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I was 23 in August 1976 and had been living in Philadelphia for a little over two months. Having moved there from the Ozarks of Missouri, I’d expected the big city to be pretty wild and overwhelming, but even I had never imagined the hotbed of sexual activity I found coexisting right under the noses of the stuffed shirts of the large Center City law firm where I worked. It all began on Independence Day, when I went up on the roof of my apartment building to see the fireworks and instead found the married couple three doors down from me getting it on. Being bisexual, I was turned on by both of them and delighted when they were kind enough to let me join them. We spent that night making our own fireworks, and through them I was introduced into the amazing Philly swingers counterculture.

Even with all I’d seen, I was shocked when my next-door-neighbor died. The fact that the man had expired wasn’t so amazing–after all, he was 87 years old–but despite the landlord’s efforts to keep things quiet the manner of his death leaked out. The old fart had a heart attack while being sucked off by a male escort less than half his age! Everyone in the building was aghast, as the codger had never left any indications of his extracurricular activities, and some of us (like me) developed a whole new, posthumous respect for him. I remember thinking that when I reached the end of my line, it wouldn’t be so bad to go out with a young stud’s head between my legs!

Being as I never would have guessed, not even in a million years, about my late neighbor I was determined to make an effort to get to know whoever moved in next. The worst case scenario would be I would find out I was living next door to a prude, the median would be that I’d make a casual friend even if not a sex partner, and in the best case…Well, you can probably guess that one. The old man’s next of kin cleared out the unit in short order and the landlord found new tenants even before the place was completely ready. Within a month of the man’s death a moving van pulled up outside and I nearly fell out the window in my efforts to get a look. I wasn’t disappointed. Two big, burly black guys in their early thirties started unloading the furniture. It was one of those self-move vans; they hadn’t hired anyone to move them and they hadn’t needed to because they were built like trucks. They were both about the same height, but one guy had very dark skin and a short-cropped Afro, and the other was more of a coffee color and had a beautifully shaved head. I salivated as I watched the sweat bead on their bare torsos and I kept hoping that their tight jean casino oyna shorts would tear when they bent and stooped. I wondered if they would like me, a tall white boy with an all-American, blond-haired look and an athletic swimmer’s build.

I waited until that evening to knock on their door, a six-pack in hand. The coffee-colored guy answered, water dripping from his body and a towel wrapped around his waist. “Hi, I thought you guys might be thirsty after moving all day,” I said. “I’m Doug; I live right next door.”

My new neighbor smiled and took hold of the proffered beer. “Thanks, man. Come on in.” I walked into the apartment, stepping around the boxes and household items scattered on the floor. The couch and coffee table had been set up and I took a seat. “I’m Nick,” he said, handing me a beer and taking one for himself. “Rodney’s still in the shower, but he’ll be out in a few minutes. I’ll let him know you’re here.” As he walked away, his towel slipped and I got a momentary glimpse of his iron-hard ass.

After a few minutes, both men emerged, dressed in nothing but sweatpants that had been cut off into shorts. I scooted over to one end of the couch and they sat beside me, next to each other. We talked about superficial things, such as the weather, and I found out that Rodney and Nick were native Philadelphians, the former from the Northeast and the latter from South Philly, who had moved back to the city from Delaware County. They met on the job; they worked for a construction company that had a work site not far from my own office. Talk turned to the neighborhood and our building in particular. Rodney and Nick seemed to be sitting very close to each other and touching each other a little bit more than straight guys would, but I wanted to set out some feelers and I figured the subject of what happened to the last tenant would make a good front. I asked if they knew what happened to the guy who used to live in their new apartment. When they shook their heads, I laughed and told the story in a light-hearted manner.

“Damn,” said Nick. “He went out just the way he wanted to…stiff!” He and Rodney laughed heartily and slapped each other on the thighs.

“Not the worst way to go,” I added.

“Hell no,” said Rodney, “I hope I can still get someone in their thirties when I’m 87!”

The fact that Rodney had not specified the gender of that someone was not lost on me. “Well, you know that they say orgasm is ‘the little death.'”

“Shit, if death’s like that I’m not afraid to go anymore!” Nick said. He moved to slap my thigh, but instead he kept his strong dark canlı casino hand on my lily-white skin. None of us said anything for a minute; I just looked at them and they at me, very thoughtfully. Nick’s hand didn’t move. “So Doug,” he said, gingerly patting my thigh, “you married?”

