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Author’s Note: This is my Christmas story that I elected not to enter into the Literotica’s Holidays contest. I hope that you enjoy it because If you do, there is a series yet to come. Let me know. Cheers!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“Cissy! Hey, Cissy!”

I look over my shoulder for the source of the familiar voice in the bustling crowd of the shopping mall. A broad smile graced my lips as I spotted a tall, tousled-haired blond with bright blue eyes hurriedly making his way to me through the crowded shopping mall. Turning and waving back, my heartbeat throbbed a bit faster as I found myself eagerly moving towards him. Duncan somehow had an uncanny knack of brightening my spirits, making me laugh and forget my troubles and worries which was something I needed desperately.

We met years ago when his daughters and my son were taking swimming lessons at the local YMCA. My name is Cecilia but Duncan thinks that’s too formal and has taken to calling me Cissy whenever we’re together. Since our respective spouses couldn’t be bothered with such mundane aquatic activity support, we were drawn together as the designated parental towel holders for our kids. Meeting each weekend, we chatted easily by the poolside to pass the time and quickly became acquaintances and then more.

For some strange reason, I didn’t think it strange when Duncan evolved into my best friend who was always there for me regardless of what was happening in my life. This became amply apparent when my husband, Derek, suddenly bought a home in the suburbs and by moving, forced me to quit my clerical position.

“God, Duncan,” I exclaimed in exasperation at the poolside when shortly after Derek had dropped his bombshell on me, “You’d think that Derek would have at least consulted me before signing the papers for the new house. Now, besides having to pack up the household, move, and enrol my son in a new school, I have to look for another job since my current one is too far away. What the hell am I going to do?”

Although Duncan looked thoughtfully at me as if pondering my dilemma, I didn’t know until he later shared was that he could think about was, “Shit, I love Cissy’s sparkling almond-shaped eyes and her lovely face. For a slender Japanese-American woman, she becomes more and more enticing with each passing weekend. She’s so passionate. I wonder if she would be willing…”

“Cissy, this is going to sound strange and I won’t be offended if you say no, but how would you like to work for me? As you know, I just was selected as a Dean at my college and the secretary who was there for the longest time has decided that it was time to retire with the regime change. I can select my own private secretary and from what I know about you, you possess the necessary skills and abilities to do the job. What do you say?”

For me, it was a no-brainer since the offered job was closer to home, with better pay and fringe benefits, and was made easier because I knew and got along with Duncan. Through his shared insights and suggestions, he subtly saved me from learning through trial and error, and my acceptance by the campus community and immersion into the general College environment came effortlessly.

Our obvious relationship might have become rumor-fodder if it wasn’t for our kids and especially spouses who made it readily clear when visiting that Duncan and I were just long-time family friends. As our friendship and our smooth working relationship became an accepted fact, people paid little attention to our personal interactions at work.

I found myself looking forward to Duncan’s inquires as to how I was doing, and our late-afternoon discussions about the day and what was to come in the next day gradually morphed into a continuation of our former poolside conversations about the similar problems of family life and teenage kids. Before long we were each other’s confidantes, sharing our marital problems and the intimate details of our spousal dissatisfaction.

“As you might have guessed, Megan is a hardcore career woman who lives and breathes the banking world,” Duncan confided in an after-work talk. ” With the exception of having to give birth to our twin girls, Megan’s sole focus is on the wheeling-and-dealing of high finance. Hmmph, she is able to so by saddling me the same familial demands that leave you ragged, exhausted, and depressed. You would think at my age and as a key college administrator, I wouldn’t find myself being pressed into a “Mister-Mom” — but I am. Huh, is cohabitation and once-in-a-blue-moon sex really worth it?”

“Ha, I have you beat, Duncan! Derek is as equally neglectful of me as Megan is of you. While he isn’t into work as Megan, he is always willing to “hang out” with his friends in sporting, drinking, gambling, and especially hunting events — none of which involved me. His continual absence from home has forced me to fend for myself and my son when it comes to a range of familial and household needs.

“However, when Derek is at home, he expects to be treated ataköy escort like a king with me as his personal serving wench. He had no qualms demanding that I satisfy his physical urges and then promptly ignored me once he has relieved himself…if you know what I mean?” I had to quickly bite my tongue when it dawned on me that I found myself hoping that Derek could be more like Duncan. Recently when my husband boringly labored between my thighs that I wondered with it would feel like if Duncan was there.

