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I had been away at college for about eight months when I decided to pay a long-overdue visit home. It had been a very lonely time for me since leaving the comforts of my family.

I had always had the love and shelter of a good family life. Growing up as the only girl in a house where five men ruled, was different, but things changed even more the night of my eighteenth birthday. That was the night that I became my family’s sex toy; the night the dynamics of my family changed forever, and boy did I like the change.

My father started me off by fucking me three times before my grandfather and my three older brothers took their turns . Talk about a sore pussy.

I have spent the last three years fucking every male member of my family. The night before I left for college, our family fun continued well into the night – it had to last me for a long time.

While at school, I met a guy whose family was much like mine. They loved sex, but more then anything, they loved sex with each other. After spending time getting to know Josh and his family, I decided that it was time to tell my own family about this wonderful man who had asked me to be his wife.

The day that I arrived home, though, was traumatic to say the least. I had been gone for eight months. Why I though that Dad, Grandpa, and the boys were going without for that long, I’ll never know. To understate, it was a shock to walk into my living room to find a young girl riding my dad, fucking his brains out.

“Honey, what are doing here?” my nearly breathless father said, as the young blond continued bouncing on his dick.

“Oh, I just decided to come home for the weekend,” I answered, trying to be casual, as Dad groaned, arched his back, and got his rocks off.

Dad could tell that I was rather put off at the sight of him banging this little whore in the same spot that I had last fucked him. I was even more pissed, hearing the bitch yell, “Daddy,” as she came all over his spurting cock.

“Dad, what the fuck did she call you?” I hissed as I tried not to clench my teeth. The sight of my dad fucking another woman was one thing, but hearing the bitch call my father “Daddy” was something I would not stand for.

I reached over, grabbed an arm and a handful of her disgustingly beautiful hair, and pulled her off Daddy’s dick. As a small tidal wave of cum gushed out, not adding a bit of good will to my mood, Dad scrambled up and jumped between us, saving her from a good ass kicking, I might add.

“Hey Baby. Come on now. You know you’re Daddy’s number one girl,” Dad said as he tried to calm me down, unsuccessfully trying to hug me as his still half-erect cock thumped against my belly.

“Who is this bitch?” the blond screeched, as Dad held me in check.

“This my daughter, Christy.”

“Christy, this is Maggie,” Dad said as he sat us both down on the couch beside him, the two of us glaring at each other. Suddenly the bitch’s mood changed. “Oh my God, Christy. I have heard so much about you. I feel like I already know you. God, I’m so sorry.”

“Yeah, well, I don’t know you from fucking Adam,” I grumped.

“Chris, this is your brother Jason’s wife, Maggie,” Dad said with a smirk.

Dad knew he had me. Of all my brothers, I have always been very close to my big brother, Jason. After all, Jason was the second man to fuck me – right after Dad, of course. To come home and find this bitch on top of my father, then to top it off she’s my new sister-in-law to boot, shit, this was sure turning out to be a different trip home.

Once I got over the shock of having a sister- in-law, not to mention the apology I had to give, I could, grudgingly, tell that she was going to fit in just fine with the family. Later on that day I found out that Jason had met Maggie in a bar and that he had fucked her after knowing her for only an hour. It must have been a hell of a fuck. They ran off to Vegas the next day and got married.

When Jason brought his new bride home, Dad made it very clear all things were to be shared – included wives. That night Maggie did her wifely duties, as well as servicing her new father-in-law. Şirinevler Escort

I had only been home a few hours when Dad told me he was ready for some more pussy – my pussy. Daddy and I went up to his room where we had spent many hours in sexual bliss. Once behind closed doors, it was just like old times between Dad and me. Daddy began telling me what had been going on while I was away at school, undressing me all the while.

Once I was undressed, Daddy put me on his bed, opened my legs, and immediately began to fondle my pussy. My clit was like putty in the hands of a master as he manipulated and aroused the passions inside me. The feeling of Daddy’s big hands exploring my body and playing with my clit, had me exploding in no time.

“Oh, Baby, I have missed you.” he said, as his lips met my pussy for the first time in so long.

“Oh, God, Daddy, please. I can’t wait. Please fuck me,” I begged .

Daddy knew how much I wanted it, I was making that very plain, and he was just as horny for me. His tongue played with my clit until I was almost crazy.

Daddy always enjoyed eating good pussy, as he called it, and he always told me that I had the best tasting snatch in the world. I didn’t care about how good my pussy was tasting to him just then, I just wanted to feel his dick inside me.

“Oh, please, Daddy, don’t make your little girl beg. Oh, please fuck me.”

