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Quick guide to Arabic words used here:

Yallah=let’s go, baba=dad but can also be used as a father calling any of his kids and vice versa, hijab=Islamic head covering for women, khaly=Arabic way of saying uncle from moms side

Chapter 2

“Oh fuck Noah. Good God yes. No don’t stop please don’t stop no no leave it in daddy Keep your big dick burried deep inside my virgin Muslim Arab pussy. Yes baby. Mhmm fuck me Push your dick as deep as you can. Oh fuck you’re in. Yuppp that’s innnn reaalllll deep. Omg you’re so deep. Your cock is so deep inside me. Are you going to cum? Do it. I don’t care just cum deep in me! Mhmm use the pussy you just used as your personal cum deposit hole. Use me daddy. Use your new Arab whore. Mark your property and cum inside me. Fuck I can feel it. I feel your dick pulsating. You’re cumming I feel it daddy. I fucking feel your cum shooting inside my pussy. How… how aghh oh yes.. how did you even end up in my room? Amina moaned as Noah started to slowly pull out of her causing her some dismay but pleasure nonetheless.

“Fuck that’s so much cum. Your cum is leaking out of my pussy. You stretched my virgin Arab pussy. I can’t believe I finally lost my virginity. Wait…” the realization that not only does this room look like her room, but the view outside the window looks like Tess’s window leading into her room.

“Amina! Amina come downstairs. Someone came for a surprise visit yallah you need to help me make breakfast. AMINA!” She hears her mom calling her name and yelling as usual. Waking her up from her intense dream.

That dream was way more vivid than any other dream she’s ever had. As she opens her eyes and pulls the duvet off her curvaceous body, she feels the brisk cold air from the window being cracked open an inch reach her juice soaked panties sending chills up her spin. Reaching down she can feel her pussy has not only soaked her panties but has leaked down to her sheets. She gets out of bed looking at mess her dream had caused. The wet spot outlined her ass cheeks on the bedsheet. She can even see the line that separates her plump ass cheeks from themselves on the bed caused by her pussy juice. With no time to waste and to avoid her mother yelling again and barging into her room, she quickly pulls her panties down, throws on a baggy sweater and puts on her flannel pajama bottoms on and starts heading out of her room completely commando. But not before stopping and taking a picture of the wet marks on her bed to send to Tess.

“She’s not gonna believe this shit” she mumbles under her breath. Knowing damn well Tess won’t believe how wet she gets unless she has proof. It’s not the first time Tess doesn’t believe what she’s told her before. It’s always “it didn’t happen if there isn’t any pictures” from Tess. It’s been a on going battle between her and her friend on who’s pussy gets wetter. “Well here are your pictures bitch.” She sends the picture as she hurriedly goes down the stairs. Her braless tits jumping up and down with each step down she takes. She can hear a man talking to her mom and dad from what seems like the family room. So she makes her way to them not thinking twice about her big breast having no support or maybe going back up to put a bra on and enters the family room. It’s her uncle Tee.

Everyone calls him Tee because his name was hard to pronounce in his younger years, so one of the many nicknames he got was Tee and it just caught on. She hasn’t seen him in ages. The last time she seen him was when she flew out to NYC with her family for his wedding which was more than a decade ago. Amina was always envious of his fast paced life in NYC. Out of all her mothers siblings, he seemed like the only one that really didn’t care much for what others thought of him. He wasn’t a religious Muslim like the rest of the family and was very Americanized unlike her parents. He drank alcohol, went to bars, had parties at his place, and even occasionally smoked weed. Amina and him would often text each other. Lately it seems like it’s almost every day they would exchange texts for the past year or so. They have grown a bond together. He easily became her favorite uncle because unlike the rest of her uncles on both sides of her parents, he never talked to her as if she was a child. Always respected her opinion and treated her like a adult. She’s even told him a few secrets here and there. At times he would flirt with her in a way that could be taken as him just being a sweet uncle. Which is why she was surprised he had showed up unexpectedly without letting her know since she felt they were pretty close. He seems distracted on his phone while her mom talks to him. Almost zoned out. Probably getting scorned by his wife as always from what she hears her mom telling her dad. Definitely in a toxic relationship. Her uncle is an attractive man at the still young age of 39 years old. Bald head with a beard, about 6’4” tall with a medium build. She never understood why he just doesn’t get up and leave his wife. He can definitely find a better woman to treat him better than that bitch.

“Khaly Tee oh my god it’s so nice to see you. When did you come?” She says as she runs up towards him giving him a firm tight hug. She instantly remembers she’s braless and he surely feels her tits pressed against his chest.

