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To the average outsider, Paul had the world at his feet at the age of thirty. He’d been in charge of the entertainment agency since his father passed away four years earlier.

He had a beautiful, spacious office that showed the city’s skyline behind his desk, fine, mahogany furniture, with a imported leather couch in one corner.

He drove a vintage Mercedes, lived in a dazzling condo in the best part of the city, and money seemed endless.

And he was attractive; a shade under six feet tall and a hair away from an even 200 pounds, eight-inch cock, olive skin, dark hair, and hazel-green eyes.

Paul could have had sex when he wanted it, but it wasn’t just sex he wanted. He wanted to make love, for it to actually mean something.

He often dreamed of a woman to share what he had, to have the warm body in his bed of someone that he cared about and who would return the ardor.

He did have a girl once. Ashton had also come from a good family and was a gorgeous blonde, but she’d been a total bitch, verbally abusive to him and full of herself in general.

She was very conscious about her appearance, vowing to stay model thin and had gotten a boob job on top of that.

He really didn’t find the fake tits or seeing her ribs sexy, but she was better than no woman at all at the time.

Nevertheless, he had planned on getting married, but Ashton was not only uptight about sex with him, but also made it clear she didn’t want to have children.

Paul had found out later she’d been running around on him the entire time with her family’s gardener.

He had everything…..but why couldn’t he find a good woman like his friends and colleagues had? Christ, even the kid in the mail room had a girlfriend.

But even without having the right woman in his life presently, there were times Paul did get horny; they were rare nowadays, but for the times they happened and jerking off didn’t do the job, it wasn’t uncommon for him to call up an agency for an escort.

The girl would come to his office, be paid for her services, get on her knees and suck his cock, followed by a quick, impersonal fuck on the leather couch before she would dress and leave.

And he still felt empty.

Paul’s luck began to change one Friday evening when he had been the only one left in the office, working late on a project.

It had started when he had heard something fall out in the lobby outside of his office, and he’d gone to investigate.

What he found there was the cleaning woman picking up a picture from the wall that had fallen, but it wasn’t the type of cleaning woman he’d expected.

Christy was nineteen, a pretty young woman at 5’2 and 145 pounds, full breasts, a rounded ass, copper-colored hair and clear blue eyes.

She too had come out of a relationship, or what crudely passed for one when Anthony hadn’t been screwing around on her with every slut in sight, saying if Christy wasn’t getting so fat, he wouldn’t need to go fuck other women.

Finally, she’d had enough, packed up while Anthony had been at work, moved in with a friend and gotten the cleaning job, Paul’s agency being her assignment when the previous cleaning woman had retired.

It had been her first night there alone and she’d been startled when she spotted Paul, not expecting anyone to still be in the building outside of the old security man downstairs that had let her in.

“I’m sorry…” she stammered. “It fell while I was cleaning.”

Paul gave her a smile, liking what he saw. “It’s perfectly fine. You didn’t get hurt, did you?”

“No…no. But it’s my silly fault; I should have gone downstairs and asked James for a ladder before trying to reach so far. Being short is a pain in the ass.”

“Well, maybe I shouldn’t have had the decorators hang things so high,” he smiled at her again. “You know, I’m just about to finish up some work and would love some company once you’re done.”

“Okay,” she smiled shyly, wondering if this guy always asked cleaning ladies to keep him company, especially with him being so attractive. He had to have a wife or girlfriend, didn’t he?

Paul nodded, going back into his office, this time leaving the door open.

He watched her for awhile, giving off a small, very low groan when Christy had bent over to pick up something she had dropped.

God, she has a wonderful ass, he thought. I bet her husband or boyfriend has a great time with her.

Paul Büyükçekmece escort continued to stare, marveling that even in her uniform, Christy looked like a woman should, not like some bony, adolescent boy.

He was mostly an ass man, and she had one of the best he’d seen in ages.

Yes, sir, in the body department, she would have put that skeleton Ashton–and her silicone tits– to shame!

And, he would find out later, Christy had a bubbly personality to match. They would talk for a long time that first night, Paul offering to take her for a late dinner.

“Oh, I’m not really dressed for that,” Christy protested, gesturing at her uniform. “I just got some jeans and stuff downstairs to change into after work.”

“It’s not anything fancy,” he laughed. “Besides, I like your company; I could care less how you are dressed.”

“Are you always this nice to the cleaning girls?” she smiled.

“Only the nice ones,” Paul grinned at her again. “But maybe you should call your husband and say you’re going to be late first.”

“Oh, I’m not married,” she said.

“Well, your boyfriend then,” he corrected himself.

“I don’t have to worry about that either.”

“There’s no man in your life at all?” Paul asked, secretly elated.

Christy shook her head. “There was someone, but I dumped him a couple of weeks ago. He cheated on me and kept saying it was because I was fat.”

Paul couldn’t believe what he was hearing. FAT? What the hell was wrong with guys these days? Christy was absolutely perfect, and he told her so.