“Hi there, good looking!” immediately brought me out of my fanciful musings and back into the present day world and the bustling shopping mall that surrounded us. “We’ve got to stop meeting like this or people might start talking,” joked Duncan as he normally did. It seemed second-nature when I nonchalantly folded into his friendly embrace and gave him a casual peck on the cheek.

“God, how I never get tired of hugging Duncan,” I sighed to myself as I felt his body against mine. “I shouldn’t be saying this, but he makes my heart skip a beat and my panties get damp especially when I subtly press against him and feel a goddamn trouser-bump — something I haven’t evoked in a long time.

“What are you saying, Cissy? Duncan’s ten years older than you, more mature, and more settled than you. What would he see in a thirty-five-year-old married mother with one teenage son? Still, for a white guy, Duncan is sure hot! But, he’s only a friend…albeit a good one…and sad to say, probably not even interested in me.”

Unbeknownst to me, I was wrong. As he would later share when we recalled this turning point in our lives, Duncan felt similar urges. As I pressed myself against him, all he could think about was, “Shit! Cissy’s eyes always have this sultry glow in them when she sees me. And although she’s not the bustiest, I can’t help but get turned on when rubs herself against me. How I would love to hold her curved hips, squeeze her tight buns, and spread her nice slender legs? Hmmm, maybe it’s my imagination but is Cissy clutching me a bit longer than usual?”

“Am I glad to see that I ain’t the only who is behind the eight-ball,” quipped Duncan as they reluctantly let go of each other, “when it comes to last-minute shopping. I’m happy that I’m not the only frantic idiot in this crowded mall. Where’s the family?”

When I slipped from his embrace with downcast eyes, Duncan wondered aloud, “Hmmm, let me guess. Derek has ‘bagged’ again and left you to get the last-minute Christmas presents. Ouch, did I hit the nail on the head? And he took Tyler, your son, with him too? Double ouch!”

I must have given Duncan one hell of a despondent look for he put his arm around my waist to pulled me to him as he continued his insightful observations, “Let me guess. What’s the most absurd thing Derek could do at this time of year? Don’t tell me he’s actually fulfilling his ultimate fantasy? Deer hunting — ‘Rudolph-shooting’ — I believe is how he referred to it — the week before Christmas — with Tyler for a little father-and-son bonding? Shit, Cissy, what? Did I guess right? Damn, that’s cruel…”

As I sniffled softly into his shoulder, Duncan whispered, “Hey, hey, cheer up. You’re not alone in the lonely hearts club. Megan unexpectedly took the girls to visit her mom for the Holidays. Yep, she had me dropped them off the airport, and didn’t even mention to me about me joining them later — but to be honest with you, whether I show or not doesn’t really matter to her. I mean I only have to do all of the Christmas shopping and delivery for our friends, clean the house, and wash the dirty laundry. Yep, just call me ‘Cinder-fella.'”

Despite myself, I had to chuckle at Duncan’s pun and playful slap his chest. “Well, Duncan, you know that they say that misery loves company. So, it’s just you and me. It’s good to see you, Duncan. It’s been kind of rough during the Winter break, and I have exactly been ‘ho-ho-ho’ if you know what I mean. I thought of calling you but — well, I didn’t want to disturb your Holidays.”

“Cissy, don’t you know by now that you can disturb me anytime you want to. You are a welcomed ‘distraction’ from my thankless, miserable servitude.” When his blue humor brought a wide smile to my lips, Duncan prattled on, “So, my dear, I let me help you with your shit-load of presents since my arms are free having just dumped my packages in my car. Which one is mine? What? I’m your last one and you still haven’t gotten it? Aah, what a coincidence, you’re my last present too. I saved you for the last because I wanted to get you something special.”

“Duncan, you don’t have to get me anything. I mean your friendship and being there when I need you are all I need,” I softly chided. “But I was doing the same thing — saving you for the last — the best for last.

“Well, since we both depressed because of our respective spouses, our bratty kids, and the spirit of season in general — bah, humbug — and since it only each other that we have to bakırköy escort shop for – why don’t we take a much-needed break and treat ourselves to a little downtime in our chaotic lives? So, my fair lady, would you care to grace the little bar at the end of the mall to imbibe in some ‘liquid holiday spirits’ with me?”

