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-The day before Christmas Eve-

The doorbell rings it’s familiar musical chime throughout the house. I look up from my phone, and I look around from my spot on the couch. My mom walks past me, her autumn dress sways with her steps. She looks at me.

“Thanks for getting the door.” She says sarcastically.

“My pleasure.” I say back. She walks out of my sight into the entryway, and she unlocks the door. My siblings come running down the wooden stairs. I look to my far right, and spot my two siblings running down. First Jamie, who’s getting ready to abuse our ‘once your eighteen you can leave whenever’ rule. He runs through the living room, and yanks his keys off the rack, and without saying anything to anyone, he runs with a smile through the living room, into the kitchen and out the garage door. He’s going to go meet his girlfriend for Christmas dinner. My step-sister, Kelsey, comes running down to meet our cousins, and their parents. I hear my dad set something heavy on the table. I hear the multitude of voices greeting each other in high, over excited voices. My biological parents divorced when Jamie wasn’t even two. (He’s the youngest, being a month over 18).

My dad went and lived in New York City, for the job opportunity, now he’s a big name, owning a huge company up there. Me and my siblings stayed with our mom, and by the time Jamie was 5, my mom had remarried. She married a surgeon of some sort, like stomach surgeon or something like that. We moved into a new house, a large, three story house. The first floor being the kitchen, family room, guest bathroom, and a guest room. The second floor has Jamie’s room, my room, and Kelsey’s room, including the room my mom and dad’s room. The third floor, is just one large room, complete with a fully stocked bar (that I frequent), a pool table, and a massive, 92 inch curved flat screen, for football weekends.

Roger is my stepdad, and his biological daughter, (my stepsister) is Kelsey. She’s 19.

I watch as Rogers’ brother walks in with his wife, and his daughter, Courtney. Kelsey and Courtney are best friends, they talk to each other almost every night on the phone, whether it’s after school, or in the middle of the night, they never stop laughing like maniacs and cracking glass with their high pitched giggles. Not even thirty pounds of pillows over my face could block out the sound that rapes your ears from across the hall.

My mom talks to Charlie, my dads brother, and Gayla, Charlie’s wife. The three of them all talk at once, and my eyes shoot back and forth between the small group of chattering adults, and the screaming teenagers. I stand up, and stuff my phone into the back pocket of my black jeans. Courtney, looks at me, and fast walks to me.

“Hi Matt!” She says happily, wrapping her arms around me for a hug. I hug back, patting her long blonde hair along her back. Courtney is a beautiful girl, blue eyes, pretty face, petite, and just an overall sweet person.

“It’s so good to see you!” She says, letting go of me, and holding my shoulders. She smiles that beautiful wide smile. I look down a little bit to see what shes wearing. White lace shirt, black pants, long brown boots.

“You too Courtney.” I say back. She turns and looks at Kelsey. I look at Kelsey too. Kelsey is one of the most amazing, most beautiful females I have ever seen. She has a toned body, perfectly sized breasts, a toned ass, perfect hips, beautiful long legs, long brunette hair, deep green-hazel eyes, a mesmerizing face. Courtney is 19, and she’s about five foot four. Kelsey is about five foot five, and I stand at five foot seven. I can’t stress enough just how beautiful and sexy Kelsey is.

I run my fingers through my lazily styled brown hair.

The three adults continue talking about the most boring shit I’ve ever heard, but they migrate into the kitchen to see Roger. I look at the girls.

They jump.

“Hey let’s go get comfy!” Kelsey yells.

“I’m staying the night, but my parents are going home after dinner.” Courtney says.

“Yay!” Kelsey yells.

They both smile wide.

“Let me go get my bag from the car and I’ll meet you up in your room.” Courtney says heading to the front door.

“Ok!” Kelsey yells, bolting up the stairs.

“Courtney, hold up, I’ll help you.” I say following her.

“Ohh, thank you Matt.” She says, looking over her left shoulder with a smile.

I grab my leather jacket off the rack, and I throw it over her.

“It’s cold, wear that.” I say, unlocking the door.

“Thank you again.” She says, wrapping the jacket around her petite frame. I open the door, and gesture her to go out first. She grins and walks out onto the porch. I follow closely behind her, and she leads me to her parents’ car. I breathe in the cold, crisp holiday air. The large bare oak stands proudly above me. Courtney stops at the trunk, and types in a code, and the trunk unlocks with a small click. She pulls it open, and I step to her right. We both start moving some stuff around.