“You don’t think I’m fat?” Christy asked, hardly believing her ears.

“You’re a lovely woman. There’s going to be some lucky man out there that will bend over backwards to have you.”

They had gone to dinner after she’d changed her clothes, discussing their lives and finding that despite their age difference, had a lot of common interests and goals.

Paul had taken her home afterwards, seeing that she got in safely before going back to his own empty condo.

From that night onward, Paul made a point of staying late, keeping an eye and ear out for Christy to arrive again to clean the offices.

He watched her appreciatively while she worked before she would come to chat with him afterwards. Paul would give her a ride home, telling her that it was too dangerous to take the bus or even a cab that late at night.

In the following weeks, they would become friends on a first-name basis and Paul couldn’t remember when he’d been happier.

Christy too enjoyed his company; he was such a sweet man, if a bit shy. They did things together and chatted online and on the telephone every weekend.

Paul also offered to pay her tuition when she went back to school, but when Christy tried to decline, he had insisted.

Every woman deserved a good education, he said, and he wanted to help a good friend. She didn’t want to be cleaning offices the rest of her life, did she?

Of course, in the interim, Christy had found another boyfriend at school (much to Paul’s disappointment, but he didn’t show it) who turned out to be as bad as Anthony had been.

She figured this was the way men were and resigned herself to Billy and his asshole ways.

Besides, there were good times with him, unlike the ones she’d had with Anthony. And Billy had a job and didn’t mooch off of her like Anthony, so things couldn’t be that bad.


Three months later, Paul and Christy had made love for the first time.

It had started off innocently enough; she had been working as always, but Paul had noticed she was quieter than usual.

He decided to leave her alone for awhile until she finished working while he did little more than shuffle a few papers around.

Deciding enough was enough, Paul finally asked her if anything was wrong. “You’re not your chatty self tonight,” he added.

“Men suck!” Christy blurted out, and then caught herself. “Present company excepted, of course.”

“No offense taken,” he replied. “Let me guess, boyfriend trouble?”

“What else?” She rolled her eyes.

They had gone over to the couch in his office, Paul trying to comfort her.

“Christy, you’re a beautiful, bubbly woman. Why do you put up with these losers? First there was that Anthony guy, and now this piece of work.”

“Maybe that is all I can get. I seem to Çatalca escort bayan attract them anyway. At least when Anthony was sleeping around, he did it somewhere else. I go over to see Billy, and when I let myself in with the key he gave me, all I could see was his bare ass in the air before I could see he was screwing some cheerleader on his living room floor!”

Paul shook his head, barely hiding his disgust. A young woman like Christy didn’t deserve an asshole like that; she needed someone that was loyal to her.

Like me, he thought.

They had been talking some more about her miserable love life and before he had known it, Paul had leaned over, taken Christy in his arms, and kissed her softly.

She had responded, returning the kiss before she realized what she had been doing, and pulled back quickly.

“What’s wrong?” he asked gently, still holding her.

“I shouldn’t be doing this. I’m not good enough for someone like you.”

“Why, because you’re a cleaning girl? I think I should be the one making the decision on who is good enough for me and who isn’t. And baby, you are perfect.”

As he felt his felt his cock growing in his pants, Paul proceeded to kiss her again, putting a hand under her top, stroking her back as his lips never left hers; they kissed passionately for a long time.

His kissed a trail down Christy’s neck as his hand found her bra and unclasped it, caressing a bare breast under her top.

Oh yes, her tits were definitely courtesy of nature, he thought happily.

“Is that good, baby?” he whispered in her ear.

“Yes,” she moaned, then pulled away to remove her top and tossed it to the floor, giving him better access, before peeling off his shirt.

Both of them were now topless as Paul began caressing her breasts again, licking, kissing and sucking on the pink nipples.

“You are absolutely beautiful,” he smiled before he kissed her again, guiding one of her hands to his engorged crotch.

“Oooh,” Christy said, gently rubbing the bulge. “Is that for me?”

“It’s been for you from the first day you came in here, baby,” he growled in her ear.

“You’ve wanted me that long?”

“Mmmm hmmm,” he moaned, kissing her neck and tits again. “Do you want me?”

“Let me show you,” Christy smiled, pulling away from Paul, kneeling on the floor in front of him, unzipping his pants and freeing his aching member.

Paul’s eyes were now closed. She wrapped her mouth around the head before sliding her mouth down his shaft, wrapping her hand around the base of his cock and stroked it upward as she brought her mouth down to meet it.

Christy stopped stroking the base of his shaft and slid her mouth down his full length, her lips trembled against the base.

It hadn’t taken long for Paul to shoot his pent-up load.

Unaffected by the sudden explosion into her mouth, Christy pulled forward just enough to swallow the rest, enjoying every drop of cum that streamed down her throat.

His eyes opened suddenly, realizing what happened.

“Christy, God, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean for that to happen….I guess I got too excited. I wouldn’t cum in anyone’s mouth like that…”

She had come up, cutting him off with a kiss. “I loved it. I loved doing that to you.”