The corner booth of the surprisingly quiet lounge was dark and cozy, and my numerous shopping bags gave us the perfect excuse to sit close to each other. Duncan was surprised when I boldly asked for the same dry vodka martini that he had ordered. With a click on the glasses when it came, I took a deep sip that had me instantly coughing. When questioned if I was okay, I gasped, “I didn’t know it’d burn like that. I can’t feel my lips. God, my lips are going numb. This is my first martini. What? It’s almost all vodka? Sigh — but, this is great. Just what I needed. Order me another…”

Another martini later and with a third standing by, I casually leaned contentedly against Duncan, not caring that my breast was squashed unashamedly into his hard bicep as was my thigh pressed into his. “You know, Duncan, I don’t know what I’d do without you,” I murmured reflectively. “No, I really mean it. Without you, I’d be lost. I guess that’s what makes it so difficult to find you a present that truly represents what I feel for you.”

Duncan gulped and took a deep sip of his drink as he shifted uncomfortably as he became acutely aware of his bodily reaction (as evidenced by the alarming tightness in his pants) to my head unashamedly resting on his shoulder. “

“Hey, Cissy, you’re going to make my head swell,” interjected Duncan as he skillfully omitted that it was his dick head that was getting bigger. “However, you don’t realize what you mean to me. You’d think I’d have it all together but there are times when I am so lonely and depressed that…well… I don’t know what I’d do without you. I guess that’s why I’m having the same problem you have when it comes to finding your Christmas present. You’re so special. What gift could say what I feel? So there, I hope you feel better making me get all mushy and all.”

My eyes teared up as I listened and when Duncan finished, I gently turned his face to mine before giving him a light kiss on the lips. “Thank you for being you.” When Duncan returned my kiss, I yielded to the breathtaking sensation of the moment before it dawned on me what was happening…and more so, what I wanted for Christmas.

Blushing, I pulled back from our kiss, and then after a moment to make sure of my desires, softly said with an inscrutable nod of her head, “Duncan, why don’t you help me put my presents in my van, and then we see if we can find that special gift for each other.”

A short while later Duncan found himself with me in an isolated corner of the lowest level of the underground parking structure. “Cissy, I know parking is limited but I would have never thought of this location. I mean your van is sort of hidden from view behind this pillar and trash bin, and this stall is dark and hidden. No wonder no one took it. Hey, it a good thing that you left your backseat down after hauling Derek’s and Tyler’s hunting gear to the airport. It makes it easier to slide in your purchases, and with the dark tinting on your windows, no one should be able to see into your van’s bed.”

In a surprise move, I turned from the open van’s side door and throwing my arms around his neck, passionately kissed a totally unprepared Duncan, letting my tongue dance within his mouth. “Duncan, I know what I want to give to you,” I whispered when the tip of my tongue teasingly probed one of his ears. “…if you want it?” was murmured by me as my lips traveled to his earlobe and down his neck.

“I know I shouldn’t be doing this, but you are the only bright spot in my otherwise dismal marriage and gloomy life,” I mumbled as my body slowly and sensuously ground against him with my pubic mons suggestively bumping against his growing erection. “You don’t know how many times when Derek is ‘using’ me in bed that I wished it was you. I want you — no — I need you more than you can ever imagine. I hope you accept and like my ‘special’ Christmas gift to you.”

I threw back my head as a throat guttural groan escaped my open mouth when Duncan unmistakably answered my question. His tongue danced in my welcoming mouth before his lips blaze a molten path down her exposed throat to her heaving chest. Strong hands boldly grabbed and squeezed my buns, pulling me to his very pronounced tented trousers.

“Now I know that there’s a Santa Claus,” Duncan mumbled as he began to slowly dry hump me, causing me to obscenely gyrate my hips as my panties became drenched with my sexual excitement. “I feel the same way about you. Every night before I go to sleep next to my frigid wife, I think about you and wish that I could be doing what I am right now.”

It wasn’t until his fingers slipped under my lacy bra to scissor and then tug on my swollen areola that I realized that Duncan had unbuttoned my blouse and unhooked my front-snapping bra. “Good God, Duncan,” I breathlessly exclaimed as my sensitive inverted nipples emerged from their puffy areola slits; one rolled between his thumb and forefinger and the other trapped between his grasping lips.

“Let’s get inside of my van unless you intend to strip me naked and take me standing up right here? I don’t want to, oooh, put on a free show for anyone passing by. What I have to share is, oooh, for only you and no one else. Oooh, let’s get into the van before I get cold feet and change my mind.”