“Staying Nevşehir Escort the night, huh?” I ask, shuffling things around.

“Yeah, it’s been a while.” She says, also moving things around.

“It has.” I say. I finally find the bag, and I start moving things around to free it up.

“You know, Kelsey isn’t the only reason I’m over here.” She says, helping me free up the bag.

“Me too, I’m only here for the turkey.” I say with a chuckle, and she giggles a small giggle.

“No, I mean… I’m kinda, um.” She stutters, and steps back so I can lift the ridiculously heavy bag out of the trunk.

“Say what?” I say, holding the bag with my right arm, and shutting the trunk with the other.

“Uhm, you know what, never mind, it’s not important, let’s just eat go in and eat.” She says with a small grin.

We walk up to the porch, and I open the front door for her, and she walks in, with me not far behind. She hangs my jacket on the hook, and I follow her up the stairs.

Once we get to the top, Kelsey’s door opens wide, and they both shriek when they see each other again. I set the bag down infront of the left side of the stair case, where Kelsey’s door is. I sigh.

They start talking about nail colors and hair, neither of which I want to be part of.

“You two have fun.” I say with a grin, turning around to the stairs.

“Oh Matt, thanks.” Courtney says with another small grin.

“No problem.” I say back. Courtney stares at me for another moment, before Kelsey lures her into her room. I watch the door shut. I hear the click. I look at the door for a moment, before looking down at the carpet. I stand in silence for a moment, before I sigh once more, and turn back to the stairs.


Dinner. was something to never be forgotten, we all had a good time around the oversized dinner table. Its always been a tradition to eat the day before Christmas Eve. Courtney, who sat across from me, was highly interested in my life. Everyone was having their own conversation, my stepdad and his brother were talking about stocks, Gayla and my mom were talking about sewing and apple pie. Me, Courtney and Kelsey were talking about different TV shows. It got pretty heated. Everyone also got way too full, to the point where we were leaning back in our chairs, only knowing how to awkwardly look around at eachother and breathe heavily. Courtney’s parents thanked us and, after another conversation about stocks and margins, they left, but not before I passed out on the couch.


A quiet wave of giggles shatters my current dream. I move my head some, and I hear another giggle. I slowly open my eyes, and I look right into the eyes of Kelsey, who is now looking at me, standing about a foot infront of me. I spot Courtney just inches behind Kelsey, covering her mouth to not laugh. I jump up, and the girls give a small shriek, jumping back as I stand up in record time. Kelsey and Courtney both back up a few feet, careful not to hit the ottoman. I look at them, wanting an answer.

“You fell asleep, so we thought it’d be funny to draw on you.” Courtney says from behind Kelsey’s right shoulder.

I wipe my forehead, and I examine my right wrist for ink.

“Oh calm down, you woke up before we got to draw anything.” Kelsey says with a grin.

I sigh.

“Thanks for the wake up.” I breathily say.

Our sheltie puppy, Jack, comes happily running down the hall, from my bedroom.

Courtney hasn’t seen Jack yet, and she’s a squealer when it comes to cute things. I prepare myself as she turns around to see the noise.

“AAAAAWWWWW!!” She shrieks, smiling wide as Jack trots up to her, happy and eager to meet a new friend. His ears perk.

Kelsey turns and both the girls kneel to praise the puppy.

I realize the girls have changed their clothes. Kelsey, is wearing small black and white shirts, that reveals a perfect amount of her even more perfect legs. She has a loose shirt on, and a thick pair of pink and white socks. Courtney, is wearing a long pair of loose, soft purple pajama pants. Followed by a loose, couple sizes too big plain white shirt, with the logo and design almost completely faded off. I can see her small perky nipples poking out a little bit through the shirt.

I look down and stare while my heart skips a beat, she’s barefoot, with her toes painted white. Her soft pale feet draw my eyes in. The perfect arch of her right foot is visible, and its erection-inducing. The beautiful toes of her left foot press into the floor. She squats down, and stands on the balls of her feet, opening my view to see her beautiful soles present themselves to me. She pets and praises the puppy, and talks in high pitched tones to the poor animal. Her immaculate feet keep my eyes locked in. I realize Kelsey may be able to see me staring, so I unlock my eyes, and I look at the girls. Luckily, Kelsey is also invested in the poor, poor puppy.

“You guys enjoy the dog, and I’ll see you later.” I say, heading Nevşehir Escort Bayan towards the stairs. I climb, and get to my room. I change from my black dress shirt and black jeans into my comfy usual sleepwear. I look at myself in my body mirror. I flex my abs, then my arms.

