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Cindy loved to dance, as she was still hot. Her dance partner, a much younger man, groped her outside the women’s restroom. She let him grope her still firm breasts and rub his fantastic hard cock on her leg before finally pushing away. She knew her husband would come looking for her sooner or later. Once in the restroom she inspected herself, blonde hair blue eyes perfect skin and a trim body to round it out. She couldn’t help but admire herself.

Her husband Jeff was a wealthy man by any standard, he enjoyed showing her off and to him, she was nothing but eye candy. He loved the way men ogled her and wished she was going home with them. He loved watching her dance, she was a wild thing and put younger women to shame. Furthermore, he bought her dancing frequently because it was a great place for some of his business dealings, the background noise made it difficult to eaves drop on his conversations. He scanned the dance floor, Cindy was still not back, so he started to get up to go check when he saw her coming back to the table. On the drive home, not much was said until.

“Suck my cock bitch, I know you would prefer your dance partner, but he doesn’t pay the bills.”

She slid over unzipped him and pulled out his cock and began sucking, if a little humiliation was all it took for the good life she was in. She was undoubtable one of the best blowjobs a man could ask for, she had a real knack for it, he was pumping his load into her sucking mouth in short order. Not only that, but she swished his load in her mouth a few time, she loved the taste of cum.

The following week, Jeff was having lunch with one of his closest friends. The subject of his sexy wife came up, Bob happened to be a movie producer, and he broached the subject of Cindy being in a movie. It came out that the movie would be a MILF movie which were very hot right now and if they were of high enough quality brought down some big money. They discussed potential profit, like Cindy was a commodity. Bob had lusted after Cindy for years, but Jeff got there first, at last a foot in the door. The following week he scrambled to put some numbers together, knowing that for Jeff they better be based on solid figures, You did not Şişli escort cheat Jeff. Finished, he sent the package over to Jeff, and soon got a return call.

Jeff immediately took control of the meeting, “OK Bob, who are the actors and who is the certifying doctor?”

Bob slid over the list

“Let me get this checked out and I will let you know.”

Bob was sure he had picked solid characters.

Jeff proposed it to Cindy, and showed her the cast pictures and filled her in. She stifled her enthusiasm for fear Jeff would call it off if she were too excited.

Cindy, made an appointment with Bob. She has never liked Bob, but puts on a good show for him, short skirt, tight blouse, no bra. There is no doubt Bob noticed. As their meeting progressed, Bob realized how bad she wanted to make this movie for whatever reason.

“Well, I guess I should check and see how good you will look on the screen. Would you strip, please”?

“Don’t look at me like that, you’re going to be naked almost every day for a month.”

Cindy slowly stripped, feeling this was more for Bobs benefit as opposed to the movie. He moved her around and put her in various poses. Cindy realized the humiliation was payback.

Finally, Bob spoke up. “You know, I could call this whole project at any time.”

“What do you want, Bob?”

“Well, a blowjob to seal the deal would be nice.”

“I’m sure Jeff would appreciate that.” Cindy snapped.

“Well, if even a word got back to him about this, the deal would be done. Is that what you want?”

Cindy furious, Bob had her, she walked over and knelt between his legs. Unzipping his fly, pulling him out she began licking the tip enjoying the velvety smoothness, Bob had obviously been anticipating as there was a good amount of pre-cum oozing from the tip which she licked up and savored. Wrapping her lips around the tip, she slid her hot wet mouth down the shaft, gently sucking. Bob was in heaven so many years of waiting, She was so good he knew he couldn’t last long. Once she started working her magic with her tongue he exploded in her mouth spurt after spurt of cum, she didn’t miss a drop.

Pulling back, “You’re a Sultangazi escort bayan son of a bitch Bob.”

Cindy got up, dressed and left without another word. Bob knew his future was looking up, she wanted this bad.

The following week they had a casting party, Cindy almost had an orgasm as soon as she walked in. The beautiful young men. Jeff was with her, so she maintained her professional decorum. She was just a little thrown off by the two women who it would seem she has a wild sex scene. Cindy had never been with a woman.

“This is what you have been wanting for a while, you do the movie, I make some money, you get fucked and then back to normal.” Jeff whispered in her ear.

“Oh by the way Cindy, I gave your sister a job” Bob volunteered. “She is going to be your fluffer.”

“What is that?” Cindy asked.

Bob smirked. “She sucks guys hard between scenes, so there ready to go on.”

Cindy was horrified her younger sister 26 three kids, having hard times, unwilling to accept help from her or Jeff. She must have been desperate and Bob preyed on her.

The big day, dance floor scene. Husband watching young guy fucks her in the back of the dance floor in a dark corner. Almost like real life, Cindy thought. She started dancing, the partner in the scene was very handsome and a great dancer. He was groping her ass, moving her toward the back. He worked her dress up, so her ass was exposed. Cindy was getting so hot, he snatched her panties down around her ankles, she stepped out of them, he was about to enter her when they yelled cut. She saw her sister for the first time, she rushed out and began sucking her scene partner to keep him hard.

The cameras were moved close in to get a better view of his cock entering her pussy. Then they were back at it, he grabbed her ass, lifted her and entered her, He pounded her till he was almost ready to cum. Again cut. Her sister came back out, hesitated at first, then began to suck the cock that had just been in her sister pussy.

Back at it again he turned Cindy face to the wall and entered her from behind, Cindy was unable to control herself she moaned loudly as she orgasmed. A massive Escort Taksim load was pumped deep into her pussy.

The next planned shoot had Cindy all excited, it was a straight all-day fuck secession. Bob called her into his office, he was leaning against his desk with his pants around his ankles.

“Another payment dear.”

Cindy didn’t even argue she just assumed the position sucked him and swallowed his cum. Bob knew she hated him and that made it that much better.

The next day she was spread-eagled on the bed fingering herself and her husband and friend walk in, she jumps up and he pushed her back down, the husbands friend buries his face in her pussy,and her husband straddles her face. Numerous cuts and retakes, a lot of sucking for her sister. Cindy tried to talk to her sister, but she just walked off. Cindy was having the time of her life, so many orgasms.

The movie was winding down, the final scene, an impromptu orgy, starts off with women putting on lez show for men. Cindy was sure she was ready as she walked into the middle of the room and laid on a blanket, another woman joined her then her sister came out, Cindy protested and was told her sister was a stand in. Cindy lay with legs spread, her sister on her knees between her legs, the other woman straddled Cindy face. As the camera rolled she lowered her pussy on to Cindy’s face her sister began licking her pussy. The rush was incredible, the orgasms just kept coming over and over they switched positions leaving all inhibitions behind.

The rest of the afternoon was pure sucking and fucking free for all. Then the movie was wrapped up.

Two weeks later there was screening. There was a major movie producer there, one that could have bought and sold Bob a few times and been more than capable of taking down Jeff. He cornered my Sister and me and offered us a deal. I was old enough he said , we could play mother daughter.

On the way home, Jeff said, “Ok, it’s over back home and be a good girl.”

“No Jeff, I’m going to make a few more movies, My sister and me.”

“No, you will not, not while I’m paying the bills.”

“You’re not paying the bills dear Mr. Edwards is, I’ll be moving to his place tomorrow. And your weasel buddy Bob used this as an excuse to make me blow him.”

Jeff was shocked and intimidated, he had no intention of going up against Mr. Edwards.

Cindy and her sister Stacy lived with Mr. Edwards for many years, Stacy went on to become a top grossing porn star.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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