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Big Tits

Summer of 2017

Freshly out of high school, I felt I was a woman, and wanted to experiment with as many people as I wanted. I never felt attraction to the boys I went to school with, and I doubted they were attracted to me either. I had dark hair opposed to the blonde hair they went after, I had a fuller figure, and wasn’t willing to put up with their games. With that being said, I decided tinder might be the best place for me to get what I craved.

I met A on tinder in 2017. When I saw his picture on the app, my heart melted. Dark curly hair, slightly tanned skin, tall, and he was smart? What more could I ask for! After a week or so of talking, we decided to meet up. We had to have a halfway point though, since we lived an hour from each other. I didn’t mind the drive, since I made it my mission to make this man obsessed with me.

When I met him in person, I felt his innocence. He told me about himself, and how he was in his sophomore year of college. He went to a prestigious school in New England, and he was really proud, but humble, about that. A was home during his summer break, and told me he got on tinder to meet people in the area since his family moved his freshman year of college to the area.

Once we grew uninterested with our meet up spot, he suggested we go to his parents house to watch a musical. It was awkward meeting his parents on the first date, but nothing I wasn’t used to. In his room, we watched Hamilton, and after a while we decided to go out to eat. Afterwards, we said our goodbyes, and I kissed him almanbahis afterwards. When I pulled away, I saw his face light up.

Two weeks later, I’m at his house again. I’ve been over multiple times, but this time was different. The day before, he was showing me something on his computer, and reached down and rubbed my thigh. I blushed and felt myself get wet from his touch. After I left, I devised a plan to send him something I was sure he’d loved to see.

“I’ve been drinking” I texted him, but I was lying. I just wanted to send him a picture and felt I needed an excuse. “I may or may not want to send you something.”

“Like what?” He texted me back.

“Oh, maybe a nude?”

“I wouldn’t say no lol” he sent back

I sent him fresh pictures, but not the ones I had stockpiled. I was convinced I was a maneater in the making, but with A, I wanted to really treat him to something special. I was a master at taking nudes at this point, but to warm him up, I sent him a picture of my bare chest. Afterwards, I sent him a picture of me in a cute pair of panties, and asked if he liked it. Telling me he loved it, we made plans to see each other the next day.

It should be known that I am an astrologer. In 2017, I was merely a beginner, but still had the right idea of what I needed to know to get him to be hypnotized by me. As a Cancer Venus, he needs someone who is nurturing and gentle, so with this information, I really let that side of me out. With a Cancer Mars, the primal instincts of breeding are at play, and since almanbahis giriş Cancer rules over the breasts, I knew he would love for me to play with his nipples. With this information, I knew I had to be a sensual lover, romantic, and gentle.

A black cloudy night loomed over us, but it didn’t ruin the mood. It was around 12 am, and his parents and sister were asleep for the night. I was dripping wet thinking of how our night would go. He asked me to wear the panties that I had on when I took the picture for him.

When we got to his room, he kissed my lips softly, resting his hands on my lower back before inching them down to my ass and giving it a squeeze. Once we parted from the kiss, he rested his forehead on mine and pulled me closer.

“You look so good.” He told me, pushing me onto the bed with gentle force. “Did you wear those panties?”

“Of course,” I replied, pulling down the tops of my leggings to show him.

Once I showed him the panties, he got on top of me, kissing me with intensity I’ve never felt before. Taking off his shirt, my hands placed themselves on his side, then I traced my fingers to his back.

After a while, we stripped ourselves bare and got under the covers of his twin sized bed, playing with each other’s bodies. He told me beforehand his bed was small, but I told him it was fine. Since his family was sleeping in the house, we had to make sure we were quiet.

“How would you want to do this?” I asked, stroking his cock. I felt him quiver in my hand, making me go faster with almanbahis yeni giriş the strokes.

“I’m not sure, we can start in missionary if you’d like.” He said with desperation thick in his voice.

I didn’t realize he would be so big. He was tall, but slender, and I was expecting an average size, but was pleasantly surprised to see how thick and long it was. I was also nervous, since I’ve never been with someone that big. I told him this, and A reassured me he would be gentle with me.

I’ll never forget how it felt when he filled me up for the first time. The air got caught in my throat, and I felt motionless. Paralized with pleasure, he thrusted into me slowly, leaning on me as he kissed my cheeks and held me close. I wrapped my legs around him, as if I was holding him captive inside me.

Whimpering in my ear, he tells me how good my pussy feels around his cock, and how wet I am. I soon found myself grabbing at his chest, playing with his nipples. This sent him off, as he then sat up from our embrace and grabbed my thick thigh. A then was fucking me hard. I had adjusted and relaxed to accommodate his size, and threw my eyes back in ecstasy.

After our session, I felt something odd inside me. I felt like the power I tried to have over him was fleeting, and that maybe him and I would become something more. I didn’t like the idea of this, as I wanted to play the field, but I felt like he put a spell on me.

“I really like you.” He kissed my forehead.

“I really like you too.” I melted into his embrace.

That night, I ended up leaving in the early hours of the morning. We both had to work our summer retail jobs, and I didn’t want to face his parents right afterwards. Later that night, I begged to see him again. I needed more of him. And ever since then, I cannot get enough of him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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