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Cindy fumbled with the lock and finally opened the door. She walked in, throwing her purse and coat on the sofa in the living room. She shook her head to clear it and smoothed her long red hair out of her eyes. She slapped the switch on the wall and the lights glared on. Cindy squinted her green eyes, then walked over to the couch herself, dropping onto it. She turned the television on and tried to force her body to relax after that hellish party.

She had attended a fraternity Christmas party on campus earlier that evening. Usually she wouldn’t have trifled with such things, not being one of the hangers-on of the football and lacross teams. They were all there too, of course. Limp busty blondes and perky brunettes, all with tiny waists and massive breasts, each with their corresponding team member. Normally she wouldn’t have gone, but her best friend and fellow junior Mike had just been inducted, even in his upperclassmen status, and he had begged her to come. Reluctantly she had agreed.

She had picked out a cute little green dress with an A-line skirt and spaghetti straps and wrapped her bare white shoulders in a green shawl, which was quickly discarded when she got to the party. She hadn’t drunk that much when she was there, she knew the folly of that, but she hadn’t expected Mike to come on to her like he had. They had been dancing, and they had always joked, grabbing each other’s asses, but this time Mike grabbed her breast. She had gasped nad tried to pull away but Mike had pulled her closer into his hand and pressed her breast back into her body.

“M–!” She had tried to call out, but he had kissed her, robbing her mouth of her scream. She could taste the alcohol he had been drinking. He mumbled around her lips, saying how much Sefaköy escort he wanted her, her body, her breasts, her pussy. Then he slid his hand down her body and began to stroke her cleft. She had pushed her hands against his chest and had managed to trip him and get out of the party.

She sat there watching the Grinch on Cartoon Network and thinking about Mike. She didn’t like him like that, but she had to admit the situation had made her more than a little horny. She gave a huge yawn and turned off the tube. She went down the hall of her apartment to her bedroom. She would have been home, but her rich parents were spending Christmas in Italy, so she figured she might as well stay in her apartment. It was decorated beautifully, because she loved Christmas. She had had her party last night, and all her friends were coming over tomorrow to open presents with her.

She unzipped her dress and flung it on the bed. Her pantyhose and green satin strapless and panties followed. She massaged her C-cup breasts, relaxing them after being in a bra all day. She walked into her bathroom and turned on the water in her jacuzzi. She wanted a nice relaxing bath tonight. She opened a cabinet and pulled out peppermint bath oil, which she added. She looked at herself in her full length mirror. Pale skin, green eyes, red hair, her eyes traveled down to her full firm breasts, with the pink nipples of which she’d always been so proud, down her smooth stomach to her shaven pussy. She touched herself there and sighed, remembering Mike’s touch.

She turned around and switched off the water in the wide circular bathtub and switched on the water jets. She carefully stepped in, the steam from the water smelling of peppermint and Christmas. Escort Yenibosna She inhaled deeply, then settled down into the water, still thinking of Mike’s touches. What would have happened had she not been able to push him off? Her hand, of its own accord traveled down to her pussy and began to run up and down it as she remembered Mike’s hand being there. Cindy inhaled again as her legs parted slightly.

What would have happened had she not gotten away? He would have caught her and dragged her back….Cindy’s mind began to run away with the idea as her fingers stroked her slit and one hand moved up to squeeze a breast. Perhaps he would have taken her directly to his room, locking the door and pushing her up against the wall. Her back pressed against the side of the tub. His hands would have groped her breasts again, rubbing and pinching, as her hand did to her one breast now.

She slid down in the water a little further and felt a stream of water on her hand between her legs. It was a water jet from the opposite wall of the tub. “I wonder…..” She moved her hand and immediately closed her eyes in pleasure as the water hit her open pussy. She opened her legs as far as they could go in the wide tub, allowing the jet plenty of access. The water produced a deep and primal tickle inside her, like someone had stuck a feather up inside her and was wiggling it around. She pictured Mike with his head between her thighs, having first tied her up and secured her. Her hands raked over her breasts as his hands, and the water jet took on the form of Mike’s tongue between her thighs as he licked and caressed and probed with it.

Her hips began to buck against the water jet and she felt a pressure building up Halkalı escort bayan in her stomach as the pleasurable sensations grew amd spread to her belly as her breasts tingled. She imagined Mike kissing up, suddenly naked, and rubbing his dick around inside her pussy lips, teasing her. Her mouth opened and she moaned like an animal as she pictured herself tied up and immobilized as her friend leaned over her, grabbing her breasts and rubbing his hardness between her lips and up against her clit. Her hips began to buck harder, splashing in the water and sending waves out over the tub as her breath grew faster and she moaned again, very loudly. Her toes began to curl and uncurl as the pleasure of the water jets built up to an excruciating high

In her mind, Mike was kissing her roughly on her lips, down her neck, and slaving over her breasts, sucking and nibbling as the pressure between her legs grew as he rubbed harder. All of a sudden Cindy’s whole body trembled and her eyes shot open as the Mike in her mind plunged into her, deep deep into her and the dam in her stomach broke, sending waves and waves of pure ecstasy roaring through her body. Her legs shot out of the water and stuck out to the sides by her head as her stomach contracted, pulling her upper body out of the water.

Still her monstrous orgasm ripped through her, setting her breasts and pussy on fire as Mike continued to plunge into her in her mind her lips parted as she screamed to the room her ecstasy. She pressed herself to the very opening of the jet, humping the side of the tiolet until she slowly came back to her senses. She laid in the peppermint water for a little while longer thinking about what had just happened. Then she sat up in the water, the jet brushing against her pussy one last time and she gasped in shock at how sensitive she still was. She got out of the tub and let the water out. Faintly she heard the doorbell and threw a towel around herself. She rushed to the door and opened it to find Mike, looking very apologetic. She smiled wickedly and drew him inside.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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