Daddy could no longer resist my plea, and I knew that his hard dick needed my warm pussy. He got up and hastily removed his pants. When his tool popped out of his shorts as he pushed them down his legs, waves of chills went down my spine. Spreading my legs, Daddy mounted me. Taking his time, he slowly guided the head of his big cock inside my pussy lips. Deeper and deeper I felt it go in. My body started to quiver with excitement as Daddy started his rhythm. As his firm strokes began, my body felt like it was on fire.


I was sure that Maggie could hear us from her room, but I didn’t care. The only thing I wanted was for my daddy to keep pumping his dick up me.

As he fucked me he told me how much he loved me, and how much he missed his little girl. I could feel myself building for the big one.

Oh, Daddy make me cum, I want to cum all over you big beautiful cock. Daddy, I want you to cum inside my pussy, please. Blow a load in my pussy,” I said, as the rushing waves of pure pleasure hit.

“Daddy, Daddy,” I kept saying after we finished and he pulled out of me, rolling over onto the bed. As both of us were catching our breaths, I knew that no matter what had happened in the last eight months, this was the best fuck that we had both had since I left for college.

I bet you haven’t been fucked like that since you left home?” Dad said, putting words to my thoughts, a touch of glee in his voice.

I was tempted to tell Daddy about Josh and his family, but I thought it would be best to wait awhile before I sprang the news on him, besides it was true that having sex with my dad was always the best.

The next morning when I went downstairs, Daddy had already left for work. There was no one in the house except for Grandpa Al, Maggie and me. When I walked into the kitchen, there sat my dear, sweet grandfather. The memory of the last time that I had seen him popped into my head. I had given him one of the best blowjobs that I had ever given anyone. I think that is something that will stay with me forever.

The look on Grandpa’s face when he saw me was priceless. I gave him an open-mouthed kiss, then I spun around, giving him a good view of my tight, round ass. I was wearing a pair of jeans that were designed to get old men like my grandpa off,. And if looks were any indication, it made Grandpa’s day.

“God dam, Christy, you look good,” Grandpa said, as he ran his hand over my ass.

“Thanks Grandpa. You do too,” I said, as I poured myself a cup of coffee and sat at the table.

“Muhm,” I heard Maggie grunt as she continue to fix breakfast. I could tell that there was something not quite right between Grandpa Şirinevler Escort Bayan and Maggie. My grandpa, like Daddy, was always very at ease around beautiful young women, but there was something about his new granddaughter-in-law that seemed to rub my grandpa Al the wrong way.

“What’s up with the grunts? You don’t think my grandpa is good looking?”

“I might think so, if the old man would stay in an old man’s place.” Maggie said.

“What’s that suppose to mean?” I asked, trying to hide my temper.

“She means that all these other young bucks around here can get some whenever they want it, but if an old man asks for a little piece of that ass, then I have committed the all time sin. I become a ‘dirty old man’ for wanting the same thing that she’s giving everybody else,” Grandpa said, with a frown on his face.

“That’s right, I don’t fuck old men,” Maggie insisted. “And I don’t like dirty old men looking at my tits and ass.”

“That’s funny. When I walked in here yesterday it seemed that you weren’t having any trouble fucking my dad’s brains out.”

“That’s different. Your dad is not an old man. He can get it up and keep it up, unlike some people,” Maggie said as she served Grandpa his breakfast.

“My dad is close to sixty and Grandpa is almost eighty, but I would be willing to bet that Grandpa can out fuck my dad,” I said, as I give Grandpa a wink.

Maggie turned to me, hands on hips. “Look , when I was thirteen my great uncle came to live with us. He was always trying to get in my panties – always trying to feel me up. Finally, one day I decided to let him fuck me. That old son of a bitch didn’t go five minutes before his dick went limp, leaving me hanging – and he wouldn’t lick me off, either. After that I swore that I would never fuck another old man for as long as I lived.”

I grinned at her. “Will, I’m sorry about your uncle. If he wouldn’t lick you off, he sounds like a real ass. But I can guarantee that Grandpa can go a lot longer then five minutes, and he’s got a golden tongue. You’ll be the one fucked out before Grandpa,” I finished, as I winked at him.

“Yeah. Right. Your grandpa is a real super stud,” Maggie sarcastically said.

I was just dying to wipe that smirk off her smartass face.

“I can prove it,” I said, as I watched the glee in Grandpa’s eyes come to light.

“How are you going to do that?”

Grandpa had finished his breakfast by then, so I said, “Well, if you would clear the table . . .”

“You mean you would fuck this old man right here, right now?”

I looked her in the eye, then after a moment said, “I would fuck my grandpa Al on this table at high noon on Thanksgiving Day with everybody watching, if that’s what he wanted,” I said, dead serious.

The bitch just stood there with her mouth open.

I turned to Grandpa, he unzipped my jeans, took his hand and slowly sled it inside my panties.

Maggie belatedly got the idea and cleared the table as I pulled my jeans off.