“Fuck no!” I laughed, putting my hand on top of Nick’s and giving it a squeeze. My cock was stirring now and starting to become obvious under my jean shorts. Nick and Rodney were looking right at it, and between their legs I could see what looked like massive bumps. I took my hand off of Nick’s and put it on his thigh, slowly snaking it towards the big hump that was creeping down his pant leg. When I finally got there and started tracing the outline of his dick head, Nick started caressing my now fully-engorged cock and Rodney made no disguise of stroking himself through his shorts. “So anyway,” I said, “I thought I’d welcome you to the building.”

Nick leaned over to kiss me, undoing my shorts at the same time. Then he leaned back so I could take off my shirt, and he and Rodney dropped their drawers. My jaw almost hit the floor. I’d never had a black lover before and I’d always dismissed the stereotype about black guys being hung like horses. For these guys, that was no stereotype. Two massive pieces of dark meat were staring me in the face, Nick’s 91/2 inches and Rodney’s 10 making my eight-incher look puny, and then there was girth to consider. Rodney moved his hand up and down his shaft, smearing it with milky pre-cum. “You ever had chocolate?” he asked.

“No,” I said, “but I’d love to try it.”

With that, Rodney shoved his king-size candy bar in my mouth as Nick went down on my vanilla stick. It took me a few minutes to get adjusted, but soon I managed to engulf him all the way to his balls. “Suck that chocolate bar, white boy,” Rodney groaned. I used one hand to fondle his balls and reached behind him with the other, feeling the rock-hard muscles of his ass and moving my hand into his crack. I found the puckered muscle at the entrance of his manhole and used my fingertips to trace it, making him shove his dick down my throat with even greater force.

As I finger-fucked Rodney’s ass, Nick worked between my legs, Rodney’s balls brushing him in the head on occasion. He reveled in sucking my dick, deep-throating me even as he used his hands to reach up and squeeze my nipples. “Goddamn,” Rodney managed to stammer, “you gotta let him suck you, Nick. He sucks better than any white boy I’ve ever had!” Rodney pulled out and switched places with Nick, and we repeated the process, with me sucking and kaçak casino finger-fucking Nick as Rodney blew me. I tried to hold out, but Rodney’s mouth had my dick in a vice-grip and I was simply too turned on from having my second black dick of the evening in my mouth. My balls contracted, making my cum spew out into Rodney’s waiting mouth, where he drank every last drop, even wiping and licking clean the white rivulets that escaped down his dark chin.

Rodney then moved the coffee table out of the way, giving us a large open space on the floor amongst their halfway-unpacked belongings. I got down on all fours, with Rodney in front and Nick in back. I felt Nick parting my ass cheeks even as I put Rodney’s dick back in my mouth, then whimpered when I felt his tongue probing the entrance to my love tunnel. He licked all around, then opened me with his fingers, pushing them in and out several times before grabbing a bottle of lotion and applying it both to his dick and my asshole. I was still a relative newbie to assplay and felt a sharp pain when Nick entered, making me buck involuntarily. I relaxed my sphincter muscles and Nick let himself sit in place for a few moments as my body adjusted. His first few strokes caused some more pain, but it soon disappeared and was replaced by the wonderful feeling of fullness that I loved. Nick and I humped like rabbits, him slamming in and out of me as I sucked off his roommate. Just as I felt my cock hardening again, Nick gave a mighty thrust that was followed by the warm gush of his cum filling my tunnel. The next moment, Rodney groaned and shot his cream into my mouth, so much that I had trouble swallowing it all.

I didn’t have to worry about waste. Rodney pulled his still half-hard cock from my mouth and told Nick, “Get me hard again so I can fuck that ass, too!” Nick disengaged himself and obliged, licking Rodney’s cock clean and then sucking it rock-hard. I watched them as cum dribbled down my chin and leaked from my asshole. By the time Rodney positioned himself in back of me, I had a full erection once again. Taking no time for prerequisites, Rodney plunged right in, making me happy that Nick had stretched me out first. Because he had already cum once, Rodney lasted a bit longer and our rhythm was even harder, with his balls slapping into my ass cheeks so hard it made them pink. “Oooooo, make the cream come out of this chocolate bar!” he yelled as our fucking got more and more intense, and with a strangled scream he came, exploding over and over into my ass even as my dick spurted right onto the carpet beneath me.

Standing at the entrance of my apartment later that night, I looked up and down the hall and wondered about the people who lived behind each door. I decided that being neighborly was not an outdated concept, especially in the City of Brotherly Love!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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