“Paying off.” I whisper to myself. I run my fingers through my short, styled brown hair. I fluff my grey shorts. I turn to the door, and before I touch the knob, I hear that dreaded giggle from across the hall. The giggle they talk of in folklore. I slowly retreat my hand from the knob, and back away. I stay still until I hear the giggling subside. I approach the door, and I open it with the caution of a brain surgeon. I step out, and because I am who I am, always ready for a fight of some kind, I have my shoes on. Just a thing I have, because I never know what’s going to happen from the time I change to the time I crawl into bed. Just a feeling of wanting to be in control. It’s hard to explain.

I tip toe my way through the hall, and I get my way down the stairs, without so much as a sound. I take a seat on the couch, my parents are already in bed. The only light that’s on is the small light blue light in the far right corner of the large family room. I lay back, not yet wanting to go to bed. I check the clock, and it reads half past one. I sit in the nice silence, enjoying the quiet time. I almost jump when I hear a small voice across from me. On the other side of the room, I see a person leaning far back in a recliner. My eyes go wide, I can’t see the person, only a silhouette. I stare, and I realize, by the color of the hair, it’s Courtney. Her hair shines some due to the small blue light behind her. I go to say her name, but an unusual sitting position stops me.

She’s leaning back in the recliner, and her right leg is swung over the side of the right chair arm. Same for the left, dangling off the left side of the recliner arm. She can’t see me, she doesn’t even know I’m there. I see the toes of her left foot curl. I try to look closer without moving. Her arms are pointed down, and her hands are going to town, with subtle movements. I slowly lay my head back down, and I sit. It takes all I have to not start jerking it, especially when she starts trying to conceal her small, precious moans. Her deep sighs, and tiny moans push their way into my head. I have to sit here, like I’m not here, and listen to her. I thought she was with Kelsey up in her room, but clearly I was wrong.

She starts breathing quickly, and after a very short period of less than fifteen seconds, she gasps, and holds her breath, and then releases it with a long sigh. She catches her breath, and sits for a moment. It feels like an eternity, but finally, she gets up, and leaves. Walking right up the stairs, without even a single thought of me being in there. I watch her at the top of the stairs, opening Kelsey’s door, and walking in. The bright light from Kelsey’s from allows me to see the left side of Courtney’s face as she walks in. The door shuts behind her, and I stare into the darkness. I lay my head back down, and I sigh, staring up at the ceiling. I shut my eyes, with no intent of falling asleep.

Unfortunately, I do fall asleep.


I wake up with a small cough, in pitch black. I lean up on the couch, and I examine the clock. It’s a quarter past three. I pick myself up, and I head to the kitchen. I lazily walk into the kitchen, flicking the light on. I trudge my way to the fridge, opening it with a light tug. I grab a water bottle. I shut the stainless steel doors. I open the cold bottle, and I take a sip. I flick the light off while I walk out. I make my way towards the stairs. I take another sip at the base of the stairs. I hear the sounds of the girls upstairs. I gulp the water. I listen a little more closely to the girls. Muffled noises. I screw the cap onto the bottle, and I make my way up the stairs, unintentionally making no noise. Once I get to the top, I stop and listen. The girls must be talking. I turn to my room, and I start walking to my door. I stop in my tracks when I hear a moan. My heart skips, and I stand there, staring at the floor. I hear another moan, and I slowly turn my head. I slowly walk towards Kelsey’s door. I listen again. I hear another moan. I touch the door knob, and I grip it. I slowly, silently turn the door knob. I push the door some, and I peek in. I look to the left of the room, where Kelsey’s bed is. Kelsey is laying down on the, Courtney on top of her, both girls completely naked.

Their scissoring, and Kelsey has her left foot hanging over Courtney’s right shoulder. Kelsey’s beautiful arch facing me. Courtney is getting into it, and both her soles are scrunched up, facing me. Courtney is grinding her pussy hard into Kelsey’s. Luckily, Courtney’s back is facing me, and Kelsey is facing the ceiling, and her eyes are shut tight. They can’t see me. My hearts pounds, I don’t know what to do. I’m caught in the moment, I’m caught between watching and leaving. Caught. Escort Nevşehir I stare, mouth wide open. I slowly step backwards, and my hand shakily pulls the door to a crack. I back up, slowly. I turn to the stairs, and I tip toe down the stairs. I stand still when I reach the floor of the living room. I feel the cool air in the room, and I stare at the dimly lit Christmas tree. Its still almost pitch black in the large living room. I walk to the couch, and I lay down on my back. I can’t think straight, I’m still trying to make sure I really did see what I saw. I stare at the ceiling for almost an hour, before dozing off with the thoughts still lingering in my head.