I climbed on top of the table as Grandpa removed the robe he was wearing. He gave me a deep kiss while at the same time pulling the straps off my shoulders and lowering my tank top. My thirty-six inch tits were nice and firm, just the way Grandpa like them. He squeezed them as he began to suck my golden brown nipples.

Grandpa’s dick was getting harder and bigger as he eased me back onto the table. Spreading my legs open, Grandpa played with my pussy and teased my clit with his tongue. Grandpa’s tongue always jumpstarted my pussy. He knew it, too. His eyes sparkled at me as he cupped his tongue and stuck it up me.

While Grandpa continue to give pleasure to my pussy, I noticed that Maggie was intently watching, and was really getting turned on. After I came a bunch of times, and Grandpa finished eating my pussy, he said that it was his turn. When he stood up, Maggie got her first good look at Grandpa’s body; I don’t think Maggie was quite prepared for what she saw.

Grandpa was a well-build man, always having taken good care of himself. Standing six foot one, with hair completely Escort Şirinevler white, he was still one hell of a man. He worked out every day, and looked better then men half his age. He still had a set of abbs to die for.

Grandpa’s cock was now fully erect. He was forever teasing my dad about have the bigger cock. (A whole half inch longer.) Maggie obviously thought it was big though, despite trying not to show her reaction, but that nine and a half inches definitely had her attention.

As I sat in a chair with Grandpa waving his big cock in my face, Maggie was trying to hold back, but it was obvious that she wanted to join in, if a flushed face and popped nipples were any sign.

I opened my mouth as Grandpa traced my lips with the head of his dick. It was sexy feeling his cock head resting against my mouth. Grandpa began to slowly thrust his meaty dick into my mouth. Although the first cock that I every sucked was my brother Jason’s, it was really Grandpa who taught me the fine art of cock sucking. When I still lived at home, every day when I finished my homework, Grandpa would reward me by letting me suck his cock; it was our little secret.

The taste of good cock is something that you never forget, and Grandpa had the sexiest tasting cock. As I was working Grandpa’s woody, I kept watching my sister-in-law. I knew it was time to up the ante. By now, Maggie was sitting in a chair playing with herself, staring at us.

“You sure you don’t want some of this?” I said, popping my mouth off his cock for a second.

“I wouldn’t mind doing you, but not the old man.” She half-snarled.

Not yet you don’t, I thought, as Grandpa pushed me back on the kitchen table spreading my legs, and pushed that rock hard cock up my pussy. Screams of pleasure erupted from me as Grandpa plowed in until his balls smacked my ass, and the head of his cock slammed against my cervix. We liked rough sex, and this time, he fucked me harder than Daddy had the night before. By now, Maggie had left her seat and was standing next to the table.

Grandpa shoved his hand between her legs, knowing what would happen – and that’s all it took. In a couple of minutes, she was moaning, “Oh Grandpa please, please,” as he finger fucked her, hammering his finger up her, while he hammered his cock up me.

“‘Please, please’, what? If you want some of this old cock, then you are going to have to beg for it bitch,” Grandpa growled, as he almost raised her off the floor, now slamming three fingers up her, as he continued to ram his cock against my womb.

Maggie squealed and slumped over, shivering from her orgasm as Grandpa gave her a few more strokes with his fingers, then turned her loose to concentrate on me. A few more brutal thrusts, and I felt his cock jerking as his warm sperm spurted up my pussy, filling my womb. Now when Grandpa cums, he cums. Better take your pill, Baby, else your ass is going to be knocked up if you let Grandpa in your pants.

I was too busy cuming about then to notice Maggie for a while, but when I came down and looked at her, it was obvious that I had proven my point – well, Grandpa had, anyway. She couldn’t seem to take her eyes off the puddle of cum, half as big as a dinner plate, on the table between my legs. That was before he pulled out, and another gush ran out of me.

The next night, Grandpa finally reamed her out. You could hear her screaming all over the house. I guess you call that a grudge fuck. It sounded like he wasn’t cutting her any slack, paying her back for her comments and smart ass attitude about old men. I’ll bet her pussy was sore for awhile after that. She sure walked funny the next morning. I about choked to keep from giggling when she eased down the stairs.

A few days after I got back to school, I received a letter from Maggie thanking me for opening her eyes to the truth. She said that she and Grandpa were fucking every morning before breakfast, and that she had even had a threesome with Dad and Grandpa. She could only give blowjobs for the next two days because her pussy had been too sore to fuck after they both got through with her.

The bitch better watch out, Grandpa tends to throw birth control pills away. He’s got kids scattered over three states. She’s probably have a big round belly the next time I see her.

I almost had an orgasm just reading the letter and thinking about their threesome. I can’t wait until spring break.

The End

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