“Amina you’ve… you’ve grown quite a bit since you last came to visit. bursa escort Sarah your daughter is not a little girl anymore. We need to find her a husband soon. Won’t be fair to the world for you guys to keep her from recreating the beauty she’s grown to be and having plenty of babies.”

“Soon enough, just not now. Right now she’s focusing on her studies.” Ahmed, Amina’s father replies to her uncle.

“Amina come. Yallah let’s set up the table so your uncle can have a nice breakfast after his flight. Then he’ll need to use your shower. The shower in our bedroom isn’t working properly.” Her mom tells her as they put down plates on the table preparing for the typical Arab breakfast. A bit of EVERY thing gets put on the table. From humus, to pita bread, to pickles, to fried eggs even boiled eggs, sliced tomatoes cucumbers, olive oil, different types of cheeses,the list can go on.

The entire time he was sitting across from her while eating breakfast he can’t seem to be able to look at her for more than a split second when she talks to him or asks him a question. “He definitely felt my tits on his chest. What was I thinking. I should have wore a bra before coming down. Hell I should have put on panties before I came down too. What if he not only felt my tits press on him but he smelled my pussy juices? Omg why do I do this to myself” she thinks to herself as she starts closing her legs to try and prevent the smell of her still juice soaked pussy.

“Amina go show your uncle the way to your shower then come back so you can help me clean up.” Her mom says as everyone starts to get off the table and make their way back to the family room.

“Follow me Tee Tee” she replies and she starts making her way up the stairs. Going up the stairs she can definitely feel her ass cheeks bouncing and now is wondering if he notices it too. There’s no way he doesn’t notice it. These flannel pajamas are pretty tight but not tight enough to prevent her ass from swaying or jiggling as she walks or in this case, goes up the stairs. At the top of the stairs she opens her door. She forgot her soaked thong is on the floor from when she took them off. She wasn’t planing on anyone coming up to her room so she didn’t bother throwing them in the hamper. Her uncle walking directly behind her, almost stumbles over her from her abrupt stop to pick up her panties. Causing his crotch to hit her ass as she’s bent over almost falling over her. She could swear she felt his now hard cock from his sweatpants letting her know he was definitely looking at her ass as she went up the stairs. “Why is he so hard? Is that from looking at my butt? But how can he get a hard on? I’m his niece?” She thinks to herself.

“Oh god I’m sorry Amina”

“Don’t be silly. It was my fault. I stopped to pick up my dirty socks off the floor before you seen them. I’m sorry my rooms a mess. Wasn’t expecting anyone to come up” she says as she stuffs her panties inside her pajamas from the back leaving them nestled on top of her ass. She notices him look around and look at her bed. “Omg. My bed! The sheets!!! He just seen the the wet mark of my ass print!” She thought as she felt a wave of heat rush to her head making her ears and cheeks turn a bright red. She gets her duvet cover over her bed in a sloppy manor in a attempt to cover it bending over on the bed. She feels him creep behind her and brush his hard cock on her ass again.

“Do you mind if I use your deodorant spray? I forgot to pack mine and I haven’t had the chance to go buy a new one.” He says and he leans over to the nightstand where she keeps BWD. Flashbacks of BWD being pushed deep inside her just the night before and now her uncle who’s hard dick is on her ass for the second time in less than 10 min is now holding on to BWD. She quickly leads him to her bathroom and shows him the towels.

“Oh uh you don’t want that. You’ll smell like me. I’ll ask my dad for his.”

“I don’t see why smelling like you will be such a bad thing. It’s ok don’t be silly. I’ll use yours. Don’t worry I won’t finish it” closing the door behind him she shortly starts to hear the shower running.

::“Tess I’m a mess. You won’t believe what happened”:: she sends Tess a text message and details everything that has happened.

“Wait what picture? You didn’t send me a picture”

“Yes I did I sent you a picture of the outline of my ass on my bed sheets from my pussy juices soaking my bed and 2 other pics.”

“Amina, you didn’t send me a pic. Check your phone. Who did you send it to?” Tess now getting worried for her friend.

“Fuck fuck fuck FUCKKKKK I gotta go ttyl” Amina heart sank when she sees who the picture was sent to. She sees the last text she sent “here are your pictures bitch” was sent to her uncle Tee instead of to Tess!! Frantically hoping the pictures didn’t send. She hesitated to open the messages but forced herself to go on with it. From top to bottom, the wet marking on the bed with the outline of her ass cheeks clearly showing, a picture of her thin lace mesh panties leaving little to the imagination. The wetness made the already almost see through thong clearly visible. Showing her shaved pussy lips with her clit clearly sticking out and engorged from her vivid dream last night. And the last pic was of her still wearing her white halter top she likes wearing to bed because of its bursa escort soft thin fabric now clearly showing her big size D tits and nipples as hard as they’ve ever been.