I wake up to two girls standing over me. One with a sharpie.

“He’s waking up.” One of them whispers. I quickly sit up.

“Ahhhh! The girls scream. I wipe my forehead.

“What?” I ask. The girls look at each other. I suddenly remember the two of them last night. I swing my legs over, and the second my shoes hit the floor, I stand up.

“Kelsey wanted to draw on your face, but you woke up before she could.” Courtney says with a smile. I spot the sharpie hidden in Kelsey’s little hand. Her red nail polish reflecting light.

“Again?” I ask, grinning.

“Where’s mom and dad?” I turn to Kelsey.

“Mom and dad went on a cruise, until January fifth. Jamie won’t be back for a while apparently.”

“Shouldn’t you have left already?” I ask Courtney. She makes a face of offended yet she laughs with a grin.

“Shut up.” She says jokingly.

“So much for presents.” I say.


Courtney walks down the stairs just as Mahomes completes a pass. I rewatch highlights when I’ve got nothing better to do.

“Did you play?” The sexy blonde asks. I turn to look at her as she sits uncomfortably close to me. She sits with a cute smile, her dimples greet me.

“A little.” I say back.

She pauses for a moment.

“Tell me about it.” She says, perking up, seeming interested.

“Well, I was a running back until I graduated, no big deal.” I say.

“I bet you were good. That broad chest, those toned arms, sexy… build.” She says, laying a finger on my shoulder.

“There’s more to football than just broad shoulders.” I say.

“Courtney! Give me a hand!” I hear Kelsey yell. Courtney quickly stands up, and bounds up the stairs. I watch her toned ass bounce as she goes up, then out of view.


I pour myself a bottle of tequila while I sit at the house bar. I check my watch, it reads eleven.

I haven’t seen the girls since Courtney came down to talk to me about football, but I have heard some giggles come from up there. Christmas music plays on the small wall-mounted TV just across from me. I sip the tequila.

Just like they read my mind, both girls come trotting down the stairs. I hear them approach the bar.

“Hi Matt.” Courtney says happily. She sits on the barstool to my left.

I gently raise my left hand to subtly wave at her. Her pretty eyes look into mine.

I look at the glass, and take a sip of the tequila. Kelsey walks to the server side of the bar.

“Want something Courtney?” Kelsey asks. I look at Kelsey, and I see her perky nipples poking through her pajama shirt. I look at Courtney from the corner of my eye. I see shes in her pajamas too. Shes also barefoot.

“Double scotch.” She responds.

“Damn.” I say surprised. I look at her. She grins. I watch Kelsey as she turns around and reaches up for the scotch on the top shelf. Her toned ass is displayed beautifully thanks to her soft pajama pants. I just wanna squeeze those cheeks.

“Scotch, huh?” I ask.

“Yep.” She says back. Good conversation.

Kelsey grabs the scotch, and unscrews the top. She sets the bottle down on the mesquite top. She reaches down and grabs a small glass from the counter. She sets the glass down beside the bottle, and reaches into the small freezer for an ice ball.


I sip a Budweiser alone in the living room. I felt myself getting tipsy, so I laid off the tequila. I’m sitting in the two seater couch, which is adjacent to the coffee table. Courtney comes down the stairs. She sees me, and sits down on the bigger couch, in front of the coffee table.

“Whats up?” I ask. She kicks her feet up on the coffee table. The arch from her right foot is facing me, and I can catch a glimpse of her soft sole.

“Bored.” She says. Without taking my eyes off her sexy feet, I ask her a question.

“Where’s Kelsey?” I ask.

“Sleeping.” She pouts.

“It’s only midnight.” I add. I still stare at her sole as my pants tighten. I slowly bring my beer up to my lips, and take a small sip.

“What? It’s almost three.” She says.

“Ha, time flies.” I say. I look at her, and I realize she was watching me stare at her feet.

“Is… something wrong?” She asks, looking at her foot. I feel my face go red, so I try my best to change the subject.

“Oh, uh no. I was, checking out the… color.” I come up with.

“Oh. You like it?” She asks with a smile.

“Sure. My favorite color.” I say with a smile as well.

“Blue huh?” She asks. I don’t answer.

We sit quiet for a few moment.

“Are you still bored?” I ask, before drinking the rest of my beer.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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