“Then I think there’s something else you may like,” he said, smiling.

He then lay her on the couch, pulling off her pants and thong, spreading her legs, revealing a trimmed mound that had a light red fuzz.

Paul dove his head between her legs, his tongue finding her sensitive parts and sliding it in and around her pussy as Christy began to moan softly.

He began to tongue fuck her for a few moments before coming back up to tease her clit with the tip, licking round and round her pussy before nibbling on her lips and then flicking her clit again.

Within moments, Christy began to cum, Paul taking down every drop of her orgasm before making her turn over.

His tongue went to work on her pussy once again; it had been so long since he’d gone down on a woman, and he loved it.

Soon, he began to caress her full ass with his hands, parting the cheeks and sliding his tongue around her clean, pink asshole.

God, he always dreamed of eating this beautiful butt, and now it was all his to enjoy.

Paul felt Christy’s body shudder again as she let go yet another orgasm.

She had never had Escort Esenler a guy do her ass like that before, and it felt so good and so hot!

Paul couldn’t take it anymore; rock hard again, he had to fuck her.

His hands still on her ass, he moved forward to mount her from behind.

She felt his cock press into her carefully. Christy was overwhelmed on how much he had stretched and was slowly filling her, moaning in pleasure.

He was about a third of the way in when she pushed back on his cock, taking more in.

With Christy pushing back, Paul pushed further until he was totally buried inside of her, and he started fucking her slowly.

Paul picked up the pace as she begged for it and it hadn’t been long before she’d cum.

Not the fake orgasms she’d had with Anthony or even that scumbag Billy, but a real, honest, mind-blowing one.

Once she’d climaxed, he pulled out and turned her over, facing him.

By this time, they had been going at it for over twenty minutes and he hadn’t even cum yet.

He had never experienced this kind of sex with a woman before, not even with the hookers he’d fucked.

He clenched his ass as his cock disappeared into her cunt again and he bent down to kiss her before grabbing her ankles and picking up his thrusts.

Hearing and feeling her orgasm, Paul pounded her pussy with fury.

More hard thrusts followed as Christy cried out what a great fuck Paul was, how good his cock felt inside her, and how no man made her cum the way he did.

Paul could feel the muscles of Christy’s pussy squeeze his cock, triggering his own orgasm. He felt long streams of hot cum shoot into her as they both cried out together.

When they finished, he collapsed beside her, their tongues entwined as they kissed and caressed each other.

“Come home with me tonight,” he finally said.

How could she say no? Christy thought.

She’d just experienced perhaps the best sex she’d ever had, and found herself wanting more.

They dressed quickly and left the building together, arriving at his condo about twenty minutes later.

They had been barely in the door before both were totally nude again, this time in Paul’s sprawling bedroom.

Christy pushed him onto the bed, straddling him and bouncing up and down on his cock as Paul groaned in pure ecstasy.

He caressed her ass as he watched her full tits bounce with every thrust she pushed down on him.

“You are so sexy doing that to me, you know that?” he panted.

She bounced on him a little longer before getting off and onto her knees.

“Paul, I want you to fuck my ass,” she said, pushing it back toward his cock.

“Baby, I don’t want to hurt you. Are you sure?”

“Fuck my ass,” she repeated sexily. “I want to feel you cum in it the way you did my pussy.”

He thought he’d died and gone to heaven; no woman he’d slept with ever wanted anal before, and here was this sexy young woman offering it to him.

Paul positioned himself, lining up with her before his cock disappeared in Christy’s ass in one push.

Fucking her tight asshole slowly at first, he then had picked up thrusting harder and faster to her moans of encouragement.

Just before Christy let out an orgasmic grunt, he felt the heat rising in his balls, the semen slipping its way up his dick.

He didn’t want to cum yet; her ass felt so good, but he couldn’t control himself any longer.

“Christy…I’m going cum!” Paul panted as he was thrusting in and out.

“Yes,” she said, looking back at him. “Cum in my ass, baby. I want to feel you cum!”

Paul came for the third time that night, this time shooting his hot spunk deep into Christy’s hot, tight asshole and loving every second of the sensation before he collapsed back onto the bed.

They lay beside each other in the bed, stroking and kissing one another before they went to sleep in each other’s arms.

He moved her in with him the next day, having incredible sex with her practically every night, whether it would be on his office couch, in bed, or both.

When Christy had gotten pregnant a month later, Paul was thrilled that she was carrying his heir and married her six months before their twin sons, Phillip and Patrick, were born.

As the years passed, the initial love and lust they had for each other grew, and when the boys were five, Christy had given birth to a daughter, Paulina.

In the interim of Paul’s continued success and Christy staying home with the kids, their sex life hadn’t slowed down since the first night they had made love on the leather couch in his office, which amazingly, he still had.

And tonight, on their tenth wedding anniversary, they were going to relive that moment.

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