As she starts cleaning up her room trying to figure out a way to bring this up or explain this to her uncle who just saw her almost bare pussy and hard nipples, she hears a light moan coming from the shower. She stops moving things around in the hopes she’ll be able to hear clearly. The soft moans are followed by heavy breathing and a squishing sound. She knows she should ignore it and go somewhere and think of what to say instead of eaves dropping but her pussy is resisting her brains commands and leads her closer to her bathroom door. The sounds are getting more intense she foolishly decides to peek through the bottom crack of the door that her father promise to replace and never did. Shocked as she ever can be, she sees her uncle sitting on the toilet seat with the shower running. One hand on his rock hard cock. From what she can see, it’s an easy 6”-7” but with nice girth to it. He’s using her hair conditioner to lubricate his dick as he jerks it causing the squishing sounds she heard earlier. But that wasn’t the biggest shock. Her biggest shock is he’s holding panties in his other hand pulling them onto his face right over his nose and mouth , with his phone held up on the vanity mirror. She can’t see what he’s looking at but what she can see is his hard dick being jerked hard and her panties on his face as he inhales the sweet smell of her virgin pussy.

“Oh my god. My panties! Those are-“

She whispers to her self quickly checking to see if they’re still were she stuffed them and digs deep into the back of her pajamas. Nothing. Nothing but her bare ass under her pajamas. It must of fell out when she bent over to cover her bed and that’s probably why he pumped into me. So he can reach and grab them before she noticed. Holy fuck my uncle is jerking his hard dick, in MY bathroom, to pictures of me I sent him accidentally while smelling MY pussy juice soaked panties. So mesmerized by his hard dick her hands almost move independently into her flannel pajamas and over her pussy reaching her soaked pussy and sliding a finger in. Leaning back against the bathroom door she closes her eyes as she imagines her uncles dick right in front of her. Just as hard and stroking his cock over her face as she continues fucking her pussy with her fingers. Her uncle occasionally spitting on his dick right above her face to lubricate his hard thick dick and feeling droplets of his spit hitting her face as she leaves her mouth open hungrily begging for him to shove his dick in her mouth. Imagining his hard dick being pushed onto her lips so she can use her own spit to help lubricate his hard dick then feels him spitting on it again. Every drop missing his cock and entering her whore mouth sends her into a deep orgasm. But not like any she has had before. This was a new sensation for her. She always thought of her uncle as being handsome but never would she have thought she’d have all these sexual urges about him the way she does now. Her climax was a slow but strong orgasm. She isn’t frantically fucking herself she’s enjoying the feeling and slowly pushing her fingers inside her begging him to cum on her face while she has her orgasm. “Fuck khaly. Spit on me and fuck my mouth. Use my mouth. Make me your whore. Please use me” she whispers to herself. In the height of her imagination she’s startled by Tess replying back to her asking if she’s ok. Just as he’s cumming, the ring from her phone startles her uncle. He stops what he’s doing knowing someone’s out the door and rinse himself off quickly jumping in shower.

“Amina? Is that you? Are you still here?”

“Fuck fuck fuck shit fuck shit shit what am I gonna do fuck.” She thought to herself

“Hey khaly yeah I uhh…just came up to see if you need more towels” she nervously says. “More towels? More towels? Seriously Amina that’s the excuse you have that’s what you came up with?” She whispers to herself. Upset about her foolish response

“I’m fine actually. Just finished” he says walking out the hot and steamed bathroom with just a towel on from the waist down but wearing her lavender bath rob she leaves in the bathroom. His manly hair on his chest still wet from the shower glistening and dripping down towards his stomach almost as if leading her eyes to crotch. She can see his bulge poking through the towel and sees his hard thick cock twitch and jump a few times as she stares unconsciously but very obviously from being so mesmerized.

“Oh o-okay. Well I’ll leave so you can get dressed. Let me know if you nee-need anything” she says just as she looks back down at his bulge. “How the hell can his dick still look like it’s hard even after he just finished cumming?” She thinks to herself.

“Actually there is something I need.” Knowing she definitely was behind the door. Definitely seen and heard him jerking off to the smell and taste of her soaked panties. Though she most definitely sent those pictures accidentally. The familiar smell of her pussy filled the air which can only mean one thing. She was playing with her pussy while she spied on him in the shower. Letting him know, she wasn’t as prudish as he once believed her to be. No this girl was kinky. She was a horny kinky slut bursa eskort and he plans on using that to his advantage. He took a ballsy chance. Handing her the deodorant spray with her used panties wrapped around it.

