legs, then, as I entered her warm pussy, wrapping them around me.

I stroked in and out of her, rising and falling, slowly. Every stroke into her depths was exhilarating and intense. We made slow love like that for a long time and I came again. This time she had me pull out and ejaculate onto her beautiful titties.

We cleaned up and realized my bed was soaked and smelled of sex. We changed it and she suggested we go to her bed. Now the whole “I’m screwing my Dad’s wife” thing came up again.

“Look Danny,” she said, “I don’t know when Your Dad is coming home. And I’m lonely, very lonely. When he does come home, we’ll have to stop screwing. But until then I need you. Look at it this way,” nilüfer escort she said, “you get to practice making love and I’ll teach you how to truly please a woman in so many ways. You only have to promise me that this will be our secret. No one can ever know. Will you do that for me?”

“Yeah, sure.” I said without hesitation.

We kissed and screwed again to seal the bargain.

I lay in their bed and watched as Clara dressed. I never expected it to be erotic watching a woman dress, but it was. She put on hose, a garter belt and then her panties. Her 34D bra was next (yes, I checked the tag!) and then a slip and dress. She stepped into her low heels and sat at her makeup table. I dressed and we went out. Clara allowed me to drive the Pontiac to the C.R. Anthony department store where she bought me a new suit and shoes. It was nice, but the best part was that she also bought me a hat. In 1951, boys didn’t wear nice hats. Men did. It was like a proclamation that I was now a man. We had a nice lunch at the diner and then she directed me to drive to the Theater where we saw a matinee showing of African Queen with Bogart and Hepburn. She let me put my arm around her and at times, rested her hand on my knee. After the movie we drove home.

As soon as the door was closed, she turned and put her arms around my neck, we kissed. After a few minutes she left to go to the powder room. When she returned, Clara urged me to make love to her again. This time she bent over the end of the sofa and lifted her dress. I saw that she had removed her panties. I touched and caressed her pussy, even going so far as to slip a finger into her. She was warm and wet. I dropped my trousers and pushed my cock into her and she moaned.

“Yes Danny! Oh yes!”

We screwed like that for only a few minutes as I felt my own orgasm coming close. I mumbled a warning and Clara pulled away and turned, dropping to her knees. She took my cock into her mouth and finished me off. She swallowed it all, then walked over to the end of the sofa. Before sitting down she lifted her dress to the waist, exposing herself. As I watched she proceeded to play with her pussy. I pulled up my pants and, at her direction sat inthe floor in front of her spread legs.

Clara gave me my first lesson on pussy anatomy and introduced me to the clittoris and cunnilingus.

“Kiss it Danny, right here,” she said ponting. I did. “Smell me.” I sniffed. “Inhale my scent, do you like it?”

“Yes, Yes I do.”

“Use your tongue to lick my pussy, go ahead, it’s okay.”

I did and she smiled. She nodded and I continued to lick her.

“Now use your fingertips to spread my lips. Yes, gently, good. Do you see my vagina and my clitoris? Good. Now my vagina looks wet, lick it. Mmmmnn, yes. Do you like the taste?”

“Yeah, it’s sweet.” I replied.

“Well the flavor may vary depending on the woman, her time of month, and such. But if it ever smells sour don’t do it. She likely has a disease or condition. Okay, now lick from my vagina up to my clitoris. OH! Yes, just like that. Now do it over and over again.”

Clara continued to coach me in the art of cunnilingus and actually had an orgasm in the process. We stopped after a while to fix dinner. As I helped her I realized that I couldn’t tell she was wearing no panties under the dress. I commented on it and she smiled.

“Oh Danny! When I first moved in with you, I seldom wore panties at all! At least not at home. Your Father was so randy that he would often reach up under my dress to finger me and often bend me over for a quick screw, it made no sense to have panties in the way.”

We ate and did the dishes, and then we went to bed. My bed. Clara made love to me and I fell asleep with this wonderful woman in my arms.

My Dad was aboard a transport plane that crashed. He was never found. As a sole survivor, I avoided the draft. I went to college and got a good job. Clara reverted to her maiden name for a time. When we moved to Oregon in ’56, she and I married. She was still so young looking, few people realized that she was much older than me. We had a little over fifty wonderful years together. Finally she did admit that she had come into my room with the plan to fuck me somehow on my birthday. She said she had been wanting me for a while but waited. I still cherish the memories of Clara on that special birthday.

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