Needlessly to say, the ensuing scramble into the back of my van, the frenzied shedding of clothes, and frantic bodily exploration culminated in a bout of hysterical laughter at the absurdity of the moment. “Oh, Duncan,” I had to giggle, “we’re acting like two teenagers…but do you know what? I love it! I haven’t felt so alive and excited in such a long time.

“Duncan, what are you doing? Yummm, you’re giving me goosebumps. God, I love your lips and tongue and fingers on my titties. Ooh yeah, you’re making my inverted nipples really pop and ache…oooh, that feels great. Oh, Duncan, yeah, go down on me. Yeah, just like that. Suck me. Oooh, yeah, Duncan, your swirling tongue is making me so wet. Eat me. Oh yeah, ooh, I’m so sopping wet. You’ve got me gushing with my pussy juices. Hell, you’re driving me crazy.”

“Fuck! It had been so long. I can’t remember when a woman lasted responded so wildly to my kisses and caresses,” Duncan muttered as he reveled in the incredible sensation of sinking his rasping tongue into my slippery crack. “Megan, that fridged bitch, just lays there totally bored and stilted while doing her conjugal obligation. What a fucking piss-poor cum-dump!

“But God, Cissy, you, on the other hand, are fucking exhilarating, so incredibly sexy, and so insatiably horny. God, everything that I do turns you on, and I love how your moan passionately and demand more. Oh yeah, Cissy, spread your legs wide. You want it, don’t you…you want it badly! Tell me, Cissy, beg me to fuck you!”

“God damn it, Duncan! Shut the fuck up and fuck me like a cheap little Jap whore! Give it to me, Duncan, give it to…” My shrill cry was muffled by Duncan’s shoulder when with a sharp thrust of his hips, Duncan penetrated my churning cunt.

“Oh, fuck, oh fuck, Cissy, I can’t believe how unbelievably hot and tight you are even though you’re gushing with liquid excitement! I love the damn lewd squishing and sloshing sounds that your tight pussy makes while I’m banging your juicy Jap twat with long, hard strokes. Jeez, the way you’re writhing in utter ecstasy, I feel like King Kong ravishing Fay Wray!”

Just as Duncan thought that he would die of a heart attack if he kept up of this tempo, I groaned deeply and clutched him to my sweat chest as my legs locking about his hips to embed and completely immobilize him. “Oh, Duncan, please don’t move. I love feeling you shoved so deep inside of me…hmmm…but…”

After a long sensuous kiss, I caught my breath and moaned, “Hmmm, Duncan… can I ask you for a special Christmas wish? This is so embarrassing…but you see, Derek is a ‘slam-bam’ kind of guy but without so much as an uttered ‘thank you, ma’am.’ When the urge comes on him, he just jumps on top of me, crams it in, and then blows his load before I can climax, leaving me feeling unfulfilled and used. Duncan, would you mind letting me…hmmm…’getting on top’? I want to ‘ride’ you until I come. Can I please?”

With a deft shift of weight, Duncan rolled on his back without being dislodged from a startled me who suddenly found my favor granted. “My God, Duncan, you always a knack of taking care of my needs and…understanding what I really want. And this,” I said as I readjust myself to better savor the moment, “I’ve wanted to do this for such a long time…”

With that I began to move slightly up and down as I straddled his hip, mashing my pubic hair into his hairy groin. With Duncan firmly sunken in my milking cunt, I rocked back and forth, enjoying his hard man-meat pumping deep within me. As I ground my stiff clit against his groin, long-repressed feelings and desires within me roused and rapidly escalated to fervor never that I had never before experienced.

Duncan reached down and grabbed my buns, pulling my hips to him while he thrust upwards to sinking as far as he could go between my splay legs. My hand fell to either side of Duncan’s head as I was bucked forward. My modest titties dangled and sway in front of his face, and Duncan’s let his lips greedily latched on to a throbbing stiff nipple. I whimpered pitifully as his tongue swirled and lashed on my hard fleshy pebble of a nipple captured between his nipping teeth. I whine grateful when he mercifully released it, and then again when he captured and tormented my other delicious fleshy morsel.

“Oh, Duncan, oh, Duncan, you’re so damn deep. Oooh and I’m rubbing my hard little clit against you…grinding against you. I’m so wet…so hot…so horny. Oh Duncan, oh Duncan, I going to cum. Oh, I can’t hold on! I’m cumming! Oh shit… arggh! Arghh!! Arghh!!!”

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