“I do need another one of these for tomorrow if you don’t mind that is. And your deodorant spray is empty maybe need to replace it.” He smiled looking down at his beautiful nieces pretty eyes looking up at him. “You might also want to replace your sheets. Wouldn’t want the wet marks to permanently mark your sheets and raise questions would we?” As he puts his hand on her cheek in a very endearing yet sexual way before he walks away.

The Islamic clock on her make-up vanity reads 12:37pm. This is the second time she has looked over her vanity and seen the clock set at 12:37. Wondering if it’s some kind of hint or an omen of something unknown or maybe God is trying to tell her something.

“Shit! Tess!” She remembers she has a pizza date with Tess and she isn’t nearly dressed or ready. As she goes to put BWD back on her nightstand, she realizes her panties are still soaked. It’s impossible for them to still be this wet. It’s been hours since she removed them. Worse case scenario is they might have one small damp spot left on them. She unwraps her thong from the deodorant spray bottle and sees something gooey. She’s never seen cum in person, hell she’s never seen a dick in person before today besides that one time she jerked off a boy under his pants. But that was different. She never saw it, her hands were in his pants. With her hand now coated with her uncles cum, she takes her hand to her face unconsciously mimicking what her uncle was doing to her panties just earlier and takes a deep smell. Overpowered by sexual urges she sticks her tongue out and licks her panties mixed with her dry cum, and her uncles freshly squeezed cock juice. The cocktail giving her goosebumps on the back of her neck. The same as when her uncle leaned into her earlier to sneakily steal her panties and feeling his breath over her shoulders. She quickly turns around, but no one’s there. She takes another lick and savors the taste. The thought of her tasting cum for the first time is getting her aroused yet again. But this isn’t just any cum, it’s her uncles cum. Her moms brothers cum. The taboo of what is happening is throwing her over the edge. This is so wrong on so many levels. The moral compass wrong and the religiously meaning of haram. Yet she’s so pulled towards it like some magnetic field forcing her hand to pull it back in for another sniff and taste.

She stuffs her man juice filled panties under her pillow, fixes her bed and jumps in the shower to wash off everything that has happened. Hopefully wash off the sins she has committed mentally.

“God forgive me. What is going on with me. Why am I so turned on by such wrong sexual occurrences? I need to start praying again. This time, 5 times a day. I need to repent and ask for forgiveness.” She whispers to herself as the water from the shower flows on her thick silky hair down to her curvaceous body. She feels the water hitting her hard nipples of her 36D tits down to her navel and over her pussy mound like a majestic undiscovered waterfall in a land long forgotten. “My God I can’t even take a shower now without committing a sin or having sexual thoughts.” She says to herself. She hurriedly finishes her shower gets dressed and heads downstairs to where her parents and uncle are now watching the news while he sips a cup of tea as if nothing happened just moments ago.

“Baba I’m going next door to Tess’s house for pizza. Do you need anything before I leave?”

“No ya amar. But don’t you want to spend time with your uncle? He’s only here for a few days.” Her father has been calling her amar since she was a baby. It means moon in Arabic and he’s told her it’s because she’s his light in dark times.

“Oh. Right. Do you mind if I uh..” she stutters as she looks at her uncle manspreading on the couch with a all telling smirk on his face.

“No need to even finish the question. I’m here for a few days anyway we can catch up tomorrow. Besides, your parents have told me how much of a good girl you’ve been. Can’t take away your rewards that you’ve earned. Go have fun next door. I’ll be here when you come back” her uncle Tee says as he slides his hand over his bulge the moment he said “good girl you’ve been”. Her eyes are glued again to the bulge she’s seen so much of the past few hours. How can no one see what he’s doing. He’s right there! She thinks to herself.

“Amina? Are you ok? You seem lost in a daze.” her mom instantly snaps her back to reality force her to stop staring at what’s hidden under those thin grey pajamas he’s wearing that clearly make it even more visible of his dick size then it needs to be.

“Yeah. Uhm. I’m jus.. just tired is all. Haven’t really been sleeping lately studying for other finals. I was supposed to sleep over Tess’s house remember? But maybe I’ll save that for another time since Khaly is here.” Did she just opening agree to her uncles advances? She has to know what he meant by “can’t take away your rewards that you’ve earned” comment.

“Ok see you all later tonight. I won’t be long” she says as she starts walking out the door.

“Have fun at your friends house Amina. But don’t have too much fun. Wouldn’t want you tired when you come back home. I’d like to hang out later today and play some games.”

“Yes. Of course. Sure.” Her face turning red as she says bye. Today is going to be one hell of a day if it started out like this.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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